ICE arrests illegal alien for Maryland crash that killed FBI agent, fire marshal

sander cohen and caros wolf fox 5 dc photo

Sander Cohen (l) and Carlos Wolf (r)/Fox 5 DC photo

From Fox News: Immigration officers have arrested a Guatemalan national who mowed down and killed an FBI agent and a fire marshal on a Maryland highway last year.

Roberto Garza Palacios was accused of being unlawfully present in the U.S. after overstaying a work visa that expired in 2009, Fox 5 DC reported Friday. He was arrested Thursday in Gaithersburg, Md., where he was living.

The station reported that after an arrest in 2015 on local charges, Montgomery County released Garza Palacios from custody despite an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer to hold him.

The 28-year-old man, who worked in landscaping and construction, was charged Tuesday with negligent driving in the deaths in December of FBI agent Carlos Wolf, 36, and Maryland fire marshal Sander Cohen, 33.

Wolf had crashed his vehicle on Interstate 270, and Cohen stopped to help him. Both men were off-duty. Garza Palacios drove up, swerved to avoid their vehicles and plowed into them on the shoulder.

He spoke at the scene to investigators who ruled out alcohol, drugs or speed as factors in the crash, the station reported.

The negligent driving charge is punishable by a $280 fine and the loss of three points on a license.


6 responses to “ICE arrests illegal alien for Maryland crash that killed FBI agent, fire marshal

  1. Negligent driving? After mowing down two people? Someone explain that to me, please, slowly, using 5 year old vocabulary and sentences, so I may understand it. Sometimes I really think there is a need to bring back the “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” thing. How about just running this guy over with a car and leave him in the same state he left the two people he mowed down. Sounds fair to be me.

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  2. Montgomery County cares NOTHING about the lives of America citizens: The Montgomery County, Maryland Council is considering a special appropriation to its budget of $373,956 to pay legal expenses for illegal aliens fighting deportation.

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  3. Captain Obvious

    He wasn’t detained and he killed two white men. He should hang today. TODAY.


  4. Good Grief! The death of these two obviously fine young men . . . .” and it could result in a $280 fee and the loss of three points on a license.” When two men are killed, and never get to go home to their loved ones–this POS should be charged with crimes involving much, much, much stiffer penalties! This whole world has turned upside down. Then we read that this POS was not detained after ICE made the request. Sounds like the jail, and those who run it are guilty of the deaths of these two men in addition to this POS.

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  5. This just about says it all:


  6. Well seems the love affair with the illegals the left has created laws that allow them slide the rule of law. So killing Americans at a cheaper rate now than before. Had the laws been enforced like they should these two men might still be alive and going home to their families.

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