Iowa lawmakers approve “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban

baby at 6 weeks

A baby’s development at six weeks, from

“The nose, mouth, and ears that you’ll spend so much time kissing in eight months are beginning to take shape. If you could see into your uterus, you’d find an oversize head and dark spots where your baby’s eyes and nostrils are starting to form. His emerging ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and his arms and legs by protruding buds. His heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute – almost twice as fast as yours – and blood is beginning to course through his body. His intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will give rise to his lungs has appeared. His pituitary gland is forming, as are the rest of his brain, muscles, and bones.

From Yahoo: (AFP) – Lawmakers in the US state of Iowa approved the most restrictive abortion ban in the country Wednesday, hoping for a national reckoning over the divisive issue.

The Midwestern state’s Republican-controlled legislature approved a ban on most abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can occur as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. There are exceptions for victims of rape or incest.

Women have been able to legally seek an abortion throughout the United States since 1973’s landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. But the right to reproductive choice remains tenuous as debate rages over the issue, especially in areas where conservative Republicans are in power.

The US Supreme Court in 2016 rejected appeals by both North Dakota and Arkansas to preserve similar “heartbeat” laws, which had been struck down by lower courts.

If Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds — a Republican who opposes abortion — signs the measure into law, the heartbeat restriction would likely trigger a court battle.

Some of the bill’s supporters had urged its passage as a way to set up a potential US Supreme Court confrontation over abortion.

They believe that President Donald Trump could appoint a conservative justice to the high court in the next few years, tilting its makeup in their favor by the time a court challenge winds through the legal system.

“Today, we are taking a courageous step… to tell the nation that Iowa will defend its most vulnerable, those without a voice — our unborn children,” state legislator Shannon Lundgren said on the state House floor.

The American Civil Liberties Union condemned the bill’s passage, saying in a statement that it would “take Iowa women back nearly a half century.”

“All we can say right now is that we fought this legislation every step of the way and regret that it has made it this far,” ACLU of Iowa’s spokeswoman Veronica Fowler told AFP. “It is clearly unconstitutional and it effectively blocks the right (to) an abortion for most women,” she said.


12 responses to “Iowa lawmakers approve “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban

  1. As of January 2017, the Iowa Senate, House of Representatives and the Governor’s office are all controlled by Republicans.

    Republicans at the state and local levels are different from Democrats.

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  2. I believe abortion as we know it -3,000 babies a day (more actually since three states don’t report) lose their lives. I do not like the exceptions that are being written into hear laws but I am sure they would not pass without. Why should the child pay for the crime of the father with the death penalty (in rape and incest cases). These babies are image bearers of God as much as any other child is. PP and other abortion mills cover up rape and incest cases with abortion. The offender gets off free and clear with no evidence. It hurts my soul.

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    • B Dixon . . . . Wow! When you break it down to 3,000 babies a day put to death . . . . I can see why “It would hurt the very soul of any God fearing person.”

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  3. God moves in many ways and if you notice two states have taken money away from PPH (planned parent murder) and now this. We keep the prayer going and more will happen just like it. Praise be to God one more victory at least were moving in the right direction. Thank you DCG not sure how you find them but your a blessing for this blog.

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    • Brian . . . . I can only say, “Amen and amen” to each point you have made in your comment.

      I certainly do agree DCG is a blessing to us all, as is Dr Eowyn for heading up such an instructive blog for the righteous to observe.

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      • Aw, thanks so much!

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      • You’re right Auntie Doc is the man as well I know i’m his first step child the picture don’t show it but I did have red hair so it goes to figure I would be the step child. I wear it like a badge of courage only because of who he is and what he does. Doc and DCG with the others make this blog the best out there bar none and I’ve been on all of them. sad to say most of them are open to bad language and the attacks are unfounded as well. I am just so glad to have found this sanctuary blog for Christians & conservatives.
        THANK YOU TO ALL THAT MAKE THIS BLOG WHAT IT IS. Sorry had to shout that out in hope others will come.

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  4. “The American Civil Liberties Union condemned the bill’s passage, saying in a statement that it would “take Iowa women back nearly a half century.”

    AND BY THAT, the ACLU means women would be brought back to their rightful and elevated position of being those who bring forth and nurture ENSUING GENERATIONS, which, at bottom, is a biological imperative and the only true reason for life and connection to our Creator.

    The self-hating nihilists at the ACLU and similar organizations, as well as on the Supreme Court wish to impose their nihilism on everyone else.

    “…. ACLU of Iowa’s spokeswoman Veronica Fowler told AFP. “It is clearly unconstitutional and it effectively blocks the right (to) an abortion for most women,” she said.”

    Abortion and the Constitution HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ONE ANOTHER. Remember the 10th Amendment — STATES RIGHTS!!!

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  5. IF a being —in utero or 100 years’ old post-birth, has an independent heartbeat….and THAT heartbeat is terminated by abortion …then…. according to ALL other previous measures of life and death for any other human being…..the termination of this heartbeat by means other than natural causes….must and should be classified as MURDER. TOO BAD THAT US GOV”T AND Planned Parenthood have NOT gotten the clue…

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  6. We who are believing and practicing Christians have long scratched our heads as to how Roe Vs. Wade has survived this long, let alone how it came down in the first place.
    Yes, it is true that many people, of both genders and from every walk of life, have been having second thoughts about abortion, and that is a good thing.

    But my question has been this: Doesn’t the pro-life side realize that this is yet another bill that will be struck down? Don’t they realize that the ACLU never sleeps?
    I am sure that a large number of the pro-life camp understand this, and they understand they must persevere. Yes, morally and metaphysically, “The outcome to this battle has already been decided,” as John Paul II stated, on more than one occasion.

    What, then, can be the matter, that abortion is the Battle Without End? For even the demographic changes that have been occurring throughout the entire world for over 20 years haven’t been enough, in and of themselves, to make people reject this scourge, this Personal Attack Upon God. (As an aside, as the demographic changes have been incremental and gradual, none but the old would pay attention to any such thing: The young lack the memory to compare the before and after).
    I have figured out this much. America, for all that is right with it, for all its greatness and good it has done for the world (and America has been a force for good despite its government’s mistakes), was founded upon an error. (Or it was founded, despite this error, or not having successfully tackled this error). And that error is this: Religious indifferentism. Yes, religious tolerance was what the original settlers sought, freedom from persecution. With good reason. And so the Founders guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights the freedom of religion, the right to practice—or not—the faith each individual desires.
    And as an unintended consequence of this situation and condition that maintained, different people, having come to believe in different things, were not able to confront the evil of abortion.
    But there was something else going on, also. New ideas of eugenics and sexuality made themselves known before the 1950’s were over. The Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s rent the social fabric forever. But on the grassroots level, something else was going on: Each person’s own cognitive dissonance. Who today understands that life begins at conception? Do people know the difference between conception and fertilization? Do people really understand the moral command to transcend their own dissonance and ignorance and step up to the truth?
    And do people on all sides understand that the America, the very Western Civilization we remember from history is gone forever, and that the demographic changes upon us are going to confirm that, and seal it forever?

    St. Paul’s words to the Christians of his time are as relevant now as they were when they were delivered: We fight, not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, of things not seen. THIS is the War we are in. How many Christians understand this, at least to some degree? (I confess I myself do not, not knowing enough of history. But that, in and of itself, does not prevent me from knowing good from evil, and I admit I am imperfect.)

    So legislation like this sends at least two signals. First, it reminds the world that the fight between good and evil continues, and that there are still left enough people to keep raising the issue. Second, it reminds the world that a great deal of ignorance and dissonance remain, and the lack of Christian victory on this question remains a result of the indifferentism and the lack of unity between the various faiths and sects that remain. (And I would like to remind Francis that any “one-world religion” he may actually succeed in founding will not settle the dispute, either: This, given his previous comments about “obsession over abortion,” are solid proof of this much.


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