High school yearbook photo of bearded man in full makeup goes viral

Not your parents’ yearbook photo, or yours either.

A senior yearbook photo of Bishop Allen Academy, a Catholic high school in Toronto, Canada, has gone viral.

Kevin Kodra high school yearbook photo

The student in the photo is Kevin Kodra, 18, a makeup artist and self described “social media influencer” with thousands of followers on Instagram.

Kodra said it took him four hours to apply the makeup for his photo back in March. The result was an almost unreal visage, contoured to near perfection. He called it a “glamorous, bronzy… very red-carpet” look and that “There’s a lot of lash involved.”

Kodra posted his yearbook pic to Instagram. He told CBC that he woke up the next morning to 18,000 likes on his photo. Within two days, magazines including Seventeen and Teen Vogue had written features on him.

Kodra said he received support from his Albanian family and friends at his Catholic high school. Asked whether he’s experienced any negative feedback, Kodra explains that he has a filter on his Instagram comments, which allows him to be “in my little bubble, my own little world where I don’t see the hate” because the concept of a man in makeup still isn’t entirely socially acceptable. “The masculinity that’s wanted by men, and that’s expected by a lot of women and men — it’s uncomfortable for those hyper-masculine men to see a guy wearing four-inch lashes on his face, or over-lined lips, or contour or highlight. It’s just uncomfortable.”

He says his goal is to “break down that stigma and that social barrier. I want little guys and little girls to know that they don’t have to be feminine or masculine — they can be whatever they want.”

Kodra will graduate in June and plans to go to either Ryerson University or York University next year where he hopes to pursue media arts and production.

He tweeted these before and after pics of himself:

He also posted to Instagram other pics of himself, made up to look like monsters:

Kevin Kodra1

Demon possessed!


40 responses to “High school yearbook photo of bearded man in full makeup goes viral

  1. Sorry, he is just plain spooky and seems to be an attention whore to boot. I find nothing attractive about him.

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  2. demon look,but isnt that the libtards love?

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  3. Hey Dr…did you say demon possessed, or semen possessed? (Sorry God, they made me this way).

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  4. Hadenoughalready

    WTF is it? And why weren’t his parents slapped?

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  5. He needs a good priest

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  6. As long as you’re not hurting anyone whatever floats your boat, go for. This does hurt my eyes though. I can’t fathom mental health alongside this behaviour. Yeah, i’m a straight White Man so this is far outside my comfort zone. Have we had enough of the jewish century yet folks?


  7. Conchita Wurst has a replacement…

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  8. — kjf– Sadly far too many priests would endorse this behavior instead of pointing out the evil found therein. Makes me sick in my stomach to just look at it.

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  10. FREAK.

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  11. MyBrainHurts

    Why is he even going to college? You know he’s going to end up dropping out so he can do makeup and hair at some drag queen blow bar hair salon.

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  12. This is a bitch with problems.


  13. I think he’s a bit late, I believe Barnum and Bailey closed up shop.

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  14. Noses don’t match. He photoshopped himself (“facetune”?)

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  15. Disgust is not hate. People avoid stepping in dog poop because it is nasty and revolting. They avoid weirdos, freaks and abnomalies because they are disgusting to normal senses. Noone hates the disturbed guy walking around in an evening gown with a 5 o’clock shadow. Instead, they sense something’s not normal about such a person, the appearance revolts them and they distance themselves as far as possible. That’s the normal human reaction. These people fail to understand this so they regard the avoidance as hate.

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  17. he looks like a vandalized mannequin….ridiculous…HAHAHAHA!

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    • “23 and Me” will have to add a chromosome to account for this freak.

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    • Wasn’t it only about 20 minutes ago that these people would be considered savages? Now, they’re icons of progression.

      Stick a fork in me…I’m done. 😕

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      • You are certainly right. That’s what they do. They “change definitions”. They are “change agents”. I don’t think they concern themselves with us, they are after our kids. The more control of them that they have in school and elsewhere, the more assured they are of success.

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  18. ““The masculinity that’s wanted by men, and that’s expected by a lot of women and men — it’s uncomfortable for those hyper-masculine men to see a guy wearing four-inch lashes on his face, or over-lined lips, or contour or highlight. It’s just uncomfortable.”

    Maybe there’s masculinity that is INHERENT in men that it just uncomfortable for some to accept.

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  19. I hope he never ends up in jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..He’ll, she’ll , it’ll be Bubba’s pass around toy . The worse thing is this queerbot has that many followers on social media . Sad state of affairs

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  21. Gosh, no slurs or whatever intended…but I wish Kevin Kondra had done my make-up for my son’s recent wedding instead of the gay Mexican illegal who did mine for a TON OF MONEY (hired by my future dau-in-law, so I had no choice) since I ended up looking like a red-headed Morticia on the Adams’ Family sticom of old I have huge blue eyes, for instance, and they looked like black sink-holes (or as my sainted maternal grandparents from PA might say, “two piss-holes in a snowbank.” Does THAT give you the picture? . I couldn’t even recognize myself in the wedding pics…..

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    • CalGirl . . . . Well, you were good to go along with it. Although, when other’s look back at the pictures and have a difficult time recognizing you, everyone will realize this was a big mistake. I did not know that bride’s had the right to demand that you utilize the make-up artist of their choosing. My opinion is that women who are old enough to have sons and daughters who are getting married . . . are certainly old enough to choose who does their make-up.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      Never, EVER, let your intended in-laws decide your attire or where you sit, as in my case, at their wedding. It’s meant as retribution paid forward.


    • Hmm. I would keep my eye on that daughter-in-law…. She is not your friend.

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      • LOL Auntie, Dr E. and Hadenough……we KNOW….we knew then….but, as my father used to say to me (he was JOKING…but it still applies here tongue-in-cheek to our situation) “Well, all I have to do is be pleasant across the table at Christmas and Thanksgiving. YOU (in this case, my son) have the day-to-day “job.” We “paid our way” b/c we could (rehearsal dinner, wine….went along with some high-falutin’ digs/plans that are not “us”—-we are the church basement-type and not the beach grand hotel type) had a good time with OUR friends, who were invited to the wedding (and ROFL our AO over my makeup job together) b/c we’d had long years of friendship with them and they with our children as they were growing up. My very sage grandfather used to have a saying (lot’s of those old adages in our family that have led me): Every frog has to bump his own ass. So I hope all know that this means….sometimes/most times….you don’t teach your kids much…b/c they have to LEARN it on their own….you can’t rescue them from themselves after you’ve given your guidance and love…you just have to let them “leap” and then, if they bump their ass upon landing…they will eventually LEARN how to prevent this…b/c, “bumping their ass” is its own consequence…one that you can’t and SHOULD NOT strive to prevent or save them from…….

        We have never “objected” to our son’s paramours that they brought home…even if we were mortified/fearful of a few choices. We knew it didn’t matter what we thought. In fact, we feared sometimes that it would drive them INTO a legal relationship with some of them that were so “sketchy” to us. We decided to let them “bump their own asses” and stay out of it. So far….the oldest one did us all good with his choice (after a previous near-miss of a choice we feared/yet kept our mouths shut about) and I can die happy that they will take care of each other forever. This recent youngest child case….might not be good for us or for the extended family….but my son will be “OK” with her and HER MOM for the rest of their lives together :)- so, I’m “OK” with my son’s future—if not the nuclear family future…there he goes….bumping down the road……. 😉

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  22. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Oh dear! What is wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING!

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  23. It is only a matter of time, if they are allowed to continue their brainwashing in the name of diversity -with drag queens doing book readings at preschool and elementary levels:

    Is it any wonder that this is the result?

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  24. What a waste of 4 hours of time!

    But then again, I suppose he doesn’t really have anything else better to do.

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  25. I just finished reading of a California initiative that parents are not “allowed” to withdraw their children from that teaches all about this as “healthy”. It also provides demonstrations of various sexual practices, home and heterosexual, and how to use various lubricants and toys. It also talks about phone sex as normal and “healthy”.

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  26. The State ( BIHN), will decide what religion your children are.

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  27. From a long line of test tubes in the year 2525 I don’t think the planet will be around by then the stupid left wing idiots will find a way to blow us all up. Oops I busted a nail and pulled a run in my hose got to get back to the house just can’t stand these type of things on a bad hair day. Other men might look at me and sneer since im out of style. (SARC)

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