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First, this is NOT an anti-Catholic post. If anything, it is anti-celebrity, anti-vanity, anti-blasphemy. Some of the finest Christians I know express their faith in Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Church.

Blasphemy at the Met

Vogue: Met Gala 2018 Theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”

MAY 4, 2018 4:04 PM – by Laird Borrelli-Persson

Monday, May 7th, the Costume Institute will sanctify its love of fashion as it presents “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Designed to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art in the museum’s holdings, the show will be presented in a trinity of locations: the Anna Wintour Costume Center, the medieval galleries at the Met’s Fifth Avenue location, and further uptown at the Cloisters. Central to the conversation will be the papal garb on loan from the Sistine Chapel sacristy, many of which have never been seen outside the Vatican, even in the 1983 Met blockbuster, “The Vatican Collections: The Papacy and Art.”

Read the whole article at:

Blasphemy – Mockery

At what point do we recognize the truth about this event? Indeed many showed up with creative and lovely outfits. But then we have the inevitable spawn of Madona.

The usual gaggle of pigs in the parlor.

Who Benefits

“Officially, it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit, a black-tie extravaganza held the first Monday in May to raise money for the Costume Institute (a.k.a. the fashion department).” – New York Times

With all this fine art at the Met thing taking on a Catholic Church identity, complete with the presence of church officials and artwork on loan from the Vatican, I at first, thought it might somehow benefit some church related needs. But no, it raises money to support the training of more fashion designers.

Hey! Where’s the spirit cooking workshop?

29 responses to “Art – Fashion – Religion – Vanity

  1. mocking christianity and blasfemy anyway,anyhow,everytime and everywhere,is a cool trend for these loosers,but they will have time ,incredible much more time to enjoy and wear all these in hell,satan is waiting for them to his parade…he is jealous ,so jealous of his ,,creatures,, ,so sexy,so beautifuls,but all godless,unfortunately

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Proof positive that the catholic “church” has gone astray.

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  3. You only need watch the continual behavior of the current satanic pope to see how wayward and degraded the church has become. Even though I am lifelong atheist, I am continually shocked at the pope’s wholesale abandonment of the faith of 2000 years.

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  4. Ugly people wearing ugly clothes bought for insanely ugly prices to attend an ugly affair.

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  5. Cultural appropriation!!!

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  6. Now is some down right disgusting apparel! What any lamebrain would wish to mock anyone’s religious garments is beyond me.

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  7. The living God Man is not a corporate religion .Pizzagate / Pedogate is true and real. #WakeUp

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  8. Utterly repugnant. More evidence than Francis is an anti-Pope.

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  9. Next year I want to see them do Islam so this guy can go as Allah (with a young girl in tow):

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  10. We finally have a Jew Pope! I never thought I’d say it. He is destroying the Church and making a mockery of Her. Where are the bishops. This is an outrage.

    Destruction of The Church has been the Jewish “prime directive” for two thousand years. Looks like they got their man.

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    • No, Frankenpope is not a Jew: If anything, he only plays one on television. Rather, he is their WILLING DUPE, and stupid is he, because he thinks he’ll be accepted by those particular “Jews” in power (Jewish or not) who run the show behind the scenes.
      Frankenpope is not a Catholic at heart or in spirit.
      Frankenpope is not even a believer: I cannot fathom that a man like Bergoglio would actually believe in God. OR, if one wanted to put it in another way, Judas Iscariot MAY have believed that Jesus was God, but he, Judas, wanted his own way, anyway. We all know how he turned out, twisting slowly, slowly, in the wind.

      BUT: Point duly noted.

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  11. Remember how fast the prior Pope was ushered out…hhmmmm?

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    • Yes, I’ve mentioned it many times. He was one of the world’s foremost theologians. He looked weird, but he was smart, and orthodox.

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      • I’m sorry to disagree, Lophatt, but I have read Ratzinger—or I have tried to read him, from two different books. Take it from me: He WAS NOT a “fine theologian.” Ratzinger specialized in one thing: AMBIGUITY.

        Imagine a butcher practicing ambiguity in his trade: You go into his shop, ask for leg of lamb, and he gives you pork shoulder. THAT is what I am talking about with Ratzinger.

        And Ratzinger’s resignation WAS NOT vaild: Hence, Bergoglio IS NOT a true Pope.


  12. I fought, sort of, with Christians for quite some time, years ago, when they would take things of the world, and attach the word Christian to it and then act like that made it fine to be associated with it as Christians.
    For example, Rock and Roll music. Some of it is fine, but some of it is simply from the pit of hell. So when Christian musicians put the name Christian Rock out there, but you can’t tell any difference between the music that the world is making and what they are doing, are they really following 1 John? You know, the part that talks about not being a part of the world, and all that.
    I would then hear them talk about Christian movies, but they would show them in the same movie theater that just down the hall, they had an R rated, God bashing, Satan glorifying, worldly movie, that their money was supporting.
    I would get people mad at me when I asked them what was next, a Christian tavern, or a Christian strip club?

    I was saved at a young age, I know for sure, and lived a Christian life, even though I didn't know I was supposed to.  It just came natural to me.  I got involved in a church after a near death experience in an auto accident.  I ended up in a Baptist church, simply because that is where I was led to the Lord by a woman in a VBS.  So I can tell you for certain, that I know what legalism is, and that is not what I am talking about.  In fact, that is a big part of why I no longer consider myself a Baptist, the legalistic part of their theology.  There are other things, as well, but it really doesn't matter.What does matter is that we know that when we are saved by the blood of Christ, as proof of that salvation, we don't have to be legalistic in our lives, but still, there should be some fruit of the Spirit within, that others can see, to show that where once stood the old person, now a new being exists.
     When I see people try to put the word Christian on worldly things, such as music or art or even fashion, what I see is Christians who are trying to straddle a line, with one foot in God's kingdom and another in Satan's.  That perhaps is not correct according to the Bible, but it gives a picture of what they are trying to do.  And God tells us that we cannot have two masters.  
     I know that the times I feel myself closest to God and in His will are when I continually put the things in my mind that I know would pleas Him.  Listening to wholesome music, reading good books, holding a continual communication with Him in my mind, instead of thinking that I can only pray at meals and bedtime, these are the things that tend to build me up.  So then, the opposite  are what hold me back and tear me down.  And of course, unless I make steps to ensure that I do what I should, then what happens is I follow the path of least resistance.  
     Good music doesn't have to be only church hymns, but it certainly should not be that which encourages adultery or drug use, like we all know from the 60's.    
     Maybe a good way to check on yourself is to ask " What gives your soul Joy?"  When you answer that, then you know how you are doing in your spiritual life, which actually should be the same thing as your married life, your work life, your life in the neighborhood, etc.  When I see things like this so called fashion show, and how they are entwined with the Catholic church, in some ways I should not be surprised, but in many ways I am saddened.  Saddened not because of the so called entertainers doing this, but because there is not a huge outcry by the public in general denouncing this as unacceptable and a travesty the likes of which should never happen.  But the Catholic church must bear a large part of the blame since they have hidden so much sexual sin within their clergy, and yes, continue to do so until this very day.  The principle of sowing and reaping will continue from now until the end of time, for us as individuals and also for groups.  

    As always, I seem to have taken over your website, and must once again apologize. Unfortunately at times, I feel provoked by events unfolding on the world stage to want to shout to someone, anyone, that unless we wake up, many, many more souls will be lost than need be. And that warning cannot be given to the unbelievers, it must be given to those who are among the saints, whose job it is to proclaim the gospel to those who don’t know it, so that all men and women might have the chance to be saved. My prayer is that not one of us here misses any chance to speak to one given the chance, even if just to tell them about the goodness of our awesome God, who by the way, brought my wife through yet another health issue today, and upon whom I continually depend.

    She had fallen and a compression fracture of the first vertebra in her lower back, and the surgeon was able to reinflate it, and place a type of cement in there, and thus she won’t have any more issues in the future, God willing. I broke my back some 38 years ago, and they didn’t have that procedure, and I have issues. I know that I have mentioned at one time or another that she was fighting cancer, and that is going super, thanks to good doctors, but also to the prayers of many like you that I know have prayed on occasion for us. She is cancer free, but they do still want to do radiation when she is able, since breast cancer can metastacize very easily, and it is just a precaution. So thank you for your prayers, and know that I pray for you as well, individually when possible, and corporately when I can.

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    • “She is cancer free”

      Truly wonderful. Thanks be to God!

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    • If one foot cannot be in both God’s kingdom and one in satans, how do you explain a true born again believer who is suffering with addiction issues? I am in this uncomfortable gray area and it is really bearing down on my soul. I feel very conflicted because reading things like this makes me feel like I am not a true child of God, yet he still speaks to me in my prayers and I love Him with all my heart.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        We all have burdens to bear, even being children of the Almighty. It’s the choices we make that defines us.
        Help is available if we want it. It’s our choice to seize it.

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      • vheewhy:

        Of course you are a true child of God. Jesus said the Greatest Commandment is to love Him with all your heart, soul and mind. If “suffering with addiction issues” makes you not a child of God, then all of us are not, because we are all sinners.

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  13. Psalms
    Chapter 14 1-4
    1 (To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
    2 The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.
    3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.
    4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD.

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  14. Revelation 2:23
    23 – I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.

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  15. Romans 8:7 ESV
    For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot.

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  16. I read that Timothy Cardinal Dolan supplied the “Pope hat.” NO JOKE.
    I see the little “Hop Frog” game going on here. And God Almighty SHALL NOT be mocked. Satan and Jesus ARE NOT “equals”: Jesus is the Creator, and Satan—as wicked as he chose to be—is the creature.

    Why God Has Allowed this is a mystery. And at the bottom of it all, there are only TWO mysteries: There is the Mystery of Good, and there is the Mystery of Evil, of Iniquity. So Let Us All make up our minds, TODAY, on Whom we shall serve.

    Someday these morbid and morose mummified mockers of Goodness shall have their Day of Reckoning, and future schoolchildren will see their rotted and smoke cadavers in a museum somewhere!

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  17. John Namnik has an excellent post on this gala, pointing out that New York’s Cardinal Archbishop Timothy Dolan actually attended the event.

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  18. Always remember, these people are not of us. They have set their minds against God and the laws He established for our well being. Its actually a pathetic state of being once you ponder it. They want their paradise here and now, a badly constructed utopia guaranteed to decay and not once uplift them beyond this shabby world. They’re willing to sacrfice eternity for a few decades that in its best will never compare to the place our Savior has built for us. Really, they are homeless bums settling for the dregs of a nonexistence. The ultimate wealth of a person is his/her reuniting with their God and Savior together in eternity free from the sham of this world and rejoicing forever that they were saved from the worlds curse of sin and misery. Doomed and don’t even know it! What could be more miserable than that?

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  19. Captain America

    I feel like I am looking at “The Mask of the Red Death” party.

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