MSM creeps: former CNBC director spied on nanny with hidden bathroom camera; 27 more women accuse Charlie Rose

CBS News reports that on May 1, 2018, Daniel Switzen, a former director for the CNBC television network, entered a guilty plea to a charge he used a camera hidden in a bathroom tissue box to spy on his family’s nanny and her friends in his Pleasantville, N.Y. home.

Former CNBC director Daniel Switzen

On Nov. 13, 2017, the 19-year-old nanny discovered the camera. That evening, Switzen was arrested by Pleasantville village police, accused of videoing the nanny while she was “dressing or undressing”.

Switzen faces between one-and-a-half and four years in state prison for felony unlawful surveillance, and will be required to register as a sex offender. He will be sentenced on Aug. 21.

Meanwhile, 27 more women have come forward accusing PBS/CBS Good Morning’s Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct, which was known but ignored by network management.

Charlie Rose

Recall that last November, eight women who were either employees or aspired to work for Rose at PBS’s Charlie Rose showsaid Charlie Rose had made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, and groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas. (See “CBS & PBS fired Charles Rose after 8 women accused him of sexual misconduct, incl. walking around naked“)

Rose’s new accusers include (WaPo):

  1. Former research assistant Joana Matthias, now 63, says that in 1976, Rose exposed his penis and touched her breasts in the NBC News Washington bureau where they worked: “This other personality would come through, and the groping would happen”.
  2. Sophie Gayter, now 27, says when she worked at “60 Minutes” in 2013, Rose groped her buttocks as they walked down an office hallway to a recording studio: “I had been there long enough to know that it was just the way things went. People said what they wanted to you, people did what they wanted to you.”
  3. Annmarie Parr says that in 1986 when she was a 22-year-old news clerk and when Rose was filling in as an anchor on “CBS Morning News,” he made “lewd, little comments” about her appearance and asked “Annmarie, do you like sex? Do you enjoy it? How often do you like to have sex?”
  4. Beth Homan-Ross, now 61, says that in 1986 when Rose was a co-anchor on CBS in Washington and she worked directly with him as an assistant producer, he frequently made sexual remarks about her breasts and buttocks. When she arrived at his house to deliver materials or prepare him for work, he would sometimes open the door naked, holding a towel. More than once, Rose asked her to come into his bathroom while he was showering, which she declined, waiting outside.
  5. Corrina Collins was a 20-year-old intern on Rose’s PBS show in 2003. He brought her on a CBS trip to California for a “60 Minutes II” assignment. On the plane, Rose insisted she drink wine and began to “paw” her. Collins became drunk and threw up in the plane’s bathroom. Rose squeezed her breast during the car ride from the airport. He insisted that they work in his hotel room, where he told her, “I want you to ride me.” She quickly left his room. Collins says: “It felt predatory. I had already said no, but he was going to persist.”

All of the above five women had complained about Rose to management, who did nothing.

76-year-old Charlie Rose the creep actually is trying to make a comeback. Reportedly, he is slated to star in a show where he’ll interview other high-profile men like Matt Lauer and Louis C.K. who had also been toppled by sex scandals. That’s chutzpah! (Page Six)


22 responses to “MSM creeps: former CNBC director spied on nanny with hidden bathroom camera; 27 more women accuse Charlie Rose

  1. Pervs R Us for all your kinky needs! Affiliated with the DNC and MSM outlets nationwide!

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  2. Oh my!!! Oh my!!! Reading this I thought sure I was reading about episodes from my first fifteen to twenty years in the work force. After sexual harassment came to the forefront in the work place, these incidences were much more subtle and sly but they were still there. Of course I do not understand it, and probably never will, as to why men and/or women do this stuff.

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    • Just that easy, nobody would dare come forward to avoid the scandal and to protect their jobs, and the violator held a very important position and so……..the person would have not been believed to be telling the truth and quietly forced out of the workplace, take or leave it. Now they “don’t want to believe” that Dan Rather may have been hiding some secrets, his clout and his reputation as the perfect gentleman cannot be tarnished, don’t you believe it, he’s just another goat from the “old school”.


  3. I find it hard to believe that charlie has all of these female accusers, I would think it would be males coming forward instead. I always thought he was a pickle smoocher!

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  5. Liberal media…

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  6. I understand Cabin1954…I experienced similar issues in the workplace. The MSM is so full of lies and contradictions and sick behavior that I honestly have no idea why anyone watches any talk shows or news shows. There is almost nothing on television that is of any value.

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  7. Perverts seem to be lacking the ability to be shamed. They have no face.

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  8. In the end times it will be flaunted in our faces as much as they can get the law to let them. We have come to the point that nothing is taboo any more and that tells me we’re getting close to the bottom. Can you feel the floor getting hotter.

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  9. As long as they have an audience that flaunts their contempt for ethics, moral values, and the law, and they can offer salacious material that makes demon spawn giggle in delight at the abuses of God and nature, they’ll put it on TV…

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  10. Excellent article! I am puzzled that a man as old as Rose is, and one who is not particularly good looking would think that this many women actually want to get “up close and personal” with him. He must be dwelling in La-la land. I personally find him to be rather repulsive . . . and when one knows his personal proclivities . . . he seems all the more creepy to contemplate.

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  11. Patrick Cornell


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  12. Can’t believe anyone would give Charlie Rose a platform to interview sexual abusers. Sick stuff.

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  13. Give the world the truth about Charlie Rose and nobody bats an eye.
    Report about Donald Trump having an eleven-year-old one-time dalliance with a porn star, and everybody loses their minds!

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  14. He may not have been armed but he was sure footed.


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