Record attendance at NRA Dallas convention


Suck it, Hogg.

From Dana Loesch Twitter:

“New record attendance for #NRAAM: 87,154 law-abiding attendees over the three-day weekend in Dallas. #2A

Meanwhile, Oliver North has been named the new President of the NRA. From MSN:

“Oliver North is poised to become president of the National Rifle Association “within a few weeks”, the gun rights group announced Monday.

The process to name North as the NRA’s president was initiated Monday morning by the group’s board of directors.

NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre called North “a true hero and warrior for freedom” and said the group’s members “are proud to stand with him.”

“This is the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association,” LaPierre said in a statement.”

Also: The month of April had a record number of NICS background checks.

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14 responses to “Record attendance at NRA Dallas convention

  1. Good News for sure!

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  2. NRA Prez is a way better gig than being a Colonel. Plus, the politics are finally out in the open. Happy for this man and for us.

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  3. Also: Manly men doing manly things are back! B. Hussy 0bãma and his husband M00ch tried to turn us all into knob gobblers, but, thank God, the pendulum is swinging back with far greater gusto than anything ever swung in the pants of the first “ladý”.

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  4. Not sure North is the right guy for the job, given past history, but won’t say “yay” or “nay,” as I probably don’t know enough to cast my vote. Hope North is the right guy for the job. Glad to know attendance was higher than ever. Hopefully gun and ammo sales will also be higher than ever this year and in years to come and Mr Hog (not a typo) and the likes of him, including all the HELLywood crowd, will drown in their lies and stupidity and fade into oblivion soon enough so they don’t pollute the atmosphere with their speeches – do they even know what their carbon footprint is and how much they are contributing to global warming with their constant brain farts? Libtard commies; what can be expected!

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  5. “Oliver North, at your service Sir!

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  6. Yeehaw! Shoot ’em up, cowboys! 87,154 of them!

    True, no one compares to the chiseled Charlton & his matching voice. I don’t recall enough about Ollie except his face on TV while being seated & questioned.

    The only other Hollyweird good guys on our side that I know of, who might also make decent NRA presidents:

    Tim Allen > saw a tweet that his show is returning to TV, Fox I think.

    James Woods > rivals Heston in not mincing words. He loves beating up Moochelle & the Clintonistas, lol.

    Chuck Woolery > has a great twitter feed, funny, too, lives in gun-loving Texas, & is a Christian like Tim Allen.
    –Chuck tweeted “cognitive dissidence” instead of “cognitive dissonance.” One guy replied mocking him saying, “That’s two errors you’ve made today.” Chuck replied, “It’s early still. Hang around as I’ll probably do it again before the day’s over.” Lol, good comeback.
    –He tweeted Maxine Waters had a meltdown re Trump.
    –And that Nikki Haley backstabbed Trump by siding with Mueller.
    –And other interesting tidbits.

    One big happy family at the [not-OK] Twitter[-shadowbanning] Corral!

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Wish I could’a been there my self,…..But oliver north,..I thought he was just a ‘has been’ ex c.i.a. drug courier and arms dealer.

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    • My thoughts exactly. I worked with a guy who was in the same class as he was at the Naval Academy. Knowing him told me all I need to know about North. Self-serving creep. In other words, “typical”.

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  8. God Bless all the American patriots who came out in force to show their adherence to the Second Amendment. So glad that it was an excellent crowd. Whatever city in Texas that held this convention, had wanted to reneg on the deal — glad that it went off without a hitch.

    Go Bess Oliver North, may the angels of Heaven bless and protect him during the time he spends in this new job.

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  9. That is 87,154 Americans that are saying “up yours!” you liberal gun control advocates. Do not remember much about Oliver North except at one time he was a Washington, D.C. insider which makes him part of the swamp.

    TPR, you left out Gary Anise.

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  10. I think that obamy and hogg have done more for the NRA than any other spokes person could have. We have record sales of guns and ammo all over the country. The NRA should give them an award for their performance selling product off the shelves as fast as they can every time he opened his mouth about gun control more people ran to the store. LOL

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