Classy: Kathy Griffin told Trump spokesman to “suck my d*ck” & yelled “f*ck you”

kathy griffin

From Daily Mail: Comedian Kathy Griffin verbally harassed a White House spokesman at Saturday night’s correspondents dinner in Washington, yelling at him to ‘suck my d**k.’

Griffin, who attended as the guest of Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff, accosted Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley as he tried to squeeze past the Blade’s table.

Griffin stopped him: ‘How do you sleep at night?”

Gidley replied in a southern twang: ‘Very well, thank you,’ but Griffin said she didn’t believe him.

‘Are we really going to do this?’ he asked?

Griffin, noted as much for her anti-Trump advocacy as for her near two dozen televised standup comedy shows, went for zero to 60 in a brief second. ‘Yes we are,’ she yelled. ‘Suck my dk! No, really! Suck my dk!’

Gidley confirmed the exchange to Asked if the 57-year-old Griffin had actually leveled the anatomically impossible epithet at him, he replied: ‘Twice.’

Naff wrote that Gidley gave as good as he got, however, detaching from the conversation by saying he planned to enjoy his Mexican beer – a Tecate – ‘before we build the wall and you can’t get these anymore.’

Griffin had the last words: ‘F**k you.’

Naff didn’t respond to a question about whether he regretted bringing Griffin to the dinner.

On Monday, Griffin unleashed an expletive-laden rant against President Trump, and withdrew a previous apology for arranging a photo shoot in which she held a bloody replica of Trump’s head.

‘Yeah, I take the apology back,’ she said on ‘The View.’

‘F**k him … and Don Jr. and Eric, or as I call them, “Eddie Munster and Date Rape”.’

Griffin said her First Amendment rights were trampled in the resulting negative publicity, likely a reference to CNN’s decision to throw her overboard from her annual gig co-hosting its New Year’s Eve program.

Read the rest of the story here.


67 responses to “Classy: Kathy Griffin told Trump spokesman to “suck my d*ck” & yelled “f*ck you”

  1. dont touch this…woman? …untill time has come,too all sick ppl:ur words & facts willl be your fall

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  2. ‘Anatomically impossible epithet’? — It is among the more disturbing symptoms of this dark age of ours that we cannot be certain of such a statement.

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  3. I wouldn’t be even a little bit surprised to find out Kathy is a trans -something. There is something wrong with her/him/it. You have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get this kind of hateful filth.

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  4. I love it, above and beyond all of the unthinkable things we hear everyday toward our President and our Country, just this Post alone say’s a lot…They are infuriated every single minute of they’re miserable lives, that makes me happy as heck. It’s not a healthy thing, I was never this type of person, but I honestly get a sense of overwhelming joy from seeing they’re misery on the Left. We should all, instead of getting fumed over things like this, just laugh and have a happy day, because she’s not having one, that’s so obvious, and she deserves it, that hateful scumbag bitch. (Sorry God, they made me this way).

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    • Yeah, some of them probably just think that’s what the “Kool kidz” are supposed to do. These are not the brightest or classiest people alive. Those that actually feel that way are obviously insane.

      I don’t agree with everything he does and sometimes he pisses me off. I don’t go around seething over it. I can’t even understand what they’re so mad about.

      They are getting much too much of what they want for my money. I’m tired of “their” agenda. What about what WE want? Why aren’t the Clintons, Obongo’s and their minions behind bars? Why won’t he fire Sessions, Meuller, Rosenstein and all the other Obongonoids?

      Is this a game? It could be. I don’t have to be a genius to know that this isn’t how we drain the swamp. Even with all that, I’m not spewing hatred. If they are part of the team that perpetuates this they should be arrested for sedition. If not, they should be confined for insanity.

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    • I have a 15yr old calico cat that does this. She so Hates that the other cats are allowed into “her” house that she went into a depression, you could see the seething hatred on her face. She got to the point where she began to get weepy eyes and her fur was getting rough, I put human liquid vitamins and 60 minerals into her ( and everybody’s essentially) water and added the mineral lithium such that it was about 6 mg per gallon, and she came out of it. She’s still bitchy but not as bad and no longer depressed. We need to get lithium into Kathy’s water.

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      • whisperingsage1 . . . . I think you may just be on to something. When you look at her when she goes into a “rage” it is beyond what a normal person would exhibit. I agree, she is missing something in her diet, or she needs meds. Or, perhaps she needs a long, quiet stay at a mental institution. Judging from her lack of being a balanced human being–something is wrong with her.

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  5. Let’s give this pig lots of free publicity.

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  6. Since she behaves that way in a public setting I don’t want to know about her demeanor in private.
    What an embarrassment, is she even sober?

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  7. There is Hollywood gossip chatter that Griffin is trying to “rehabilitate” herself and get a gig. Make sure you boycott her!

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    • Maybe she should walk around with her own head on a pike. Worst case of suicide I’ve ever seen.


    • Dr Eowyn . . . . She was elated by the fact that she sold out Carnegie Hall in less than 24 hours. I think you are absolutely correct, she is wishing to make that a roll. After watching her antics, both on “The View,” and at the Correspondent’s Dinner. . . I cannot even imagine anyone doing anything but boycotting her!

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  8. If any person did that to Obama, they would be in jail. There is no way to measure how dark and twisted the left has become. Looking forward to The Great White Throne Judgement, when they WILL be accountable before God.

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  9. More telling than filthy language her askew “d*ck” comment is a sign of possible demonic possession.

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  10. How unladylike but, that’s what you get from the left, and more so from a scorn comedian that CANNOT GET A JOB CAUSE SHE keeps digging herself deeper in her own shit. I keep saying “get a job as a maid” so you can serve others well.

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  11. Well, now that Griffin has confirmed that she is actually a he, one has to wonder what else is IT hiding?

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  12. Let the WHCD wallow in its squalor.

    No need for anyone from the administration to attend.

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  13. Just a few points of clarification. Yes, they are miserable, hate filled people. One should ask, are they part of the team manipulating this hatred? Or are they truly insane?

    It is not “normal” to have such feelings for someone who won an election, even if you didn’t vote for them. He hasn’t even done anything to engender such feelings.

    What they are basically saying is that no one has the right to hold opinions that differ from theirs. They must vote for at least one of their selected candidates, even if not their party’s.

    It is the effrontery of him actually blazing a different trail that they are enraged at. I have a hard time believing that anyone could be that obsessed. But I have seen examples. I suppose it is directly proportional to how much TV a person watches.

    They are droning this hatred non-stope, seven days a week. Why anyone would listen to it is a mystery. No matter whether someone likes his politics or not, the hatred is off the charts.

    In addition, they are pushing the most extreme agendas. It is clear that they are trying to create a divide from which the country can never recover. You are either in favor of queer, trans, multi-gendered child rapists and cannibals or not.

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    • lophatt . . . . Bravo! You deserve a gold star. Even for you, these comments really are over the top.

      I love your sentence . . . “You are either in favor of queer, trans, multi-gendered child rapists and cannibals or not.” Wow! That just cannot be beat!!!!

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  14. I would like to know who foots the bill for these WHCDs each year. Taxpayers?

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  15. Here’s their selection for entertainer for the evening. Note her “prior engagements”:

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  16. Kevin J Lankford

    May be she, or what ever, has a drawer full of em at home, like may be that head is just one that fell out of her closet.

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  18. No. Redeeming. Quality.
    Not funny. Not attractive. Immoral. Socially uncouth.
    Hard to understand why she wouldn’t have long-ago been banished from even the most whorish enclaves of Hollywood.

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    • Had to laugh at part of your post, cogit…By her own admission/bragging rights, Kathy Griffin has paid to have hundred’s of thousands’ of dollars of plastic surgery and body-sculpting to look “this good.” Looks like that old saying is only half true—–“You can (can’t in this case) fix ugly, but you can’t fix stupid.”

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  19. She has a mansion in Bel Air…we feel sorry for her??

    Years ago, she was funny.
    If you bought a ticket to watch her, you financed this for her:!10/kathygriffin_ba10

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  20. AND, what is it that peepul (including this manly scrunt) do not understand about their first amendment rights?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


  21. Comrade Obama

    If Mooochelle had said it I’d believe it. With this clown it probably a strap on.

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  22. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    All I can say is that she is consistent. I am sure it will play well to her future endeavors. Good luck Kathy! You will need it.

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  23. Most people who revert to using cursing for language usual have a low vocabulary of words and go for emotional rants of cussing to vet there frustrations of not being able to have a come back and the lack of intelligence to even think of a come back. Sorry this woman is vile and she is digging her own demise in the hollywerid circles. Good Riddance if she can’t get a job.

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