US government seeking one million volunteers for massive study of DNA, health habits

What could possibly go wrong?

From NY Post: Wanted: a million people willing to share their DNA and 10 years of health habits, big and small, for science.

On Sunday, the US government will open nationwide enrollment for an ambitious experiment: If they can build a large enough database comparing the genetics, lifestyles and environments of people from all walks of life, researchers hope to learn why some escape illness and others don’t, and better customize ways to prevent and treat disease.

“A national adventure that is going to transform medical care” is how Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, describes his agency’s All of Us Research Program.

Congress has authorized $1.45 billion over 10 years for the project. It all hinges on whether enough people around the country will sign up, either online or through participating health centers.

There’s already interest: More than 25,000 people got early entry to the project over the past year through an invitation-only pilot test run by participating universities and health providers.

Why study so many? Most of today’s medical care is based on what happened to the average person in short studies of a few hundred or thousand patients with a specific health condition.

And most people who volunteer for those studies are white, leaving questions about the best care for people of different races.

“One-size-fits-all is far from an optimal strategy,” Collins said Tuesday in announcing enrollment for All of Us.

The project involves “precision medicine,” using traits that make us unique to forecast and treat disease. Learning enough to individualize care requires studying a massive number of participants: the healthy and not-so-healthy, young and old, rural and urban, blue-collar and white-collar — and people of all races and ethnicities.

For now, participants must be at least 18. Next year, the study will open to children, too.

While there are other big “biobanks” of genetic data from at least 100,000 people, the NIH project aims to be the largest and most diverse of its kind. At least half of the participants must be from groups traditionally under-represented in medical research, Collins stressed.

Genes aren’t the whole story: Sure, what genes you harbor can raise your risk for various diseases. But other factors can increase or reduce some genetic risks.

So first volunteers will share electronic health records and blood samples, and answer periodic questionnaires about their diet, sleep, environmental exposures and other lifestyle factors. Theymight wear fitness trackers and other sensors.

And later this year they’ll start undergoing genetic testing, initially to look for so-called “variants” in DNA that affect disease risk, similar to what some private companies now sell, Collins said. Fully mapping the genetic code is too pricey now for a million people, but that more comprehensive approach eventually will be used with some participants, too.

Among the first lessons Collins hopes to learn is about resilience: Why do some people stay healthy despite smoking or pollution or poor nutrition? “We have no idea how those people escape those odds,” he said.

Learn your results: Unlike with most medical studies, participants can choose to see their own test results and share them with their physician long before the study reaches any big-picture conclusions. A caution: There are still many questions about how best to use the results of genetic tests. Still, “we will try to help their doctors sort through what it means,” Collins said.

One result that might bring a quick benefit: Genetic variants can signal who is prone to side effects from more than 100 drugs, information that could be used to prescribe a safer drug if only their doctors knew, Collins added.

Protecting privacy: The privacy of DNA databases made headlines last week when investigators used a free genealogy website to track down a suspected California serial killer. That’s pretty different than the security under which medical DNA must be handled.

NIH said it has taken as many steps as possible to safeguard against would-be hackers. Volunteers’ medical data is stripped of identifying information and replaced with a code. Only scientists meeting specific security requirements will be cleared to study the data. NIH also said federal “certificates of confidentiality” prohibit disclosure to law enforcement.

Privacy wasn’t a worry for Michelle McNeely, 41, an early participant at Dallas’ Baylor Scot & White Health System. She underwent breast cancer treatment in 2016 and considers taking part in All of Us a way to give back.

“If they can use my genes and someone’s genes in California and someone’s genes in New York to find some common ground, to help discover some cure — they can use my genes all day long,” McNeely said.


34 responses to “US government seeking one million volunteers for massive study of DNA, health habits

  1. Lets see its for the government and its DNA and they want you to volunteer to give it. 1.) They will lie about anything to get anything to control the masses.
    2.) It’s all in the premise of research for the greater good yea RIGHT.
    3.) Since when did the government do anything that benefits Joe citizens so no it just another way to track and find people when they want to.
    Sorry pass the buck lets start with all of Congress and see were that gets ya.
    Some of that DNA would probable show up in some data base of them being rapist or have committed a crime that left there DNA on. So ask your self are they lining up to help out I don’t think so.
    Big Brother under a different face to track control and be all up in your business.

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    • That’s very true. I suspect it goes even farther than that. They will contend that certain things lead to disease, and therefore, insurance shouldn’t have to cover illnesses where the patient participated in those activities or was predestined to get the disease.

      None of this is “good” nor is it to “help” us with anything.

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      • lophatt . . . . the very first thought I had was . . . when the insurance companies get ahold of the evidence that those who have thus and such gene .. . . you can just bet that either the insurance companies will come up with some way of withholding coverage, or denying coverage all together.

        I for one would never give either the government, or insurance companies any advantage to screw me over.

        In the final months of my Dad’s life, and we issued a “do not resuscitate order,” for some reason–we were asked to give approval to utilize his genes supposedly for “scientific purposes.” Since I had authority over his medical care, my answer was “NO.” I just do not believe in allowing any agency to have any more information about oneself that is REQUIRED BY LAW.

        Anyone who is foolish enough to sign up to serve in this investigational group . . . is an imbecile, to say the least.

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        • Auntie Lulu, glad you said NO! I would have said very politely OUT OF HERE!

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          • Hell, there are plenty of illegals to enroll for the government’s ambitious experiment: the agency can use the illegals to build a large enough database comparing the genetics, lifestyles and environments from where they came from, that way we can avoid contamination and avoid being carriers of what fungus they bring to us.

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    • I would suspect lots of money was passed around to members of Congress to achieve this. Let’s see how many of them sign up.
      There is a hidden agenda here and people are sucking it up.

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      • Glenn47 . . . . . I am so glad I can always trust in you that your are the voice of reason. As you have stated, there is indeed a “hidden agenda here.” We may not know immediately what it is, but nevertheless, you don lay your own neck down on the guillotine, so to speak! I just do not believe anymore in going along with “government investigations, studies, etc.” Someway or another, your will come out the poorer for it.

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    • They could also frame anybody they want, if they have their target’s DNA on file, by putting the target’s DNA at the crime scene.

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  3. Isn’t 1.45 BILLION dollars a Jim dandy expenditure of our tax dollar. It’s not like they would allow a real fix to the problem if it meant ceasing the expenditure of money on meds to treat the condition. No, we would not want to cut into the profits of Big Pharma {Sarc}

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  4. DON’T DO IT! Don’t let anyone — government or a “private” genealogy company — get hold of your DNA because you never know what they’ll do with that information.

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    • They’ll clean the slate of every backlogged cold case crime they have with YOUR DNA! You’ll be famous.

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    • I’ve heard people say “if you’ve got nothing to hide (committed no crimes) then what’s the big deal?”

      These are the same people who probably invite an “Alexa” into their home.

      DNA science isn’t exact/perfect nor is the creepy Google technology. Both of these items can be used against you as well, even if you have done nothing wrong.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . Stupid me, several years back I did a DNA test because I wanted to know what countries, particular;y my Mother’s people came from. I am now going to contact them and figure out how I can legally cause them to refrain from disclosing my personal information to ANYONE.

      Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where the horse already got out of the barn, but the barn door is open. I would have thought as stingy as I am with personal info to government entities, etc. that I would have known better. Gee Whiz! The last time they did the census, I took exception to one question. of course now I don’t remember what the question was, although they sent 2nd requests–I never did answer them. Some of the questions I could not figure out how they would legitimately be used for the purposes of planning or running the US government.

      I am however rather happy that they now want to ask folks “are you a US citizen?” Of course there is a big brouhaha over that. If the illegals do not want to answer that, then the numbers of citizens for the House of Representatives and the Senate should be a proportioned ONLY ON THE TOTAL NUMBER OF US CITIZENS. Anything other than that seems rather preposterous.

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  5. They could have fed and housed a whole lot of homeless Veterans with the $1.45B.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . Amen to that! That would be a legitimate expense of our Federal government. But NO, they have to pander after every weird study, or science examination under the sun, in order to piddle our tax money down the drain.

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    Any stupid takers out there?


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  7. Every time you post your picture on Facebook or fill out one of those dozens of “fun”questionnaires or succumb to the curiosity of what you would look like with a new cosmetic make over… are being mined and stored.
    Pay attention people, they are coming after every aspect of your lives.

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  8. All anyone has of me are my inane posts here and at a few other blogs. And THEY can all kiss my fat ass! I do not twit, falsebook or anything else. I have absolutely nothing to hide but fook ’em. I am not knowingly sharing my DNA with anyone….. ESPECIALLY the U.S.fookin’ gubmint.
    BUT! I will offer this…… a cigar and a glass of bourbon a day, keeps the doctor away.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  9. Dear Lord. I go off for a little while and come back to see them chugging right along with Agenda 31.

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  10. Sniff, sniff.

    Yeah, I smell goobermint tyranny.

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  11. Well they certainly have been pushing hard for sucking up people’s DNA, remember when CFR secret society shill angelina jolie decided to mutilate herself for the “cause”, and pushed a narrative to scare people into giving up DNA “in order to prevent disease”? Now this, plus the whole gene-testing “for fun” for ancestry stuff… needless to say, for someone to not smell a rat here, they’d have to be without a nose.

    Remember that “serial killer” they said they busted with DNA recently in california? They say they caught him because he used an ancestry DNA test, but one wonders, was it really him, or was he just the most suitable to pin that on?

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    • Seuman . . . . Thank you for bringing up that case from California. Actually, I believe that the police had narrowed it down to six different sets of various families. They then proceeded to stake out his house, I would suppose because they figured he was about the correct age of the person they were seeking. They were able to get an actual sample of his DNA, I believe through something he had thrown out in the garbage.

      After 40+ years, I rather doubt that he ever thought he would be caught. I watched the film clips of him being arraigned. What a pitiful POS. Although he appeared in wheel chair, hardly being able to speak, which frankly I felt was a ruse. Often, when people age to the point that they need a wheelchair, you can look at their body and see that they are declining in muscle mass–associated with declining health, and age. When you looked at his forearms, and what you could see of his upper arm (he was in a prison jump suit) you saw a well muscled, well toned man–not a sick deteriorating old person. I will be interested to see if his council used the ploy that he is too sick and debilitated to serve any jail time, if convicted, due to his bad health. He should have gotten an Oscar for his performance in the court!

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  12. traildustfotm

    I would no longer trust any such project.

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    • TD . . . . I am 100% with you in that sentiment. Any number of years ago, I probably would not have felt that way, but there is such evil afoot in the world today, we must all protect ourselves, and our families, such as those who come after us from the machinations of those who are evil.

      You or I might innocently do a DNA test say for Genealogical purposes, then perhaps the results get sold off to another entity. In my mind, and I suppose this just shows me as a “Conspiracy Nut-job,” if you had in your DNA makeup some trait, or disease that the New World Order mandated they did not want in the general population of the world. I am sorry, but it is easy to see where they might go after children, grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, the same with nieces, nephews, etc. We may assume this is very harmless, and perhaps in our day it is, but we do not know what evil will be prevalent in someone else’s day and age.

      Traildust is correct, just do not jeopardize yourself, or any loved ones!

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  13. Uh Huh. Yeah Right.

    This harkens back to the fledgling days of the FBI, when J. Edgar Hoover invited schoolchildren from all across America to send in their fingerprints.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that the government will be able to learn from this “study” that they don’t already know—except WHO, specifically, has a genetic defect, e.g., Down’s Syndrome, Tay Sachs, Chron’s Disease, or any other member of a group they want to get rid of.
    The only thing that stopped the Third Reich from going this far was the dearth of technology at the time. No Problem: Thomas Watson of IBM provided the Reich with the world’s first ALGORITHMS to use in order to determine who would die in what gas chambers on any given day!!!

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Nazism is not dead. Germany may have lost the War, but Nazism escaped the bunker, under its original identity, BRITISH EUGENENICS.

    I have finally figured this much out: The world is run by amoral criminally insane psychopaths, a large number of them filthy rich, who follow this British Eugenic plan, and they follow this plan, with its proved false Mathusian Paradigm, because they want the entire planet and its resources for themselves. All the other survivors will be their slaves—until they grow old.

    And DON’T, Please, be fooled by “” I have read that not only do they provide false information about the customer’s genetic identity, but that information is being data-mined and sold to the highest bidder.

    So: The wildest fantasies of Crick & Watson, Aldous Huxley and the rest of the crowd have finally come true: We finally have the technology and the means to surveill every last person on earth, including all our phone calls and e-mails. And thanks to the Affordable Care Act, our medical records. Now they want our very DNA. And they’ll get it, too, thanks to the willing dupes who will send their fingernail clippings in! DON’T DO IT!
    This is yet another program that fits their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. Truth is, these GOONS are the ones who should be extinct!

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    • Steven . . . . Thank you for boiling this down for me . . . . “because they want the entire planet and its resources for themselves. All the other survivors will be their slaves–until they grow old.” This is absolutely, in a nut shell what the filthy rich have planned for us useless eaters. It behooves all reasonable people to do everything they can to frustrate their plans!

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  14. WOW, JUST WOW! was my first reaction when I saw this headline in your twitter feed! A study of ONE MILLION is unheard of!

    On the surface, of course, it sounds very benevolent “for the good of mankind.” IIRC, Trump even mentioned in some of his campaign speeches re newer/better drugs for diseases, etc.

    BUT, Um, NO THANK YOU. Add my voice to the chorus of the many great (& insightful) comments.

    My second reaction was, WHY NOW?

    1_Close Timing to the Goldman Sachs/Big Pharma-We’ll-Go-Broke-Without-Chronic-Diseases-to-Drug-for-Eternity story.
    –Cry a bucket of tears for Big Pharma! but don’t let your body be their depository for life-long drug experimentation.

    2_Close Timing to the New 5G Roll-out now ongoing. Might they be curious what type of bodies will tolerate the new-never-used-before 5G STRONGER yet-Shorter “BULLET-Blasts” of Microwave Frequencies?

    3_Those who pass inspection for #2 above may be the first chosen for TRANSHUMANISTIC Robot lives. If they want to control half-humans/half-robots via MWR (Microwave Radiation), they wouldn’t want you to croak-out after they went to all the trouble to set you up for “service.”

    4_Is this call for DNA a PRE-Massive-EUTHANASIA “study”?
    –“We’re sorry to have to inform you, but your DNA shows that you will not have any physical ‘QUALITY OF LIFE’ after age 45. Therefore, we ask that you voluntarily report to FEMA CAMP #45 on your 45th birthday. We thank you sincerely for not burdening your countrymen beyond that date.
    Big Brother NIH+DHS+ABC+XYZ.”
    –Ref.: Ron Panzer_Quality of Life idea > 1890-Germany, 2010 Interview 25mins.:

    5_Last Greatest Gun Grab Agenda? Imagine the drooling the Commies would be doing if they KNEW they only had to tolerate GUNS for one more short decade!
    –“We thank you for your longstanding participation in our 10-year DNA research study. We are saddened to have to inform you that your DNA shows you will be full-blown “mental” by age 30. Therefore, any guns you qualified for at age 21 under the Laws of 2018, must be turned in, along with yourself, to “RED FLAG” FEMA CAMP #30 on your 30th birthday.
    Big Brother NIH+DHS+ABC+XYZ.”

    6_”Pre-Domestic-Terrorist” DNA Screening?
    –“We will get to the point. Your participation in our 10-Year DNA Study, though much appreciated, has shown us that not only yourself, but all of your offspring, have genes that will cause you & them to think, act, & carry out Domestic Terrorist Activities (DTA). Therefore, we must insist that you report IMMEDIATELY to GITMO along with any/all children. Our agents will be at your residence shortly to help you pack. We have a comfortable flight awaiting to take you safely to your destination.
    Big Brother NIH+DHS+ABC+XYZ.”

    OK OK, so a bit exaggerated for sure. 🙂 But with the record of Communist History, Technocracy Rising, PC Thought+Action Control-Freakery, & Hate of the 1stA, 2ndA, Whites, Christians, Heteros, Families, Old People, etc., we can only imagine.

    “Better to Be Safe Than Sorry.”
    –Old familiar saying.

    “A Live Dog is Better than a Dead Lion.”
    –King Solomon.

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  15. NNNOOOOO! Run, don’t walk away.

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