Gun-control hypocrite: Actress Alyssa Milano protected with armed body guards at anti-NRA protest

Actress Alyssa Milano is an outspoken gun-control advocate. See DCG’s post, “Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer help launch anti-NRA campaign“.

That hasn’t stopped her from being paid big bucks toting guns in her TV/movie roles.

Yesterday, May 5, surrounded by armed body guards, Milano attended an anti-NRA protest in downtown Dallas.

Will Haraway, a CCW member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), asks one of Milano’s body guards if he’s armed.

The guard — a burly black dude — gets into Haraway’s personal space and in his face, and says: “I’m going to ask you to leave.”

Haraway: “How far do I have to go?”

Guard:  “I’m going to need you on the sidewalk.”

Someone yells: “Hypocrite! Alyssa, you’re a hypocrite! You have armed security here!”

Here’s the video, captured by Ben Howe:

Ben Howe cites Section 42 of Dallas City Code, according to which Milano’s security guard has no authority to force Haraway to leave because the anti-NRA protest was conducted in public space.

H/t Big Lug and The American Mirror

See also “Hollywood gun hypocrisy: 500+ armed guards at 2018 Academy Awards”.


17 responses to “Gun-control hypocrite: Actress Alyssa Milano protected with armed body guards at anti-NRA protest

  1. Lui M Pestana

    Dang, there went a chance to make some money. Let the big idiot physically force you to leave a public area and it’s all on camera. Sue Milano and her bodyguard. Why didnt he call the police, he can still make a police report, that is threat by intimidation and throw in civil rights violation on top of that.

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    • Lui M Pestana . . . . I am all in favor of suing Milano and her bodyguard(s), here they think that because she is a star, and they are being paid to “protect her” that they can push an average citizen around. Since this rally was on public property, this behavior is ridiculous.

      Since Milano is so deep in debt, it is little wonder that she needs to work at keeping her name in the media, so that she can remain “relevant” and the dollars still roll in.

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  2. At any event when a Hollywood type shows up, leave! Otherwise the craps going to get so deep you’ll need waders.

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  4. What are the odds that this bodyguard (from an undated event; I saw this pic as a comment on Twitchy last week) is armed as well (looks like he’s carrying on his left side)?

    Heaven forbid that those of us who cannot afford private bodyguards be able to protect ourselves as we see fit and appropriate with our God-given Second Amendment right. HYPOCRITE.

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  5. Hypocrisy…Hell yes, just look at the arrogance, distain, hubris of these self-absorbed elitists that boldly condemn those of us that are without personal body guards.

    I wrote an entire essay on why I despise these people, I then deleted all the unnecessary obscenities…..below is the result of my obscenity free comment….

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  6. And here we go again, it seems when every single “celebrity” complains or accuses, they end up being the guilty party. They point fingers but seem to be the biggest offenders. They try and bully others into accepting the ways and beliefs of others when they refuse to do the same.
    They are nothing but a bunch of hate filled has beens and hypocrites.

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  7. She’s important? Who knew

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  8. Finally, a human’s gone public in her seamless melding of hypocrisy, stupidity, and lust for wealth, then parlays that into her ‘acting career’, if one can assume that she is acting, rather than merely acting out her fantasies. I am SO glad that I have very little knowledge of or exposure to Hollywood people such as her.

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  9. Wonder if Alyssa Milano and Bernie Sanders employ the same armed guards from the same agency to accompany them to anti-gun/anti NRA protests? Wonder if Alyssa Milano and Bernie Sanders and their Hollyweird/D.C. ILK think that we, the lowly public, are BLIND AND STUPID SIMULTANEOUSLY????? Wonder if they think we’ll never notice/say anything/or make a difference if we do any of these?????? I have my suspicions about their assumptions of me…how about anyone else?

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  10. Apparently Milano had THREE armed guards around her:

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  11. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    As the BS swirls around anti-NRA Alyssa Milano using armed guards to intimidate and bully unarmed NRA sympathizers during a demonstration. Her response is everything but reasonable. And her armed thugs are priceless.


  12. Most all of these types are hypocrites when it comes to gun control. They are special and deserve it we on the other hand are the little people who don’t as far as they are concerned. I used to do security at events here in Memphis and what that man did when he got into his face would have ended in him looking up at me from the ground. When you get into a persons space like that you better be prepared for what may or may not come. These people are totally out of control in their thinking and actions.

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  13. They hear their master’s voice. It is pointless to discuss what these tools “think”. They don’t, they OBEY. THEIR government is already up and running. You can believe that or wait for the announcement.

    Every action screams that we have been sacrificed by what we thought was “our” government. That goes for governments worldwide. This is why Nutty Yahoo can be so arrogant.


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