Friday Funny!

This is how Charlotte Clymer describes itself on its Twitter page:

Comms Team. Writer. Proudly Queer. Army Vet. Texan. Alum. Pronouns: She/Her.

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17 responses to “Friday Funny!

  1. DAMN-I’m just not sure WHAT to make of THIS one….

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  2. Yes please! A Waters/Trump debate would be gold!

    And Charlotte can call herself a she/her/dog/cat/elephant or whatever. Doesn’t change his DNA.

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  3. An ideal world where Maxine Waters is the 2020 Democratic nominee… for Republicans!

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  4. Latrine Waters is at it again, that’s why CA is being emptied at the sewer.

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  5. In an ideal world, Maxine Waters would NOT be in office.

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    • In an ideal world, Maxine Waters would NOT be

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      • In an ideal world with an honest press Maxine would be fingered as Stanley Sheinbaum’s poverty pumping, race baiting, stalking horse in his and Hollywood’s war against Western Civilization. Sheinbaum married Betty Warner of the Warner Brothers fortune, so all the moviegoing goys get to pay for their grandchildren’s massacre—that is, if Waters bloodthirsty support for white genocide in South Africa is any guide what she and people like the Sheinbaums would do in America if they could.


  6. I love this idea and Hank Johnson should be her VP pick.

    Congressman Johnson fearing island will tip over if troops are placed in Guam.

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  7. This is maxine yesterday…

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    • She said she resents the fact that you want to make America Great Again so she would rather American stay in the gutter and flounder until its demise. Any way to deport this witch? I will give up my chemo money if they would ship her off to a third world country and let her open her mouth there. Where do they find the rocks that have total idiots being elected I want to put some dynamite on that rock. Seal it forever.


  8. In a perfect world, Clymer would be able to get a mirror—and laugh herself sick!
    I used to think of Maxine Waters as INSUFFERABLE. Then I figured, eh, Meh. She gives good demented rant—with a side of burlesque humor that makes it all worth while. Nancy Pelosi, however, is just plain STUPID!

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    • And the poster woman for Botox miss one session and the wrinkles will fall down and cover her face completely and we will not have to look at her any more someone hack the Dr office and cancel her appointment give all our eyes a break.

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  9. his name is charlotte?
    mr. “pronouns: she/her” has all the features of a man, including the bulge in front

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  10. I thought this was beyond ridiculous, but now, after reading these comments, I think it would be a true gift. Landslide victory for Trump! If not for the race card she would not have a prayer. In a fair world the late night comics might actually have some material (on her) but I am sure her ignorance (race) would make her off limits.

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