Family dog selects kitten to adopt from shelter

Whoever coined the idiom “Fight like cats and dogs” evidently had never known this pair.

It all started when Raven the dog’s human family went to the shelter one day to adopt an animal.

They allowed Raven to choose.

Instead of picking a dog, Raven selected a tiger-striped kitten.

Raven and Woodhouse are inseparable. They eat and sleep together.

Source: PawMyGosh

FOTM‘s Stovepipe has a dog and cat, Lady and Pearl, who love each other just like Raven and Woodhouse!


15 responses to “Family dog selects kitten to adopt from shelter

  1. beautiful!

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  2. Wow! Thank you Dr. Eowyn. They’re cuddled up next to me right now!

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  3. The Tiger Cat featured in this Post is a Maine Coon, they are amazing Cats, they are known for their Canine traits. I had one named SkippyDoodle, he used to go cut cord wood with us, he’d ride on the trailer on top of the logs! He ate Dog Food too!!!

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  5. What breed of dog is that? Looks like Raven may have some German shepherd blood in him, but mixed with something else. Anyone know?


  6. This is beautiful…avsolutely beatifful…LIFE as the MOST HIGH intended it to be. 🙂
    Thank you so very much

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  7. traildustfotm

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  8. Awww, so sweet !

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  9. My rescue blonde Lab, Maggie, raised our orphaned litter of 3 male kittens that we decided to keep together and adopt. They are all grown, loving boys now, and…..She still sleeps with them, grooms them eats with them even now that they are over 3 years’ old. This has been a wonderful and loving journey for us to have rescued Maggie, and then these litter-mate cats. Looking back over my life with my pets, I feel so stupid that many times, I did not bring litter mates into my home….opting for “one at a time only” for cats and/or dogs….After my experience with (at least one time) having 3 dogs at a time and now adopting a litter of kittens at a time….I see what I MISSED in love, entertainment, enjoyment when I thought I could only handle one at a time…Adopting /raising more than one at a time is so much richer for the pets and so much richer/enjoyable for the adopter…..Esp. if they were born together….and are sweet/loving animals…..adopting more than one from any litter of dogs or cats is going to be so rewarding for the pets and people alike…..

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  10. Kitties…

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  11. PS…this kitten, looking like a Maine Coon….reminds me of the time my youngest recued one JUST like this in looks from a tree in our neighborhood (on the evening of our oldest son’s graduation/grad party at our home…not very convenient!) He was about aged 12, and walked this kitten all over the neighborhood that evening to find the owner, for naught. But, he did some research and came to me prepared, telling me that this kitten was, indeed a very VALUABLE CAT that we might want to keep, a Maine Coon, and so we SHOULD keep her for her VALUE. He named her “Artemis” the Greek Goddess of Beauty (how could a mom turn all this down?????). So, indeed, we did keep her, and indeed, she DID turn out to be a GIANT Maine Coon cat who could open–even unlock— all our doors, let all our other pets outside at inopportune times (when we were gone) and was a very smart, giant, strong, fluffy Maine Coon. It was a wonderful time of our lives to have her…when our youngest was her champion, and my husband and I still had some energy to keep up with all this…..

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  12. You knocked this one out of the park Doc I have two dogs and 11 cats the dogs love all the cats they are working cats that is we live on a farm so yea got to have them to keep the pests down they keep the little ones at bay (rats moles and snakes) the dogs keep the other bigger one asway. Anything goes after a cat the dogs go after them. Love it. love no matter were it comes from it’s love.

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