San Diego MAAC high school has a mural of President Trump beheaded by Aztecs

MAAC Community Charter School is a high school in Chula Vista, San Diego County, California, which touts itself as a “community school that offers students a unique curriculum in which students learn traditional subjects in relation to real-world issues.”

A mural outside the school depicts a demonic Aztec warrior thrusting a spear through President Trump’s severed head. Another devil warrior holds the President’s heart in his right hand.

The Aztecs, who flourished in central Mexico from 1300 to 1521, offered human sacrifices to their gods, in which the priest cut out the heart of the victim while still living. It is believed Aztecs also partook in cannibalism of the sacrificial victims. For the reconsecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed 80,400 prisoners over the course of four days.

The Trump mural is the work of an “artist” named Sasha Andrade.

On her Facebook page, Andrade describes herself as “a United States Citizen born here in San Diego, and proud to be a Mexican-American. Yes my parents are 100% Mexican! I grew up in Both San Diego and Tijuana and proud of it! CHICANA HASTA LA MUERTE!”

Chicana hasta la muerte = (I’m a) female Mexican-American to the death.

Andrade also posted on Facebook this pic of a fat, bottle-dyed blonde, whom she identifies to be herself:

A public outcry about the mural led to MAAC Community Charter School covering up the mural and issuing this statement on the school’s website:

Sasha Andrade is 31 years old and lives in Imperial Beach, San Diego County, California. She is a self-employed baker/cake decorator.

It is a felony to threaten President Donald Trump — to make “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States” (U.S. Code Title 18, Section 871).

Please report Sasha Andrade to the Secret Service:


H/t The Goldwater


56 responses to “San Diego MAAC high school has a mural of President Trump beheaded by Aztecs

  1. Talk about educating kids to hate!! Schools need to stay out of politics, period. Teachers taking kids on marches instead of academics is a waste of tax dollars. Now they think they earned a raise!!?? 😂

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  2. Safety and acceptance always come to my mind when I see a intolerable racist painting a mural impaling our President. Director Ramirez had better rethink his statement of how wonderful that school is to allow such a horrendous mural.
    Why is a 31 year old nothing painting murals on a charter school campus?

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    I have to say, if she continues down the same path, I am sure that her battle cry could be taken care of.

    I just saw our First Lady, Melania Trump, speaking about her agenda, called Be Best. It is a stunning show of just how people with roots from counties other than the United States, can have totally different characters. The First Lady is just that, a lady. This other woman, although I wanted to use other words than woman, but I try not to, this other woman is simply a no class embarrassment to not only her Mexican heritage, but also to her American heritage as well. I use to believe that all women were deserving of men’s admiration and respect. I have changed. I still respect this woman, simply because she is one of God’s creation, but as far as admiring her, or her beliefs, that is just not going to happen.

    These leftists seem to have no limit to their disgusting behavior. I myself have more respect for not only myself, but to my parents, to act like these idiots do, and to put such things out into the public eye.

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    • Melania got trashed on twitter by the tolerant left for her broken English. It’s now cool to make fun of an immigrant’s accent…

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      • Not any immigrant, only Melania’s accent.
        Accents of Mexican, African and Muslim immigrants are cool.

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        • I remember the pig Chelsea Handler had comments about how she would not have Melania on her show due to her broken English. Uh, Chelsea, drunken slut that you are, how many languages do you speak, because our First Lady speaks at least 5, and probably understands more than that.
          When someone tries to push someone else down, they only show how small they really are. A comedian can tell a joke about someone, even a harsh joke, in a good way. Think Don Rickles, and the insults he used spew, and yet people knew that it was an act and he was a truly decent person. He would never put down a classy First Lady by attacking her the way these pigs do. Make fun of her? Of course, that was what he was all about. But he knew where the line was, and didn’t cross it.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    I would say she is more likely one of the multi-million ‘anchor baby’ fake citizens, and who like other cultures take pride in the pagan tribal heritage.

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  5. Just one more reason to be ready, as someday in the near future these people will physically act out and attack the people they continously threaten and insult. They are a malignant cancer on our society and cultural values and a clear and present danger to us Americans!

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    • “someday in the near future these people will physically act out and attack the people they continously threaten and insult.”

      I agree. They no longer even try to conceal their murderous venomous hatred, but are overt and in-your-face. Yesterday at Mass, the deacon (white dude) delivered a Marxist homily, in which he declared war on the Founding Fathers and on the American Republic. He said Jesus’ injunction to us to love each other is the Catholic Church’s social justice of:

      (1) Workers before capital.
      (2) Wealth shouldn’t be accumulated; you should have only the wealth you “need”.
      (3) Government shouldn’t be “limited”.

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      • Wow. Thankfully, I haven’t heard one of these yet. The current Pope’s intermingling of theology with economic theory and politics is a disaster.

        That reminds me of the “Liberation Theology” priests of the 70’s and 80’s. They acted like they thought the Church was a communist self-help institute.

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      • God never said that we should not be wealthy. In fact, what was the way that He rewarded someone for being faithful? Solomon was immensely rich, and what about Job, after all of the difficulties that he went through, what did God do for him? He gave him more heirs and wealth than he had before He allowed Satan to test him. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself. If one seeks riches ahead of his family, then he is showing love to money, and that is the beginning of evil and nothing good will happen.
        As to government not being limited, God actually didn’t want mankind to have a king. He wanted to be sufficient for Israel. But due to their complaining, He allowed them to choose one.
        I really do wonder sometimes where supposedly intelligent, Biblically literate people come up with some of their ideas. shhhh. satan?

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      • Good Lord, not to get personal, but how do you stand it? I love the Catholic Faith, and I miss much about it, but this among many other things is what pushed me to leave. I can’t think of anything worse that to go to church in an effort to place oneself before the presence of God. but then have to listen to something that would start to make my head explode and drive me to anger.


        • Just as not all Asians are scum, not all priests & deacons are like the one I described. That’s why although that church technically is my parish, I go there only once a month, when I’m scheduled as lector and extraordinary EM. I go to another church on the other Sundays, because the priest there is orthodox, conservative, and delivers informative, useful homilies full of joy. He actually sings during his homilies. And he’s black, from Nigeria.

          And I will deal with the problem of the Marxist deacon….

          I will not allow bad clergy to prevent me from receiving His Body and Blood, which you are denying yourself.

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          • Excellent. I agree perfectly. I’m sorry you’re going through this. It is bad when clergy become involved. I’ve had this happen once before many years ago. I wrote to the bishop, as several others did, and eventually, it got sorted out.

            Of course this is the first time we’ve had a communist Pope (to my knowledge). He has MUCH opposition, but few will be vocal about it. I just received a homily from a visiting priest that was the polar opposite of what you heard. He was wonderful.

            Anyway, hang in there, you will outlive this travesty.

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          • First can we put something to rest about the Asians? I never said all Asians were scum. To the best of my recollection I have made the following statements on this site about Asians- that ( many) are being tapped by the NWO to become part of a servitor class- a fact which is based on a book by an Asian; that Kalergi and his Jewish banker handlers considered the Chinese their equals in the East; and that Asians cultures have values/ behavior that diverge quite a bit from our Western values/ concepts in many ways- also a fact, not an opinion. None of these observations could possibly be construed to mean that I think all Asians are scum or that I even dislike Asians. On the contrary I have had many excellent experiences with Asian people. So let me once and for all, clarify that I DO NOT think all Asians are scum, any more than I think all Whites, Blacks, or Middle Easterners are scum, and I see it as not only absurd, but moronic to even hold an opinion.

            As far as the priests, again, I know they re not all scum, it has just been my experience that good ones are rare. But I also mentioned this was not the only reason I left the Catholic Church- there were also personal experiences of unethical behavior by the Church such as evidence destroyed and withheld- basically covering up crimes. Leaving the Catholic Church doesn’t necessarily mean having to deny oneself communion. I go to the Orthodox Church which also gives communion.

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  6. Just to keep all the FOTM family up to speed. I called the original number, then called the second number they gave me, then I was told to email to:

    Very easy, very cheap to do, and you don’t have to put up with any SS agent who wants to be snippy with you.

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  7. Many years ago we invited some people from work to our house for dinner. One was Hispanic. After the meal, he looked me straight in the eye and told me how much he would like to murder me and my family. I asked him why and he told me that we were White and he hated Whites. I asked his friend that brought him to take him away.

    I was shocked by the hostility, especially after feeding him and good conversation. Whenever I go to the local Mexican restaurant I read “La Rasa”. They always have it on tables. It makes the waiters and other help nervous to see a gringo reading their rag in Spanish.

    One of the waitresses (who I like), was embarrassed and apologized to me. I told her that it was alright, its a free country and she didn’t write it. I also told her that I found it ironic that if I, a gringo, made similar comments about her or her people they’d probably arrest me.

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    • Lophatt..That’s a horrific story!!! I would have been on my guard after that, especially knowing that he knew where you kept the silverware! It’s a whole different culture, if you do a favor for most Caucasians, they say “thank you”, if you do a favor for a Latino, they say..”HaHa I got you sucker”. My statement come’s from personal experiences, many of them.

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      • I grew up in California and was around a lot of Hispanics. Of course “a lot” is nothing compared to now. I had Hispanic friends and knew quite a few of them on a close level. I dated a few Hispanic girls and knew their families.

        At least back then, there were “groups”. Most were OK, some were not. It is quite obvious to me that this Southern invasion in the States is not a naturally occurring event. Just like the “migrants” in Europe. They didn’t all just get up and decide to head for greener pastures.

        This is a planned use of people as weapons to destroy the established culture. Until recently immigrants came here humbly. They knew they were strangers and had to try to fit into the culture here. Now they have been taught to be haughty and demanding. The leftists lecture us that we have an obligation to be subservient to them.

        Just look at Sweden. There can be no doubt of who is behind this. To me there is no mystery there. The only mystery is how easily people can be manipulated against their better interests.

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    • I would never patronize any local Mexican anything, most especially restaurant. Can you imagine what is done to your food before it reaches you? 💩


  8. I just can’t stand it anymore, if these ungrateful, scum of the earth losers hate our Country and our president so bad..just leave, please just go. My tax dollars probably buy her food anyway, so I say lock her up. It resembles graffiti more than Art to me, just the fact that it was allowed by the school, tells me the administration is like minded. Everyone who hates it here so bad, get the hell out.

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    • Stovepipel/Bob:

      They don’t want and won’t leave. They want to TAKE OVER this country. Chicanos even have a name for taking back America’s Southwest — Reconquista — and they have a name for what will replace the southwestern states — Aztlan, the return of the Aztec Empire.

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  9. It’s a moral outrage! Doesn’t some authority have to approve these designs BEFORE they are executed?
    Also, what is a woman in her 30’s doing participating on a charter school project when only students should design & paint them?

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    • To top it off, Sasha Andrade doesn’t even live in Chula Vista, where the school is.

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      • That’s illustrative. For many decades one didn’t see this. The first stirrings I noticed were during Cesar Chavez’ farm workers union protests. Not all people of Mexican heritage are farm workers.

        The closest thing to “cultural pride” was “La Fiesta Del Pacifico” in San Diego each year. Even that, to some degree, was a celebration of the “Conquest”.

        Now we have these murals and graffiti. Obviously, someone (or thing) is putting them up to it. It is another “color revolution”. I know that Soros get the credit for those but he has a boss too.

        Even though there are minor differences depending on area, these “manufactured movements” are all remarkably similar. If they succeeded they would be left just like those “black lives”, alone and penniless in the squalor they create from European industriousness.


  10. I seem to be blocked from posting; today and on a previous day the screen displayed “ duplicate comment detected”. It WASN’T!


  11. The most popular stories about the word have to do with U.S. military involvement in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), and they’re quite literally colorful, having to do with the color green. Sometimes it’s said that a regiment of American soldiers were wearing green coats, eliciting a Mexican response of “green go home”. GRINGO is derogatory, Mexicans hate the U.S. and yet they want to come here, what an irony!

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    • Yes. I know the origin of “Gringo”, and that it is derogatory. I often use it in conversation with them to let them know that they can’t insult me with it.

      There is an irony here, as you say. There is a long-standing belief/feeling that I understand fairly well. There is now a new, vehement belief that is not totally true, just as the “Native American” tale is not exactly true either.

      All these tales basically portray Whitey “stealing” native land. What isn’t discussed is that the land was not developed and those living on it were just subsisting, if that.

      In addition, there was no “ownership” in most cases. Just as in South Africa today most whites seem to think that they stole the land from blacks. That belies ignorance of the fact that the natives merely cruised through the area picking up anything that was easy and free for the taking.

      Without putting too fine a point on it, it is rather disingenuous to come along now, after it has been built up to a point where it can generate wealth and support people and say “gimme”. Seen another way, they have been just down the street in Mexico all this time. How is it in Mexico?

      How did we inherit an obligation to ensure that Mexicans due better? Had they been running things would it look the same here? Time marches on and civilizations develop in differing ways. If one becomes successful it doesn’t mean that they “owe” success to another.

      I am all for helping people help themselves. In the case of Mexico, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo states that there will be no action taken to inhibit the “free innercourse” between the nations. This should not be interpreted to mean that they can live here anytime they like. It meant that they could visit their relatives should they become separated by the boundaries drawn in the treaty.

      What these communist-inspired thugs are after is a system whereby whitey improves something and they steal it away. For me I don’t think us gringos are obligated to put up with swaggering banditos from the South. The sad part is that it is “our” own government that is selling us down the river.

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      • lophatt, the world owes US so much, and we are so humble in times of need we extend our helping hands to have them slap us back! I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

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        • Thank you Alma, that means a lot to me. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand. I don’t dislike Hispanics. I naturally don’t care for punks and those who come here illegally.

          I have many Hispanic friends at my parish. As I’ve said, I grew up with them, went to school with them, dated them, had very close Hispanic friends. There is an element, however, that isn’t due to them being Hispanic, it is cultural in a sense, but it isn’t what my Hispanic friends would associate with either.

          Admittedly, there seem to be more of them. There were always a class of them that were trouble. The truth is that they would have been trouble if they were white. The only “racial” component of it was that it made them identifiable.

          I am frustrated with what we’re going through. The PTB are using these people as weapons. Some may not know they’re being used. Some may not care. I’m frustrated by people trying to convince the world that this phenomenon is just all part of God’s natural plan.

          I hate being chumped. The truth is, and I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, that when they leave the race button alone and people are allowed to relate to each other as people the problem goes away. But therein lies the rub. They don’t want the problem to go away. They want to push the problem until the whole thing breaks.

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      • lophatt . . . . What an excellent comment. You really outdid yourself. The saddest of all tales if the fact, as you have expressed . . .”the sad part is that it is “our” own government that is selling us down the river.” Just another reminder that we need term limits–get those suckers out of there who hate the average American citizen.

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    • “The word gringo originated in Spain long before there was a Spanish-speaking Mexico….The word was originally used in Spain to denote any foreign, non-native speakers of Spanish…. In Puerto Rico, folk etymology states that the word “gringo” originated from the English words “green” and “go” referring to the desire of some locals to have the U.S. military (who allegedly wore green uniforms) leave the island by telling them: “Green, go!” …. This is likely incorrect, and Puerto Ricans most likely inherited this word from other Spanish speaking countries.”

      Regardless of the word’s etymology, “In some Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, gringo refers to someone who is foreign and English-speaking, particularly someone from the United States, sometimes disparagingly.”

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  12. The Aztecs were devil worshipers. When you worship the devil over many years, the land becomes defiled. When the land becomes defiled, the land vomits.

    Leviticus 18:25: “Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.” (New International Version)

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    • Yes, that was one reason I liked Mel Gibson’s film “Apocalypto”. At the end you see Spanish Galleons in the bay. After what the hero went through at the hands of the Aztecs you are left wondering just how bad whitey really was.

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  13. Yeah, we all know full well if someone painted a picture of Michelle with a penis between her legs the left would have exploded, all the while it’s not a big deal that someone has depicted a drawing of the decapitation of the POTUS.

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  14. Well…you know….it’s Mexifornia….with a totally separate, outlaw, unconstitutional, sanctuary goooberment in place. Here, it’s not “OK” to make any statement that is “politically incorrect” against the ideals/proclamations of the entrenched counter-USA-government….like, maybe “we should follow and enforce the laws on the books set forth by the US Congress/and enforced by the Executive branch, and upheld by the Supreme Court of the Judicial Branch……..” In fact, as state employees, neither my husband or I can even turn over a CRIMINAL Mexican alien to ICE (even if it is one who has harmed US during a crime) without LOSING OUR STATE RETIREMENT PENSIONS AS PUNISHMENT. THIS is stated to us in WRITING via email constantly…… OH NO… can not say or hold our US Constitution or US Congressional laws as enforceable law in Mexifornia…..but, it is SOOOOOO “OK” to depict a tribal “Mexican” (most of the kids who identify don’t KNOW which “tribe” of “Mexicans” to which they “belong”……there were different tribes who settled different areas…just like our Native Americans in our, now, USA homeland) lancing the decapitated head of our present (OR ANY) President of the USA, on their HS mural!!!!!! WHAT FREAKIN’ PLANET TOOK OVER MY COUNTRY WHEN I WAS ASLEEP????????

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    • If we really think about this we’ll see that the big push for divisions came with Obongo. A real leader who was concerned for their country would stress togetherness, not division.

      Of course, being employees of the Cabal their real interest is in dividing and ultimately destroy Western Civilization. The will continue to divide in any way they can invent and try to pit each division against the next.

      When the whole thing collapses, as it inevitably will, they’ll step in with their predesigned script. This isn’t natural in any sense of the word.

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  15. “Urban art form”

    Look at what “urban art” does to young beautiful women:

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    • Ugh!

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    • Want to know how far down this sick “fashion” goes? I teach middle school (aged 11-13) and probably 20% or more of every class I have during the day have half their heads shaved and the other half long/with bleached or day-glow-tipped ends. Many girls have their hair “butched” worse than Maddow….some similar to the old boy’s “flat-top” of the 50’s. The boys are worse than the girls, primping their “man buns” atop their shaved sidewalls……and they inevitably take the “bun down” and let it all hang….tossing it constantly all during class like peacocks on the make… of my worst classes for this is an all-SIXTH GRADE class of 11-year-olds. I’ve had kids who have health warnings from the nurse’s office that they have to have antibiotics before dental care…come to school with a nose-piercing (one of those little studs in the nose crease at the nares) seeping/weeping pus…..every day. I can’t even look at them without my eyes watering. And—the parents don’t think this was counter to medical advice to “OK” this piercing for this medically monitored kid who can’t even have their teeth cleaned without 3-days prior penicillin….but they can walk around like TYPOID MARY with weeping nose pus and it’s no problem? They all dress like they are street vagrants sleeping next to the garbage dump in the alley…..the uglier you present yourself/ are, the uglier your clothing (mostly always black, nothing young, light, colorful, cheerful, attractive), the better, and for sure, if you’ve got a hood over your head and skulk around like the Uni-bomber…you are a fashion WINNER these days in Middle School.

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  16. Andrade is an ignoramus: If the Aztecs were anything resembling what history portrays them as—and they are—they would cut her heart out and roast it on a stick, too.
    But that’s the Left for you: Hatred for the sake of hatred. And there is a strange disconnect with the Left: For a group that is STRANGELY self-conscious, they are MENTAL LEMMINGS: They don’t even understand why they hate as they do. Kind of like remembering the parachute once you’ve jumped out of the plane.

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    • Yeah, that’s what I thought on seeing “Apocalypto”. Whatever the Spanish had planned for the locals couldn’t touch what the locals had planned.

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  17. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Freedom of Expression? Kinda. But the school is now in the hot seat for the act of an arrogant “Mexican-American” not a “American-=mexican” from out of town. She created her own problems. Good luck Sasha!

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  18. Cut all federal ‘funding’ to this ‘school’.. Forever.

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  19. When Jesus is taken out , all common sense is gone too
    You all need to know that the CA Legislative Year Closed on Friday. All the Representatives went home exhausted and the damage was done…

    So what did they accomplish during this high pressure year in Sacramento? You won’t believe the new CA laws that are going on the books January 1st – the gas tax kicked in on Nov. 1st.
    Pay particular attention to #13…The last one.

    This is an update today from Jeff Stone, Republican state senator, on the progressive Democrats’ continued destruction of California. By the way, we are already deemed the worst state for businesses. I’m hoping that Jeff got these all right. If not, blame the Secretary of State’s office
    1. SB-1: increases your gas taxes by approximately 20 Cents, (Nov 1) and your vehicle license fees by an average of $100 (Jan 1st).
    2. Passed Cap-n-Trade Tax which will increase gas 0.63 to 0.93 cents a gallon change and the taxes that go with it. So do the math projection…. (0.12 + 0.63 = 075/gallon + current $3.10/gallon = $3.85/gallon) We’re already the costliest in the nation.
    3. Proposed increase on a new tax every residence will pay for tap water!
    4. A $3.46B parks bond to pay for parks in “disadvantaged communities”, meaning Los Angeles. The debt service alone will be over $200 million a year. The good news is some money goes to help fix the Salton Sea which should have always been a State responsibility!
    5. Law to release any lifer (murder, rape , child molestation, etc.) who is 60 years old and has already spent 25 years in prison! Charles Manson would have qualified if he just waited a few months before dying; and the Melendez brothers that murdered their parents could be released in about 12 years? Victims?… What victims?
    6. A new $ 50 charge on all residents living in a mobile home parks to address “living condition enforcement” in those parks? What the hell does that mean? As if having to live in a mobile home park isn’t bad enough? Why does the left embrace these regressive taxes on the poor?
    7. We picked an official dinosaur for the State of California. Really??? Yes, Really!!!
    8. Blackmail Tesla to either unionize with the United Auto Workers Union, or forfeit State incentives to buy their electric cars! Maybe political blackmail doesn’t count as breaking any law. Unions are loving it. “Watch out solar companies… They may be coming after you next!!!”
    9. Reduce from a felony to a misdemeanor the purposeful intent to transmit the AIDS virus to a unknowing partner
    10. Give preferential treatment to prisoners convicted of serious crimes that are less than 25 years old because their brains are not mature enough to understand right from wrong. Whaaat? If the brains of our kids don’t mature until 25, why do we allow them to vote ?
    11. A bill to require our true sex be omitted from drivers licenses? Whaaat?
    12. Free legal services for illegal immigrants… Of course!
    13. Establish safe “injection zones” run by government to oversee people injecting heroin!
    You have to be kidding me? Yep, it passed!

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    • Well Doc I did it again not sure what I am doing but the copy and paste has been working it did on part of it sorry for the inconvenience. Slap on hand.☻

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    • Wow! I’m sure glad I don’t live there anymore. Deliberately infecting someone with HIV is now a “Misdemeanor”? Nice!

      California has turned into a portal to Hell.

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  20. Just to show how we only get to see one side of things, this is worth a look:

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