Culture of death: Rave reviews for former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richard’s book

cecile richars

The IRONY is completely lost on the “reproductive rights” social justice warriors.

Cecile Richard’s book, “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead–My Life Story” has an astounding 97% of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Here’s some of the reviews:

  • “It is a reminder to all of us, especially women, to stand up for what we believe in. Our strength is in our numbers. Woman have always been the caretakers, the nurtures and now we need to take care and nurture the America we believe in and see in our future.”
  • “Reading MAKE TROUBLE is like hanging out with the coolest, smartest woman you know while she saves the world. It’s patient, informative, and also very funny. Could not recommend more.”
  • “What an inspiring story about how to make change and pie in America. I know what I’m getting my mom for mothers day!
  • “So many lessons to learn. I left with this: one person CAN make a difference, ask questions, speak up, be persistent My favorite line is when Cecile’s three year old son Daniel says he wants to grow up and be a woman. So many fierce women in his life—he wanted IN. A must read. I’m giving this not just to all my strong female friends— but to their daughters as well. Blueprint for how to lead the resistance.”
  • “Yes! Western women are the most privileged class the planet has ever known, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play the victim card, make accusations, and destroy the patriarchy. Let’s build a new civilization based on matriarchy. Who’s coming with me?!”
  • “The best how to guide to make a difference in the world for the better.”
  • “Read the whole book in one sitting. Buy for any young woman you know.”

Well, aren’t those reviews special? A few questions for the Richard’s sychophants:

  • How can you have “strength in numbers” when you choose to murder and eliminate future members of the population?
  • How is a woman considered a “caretaker” when she kills her baby?
  • How can a woman “nurture” the future when she kills the future?
  • How can a woman “change the world” while she kills future children that may have the intelligence/skills to actually change the world?
  • How can a woman think it’s appropriate to give this book to their mother, on Mother’s Day, which celebrates a baby killer?
  • If you want to destroy the patriarchy so much then why are you having sex with the evil men?
  • How does one “make a difference in the world for the better” by killing babies?

Good riddance Cecile…


23 responses to “Culture of death: Rave reviews for former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richard’s book

  1. Now its transgendering to manhole covers!


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  3. Not a book I would wish to purchase or read any time! No doubt the dillweeds at Multnomah County Library (my library system) will wish to rush to acquiring this book, since they are as left leaning as possible.

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  4. This comment is the best — “If you want to destroy the patriarchy so much then why are you having sex with the evil men?” — why indeed. Also why do so many LGBTQ?????????? people insist on raising children since they believe that killing babies is how to save the world? Let them just be the sodomites they are and be done with it.

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    • Cabin 1954 . . . . You have an excellent point!

      I should imagine that everyone saw the two LbQXYZ Mommies that had tortured, and starved the six kids they adopted . . . . up until one of the Mommies decided to drive the vehicle in which all eight of they were riding off a steep cliff in California. In this case I guess since these children weren’t killed in the womb . . . they offed all these children after the fact. This incident grieves me greatly. I think a great deal can be said of . . . “Let them just be the sodomites they are and be done with it.” At least the children would be kept away from people who perhaps have deep seated emotional problems.

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  5. Murder is Murder we see it every day in the evil debauchery of every day news turn on the boob tube and you get as much of it as you want. Why in heavens name would what to read a book about the worsts type of murder.
    Seems our society has digressed back to the days of Gladiator sport killing is the in sport. But seems its moved from the arena to the streets and now is affecting everyone and the beat goes on. The murder of innocent baby’s is the most horrendous type of murder there is.

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    • Brian . . . . Excellent comments. Truly, “the murder of innocent babies is the most horrendous type of murder there is,” and the fact that these murder factories have become multi-million dollar businesses is just over the top.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Great thing to stand-up for what you believe in, long as your moral compass ain’t gone completely hay wire. Clearly the case here.

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  7. So, “patriarchy” = BAD. “Matriarchy” = GOOD? How does that work? I don’t think selfish has a gender:

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  8. These women are such self-serving hypocrites:

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  9. “What an inspiring story about how to make change and pie in America. I know what I’m getting my mom for mothers day!”

    Meanwhile, she completely ignores the fact that her mom CHOSE NOT to abort her.

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    • When I’ve asked on on other forums regarding PP/abortion, if proponents have thanked their mothers for giving birth to them instead of aborting them, I get a few mad replies before my post is deleted.

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  10. Again, we must remember that most of these creatures do not believe in God. If they believed in God they would know that both women and men are God’s creation and that to hate one gender is an insult to God.

    The premise seems to be that women were born into a world that isn’t “ideal” for them. Of course, given that as truth (I don’t concede it), the follow up is that “the world must change to better suit me”.

    Beyond that, there seems a second premise that says “if there were only women in the world everything would be wonderful”. I’m fairly sure that isn’t the case. It certainly isn’t the case for God’s world.

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  11. How can a woman think it’s appropriate to give this book to their mother, on Mother’s Day, which celebrates a baby killer?

    Can I hear an amen???

    Like, hey Mom, thanks for not aborting me??

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  12. “There is nothing new under the Sun,” so goes the old Bible quote. And so it goes. We have been witnessing a replay of the wickedness of Ancient Babylon, with all its moral debauchery and resulting decadence. How much longer this lasts is anyone’s guess.
    I have noticed, however, that this moral debauchery has a PROGRESSIVE characteristic about it. Not content to keep up the sin and wickedness over time, it has been attempting to spread EXPONENTIALLY, if it were at all possible. (The same can be observed with the Progressive Left with their political ideology, predicated upon Cultural Marxism and the mere hatred of Trump).
    And in Cecile Richards we see self-congratulation of the most base narcissism, whereby she concludes she’s doing all of these great things. So you’re empowering women while systematically frustrating their natural and God-given purpose?!?! There is a certain arrogant flippancy to this woman very parallel to women such as Gloria Allred and Hillary Clinton, and I cannot but conclude that Richards is DEMONIC.

    According to my understanding of Catholic moral theology, the souls of the aborted will never attain to the Beatific Vision, but, as they are innocent, they shall enjoy their maximum natural happiness in the limbo of the innocents. They shall know this and how they got there. And I believe that, on Judgment Day, they shall serve as God’s Silent Witnesses to the slaughter and its horrors: People such as Richards, Allred and the Clintons would, like Captain Ahab, “spit in God’s Eye.” Yet they shall find—to their horror—true humiliation in having to face up to their victims. There shall be no escape for what they have freely chosen.

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  13. So let me ask the question, like the elephant sitting in the room. What are the Christians of the nation, who still outnumber the unbelievers, doing about this blasphemy to our God? I can almost hear the cries of the millions of the dead babies who never had a chance at life. I have had the argument with others, and they have said, ” Well, perhaps we have aborted another Hitler.” My response is that perhaps we also aborted another Ghandi, MLK, or Mother Teresa. Anyone who thinks that is some kind of an argument that holds water is delusional. When are the Christians going to say, ENOUGH?
    I know, we need one to actually step up and lead us, even in the Old Testament, there was always a need for a strong leader, even if he didn’t feel strong. Please pray that God brings a leader to our nation to stop this mockery of life, that He gives. God is the creator, and by killing living children, our nation, and indeed, the world, is simply building another Tower of Babel, in a different way. Trying once again to show that we are self sufficient and do not need God, we instead show our moral turpitude and lack of decency.
    My friends, the time to turn around is quickly drawing to an end, and while we might say, ” Yes, Lord Jesus, come,:” the fact is that there are still many unsaved out there, and if we do not have a burning desire to see them come to Christ, then we are failing at His command to us as His ambassadors on earth. We are acting like his disciples in the garden, who could not stay awake with Him in His hour of need. This is perhaps the most important time in history, to my understanding, limited that it is. God’s return is imminent. I believe that we can all feel it,and sense the changes happening in the earth. Let’s not be found asleep, but rather busy doing what we need to be doing, and part of that is to stop the wholesale murder of the children of our nation, in the name of convenience.

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  14. sixlittlerabbits

    I suspect may be manipulating the reviews and not posting negative ones. Hope this is the case, although it amazes me how women who consider themselves Christians can consider PP as an organization that’s okay. Their heads must be in the clouds.

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  15. Cecile Richards is the spawn of Satan.

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  16. The attitude of “Western Women” is EXACTLY why I married Filipino! Love from my wife flows like a river, as does devotion and care. It is reciprocal I promise! After years of dealing with women in the workforce and on dates, I threw it all out, until I met this one. Three times she has laid hands on me and prayed for healing, and instantly I was healed. I hit the jackpot with this gift from heaven above. She grew up with out modern conveniences, and is still washing laundry on her hands, won’t use a washing machine, “Dilly (Not) clean clean.” PLUS she is runway model beautiful….no lie. If, westerners could live here in the Philippines for six months and live like she did, it would change everything in their world. In the west, we have forgotten what true love and the basics of life are, my wonderful wife taught me how to live, and how to trust God. I am blessed!


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