U. of Utah has a ‘cry closet’ for students

Any wonder why this young generation are called snowflakes?

cry closet

University of Utah’s Cry Closet

Ashley May reports for USA Today, April 26, 2018, that University of Utah students on the brink of tears during finals week have a space to let it all out — a “Cry Closet” in the university’s library for “stressed out students” studying for final exams to take a short 10-minute break.

The only rules are to knock before entering, only one person inside at a time, limit time inside to 10 minutes, and turn the lights out before leaving.

Nemo Miller

The Cry Closet, which was installed on Sunday, April 22, is a woodshop project by senior Nemo Miller in collaboration with Tony Miller and David Meyer. It’s lined with a black interior, and plush stuffed animals are inside.

Nemo said in a statement: “One aspect of humanity that I am currently exploring is connections and missed connections through communication. It’s been interesting to watch the response to this piece about human emotions, and I’m proud to see the power of art in action.”

After photos of the project went viral, some said the campus should have more Cry Closets and one person questioned if the closet is soundproof. Student @aJackieLarson tweeted:

“so my school installed a cry closet in the library LMFAOOOOOOOOO what is higher education”

The university said the closet’s installation, which was approved by the school, is an attempt at humor but also a “work of art meant to provoke feeling, thought & conversation, which the artist has apparently done.”

The closet will remain in the library until May 2, the end of final exams.

God help these students when they graduate and must work in the real world.


Nemo Miller’s self-description on Twitter says its preferred pronouns are “She/hers”, which suggests Miller likely is an imagined MtF “transgender”:

Ceramic Artist – Cry Closet Creator – U OF U Spring 2018 – Instagram: Nemosanartist – She/hers


53 responses to “U. of Utah has a ‘cry closet’ for students

  1. Hadenoughalready

    I hope they have a changing room, too. They’re gonna shit themselves when they fail the tests requiring common sense.

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  2. I hate to inform everyone, but the real world workplace is adjusting to these weaklings. The older generations actually work hard all day, but the younger ones are getting pinball machines and special play fields so they can take their mind off work for a bit and then go back to it. It’s absolutely insane.

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  3. Mike S Goodmann

    resembles an outhouse or port-a-potty!

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  4. Dennis Godaire

    Are you kidding me? These kids need to grow-up. I hired one of these snowflake clowns, last year. At the beginning of day 3, I realized that she thought that my business was autonomous. A 3 ring circus of daily entertainment. She didn’t know that I had customers to please, a product to make, quality assurance concerns and a timeline concerning raw goods.delivered in-house to shipping of the final product. I’m sure that she didn’t even realize that I had a maintenance person that replaces toilet paper rolls when they are empty. On day 3, just before lunch, she handed me a piece of paper containing suggestions on how I could improve my business. Needless to say, she was fired before 12 noon.

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    • Yes, you are quite right… accommodating the snowflakes is “in.”

      “Workplace Compassion: A Trend Driven by the Changing Workforce,” by Rob Seay, TLNT, 30 Apr 2018

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    • Ah, youth. They know it all…

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    • Suggestions on how to improve your business? Omg, the HUBRIS of these kids. I’ve got a nephew who’s the same way. It’s hard to be polite sometimes. (I can’t fire him!)

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    • Sounds like you made a MAJOR improvement.

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    • Your story reminds me of an experience I had about a year ago. I ordered two cases of a certain product at a local hardware store. After going to pick them up I was only given one case. I told the twenty something girl behind the register that I ordered two cases. After much back and forth and hunting around, I was told that someone had put my order on the shelves. I responded with something like, “what retard didn’t read the order before they decided to out it on the shelf?” I was immediately chastised by this young snowflake for my use of the world retard- and it wasn’t just once…she went on and on. I said I was not directing anything towards her, and she said it didn’t matter, it was my insensitivity and horribleness for using the word ” retard”. She kept muttering underneath her breath, ” I can’t believe it!” You would have thought I committed a crime. I was so shocked at being lectured by a no nothing little brainwashed little moron that I was speechless. Only on the way home did I gather my thoughts enough to think what I should have said to her ,and that I should have spoken to the store manager to let him know I don’t appreciate being verbally and morally corrected by a snot nose snowflake clerk.

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      • I don’t have any patience for crap like that. I not only don’t care what the “state-sanctioned”, required responses are, I’m not going to be lectured by some braindead loser that would feel more comfortable in communist China than here.

        I do the same thing at Christmas. I make a habit of saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. I find it incredible that there are those willing to indoctrinate the impressionable, I find it even more alarming that their victims are so gullible.

        Communism is all about CONTROL. There is no element in life too small to miss their attentions. The older I get the worse I am. I won’t hesitate to find the alleged “responsible party” in a store and demand an apology. Obviously, someone should educate their employees. If they won’t do it, I will.

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  5. Onan Seedspiller

    I use the closet a lot but I am not crying when I go in there. I wonder if everyone else wonders why their shoes, hands, and clothese are a bit sticky after I’ve been in there.

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    • Are you 13 years old, with zits, and live in your mom’s basement?

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      • I read that comment and had to read it again, since I thought I must have misunderstood it. Then when I found that I understood what was written, I was only disgusted, that the author would brag about that. When I was a teenager, it used to be tossed around as an insult among young men. I hope for this person’s mother’s sake, that they don’t live in her basement. It would be just too disrespectful.

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      • Well, he’s actually 27 and does all that when he’s not smoking pot, but otherwise…

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  6. And, they are unisex!

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  7. None other than a queer would think of setting up a decorated latrine looking booth to cry over their incompetence, whether emotional or psychological stress of simply preparing for the finals. “Come in, we all fit in” is the cry from inside, “we queers must stick together and cry, here hold the teddy bear” how sickening, they should stick to the books instead of advocating gay rights, homeless rights and all the rights that are none but socialist ideas taught in schools.

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  8. what will these critters do when the usa is attacked or we hit a depression or any of a thousand other things that can and do go wrong in life………….I guess they sit in cry closet till the problem goes away? They are gonna die like flies when it gets bad

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      • Thank you for this, anon. My father-in-law, at age 19, was stationed in England during end WWII as a mechanic crew chief on maintaining our US Army Air Corp planes. (His father had been one of the best/ first automobile mechanics where they lived…..DNA rules sometimes). He sent our planes and men out on D-Day in excellent working order. (I have a picture of him taken on what turned out to be D-Day, in England, hanging in our entry foyer). He didn’t have a cry closet or a therapist, or an AVID counselor/or training…..(AVID in schools…another whole debacle to discuss…). He didn’t even have a high-school degree yet, b/c he was drafted at age 18 (Nov 1 b-day) before he could graduate. He served. He did his job to the highest of his ability. He made sure the people who flew in his planes had the best chance to return alive with their equipment. He thought it was his duty and his job. He did his job. He, at age 19, provided a basic building-block for our supremecy in WWII Europe, and most assuredly, the odds of safe return of the men on his planes.

        In contrast, I can hardly trust a 19-year-old today to make correct change at ANY store, nor give me valid information about much of ANYTHING from dental techs to wedding planners. And life seems to be sooooooo threatening/hard/to them. As a middle school teacher, I wrangle a full schedule of “snow-flakes-in-training.” BELIEVE ME ….it’s going to get WORSE, if you can even imagine it. Here’s a for instance—-I had a rabid mother break school security to get to my room and verbally assault me…in front of my first period students….tell me that she had called the cops on me…etc etc….b/c I was a BAD TEACHER…and what was her main complaint? GEEEZ…I’m “only” an art teacher. What could be so bad that I needed to be arrested/incarcerated???? WELL, it turns out that I had not given her daughter an assigned seat on my seating chart that was “acceptable” to the daughter or mother. NEVER MIND that the daughter was habitually late to first period….had missed the first 2 weeks of school b/c she could not legally attend without an up-to-date immunization record….so, in her absence, I gave her the last seat left, b/c she wasn’t in attendance when I assigned seats for my seating chart.

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        • I don’t know how you do it. It’s an impossible position. The administration is from Uranus and the parents are morons. On top of this the “Little Darlings” have been ruined (on purpose) by The Chosen.

          I know people say a lot of things but, when I was a kid, teachers were respected. Even when the parents disagreed, they didn’t do what you described. Certainly, any decent parent would protect the teacher’s dignity by not being disrespectful in front of students.

          I wouldn’t last a day. I’d be lucky to stay out of jail. I taught some community college classes in the ’70’s and that was bad enough. I like to teach, I just can’t abide stupid administration or bizarro parents.

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          • Hadenoughalready

            I was a young kid when they took corporal punishment out of our schools and, even then, I knew we were in trouble. Shortly after that, parents were told they’d be prosecuted for child abuse if they disciplined their kids. The knot was tied and, lo and behold, THIS is what we ended up with.

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            • Last time I heard “Hey, do you do this at home?” the kid’s answer was “Yeah!”


              • Hadenoughalready

                Kids only know what they’re taught so, do I blame their parents? Absolutely! I also blame the schools and the DOE for corrupting our youth going back 3 generations.
                We have a complete mess to contend with and I have no answers on how to “fix it” other than a nation-wide ass-whoopin’… None of this will end well.
                But that’s me.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      So be it. It’ll save on ammo…

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    • I’d duct tap the door shut and haul it out to the landfill.

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  9. I have heard of the term coming out of the closet, but this going into the closet is a new one on me.
    I spent 35 years in a factory job, and you could tell by talking to a new hire for 5 minutes if they were going to be worth anything or not. But the funny thing is, the Human Resources people could never figure it out for themselves. And we told them, time and time again, what to look for and the questions to ask, but they refused to listen, because that would make it look like they were not smarter than common foundry workers. And of course, they couldn’t have that, even though it would mean that they also were doing their job better.
    I know that some of the smartest, but not highly educated people, worked with their hands. There is absolutely no correlation between intelligence and a 4 year degree from college or a university. For a master’s degree, I have to say, that some of them do require more than just putting in time, they actually require effort and thought. Not all of them, mind you, but many of them. And while I won’t put down the value of education, I am a strong supporter of Mike Rowe, and his outlook on life and work. Everyone is not cut from the same cloth, and not made to attend college. Some people are destined for working with their hands for a living, and we must not allow society to look down on those who do. The country needs plumbers, electricians, H-VAC techs, construction workers, etc. And those who go into those fields and work hard and apply themselves can often make just as much money, if not more, than their fellow high school graduates who choose to go to college. Especially now when colleges have to spend the first year teaching what used to be taught in the high schools.

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  10. Smiley Cyrus, get out, your ten minutes are up! Other people need to use the water closet, er, um, the closet.

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  11. Stephen T. McCarthy

    It’s humorous to me how Nemo, the Fig Newton Fruit Bar, is wearing a buffalo plaid shirt? IMO, that article of clothing is just way too masculine for a confused lesbian-fag. …Or fag-lesbian. …Not exactly sure how I should word that, and of course the LAST thing I’d want to do is offend… “it”.

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  12. I don’t have to repeat that this isn’t happening by accident. This is a push to weaken the livestock before the culling. I see these “its” everywhere now. They creep me out. I don’t know which I dislike more, the male ones with no balls or the female ones with no hair.

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  13. Rumplestiltskin

    Nemo Miller I am suspecting is a tranny girl and like most can’t deal with reality and that is why they are a tranny. DUH. Oh yes, this can only be expected from a majority Mormon community, who also don’t look at reality like most of us do. Mormons produce a majority of Beta Males and women who would rather pretend they are loggers in an arid land.

    I don’t believe they considered this a joke, but a real need for a sick generation trying to face a reality their parents have not prepared them for.


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  15. They need to be dropped off in the middle of the Cascade Mountains for a few days. A good old fashioned life and death struggle is probably their only hope for coming to reality. Even then, they would probably just curl up into a fetal position.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      I recall some Native tribes sending their “come-of-age” boys into the wild, with only a knife, to find their “spirit guide”; sort of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
      I think your idea is great. And if they don’t come back…oh well…


  16. The post my husband placed says, “Your comment is awaiting moderation. Makes me wonder how many of the previous comments have been “moderated” and who is doing the moderating… Freedom of speech is still a right and my husband’s comment doesn’t need moderation.


    • Your husband’s comment must be “moderated”, i.e., approved, because he has never commented before. All first-time comments must be “moderated” to prevent people from spamming and trolling. That just goes to show how ignorant and quick-to-be-offended you are.

      And FYI, this is a privately-owned non-commercial blog on which no one has the “right” to have their comments published. The First Amendment’s promise of freedom of speech is to protect citizens from having their rights abridged or suppressed by the government.

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  17. Took the words right out of my mouth….. AND I am glad that Tom’s wife jumped in to express their dismay.
    By the way, I have a crying closet of sorts….. I call it bourbon and there is no crying.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  18. It would take every ounce of self control I have not to go into that closet and take a squirt. 😉

    LOL – If I went back to college today, I would be thrown out on my arse in a matter of a few days – if I lasted even that long.

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