Massachusetts demorat to resign after ethics report linked to charges against husband

stanley rosenberg and husband

Stanley Rosenberg (left) and enstranged husband Bryon Hefner (right)

From Fox News: State Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, for decades one of the most powerful Democrats in Massachusetts, announced Thursday that he will resign Friday after 31 years as a lawmaker because of a scandal involving his estranged husband (Bryon Hefner, age 30).

His decision follows Wednesday’s release of an ethics report that states Rosenberg “failed to protect the Senate” from his estranged husband, who faces charges of racially and sexually harassing Senate employees.

“In light … of the disciplinary measure recommended by the ethics committee, it would not be fair to my constituents to have a representative in the Senate who lacked the authority to represent their interests fully,” Rosenberg said in a letter to the Senate clerk, the Boston Herald reported.

Rosenberg, 68, of Amherst, a former president of the Massachusetts Senate, was the first openly gay lawmaker to lead a legislative chamber in the Bay State, Boston’s Fox 25 reported.

He stepped down as president in December, after the Boston Globe reported in November that four men alleged that Rosenberg’s husband, Byron Hefner, had sexually assaulted and harassed them, and boasted of his influence in the Senate.

Hefner was indicted in March. Rosenberg claims to have been unaware of Hefner’s alleged crimes.

Rosenberg’s resignation will take effect at 5 p.m. Friday, State House News Service reported.

Following the release of the ethics report, both Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey called for Rosenberg to resign, Fox 25 reported.

According to the station, the report was prepared by independent investigators hired by the Senate Ethics Committee. It said that while Rosenberg did not violate any formal Senate rules, he showed poor judgment and violated the Senate’s information technology policies by granting Hefner “unfettered access” to Rosenberg’s Senate email account.

That access began before Rosenberg became Senate president in 2015 and ended in March 2017, after staffers detected two instances of Hefner allegedly sending emails to public officials under Rosenberg’s name.

Rosenberg “knew or should have known Hefner had racially and sexually harassed Senate employees” and failed to address the issue adequately, the report said.

Hefner, 30, pleaded not guilty in Suffolk Superior Court in April to charges of sexual assault, criminal lewdness and distributing nude photos without consent. He was released on his own recognizance pending further court action.


38 responses to “Massachusetts demorat to resign after ethics report linked to charges against husband

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    First question should be; what the heck is a faggot doing in the senate, or any other public office? One would think that would be a major “ethics” violation of its own.

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  2. He may “call” him his “husband”, but marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Secondly, did the good voters realize this when they elected this pervert?

    I’m glad he’s resigning. I hope they have sense enough to not repeat the mistake.

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    • lophatt . . . Excellent points! I agree with number one. On the second one, we have many a voter who just doesn’t look at that and process it . . .so here you have an absolute pervert (the husband) who has full access to their state senate business via the internet. As far as I am concerned, this makes his guilty for any and all nonsense his husband did!

      DCG . . . . . Great article! Keep up the good work.

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  3. Its seems everyday more and more chickens of the dems are coming home to roots and the very agenda they push the narrative against the right and Christians is taking them down now »KARMA« how sweet it is.

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    • Yeah, I think we tend to lose sight of that. They sound pretty organized when they control the narrative. But, out in the world, nobody cares what they say.

      I know I sound like a broken record but, I can’t get over the concept of having six or eight cable channels devoted to Trump bashing day and night. It’s truly bizarre. It certainly isn’t “natural”.

      How and why would supposed “for profit” TV entities do this? Well, they wouldn’t. These are paid propaganda outlets. I’m still not convinced that Trump isn’t part of the whole plan. Why would anybody put up with this. I’ve personally heard several actionable things they’ve said. Why doesn’t he shut it down?

      Now consider, I don’t even watch TV. My wife has it on and I catch these just walking by. There is such a thing as sedition and subversion. In fact, isn’t that what they’re alleging with this “probe”? They keep saying that Trump “conspired” with the Russians? That is the most patently ridiculous thing I’ve heard in years.

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        • It’s becoming more more obvious to mainstream Americans that it’s a Coup D’etat, the treasonous left are relentless. One good thing is, everything they’ve tried to date, has boomeranged around and bit them right in the face, they show no embarrassment and have big, bold nerve that everyone’s watching. I think we’ll do OK on Election Day, even though our internal and external enemies never play by the rules. I don’t think at this point, with so many people aware of the communist left’s agenda, that we’d ever Vote in a leader again with the middle name hussain. Just so everyone knows, I never capitalize a title, entity, name, or any word that I don’t respect, so don’t think it’s a typo, it’s on purpose…hussain.

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          • Stovepipe . . . . God Bless you for the explanation of why some names, etc that you write about are not capitalized. I must admit, I had wondered about that; judging from the excellent of subject matter, your ability to very proficiently craft your thoughts in words, and the grammar you utilize . . . I must admit, it was a puzzle to me that proper names went un-capitalized. I l think it is just a great idea, so great that I may start doing the same thing. Why should we honor something or someone who be beneath our dignity so to speak– dillweeds never deserve to have their names capitalized!

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            • Thanks Auntie! Let’s start our own trend..#uncapitalize the unworthy…or, #decapitate the despicables The heck with spell checker!

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  4. Can anyone name me one Democrat public figure who is known for his/her virtue, integrity, principles or having a moral compass? well ??? hmmmm.. yeah. I can’t think of one either.

    Instead, most allow and even applaud every sick perversion known to man, especially as portrayed by Hollywierd’s productions and the music/game industries.

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  5. Sorry-this isn’t your husband, but your homo butt-buddy, and I don’t care if a bunch of perverts have paid enough treasonous politicians to come up with that legislation- homosexuality has been ‘WEAPONIZED” as part of the NWO to destroy society, and its high time reasonable people see this for what it is-people 50 years ago seeing an elected homo parading his perversity in front of the world would have tarred & feathered him

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  6. That loud sucking sound coming from DC is God draining the political swamp called congress.

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  7. So gay state employees were sexual harassed by the gay husband of a gay Senator; if it was the husband if a female Senator I wonder how much press it would have gotten?


  8. Some guy and his husband……..Sickening and pathetic!
    I don’t even need to hear any more than that……

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  9. Look at the faces of each of these men . . . . Frick ‘n Frack!

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  10. Great comments. Nothing to say but, I agree.

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  11. Well, I confess. I live in the Commonwealth of Messytwoshits. Here is the drill in the land that voted for ”Eugene McCarthy.

    The ONLY reason Rosenberg was drummed out of office is because his boyfriend was sexually assaulting men at the height of the “me too” movement. Had it not been for that, the whiny demobrats would have taken no notice of it, which has traditionally been their practice. Here are just a couple of examples from the Massachusetts swamp.

    Former U.S Rep. Gary Studs (I’m not joking), D- Fall River, seduced and had sex with a male teenage page. His punishment for committing homosexual statutory rape (a crime he readily admitted), was that he had to read a letter of apology to the House of Representatives. A few months later, he ran for reelection. The overwhelmingly democratic voters of his district sent him back to Congress by a vote margin of 7 to 1.

    Dem. Rep. Barney Frank, the most despicable dirt bag excuse for a human being I have ever had the misfortune to meet, kept a D.C. apartment with his boy toy lover, who was running a homosexual brothel out of the apartment while Barney boy was busy in Congress. When the news got out, Barney asked his lover to find another apartment. Barney told the press that he had no idea what was going on in his apartment when he was not around.


    Even though the libtards kept sending him back to Congress again and again, I don’t think they actually liked him much. There was a long running joke going around that was told by Dems as well as Repubs and Indeps. It goes like this:

    Q: What is the difference between Barney Frank and a refrigerator?
    A: The refrigerator doesn’t fart when you take out the meat.

    Then of course, there was Ted, the adulterous, murdering, drunken sot, Kennedy. Kennedy showed up at an editorial board meeting during one of his reelection campaigns, It was 10 o’clock in the morning, and Kennedy was so drunk he could barely finish a sentence. He was drooling on himself. It was disgusting. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Finally his flak finally had to take over the conversation.

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    • Wonderful summary. You have my deepest sympathy. In Seattle they pay them off and get another just like ’em. About the only requirement is the ability to waste taxpayer funds at an alarming level.

      Traffic is usually at total gridlock but they have lots of bike lanes and roundabouts.

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      • Thanks for the kind words Lophatt. I understand perfectly what you say about gridlock and wasting taxpayer money. I think Massachusetts may have Seattle beat when it comes to wasting taxpayer dollars. The state legislature decided to solve Boston’s daily traffic disaster, by building a one and a half mile long tunnel under Boston Harbor and rerouting traffic to I-93, which is one of two interstates that slice through the middle of downtown. The original estimate for the Central Artery/Tunnel Project was $2.6 billion. The project took years longer than predicted to complete and went over budget more than $14 billion by the time it was finished in 2007.

        The project was nicknamed the “Big Dig,” and the final tab with interest is estimated at $24.3. The state currently pays more than $100 million annually in debt service for the project which is likely to continue till 2038. billion, making it the most expensive highway project in U.S. history.

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        • Grif . . . . I must admit the state of “Messytwoshits” (Oh! I love that) has had a history of some of the lamest, perverts to walk the globe. When I look at the laws that Ted Kennedy helped to pass and the damage they have done our Republic, it just makes me ill. If I meet that devil on the other side I am definitely going to give him a piece of mind. Or, perhaps he will be residing somewhere I won’t want to go, even for a visit.

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        • Yeah, I followed that project pretty closely. You probably do have Seattle beat, but it may be closer than you think. They got a tunnel boring machine caught for months. I don’t know what the cost of that was but it wasn’t cheap. The irony is that it was their prep work that lead to the entrapment.

          They just keep spending and spending and nothing improves. They are constantly working on streets and, when they’re finished, the traffic is just as bad, if not worse, and they start tearing them up again.

          Boston was notorious for bad traffic. I grew up in cities and truthfully, I’ve never seen traffic as bad as Seattle. I’ve driven all over the world too. It’s the engineering (or lack thereof), and the fact that they never plan to compensate for the increase in traffic like is common everywhere else.

          I complain a lot about California. When I grew up they could throw up a six-lane freeway virtually overnight. The roads were fantastic. The signs were readable and logical. Roads went where they said they went.

          Washington State runs on the concept that if you don’t already know your way somewhere you shouldn’t go there. None of the intersections line up. They do bizarre things to interchanges that I’ve never seen anywhere else on earth.

          Anyway, I have had some rather in depth conversations about this with people I knew from the Dept. of Transportation. I knew one guy who’s job it was to visit all fifty states and dole out federal money for road improvements. Washington was the only state he covered that never had a plan for improvement.

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  12. You had a miss-spelled a word in the title: “Massachusetts demorat to resign after ethics report linked to charges against husband”

    It should have been spelled “demoncrat” or you could use the diminutive “demonrat”.

    Please be more careful in the future.
    Your friendly Grammar (and spellin) Nazi
    MSG Beck

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    • I purposely use demorat. See their FB page.

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    • Sorry Grumpy, but you are off base here. The correct spelling for these libtards is Demorat (that’s RAT) because that is what they are–a pack of rats that wants to deprive us all of the most basic of our liberties. BTW, you misspelled the word spelling (spellin–your word)

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  13. traildustfotm

    All the familiar crap of Taxachusetts!

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