Watch how this Ohio grandfather foiled an armed man

Here’s your feel-good story of the day.

On April 3, 2018, a quick-thinking granddad foiled an armed suspect with a simple move.

Bill, who walks with a cane, was leaving the Columbus Metropolitan Library with his granddaughter, when he heard police sirens.

He looked around and saw a man with his hand in his waistband running toward him, with police officers in pursuit, yelling “Police! Get on the ground! Gun! Gun! Drop the gun!”.

As the armed suspect passed behind him, Bill extended his right leg backward and tripped the suspect.

That move enabled police to catch up with the suspect to make an arrest, which police say probably saved the 18-year-old suspect’s life.

Bill told police: “I saw who you guys were chasing and I could see he was holding something in his waistband while he was running from you guys, but he had a pretty good lead on your closest officer. He was coming my way, so I got in his way to slow him down so you guys could get him.”

Police recovered a Glock 9 MM pistol with a high capacity extended clip containing 29 rounds. The suspect, with a lengthy criminal record, went back to jail. No one was injured.

Columbus Police wrote on their Facebook page:

Thank you “Bill” for sticking your leg out for us.

H/t Kelleigh


13 responses to “Watch how this Ohio grandfather foiled an armed man

  1. Reminds me of all it takes for evil to abound is for good men to do nothing and in this case a good man did something and curtailed the crime committed. Hats off to the man the proof is he knew the suspect had a gun but did it any way. That’s what brave men do in time of crisis those who step up are what Americans are made of. Seems the PC crowd hasn’t run all of the braves ones off. Nice piece Doc shows the other side of the coin for a change which we don’t see on the main stream media any more since sora$$ has his fingers in every news outlet these days.

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  2. Quick thinking grandfather.

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  4. Bravo! Think fast. We need such heros.

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  5. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Disable man 1 – thug 0 Well done! Nothing to lose. Thug to the ground hard. Excellent!

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  6. That man deserves an Award!!!!

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  7. Great move! But a correction: “Police recovered a Glock 9 mm pistol with a high capacity extended clip containing 29 rounds.” No, that should read, “a high capacity extended magazine”. Clips are used to hold and insert cartridges into internal magazines, typically in rifles lime the M-1.


  8. I do admire what this guy did to help apprehend the suspect but in retrospect if he was not there then likely there would be a funeral for a very bad man, which would mean us the taxpayer wouldn’t have to pay for this slugs upkeep.
    Also he will eventually be released and be a danger to good people again. So I have mixed feelings about this.


    • At this point, we don’t have the information to make those conclusions. We don’t know the suspect’s name, why he was arrested, or how dangerous he is to society.


  9. traildustfotm

    Bravo, Bill! You are an inspiration.

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  10. Ah! Another educational trip with your grandchild to the Columbus Public Library! SARK

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