Chicago Police add 108 officers and patrol vehicles designed to stop carjackings


The city of Chicago has a population of 2.7 million so I guess 108 new hires is a start to solving their crime issues…

But hey, at least the majority of new hires identify as minorities. Progress!

From MyFoxChicago: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson announced Sunday that the department has added 108 new officers and five new patrol vehicle equipped with license plate reading technology aimed at stopping carjackings and recovering stolen vehicles.

The new officers are being deployed to their first district assignments after leaving CPD’s training academy, according to a statement from the mayor’s office. The new hires are part of an ongoing plan to grow the department by nearly 1,000 officers. Roughly two-thirds of the newly assigned officers identify as minority.

The department also expanded license plate reading technology to a handful of new patrol vehicles, the mayor’s office said. The expansion builds on a program launched last year that supports the newly-formed local, state and federal Vehicular Hijacking Task Force. CPD has made over 20 percent more arrests for vehicular hijacking this year.

On Saturday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that 23-year-old Earrious Moore had been hit with a federal attempted carjacking charge following a Thursday evening crime spree through the Near North Side during which authorities say he shot three people and hijacked several vehicles.

Our officers are doing incredible work to build better relationships with residents and improve public safety all across the city, and we are going to continue to support them,” Emanuel said in a statement. “Today we are putting more officers on the street, and we are ensuring they have the best technology, the best tools and the best training so they can protect our communities.”

Since the mayor and the department launched the current hiring plan, CPD has had a net increase of 1,037 sworn personnel compared to last January, including accounting for all retirements, attrition and promotions that happened since then, the mayor’s office said. The city is on track to meet the mayor’s goal of hiring more than 1,000 sworn personnel by the end of the year.

The new officers will benefit from the new in-service training requirement (the new officers completed the training academy), which begins with 16 hours of mandatory training and requires all department members to take 40 hours of continuing education annually by 2021, the mayor’s office said. As part of the plan’s implementation, new officers will be deployed to districts each month into 2019.

The districts receiving new personnel include:

  • Central: 8 new officers
  • Wentworth: 15 new officers
  • South Chicago: 15 new officers
  • Gresham: 10 new officers
  • Englewood: 10 new officers
  • Chicago Lawn: 12 new officers
  • Harrison: 12 new officers
  • Near West: 8 new officers
  • Near North: 8 new officers
  • Town Hall: 10 new officers

These new officers have joined as part of CPD’s ongoing “Be the Change” recruitment campaign which reflects the belief that this new generation of police officers will lay the groundwork for a more diverse department and be future leaders who define how police support, protect and work together with Chicago’s communities.


19 responses to “Chicago Police add 108 officers and patrol vehicles designed to stop carjackings

  1. I applaud them for hiring more but how are they going to stop car jackings?
    Their MO here is to wait in bushes by a stop sign or a busy inspection you can’t pull out in traffic that is. Then when you stop they jump out run up with a gun and force you out of the car or truck. So I am wondering how they are going to combat this I mean I don’t understand how. What most of the folks here are doing is carrying a gun in the car since the state will allow you to have a loaded gun in the car with out a permit now because of car jackings and it has really slowed down them from happening in the Memphis mid south area.
    By in large if you think you will be shot and know they are carrying them it has a tendency to make one stop and think first. Great post DCG.

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  2. Plate Readers are just a revenue generating, privacy intrusion scheme.

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  3. So since ’92, “carjacking” has been a capital offense, punishable by death if the crime was carried out with a gun. So why aren’t we just corralling the perps and locking them away in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, or maybe in Guantanamo… or frying their brains in Leavenworth? Because the left keeps demanding they be freed, set loose on society once again to repeat their offenses and ruin lives. Hardly a disincentive.

    Locally, the same kinds of failed actions have been taken to “reduce crime”… namely, to get a more “diverse” police force out into the “community” to befriend the young thugs before they can become convicts… buy them candy, set up youth basketball leagues, that type of thing that wastes our tax dollars…

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    • Yeah-funny how they can’t even make themselves SAY what the REAL problem is,but they’ll blow untold MILLIONS in their efforts to dance AROUND the issue.

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  4. DCG, the largely hidden policy requiring onerous paperwork after stopping a black is responsible for “less intense” policing resulting in thousands of additional blacks killing other blacks. Rahm ISRAEL Emmanuel instituted this South African-type policy to ENCOURAGE crime. After all criminals must have impunity to pursue their careers. BLM has nothing to do with protecting blacks. Its intent is to promote chaos causing the collapse and ruin of traditional America.

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  5. traildustfotm


    Diversity and new high tech vehicles to stop violent crime in Chi Town?
    Sorry, not feeling it.

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  6. Yeah, minority hires will work out well in Chitcago.
    Look what it has done for that totally unnecessary agency that goes by the name “Transportation Security Administration”. That was a ‘make work project, if there ever was one. Yeah, we needed the TSA like a hole in the head, since anyone with a few firing synapses should know by now that commercial aircraft can be remotely hijacked with technology that’s been around for decades.
    For that matter, look at South Africa or South America for how well policing works there. If you have money to bribe them with, all will be well.

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  7. Aughhhhh that’s just another way of distraction from the real truth.

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  8. That’s a hell of a plan. The hijackers will laugh themselves silly at the stupid cops on the gay mobiles. May as well paint them rainbow colors and hand out stuffed bunnies.

    Wow, SIXTEEN whole hours of training. They’ll be “doctors” of their trade. And a whole FORTY hours/yr CEU’s? How will they cope?

    They probably gave them these instead of cruisers because they were afraid that if they could carry whiskey and TV’s they’d never see them again.

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