Google stops all ads about Irish abortion referendum

googleFrom The Independent: Google will stop all advertising about the Irish abortion referendum amid fears of election interference.

The decision comes after increasing concern that online platforms like Google and Facebook can secretly be used to influence the results of elections and referendums.

Google is currently showing a range of ads about the Irish referendum, which will take place on 25 May. Anyone who searches for any related terms is likely to see a post with a link to a website, either in support of voting for or against the plan to legalise abortion in the country.

The ban will go into effect in the next 24 hours and will last until the campaign is over. It will not change what shows in normal search results, which at the moment is largely made up of news articles from a range of organisations, rather than information from campaigns on either side.

“Following our update around election integrity efforts globally, we have decided to pause all ads related to the Irish referendum on the eighth amendment,” a spokesperson said.

The announcement comes just a day after Facebook announced it would stop all ads that were being bought from outside of Ireland. The company said that “foreign entities” appeared to be trying to influence the result.

The news comes amid increasing focus on how online ads were used in campaigns like the Brexit referendum or the 2016 US election. Both Google and Facebook have launched changes in the wake of those events, intended on limiting the ways that outside actors can use political ads to influence elections.

Google explicitly linked the new changes to those efforts, though it did not make clear whether the change was the result of any particular ad.


13 responses to “Google stops all ads about Irish abortion referendum

  1. What are the Christian conservatives going to do when they dominate the internet and they shut us down. Our 1st Amendment rights will be lost if they take complete control of the web. There are ways to do things in deep web that if you make the web site you can keep google off of it, and send their bots off and not let them do a servery of your web site. Put do not read in the meta tags before your header, the bots will not know what to do and leave. You will have to give the address out to who ever you want to be there because you will not be able to do a search for it on google or any search engine. If I remember there is something else you can put in the meta tags that works to my brain is slow this morning still got some effects of chemo going on will look later and re-post what you can do to stop them from botting your site.

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  2. The referendum aims to overturn Ireland’s 8th constitutional amendment that recognizes the right to life of unborn children. Liam Neeson, the pro-gun control hypocrite who makes $millions from toting guns in movies, is piously urging Irish men to “stand with women” by repealing the amendment, allowing legal abortion. It never occurs to Neeson that were it not for the 8th Amendment, his parents could have aborted him.

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  3. More liberal illogic. They want globalization. But only in certain ways. Their idea is one world government that will tell you what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. They don’t realize that globalization not only includes government but economy and speech too. Careful what you wish for. And be glad you don’t get what you really deserve instead of you what you think you deserve.

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  4. Last night on EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly (congrats to Catherine on getting married!), they showed how U2’s “frontman”, “Bono” Tweeted against Ref 8. Guess I’ll be burning my copy of Joshua Tree… what a shame. ( for weekly links to support pro-life legislation)

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  7. I simply can’t get my mind around these people. What do they think, that every time a baby dies a woman gets her wings? I simply can’t imagine a situation whereby a woman could (or should) feel happy about infanticide.

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