Inclusivity: Everyone makes NJ school’s cheer squad after parent complains


From NY Post: A New Jersey mom went to her daughter’s school and complained about her not making the cheerleading squad — so now everyone gets to make the team. ​

“All my hard work has been thrown out the window,” seethed cheerleader Stephanie Krueger about the ruling during a Board of Education meeting last week in East Hanover.  “I tried my hardest. Now everything is going away because of one child who did not make the team, and their parent complained.”

Instead of having tryouts and making cuts, cheer coaches at Hanover Park High School have decided to let everyone participate. The school’s athletic director said they changed the policy as a direct result of the mom’s complaint.

When asked to do away with the new rule, officials threatened to scrap the 10-member squad altogether — telling parents and students that everyone makes the team, or nobody does.

The school claims it wants to make cheerleading more “inclusive” and says it plans to stick by its decision. The local board of education is reportedly reviewing the policy.

Krueger and several other cheerleaders voiced their anger last Wednesday during a board meeting, according to News 12 New Jersey.

“I came up here to state that I did not put in 18 months of work to lead up to this moment, just to be told it didn’t matter anymore,” said sophomore Jada Alcontara.

In response to the outrage, the school board released a statement saying: “In order to facilitate a more inclusive program, the alignment between the various cheerleading squads would be modified to allow all interested students to be able to participate. This decision was made in the best interest of all students and was made to be as inclusive as possible.

The board president said a ruling on the matter would be made at a later date.


30 responses to “Inclusivity: Everyone makes NJ school’s cheer squad after parent complains

  1. If everyone is a cheer leader, then who will be the spectators?

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  2. And so it goes they are teaching indoctrination of the youth so when the time comes they will lay down and fall in line and do what the government wants them to do with out question. They need to call them out on this. They need to start teaching school again and stop playing stupid political games with our children’s minds. Teacher leave those kids alone a lot in that song lyric.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    One cry-ass kid whines because they didn’t make the team and its mommy runs to its rescue forcing an entire school to change its rules. Wonderful…NOT!
    Whatever happened to “These are the rules:”?
    Just watch. This “child” will get hurt or insulted and the legal battles will begin. Taxpayers will end up footing the bill and the property taxes will go up just because one whining little cry-ass had to have their way.

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  4. Everyone should play on the teams! (Sarc.)

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  5. According to the logic of the mother of the girl who didn’t make the cheerleading squad, everybody should be able to play in the NFL, everybody should be able to go to school at M.I.T.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Sure, it is okay to give everyone a trophy – but is that preparing them for their future roles in the world when competition steps into play. No, because when they step outside their world of fantasy – won’t they get a jolt and a surprise? Will they call for their parents to step in like they did back during school days.

    Wake up you Mama marshmallows. Teach your children how to be competitive and still win – and if they don’t win – teach them how to act when they lose.

    That’s life – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.


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  7. Many Years ago, a wise Old Man from Chicago told me that: “If Everybody Wins, then Nobody Wins..”

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  8. “Be careful what you wish for, there can be unexpected consequences” I hope Mom keeps a wide open eye on her daughter’s coaches, athletic directors and all to do with cheer leading.

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  9. What’s next? I didn’t pass my driver’s test; I didn’t get the job; my boyfriend dumped me—seriously, this mother just made her child the pyranha of school.

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  10. Impressive… not!

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  11. discerningeye

    When my daughter was in school, inclusiveness was gaining steam, but I wasn’t onto it yet. Despite having a beautiful voice, my daughter was ignored during tryouts and the role she wanted was given to a girl who could barely sing. It seemed odd then, and my daughter felt wronged, but we lived with it. Now I understand the motive behind it: leveling the playing field and everyone on it is the assurance of mediocrity, which is what public schools are supposed to impose as the standard. We are all “equal,” that is to say equally mediocre, according to the inclusive rule book.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    I think this one dumb mother just opened up her little precious to more humiliation.

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  13. I’m all for inclusiveness, and I agree with this child’s mother. Let’s start right now, training all children, boy or girl or in between, to get ready to serve their Country, 2 years Military or Civic Service. Everyone included, no exceptions, total inclusiveness, I hope your kid can cut it lady, everyone get’s a trophy in Basic Combat Training…NO exceptions..Everyone’s equal right?

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  14. This is why we are now looking at a generation of snowflakes that think they should get whatever they want because they “deserve it” not because they earned it. This is Socialism at its finest. If I were all the other parents of girls on that squad I would pull them off leaving them with a team of ONE cheer leader.

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  16. Bracken—w/o going into vast detail….my parents/others did this—–we left the squad—-when the “captain” of our squad, who was placed there by elders in our school system who said (b/c of her past delinquency/many brushes w/the law) she “needed the responsibility” to square her up…. Meanwhile…we others who’d upheld all the articles to which we’d agreed (grade point averages, dress code, moral codes, school rules….) were swept aside/put down. I see that happening here in this case—–not everyone who applies/tries out for cheerleader positions are deserving of the placement according to the rules/the bar set…for one reason or another: grades, behavior, lack of good reports from their past teachers (I just sent a worksheet for one of my students to their future HS cheerleading tryout coordinator that did NOT give her a good review from me b/c she is failing all classes, including mine…& has absolutely NO SELF-MOTIVATION. She even has poor attendance. She’s a very nice girl, but has not earned or achieved the bar set to participate on this team.) In my case, it Didn’t take long for this appointed “captain” at my HS to bring alcohol to the games/ distribute it to the JV squad……as well as openly engage in some wild nights out there in the city—this got back to my dad as rumor from a clerk at his drugstore near his office….which informed him of something like “ALL THE ______ High cheerleaders are doing ________.” Up til then, we’d kept quiet abt what was going on b/c we’d been railroaded by elders who’d not upheld the “rules” that THEY gave us in the first place. We were under their thumbs. We felt powerless. When my parents found all this out, knowing that I, & at least 2 others on the squad, were being “lumped in” w/this student “captain’s” behavior, tho’ we were innocent, they’d ENOUGH within the first 2 minutes & called the Superintendant, the school principal, & I (the others joined w/us) left the squad. We never looked back, never regretted…& we who left still keep in touch years’ later (never talk abtTHIS episode in our lives…b/c it was not important ultimately–it was only important b/c it illustrated for all time where our values were & still are).

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    • One year, the captain of my daughter’s cheer squad was booted for alcohol reasons – not quite as bad as your “captain”. This girl was stupid enough to brag about getting drunk on Twitter; she may have been arrested at a party by the cops – and word gets back to the various coaches at school all the time.

      The coach wanted to reinstate this girl, and held an “open” vote (I’m guessing by a show of hands), instead of a private ballot so that peer pressure wouldn’t affect the outcome. I know my daughter hated her, but with everybody’s vote out there for everyone else to see, this girl was reinstated.

      The only lesson I guess that comes out of this, is that life isn’t fair.

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      • Thanks Jackie for contributing your /your daughter’s story—-this sort of pressure on girls/mothers/parents to conform to whatever their “authority” deems necessary—tho’ it convolute the “original standards” agreed upon by all at the get-go—by “powers that be” has been going on for decades, maybe a century…..First of all–it is a cover up of their failure to do their job….secondly…it preserves their job…..tries to “absolve” them of any guilt or responsibility to the remaining girls or to the school or district.

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  17. All of the girls that worked hard to make the team should QUIT. Let the school include the fat, uncoordinated, special needs and trans-sexual kids and let them do the cheering for the school. That’ll look good on the local news.

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    • Danielle Marin

      YouKnowWho, wow, i love your unabashed honesty here…i agree with every word of it…people need to be reminded of certain things & not just keep swallowing all of this new-fangled lowering of the bar and making concessions nonsense. i’m sure it’s no coincidence for this to make the news a mere few days after the “scouts of america” disgrace befell us.

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  18. Danielle Marin

    no sooner did i read this article and i’ll be damned if this story didn’t end up on tucker carlson tonight…he had some crazy lady on defending this nonsense.
    as a jersey girl who had to try out for cheer-leading in my sophomore year of high-school in 1986, i can tell you i practiced with one of my friend’s who also wanted to try out, and we really practiced hard – mostly just in stretching to become limber enough to do cartwheels into splits, no easy feat even at 15 years old. i made the squad and didn’t much care for it, no offense to the cheer leaders of the world, i felt phony doing all of the rah-rah stuff. at the end of the basketball season i decided to go out for the track team instead, a much more rewarding extra curricular activity for me, personally, as it turns out : ) remembering the intensity of the try outs and how competitive it was, though, reminds me of how good it felt to discipline myself and practice to be able to meet the challenge…it was very rewarding, for what it’s worth, and certainly wouldn’t have been the same positive learning experience had it just been handed to me without my having worked for it.

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  19. Good grief mother, what kind of an example are you setting for your daughter? That she never has to work for anything again? That she can be lackluster and still win? Life isn’t always fair or the results of what you would like, but it doesn’t give you the right to destroy others accomplishments. What a hollow victory you got. You will regret your actions.

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  20. Cheerleaders today Football team tomorrow….

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  21. I guess the school will have to hold a few fundraisers to pay for the extra cheerleading uniforms.

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  22. People have “charisms”. Most are good at SOMETHING, the trick is finding what that is. Not all are good at EVERYTHING. That’s one of the things that makes the world interesting.

    I watched a documentary on the rise of Stalin the other night. What we’re seeing now could have come right out of Bolshevik history.

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  23. Wait till all of these newfound cheer parents find out the costs for their precious cheerleaders: new uniforms, fundraising, cheer camps in the summer, cheerleading academies for more intensive training including gymnastics, pick up the cost of insurance, rehabilitation for injuries. These kids should be made to stay on the squad for a minimum of 2 years, and the parents should pay for a couple of years if they choose to quit early.

    Of course the real cheerleaders could make the wannabes quit while doing stunts, if they make the wannabes become “flyers” (those that are held up in the air), and then drop them “accidentally” (cruel, I know, but this is high school…)

    They should make this cheerleading team enter cheer competitions, so other schools can laugh at them during/after the competitions.

    My daughter was a cheerleader, so I’m familiar with the costs – I didn’t have to pay all, but some of them.

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