Las Vegas Shooting: video of police breaching gunman’s hotel room

On the night of October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, a lone gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, went on a shooting spree from his 32nd floor suite in Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, killing 58 and wounding more than 500.

Police were outside Paddock’s room 12 minutes after the shooting started, but waited more than an hour to break into the room. They found Paddock’s body on the floor, dead from a self-inflicted gun shot to the head, as well as a cache of weapons.

Getting the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) to release records on the mass shooting has been akin to pulling teeth.

In January 2018, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media organizations had to sue for the release of autopsy records and search warrant records.

In February, a Clark County judge ruled that LVMPD had 30 days to hand over all the records of the shooting, which had been requested days after the shooting. But LVMPD contested it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take much longer to produce the body camera footage and 911 call audio. District Judge Stefany Miley accused LVMPD of intentionally stalling the release of records.

Six days ago, on April 28, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that LVMPD must begin releasing body camera footage and 911 call audio from the shooting.

Below is a body-cam video of LVMPD breaching the door of Paddock’s hotel room (source: 153News).


Some observations:

  • Why is the body cam facing the police officer? That makes no sense.
  • We are told Paddock fired hundreds of shots through his hotel room door into the hallway, but the video shows the sound of only one gunshot, presumably Paddock shooting himself.
  • No body of Paddock lying on the floor in the hotel room.
  • No cache of weapons in the hotel room.
  • The video is a big fat nothing burger, imparting no new information or evidence.

For an analysis of the video by a former Marine, go here.

H/t Vivian Lee and Jim Fetzer

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35 responses to “Las Vegas Shooting: video of police breaching gunman’s hotel room

  1. I don’t believe squat this bunch of cover-uppers tells us. We don’t actually know that Paddock did the shooting or that he shot himself. The answers to our questions likely involve the top floor occupants of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

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    • Well to me THAT is the whole point. The “default” isn’t “belief”. They can say or show anything. It doesn’t make it true. When taken as a whole, it doesn’t add up. What was the point?

      The video footage clearly shows shots from elsewhere. The “story” doesn’t add up. There was also a drill practice with the exact same scenario.

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      • lophatt . . They don’t care whether or not we believe them, and in today’s political climate, they know they don’t have to care. We’re considered the insects no one cares about, or the enemy that has to be eliminated. Either way, they just don’t care what we believe. Oh, and by the way, their dance card will be punched at some point too. Do they honestly believe they’re indispensable?

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  2. I watched this video last night and this is so not the actual one. My high school dramatics club could have done a better reenactment.
    Just feeding the public more BS. Who are they covering for? Cause it sure wasn’t this guy.
    No one has ever explained the actual fire coming from the helicopters and the guy dressed in a safety vest shooting at the crowd and people running from him.
    Sorry, this video didn’t prove a thing.

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    • Concur with your comments.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . Amen and amen!

      It absolutely fries me that “they” (whoever “they” may be) would come up with such a preposterous film “supposedly showing the event as it happened.” I think if they sent in a bunch of old ladies, such as myself, we would express greater urgency, and a greater drive to get thru the door and take care of business!

      As was pointed out in this film, the majority of these jokers did not have on tactical gear, such as the face mask. Why is it that these folks actually EXPECT that the rest of us would fall for such a bunch of malarkey as this? I for one am not fallin’ for this nonsense.

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      • Exactly Auntie, where was the door damage and I think the rug might look differently also. And the sense of seriousness and urgency was lacking.
        Just another farce,

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    • You’ve got that right. On this one they just “slathered it on”. “Oh, you don’t believe that? Well, …’s some more!”.

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    • They were (as R. Lee Ermey put) “unorganized grabasstic pieces of amphibian sh*t” there… if true (attribute to stupidity before malice, perhaps) it’s embarrassing.

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  3. Nothing adds up, that said, this guy is the same age as me, do you ever hear of a 64yr old male or female, doing anything of this sort? At 64, you’re pretty much set in your ways, you don’t convert to islam, you don’t become a radical anything…a 64yr old is winding down and looking at their golden years. Just like Sandy Hook, their secrecy alone is suspect.

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  4. Who has their body cam pointing at their face….what department does this?

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  5. As with many of these events, I am a thousand miles away and know no one who was present during the event. That said, how do I know the truth behind any “news” that I see or hear that I have not personally witnessed? As far as I am concerned, it is all baseless lies! I trust nothing that I have not seen…. The Good Lord not withstanding.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  6. I would hope that the gentleman who critiqued this film is protected, and that his identify is well guarded. When you have the ability to call BS on things like this, you just might end up like all the “other weird deaths associated with this debacle.

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  7. Doesn’t Sheldon Adelson own and run Las Vegas? I would think NOTHING happens in that town without his knowledge and approval. Here’s Adelson speaking to his own.


  8. Hellywood production…discount crisis actors included.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    The media will play it for real no matter how phony it is. That’s all they care about.

    Never would make a trailer for any movie;….. makes a joke of a swat. Nothing like the great heroes they make em out to be on t.v..


  10. Unfired bullets scattered around the body… We are supposed to believe this video is a trained team breaching the hotel room. Watch any video of REAL team training together and then watch this video again.

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  11. I can’t name names but when this happened I had a friend in the military sent me info that I had to delete. But if possible I will go back and see if I can bring it back. But what I was told it was all about two Saudi princes and one tried assassination of one of them. One of them owned the hotel and there was the helo on top when all of this was going on. On the same day look at the police reports of a shooting at the Tropicana restaurant and the fact they had shooters there because the Prince had gone there instead of going back to the hotel. There was a lot more to it if possible, I will try to bring it back but I was told to destroy it once I read it. I know facts will do what I can to get it back.

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  12. I have a link you might like to look at. It raises a few questions about the video. Like on the audio, you can hear one of the officers clearly state that there is no broken window. Also, supposedly Paddock had 2 e mail accounts that he used to talk back and forth to himself.?!?!? But if you read some of the e mails, it is clear that someone else is involved.

    I am learning a little about false flags. I actually looked some information up on them, and the U.S. has not only used them before, but has also considered them, and had someone come out with the evidence of it. JFK wanted to use a false flag operation to justify invading Cuba, to the point that he was willing to down a passenger airliner, or sink several large yachts with multiple big wigs aboard, among other things. George W. Bush was looking into ways to use some kind of a false flag operation to get us into Iraq in MARCH of 2001, well before Sept.11.

    Also, while we say that something is a false flag operation, that doesn’t have to mean that it didn’t happen. Only that what happened was done to be used as a means to allow the government cover to justify doing something that they wanted to do, but knew that the American public would never go for without some huge incident to shock our sensibilities. Think Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam, or any one of dozens of things that come to mind. Waco Texas, could have been resolved peacefully, but was done to make a point. The Bundy incident out west, the federal government thought they could make a point, but the people resisted. The feds backed down, but guess what? A year or two later, the FBI swooped in and started to arrest people from all different states, for their part in the whole thing. On the hush hush, of course, and in due time. But don’t think that they forget.

    Oh, and getting back to Sept.11, not only did Cheney and company get his big no bid Halliburton contracts, they also got the golden goose, called the Patriot Act, which is anything but.

    I know, I write things like this and just put myself out there further for them to see. But if anyone thinks that they are able to stay hidden, with some fancy software and back doors, and encryption and such, let me tell you, I went to high school with a gal whose two sons both work in D.C. and share an apt. in the Watergate hotel. One works in the Pentagon and one is an editor for an IT newsletter that is prominent. From what I am able to ascertain, anonymity is only a dream. If they want you, you can’t hide. Remember the cell phone that the FBI wanted Microsoft to open for them, that the Santa Barbra shooter had? When Microsoft said screw you, did the FBI panic and say, oh my lord what ever shall we do? No, miraculously a short time later, oops, wow, we figured it out ourselves. They were just trying to make a point with Microsoft and to hide from the American people the fact that they had the ability to do pretty much anything that they wanted. Microsoft can afford to hire the best and brightest coming out of MIT and such. Do you not think that Uncle Sam can do even better, with all of OUR money? I know, I tend to ramble, but there is sometimes so much that I have on my mind and if I don’t get it out, it evaporates, and it is gone.
    So, here is that link, and you can look at it if you choose.

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  13. The released video is a reenactment, not the actual video.

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