Thursday Funny: Loading a loader

A loader is a heavy equipment machine used in construction to move aside or load materials into or onto another type of machinery, such as a dump truck. There are many types of loader, which, depending on design and application, are called by various names, including front loader.

loader gif

Loaders weigh thousands of pounds. The smallest Bobcat loader weighs 2,795 lbs.

Someone thought putting a loader onto a small boat is a good idea.

What do you reckon the collective IQ of all the people in the video to be?

H/t FOTM‘s EddieBG


23 responses to “Thursday Funny: Loading a loader

  1. OMG what were they thinking? My guess of total IQ is 29.

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  2. I agree with Glenn47.

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  3. I hope their Insurance Policy has a rider for stupidity.

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  4. And these ppl are coming to replace us?

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  5. Collective IQ? How about 0.9…

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  6. And this is the engineering & transportation dept. so who runs the country there? IQ what IQ we need to send them some.☻

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  7. traildustfotm

    Wow! This is like a Pink Panther movie! In watching Peter Sellers as Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau I came to the realization that some of the funniest moments are not the surprises, but the approaching inevitable train wrecks. There was one moment when Clouseau noticed that a lamp had no bulb. The moment he tried to fix it everyone knew something crazy was about to happen, and there was NOTHING anyone could do to stop it. Then there was the moment Clouseau became impressed with the parallel bars in an upstairs gym and started to show off his old moves. It was inevitable that something was going go wrong, and sure enough, he dismounted right down a flight of stairs, smashing into a coat of arms and getting his hand stuck in a glove with a mace attached to a chain, and smashing into a piano while questioning people in that room about a murder. One of those being questioned reminded him that the crime was a theft, not a murder. The only murder victims were the audience, who almost died laughing.

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  8. General P. Malaise

    I’m not sure what number to assign to the IQ but definitely in the democrat congressional range.

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  9. And those are the people answering the phones when we call to report a problem, COMCAST, AT&T, etc. etc. etc. Please note the IRS contracts them too,

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    People who create their own drama deserve their own karma. Stupid is as stupid does.


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  11. I felt bad for the loader.

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  12. Where did that happen? We need to send them money! (Sarc.)

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  13. Ignorance leads to the Highest cost of Living = only beaten out by Stupidity.

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  14. I know this is harsh/will gain me some backlash….b/c there are tons of wonderful/responsible, well-trained people in our country who actually CARE about the way they contribute/build our nation’s public and commercial centers that make us “go” as an economy…..but, here goes:

    My eldest is an engineering geologist. He does land studies/science/math and tells people where they can build, put a bridge, a shopping center, a road….mostly large commercial concerns. None of those gigantic earth-moving machines, as big as a house or two…can start-up/move without him being on the site. This used to give me the willies. He was in his truck one day, for instance, and was pushed by one accidently into a ditch, upside-down. He was “OK” but would NOT have been had he not landed in the ditch well-below the giant tires of the earth-mover, which, otherwise, would have just rolled over him with tonnage you can’t even imagine.

    So, he lived at home for some months leading up to his wedding after college….and every morning I’d wake up to see him off and always said in compulsion (thought if I didn’t, I guess, that something bad would happen), “Be careful and watch out for those people…..b/c I have their kids in school everyday…and, well…….know…….” I could never finish the sentence. And then after a while of this ritual, one day when I said, “and, well….you know..” he finished the sentence for me: He said, “Yes, mom, I know, because they are toothless, tatooed, and clueless.”

    I write this, sadly, 2 weeks after a student’s father was killed on such a site when he was run over by a Bobcat. And, of course, this father (mom, too) was a stellar parent. My student had some special needs and when my student came to the 8th-grade dance, he told us he only came to honor his dad b/c his father had taught him how to dance for this event……

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    This is pretty sad really. Really!!

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  16. NaturalBoredCtizen

    Never let idiots around heavy equipment. Also, this piece of equipment is NOT a LOADER! It’s an excavator or also referred to as a track hoe. A loader is what’s shown in the first animation also a loader can be any machine designed specifically for loading and nothing else. They can be ‘articulating’ meaning that they are hinged between the front and rear wheels for better maneuverability. The animation is of a farm tractor with an add on front loader. So to make it clear the idiots tried to load an Excavator or track hoe which is designed for digging a hole but is used for many other reasons from demolition, grading, loading, etc. Yes I’m anal retentive.

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    • I used to work for a construction company back in Iowa. We called it a backhoe. I used to haul it on a trailer to different job sites. They are very handy; kind of fun to operate.


    • Thank you, NBC, for pointing that out. I had wondered if it was an excavator.

      By the way, what are the differences between a loader vs. an excavator?


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