Amazon launches model “smart homes” across the US so customers can try out Alexa

big brother

That device is ALWAYS listening and recording you. It won’t be doing that in my home.

I get that people enjoy new technologies but are you so lazy that you can’t get up to turn off  the lights?

From Daily Mail: has set up model ‘smart’ homes across the United States for shoppers to experience what it’s like for voice aide Alexa to dim the lights, turn on the TV or order more laundry detergent.

The rollout underscores how Amazon aims to make Alexa and the company’s growing list of services, from shopping and entertainment to home security, an everyday part of consumers’ lives.  It also steps up competition with retailers such as Best Buy Co Inc that focus on showcasing technology and advising shoppers.

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, said it has partnered with Lennar Corp to convert some of the home construction company’s model homes into showrooms for Alexa.  The so-called ‘Amazon Experience Centers’ are now open near 15 cities including Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington, with more to come.

‘Today, the choices open to customers are, you can go to a brick-and-mortar store and you can see devices on demo tables. You go online and do your research. But you fundamentally are left to imagine what an integrated home would look like,’ said Nish Lathia, general manager of Amazon Services, in the company’s Vallejo, California experience center outside San Francisco.

The centers are ‘intended to educate and inspire’. 

‘On the secondary benefit, yes, if it drives sales, we’re not complaining,’ he said.

David Kaiserman, president of Lennar Ventures, said the centers should increase traffic to Lennar’s model homes and spark ideas for potential home buyers. Lennar will get a standard commission for Amazon sales to customers it helped acquire, too.

The global smart home market is expected to reach an estimated $107.4 billion by 2023, according to market research firm ReportLinker.

Best Buy is betting big on this trend. It has expanded its In-Home Advisor program to all major U.S. markets and employs more than 350 advisors under the initiative, its most recent annual report said.

Experts visit customers’ homes and consult on issues from increasing appliance efficiency to setting up connected gadgets – similar in nature to Amazon’s 1.5-year-old ‘Smart Home Services,’ which is poised to gain from the new experience centers.

‘We’re excited about Best Buy’s program,’ said Amazon’s Lathia. ‘The more customers that get educated about smart home, the better it is for everybody.’

Philippe Ferrey, an Amazon Expert present at the Vallejo center, previously worked five years for Best Buy as a Geek Squad agent, he said.


38 responses to “Amazon launches model “smart homes” across the US so customers can try out Alexa

  1. So how many of these are they planning on building? I would venture to say only the elite will be able to afford them. And who wants your whole life recorded not me.
    When I can’t get up and walk over to the light switch I’ll just throw something at the switch. Too much control for a retailer to have in their hands, no telling who would buy your info if they were to sell it. Seems amazon wants to keep their hands in your pockets. Sell you the house then use their techs to keep it up for you. A 24/7 money pit.

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    • Brian . . . . I’m with you 100%. Why would any reasonably intelligent person GIVE OVER TO a third party so much information regarding your life? Yes, people do love the latest in gadgets, but they are just denying the fact that these folks can track every aspect of your life.

      I have two `17″ PC’s, I taped the hole where you can film from, I did the same with my Kindle. I don’t want people spying on me, my life, my conversations, on anything. Really, those who fall for taking on the burden of these gizmos’ are as foolish as the poor Native American’s who traded Manhattan Inland for a handful of trinkets and beads. Please, please think before you sign up for this kind of a dead!

      As far as I am concerned, this is just another reason to hold Bezos in very low esteem.

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  2. No thank you.

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  3. Big Brother is doing a lot more than watching and listening in. One stated goal for the coming regimented living is hermetically sealed single- and multi-family dwellings whose temperature—and hence fuel use—is externally controlled, requiring fixed windows that in turn require electronically controlled air exchanges, and God help you when the power is out. One announced purpose is ensuring that citizens’ fuel use does not cause shortages for military or industrial uses of oil, which is the basis of the Green Movement and its army of would-be commissars and get-rich-quick scammers selling the sort of automated crap to be controlled by Alexa by its offering “suggestions.”

    The purpose of shows like This Old House, which laid the groundwork, has been the subtle conflation of synthetic, recycled industrial garbage—made into simulacra of traditional building products—with yesteryear’s natural building materials, which they’ve accomplished by pretending to be all about restoring and conserving vernacular styles. Homeowners of some of the most expensive houses proudly call their off-gassing, leaky styrofoam boxes, sprayed with a thin coat of cement plaster, “stuccoed.” Almost every supposed miracle product is shortly followed by unforeseen deterioration, such as undetected, highly toxic off-gassing and grossly premature material breakdown from normal use and weathering.

    So, it’s no surprise to me that Lennar would team up with Amazon to advance external control of the very air we breathe since both are exemplars of the corporate face of American fascism. If I’m not mistaken, Lennar was bankrupt until the ‘09 bailout and Amazon, I’d guess, is allowed to concentrate the means of distribution into as few hands as possible to eventually regulate our every purchase, as was outlined some years ago in the insiders’ book, Nudge.

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  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Today, we place orders; tomorrow, we will be giving them.

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  5. Don’t. Do. It.

    Don’t. Get. Alexa.

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  6. Nope! Never.

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  7. For those who think that technology can solve every problem, one would think that recent crashes of self-driving vehicles (or at least, the movie, “Jurassic Park”) might serve as a cautionary tale.

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  8. Leave the spying to the next door neighbors. They do a better job than Alexa! 👀

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  9. Michael J. Garrison

    Smart Homes owned by dumb people (or owned by secret society members trying to get the agenda “accepted” by the sheep).
    ANYONE who argues the “benefits” of this crap is, themselves, pure crap.

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  11. I don’t want my home to be “smart” unless it can earn a salary and contribute to “our” household bills…then, I might think about it….

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  12. Actually, it is too late. All of us are already screwed. We don’t need to buy Alexa to have a spy in our homes. We all have at least one spy at our fingertips, and most of us have another spy in our living rooms. Most flat screen TVs these days have the ability to respond to voice commands. In order to respond to requests to change channels, or order up a movie, the television is always listening. Always. It also is recording everything it hears. In addition, most TVs also have a camera pointed at the audience, just as most laptop computers have a camera pointed at the user. Orwell’s “1984.” Think Telescreen.

    But it’s far worse than that. If you are a Microsoft Windows user, if you have ever launched IE (Internet Explorer) then you have recorded for posterity every picture you have looked at, every web site you have visited, everything (and I do mean everything) you have downloaded off the web, and most pdf documents. This information is recorded on your hard disk as “index.dat” files. And, it is nearly impossible to get rid of your tracks because the index.dat files are system files that Windows uses internally.

    Generally, index.dat stores summary information (URL or file path, date and time, etc) about all files you have ever opened by using Internet Explorer. These include web pages, websites, local files, image files, PDF files, etc. The time frame of storing these information spans from the very first web page or file opened by IE to the most recent one visited or opened. Since the first time your Internet Explorer was used, all the web pages visited or files opened were recorded.

    index.dat normally stores:
    1.Web page URLs.
    2.Complete URL parameters of the web page visited.
    3.Count of visits to a web page.
    4.Date and time a web page was visited.
    5.The URL of any pictures downloaded.
    7.Full path to any local files opened by Internet Explorer.

    The really scary part of this is that there is a freeware program that allows anyone who has access to your computer to look at those index.dat files. Anyone.

    Big Brother is watching us indeed. And he has been for a very long time. Think NWO.

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    • For Grif and other readers here (and since’s freeware section is down, presently, for an undetermined amount of time) Be sure to use to scan the program (upload it) to make sure softpedia didn’t monkey with it, of course. If I recall right the program called CCleaner (from which is also freeware, also blanks the index.dat files (one could probably use index.dat suite to confirm that since it also acts as a reader for those.)

      However, other browsers use different systems to track people, things like flash cookies, and HTML5 implemented garbage which are considerably harder to axe or disable (since modern browsers, like the rest of the tech industry, seem geared towards robbing the end-user of control of the programs & technology).

      I’d also suggest other readers here become familiar with a “Hosts” file as a security measure, it’s settings will apply to all browsers, regardless, as far as I understand, as the file is used by the system itself for internet activities. It isn’t a perfect fix of course, and is not a firewall, but it helps. (take a look at for a pretty decent listing, and for another hosts file and some instructions on how to use it.) There is also a freeware program called “Hostsman” ( that made the whole process a lot more expedient. Always be sure to check anything you download with virustotal, of course.

      Just because these jerks are rolling out all this spyware tech, doesn’t mean you have to put up with their attempt to build a panopticon… Poke out those electro-eyes!

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      • I have actually used CCleaner, Hijack This, and a couple of other cleaners and wipers with varying success. There are some index.dat files that can be eliminated, while others are persistent. I have found that even when I can eliminate one index.dat file, Microsoft drops another empty file in its place, which picks up where the deleted file left off. Back in the stone age of DOS, it was possible to just delete the files. With Windows, that became increasingly difficult. Thanks for your suggestions on the hosting sites. I will check them out.

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  13. Jeff Bezos & Amazon seemed to begin a faster-track to the “darker side” after his very first Bilderberg Meeting attendance (by invitation only) in 2011 in Switzerland, & again in 2013 in the UK:

    Other google results snips say he is a regular, permanent “member” now.

    (I remember the 2011 Bilderberg Meeting in Switzerland because the Linked-In head-honcho & Eric Schmidt/Google were also invited that year.)

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    • Side Note re the Bildys: While looking at the above Wiki list of invitees, under “Politicians” it showed “Miss” (lol!) Lindsey Graham of SC attended in 2016.

      Within the past day or two, Saboteur365’s WP had a post that SC just snuck in a new law outlawing criticism of Israel! (So much for the Confederacy!)

      In the “old days” (in Internet Years), 2005-2007-ish, there used to be a ton of Bilderberg “conspiracy” info online. It was said that within 2 years of whichever person attending, that you would see changes instigated by (&/or against) that person or corporation, etc., including “false flag disasters” against some companies (with their knowledge/consent). Maybe “Miss Lindsey” was told in 2016 to outlaw criticism of Israel by 2018(!?).

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  14. Nope. I’d have to sell my parrot.

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  15. I am sorry we ever got Alexa. The kids use it all the time, to time their homework and music practice, and to play rock music. Very creepy shit happens, like when we have conversations about a restaurant or medication or product, an ad pops up on our iPad later on. Sometimes Alexa blurts news headlines out in the middle of the day for no reason.

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    • Well, nothing says you can’t get rid of it now after all, its never to late to cut malware from your life, it can be difficult in transition, but likely worth it. Just be sure to explain to the kids why its gone (After you’ve ensured it is gone, lest they get any ideas on trying to keep it around.)
      Just my opinion on it.

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    • Nobody’s forcing you to KEEP Alexa. Get rid of it!

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  16. My best friend’s daughter wanted to get her Alexa as a gift. My friend suspected that Alexa could “listen” to her household activities. She declined the gift.

    As a member of the “older” generation, I am amazed how accepting so many young people are of these invasive technological gadgets. This also includes a wrist band tha monitors their vital functions, the steps they take, and so on.

    Why invite Big Brother into your home and your life?

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  17. NO THANKS to “Smart Homes” nor Alexa nor any other version thereof! Besides the spying, a “Smart Home” will be a heavily radiated “Slow Death” home since all the “gadget connections” will be “wirelessly controlled” (microwave radiation).

    According to Brendon O’Connell*, Israel is behind ALL “high technology” (having stolen some of it from the USA) via their IDF “TALPIOT” program & their TECHNION research institute. The Talpiot program recruits very intelligent Jewish people, sees to it that they get several degrees, & then puts them in charge of, &/or “plants them” in High Tech corporations all over the world, which link back to the CIA, NSA, etc.
    –In prior years I’d heard that Israel invented cellphones; later that the original iPhones had chips in them supplied by Israel; & more recently that Israel is behind all “cloud services.”

    I noticed the Lennar Homes guy’s name is Kaiserman. Home building is not suspect, normally, but his name is Jewish per this site:

    Kyser is a spelling variation of Keiser, which is a variation of Kaiser, the German nickname for the man who lived in a stately manner — derived from German Kaiser = emperor, from the Latin title Ceasar. It may also have been a nickname for the man who played an emperor in the village pageant (many of the well-played parts stuck as nicknames, which became surnames). Kaiser is also found as a Jewish ornamental name. German variations include Keser, Keiser, Kayser, Keyser. Jewish forms include Kaiserman, Keiserman, Keiser, Keizer. There are also cognate forms in several languages.

    *(Brendon is an AU guy who keeps in touch with Henry Makow, & who was thrown into prison in AU in 2009 for criticizing an AU Jewish guy. He has YouTube videos & various interviews re the Talpiot program & Technion.)

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    • 24-Hours ago when I posted the above “Israel as Tech Kings” comment, I was flustered that I couldn’t find a website about that specific topic. (Brendon makes videos but I wanted info-in-print.)

      Well, Lo & Behold! Makow posted a tweet early this morning (which I’m just seeing now) which, though not mentioning anything re Israel Tech in the tweet, the blog link included most certainly does! including quotes & links to numerous headlines re that very subject! (I love when that happens!)

      So here you go… I’m only including the blog’s headings re “Israel as Tech King,” & if you go to the main link, it is all listed right there as an Outline with clickable links for each. Perfect!

      Israel’s World Order | How Tiny Israel Dominates Globally
      –Israel’s high tech and world domination aspirations
      –Israel and IDF history
      –Unit 8200, founded 1952
      –Talpiot, founded 1979
      –Other Israeli high tech initiatives
      –Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, founded 1912
      –Jewish media control
      –Israel dominates in all high technology categories
      –What is Israel’s end goal?

      One of those links has a quote saying that Israel is 15 YEARS AHEAD of everyone else in technology.

      AND! Also included in above links is a portion of Nuttyahoo’s 2018 speech to AIPAC basically bragging that all of the “Internet Giants,” such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., AND AMAZON, ALL have “Research Centers” IN Israel!

      So there ya go! 🙂

      (But woe unto us, unless you’re a tech geek with an “aluminum body.”)

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  18. We avoid anything to do with Amazon. They also have a program that their delivery people can leave your package inside your home. That sounds safe.
    Bezos is a greedy man trying to take over everything and cries when Trump want him to lay his fair share, which he doesn’t.
    We have computers without cameras and same for our TV. Vizio was one of the first TVs to spy on us.
    Every key stroke these days is leaving a trail. Every entry in FB, or a picture you post or a quiz you take is leaving a trail. Google something, you are suddenly drowning in ads pertaining to your search,
    Frankly, I liked it better before all this spying and gathering.

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    • In ‘the good ol’ days’ at least actual human spies, for the most part, had to be sent out to collect ‘info’. Then the telegraph and telephone came along. Then te levi sions came out with cameras as did the computers. What is a human spy to do?

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  19. Well, around southern oregon “smart meters” are getting rolled out by the “power” company, hopefully the locals will resist that enough to discourage that evil plan. But what timing… it seems the message being sent out is that they want a panopticon and they want it “now”, and it seems like they thinkt he public has been “stupidified” enough that they can muscle in without much resistance (that some people know how bad the tech is doesn’t seem to matter, as the majority is counted on to over-rule the minority dissidents).

    Needless to say this idea of a “smart house” is a stupid idea from the outset, its taking away control from people and giving it to machines, machines which can be (and likely are) programmed to serve the interests of the ones that make them over any end-user… imagine a house programmed to harm or “terminate” the occupants if it can confirm the presence of a bible therein, or if it “hears” talk of Christ and Christianity in the positive, as a more farfetched (but is it really?) scenario. Regardless of how “nice” the corporations etc. paint something, it tends to be bait to push the agendas of evil, attempting to exploit the human tendency to desire comfort, ease of tasks, etc.

    The more complacent/”tolerant” people are, the more the evils will exploit that to implement the devil’s plots and plans. The old quote applies just as much now as it did when it was spoken… “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

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    • I heard on the Liz Commando show recently about a man found guilty of murder all because of data from his “smart” water meter.

      Someone had died in his hot tub. Long story short: His meter showed a LARGE amount of water use after time of death. Prosecution deduced he used all that water to hose down blood & refill hot tub to remove evidence.

      Talk about exploitation. You lose any control with this “smart” technology being used against you.

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  20. all i can think of is daffy duck in the home of the future and everything went wrong.

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  21. “I get that people enjoy new technologies but are you so lazy that you can’t get up to turn off the lights?”


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  22. “Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, said it has partnered with Lennar Corp to convert some of the home construction company’s model homes into showrooms for Alexa.”

    Given that Lennar just merged, last year with CalAtlantic, to become the largest builder in the U.S.; given that the natural (or otherwise) disasters have taken a big bite out of the profit margins for homebuilders, and given that Lennar had debt to pay down, it seems Amazon made them an offer they couldn’t or wouldn’t refuse.

    “Lennar Makes Deal for CalAtlantic as Home Builders Face Challenges”

    (Stuart Miller (chief executive) and his family trust, hold a 41.4 percent voting interest in Lennar.)

    Also, this may just be my suspicious side showing but it’s a little odd how the ‘natural disasters’ seem to have subsided for awhile and we’ve seen more of the crazed lone gunman shootings lately.

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  23. From what I remember, the first generation of “spying” televisions had a chip in them to listen to us. I’m not sure if they could “see” what we were doing. I had read some consumers had their chips removed. As technology has progressed, the newest generation of TV’s not only listen to and view us, but if Big Brother wants to spy on us, they can record video and take snap shots of us. What’s really disturbing, is the spyware is built into the whole screen, it’s no longer on a chip and can’t be removed. I’d be interested to know if there are any TV manufacturers who aren’t using these tracking/spying technologies. Some kitchen appliances are also listening to us. I can’t imagine the amount of research I’ll have to do when replacing individual appliances. I think we’re getting very close to a time when we may not be able to find any spyware free appliances except for maybe really cheap products.

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    • I think it’s getting very “late” to find RF-free & Spy-free appliances, especially big appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. If anyone has extra garage space, it might be a good time to hit garage sales or classifieds & stock up on & save-for-later used-&-non-chipped & “Smart”-antenna-free appliances.

      Lloyd Burrell, creator of ElectricSense[dot]com site, has written in the past that he takes all his testing meters (for MWR-RF, ELF, etc.) with him when he goes appliance shopping (other people do the same for car shopping).

      Early on, Lloyd had to ask the guy to unplug any other appliances in the store so his readings on an item he wanted would not be affected by other fields from other appliances.

      Over time, he & his local appliance store guy became friends, so now if the store guy sees Lloyd coming, he goes & turns off most of the breakers for the store so no false readings will occur. 🙂

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    • And speaking of “CHIPS,” if you never saw it, here’s the 2016 clip of former FCC chairman & prior-Telecom Lobbyist Tom Wheeler describing their 5G goals > when BILLIONS & BILLIONS of “chips” in everything, including “Smart Homes,” will all be connected via the 5G grid:

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