Goldman Sachs: No ‘sustainable’ profit in curing diseases

When I began blogging some 10 years ago, I was a conspiracy theory innocent and, like many Americans, looked askance at conspiracy theories.

By the way, did you know that the CIA concocted the “conspiracy theorist” label for the express purpose of attacking and discrediting people who questioned the official narrative about the Kennedy assassination? (Source)

After ten years of daily blogging, which requires me to be attuned to both mainstream and alternative media, I have discovered that, alarmingly, most conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

One conspiracy theory has to do with Big Pharma. From the mouth of Goldman Sachs, the multinational investment bank and financial services company, now comes confirmation of the suspicion that the pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest not in curing diseases, but in keeping people sick.

Tae Kim reports for CNBC that an April 10, 2018 Goldman Sachs report for biotech companies, The Genome Revolution, asks if curing diseases is “a sustainable business model” for pharmaceutical companies because, unlike long-term management of diseases (“chronic therapies”), “one shot cures” don’t deliver “recurring revenue” or “sustained cash flow”.

In a note to clients, Salveen Jaswal Richte, 40, vice president of Goldman Sachs’ research division, wrote:

“The potential to deliver ‘one shot cures’ is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies. While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow.

For a “biotech expert,” it is interesting that Ms. Richte has only a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management) from Johns Hopkins University. She and her husband, Mark Jason Richter, owns an apartment in New York City which they’d purchased last year for $4.58 million.

I can’t help but wonder what Salveen Richte would do if her daughter comes down with a disease for which Big Pharma refuses to develop a “one shot cure” because it’s more profitable to keep her on a lifetime regimen of drugs?

As an example of unprofitable “one shot cures,” Richter cited Gilead Sciences’ treatments for hepatitis C, which achieved cure rates of more than 90%. The company’s U.S. sales for these hepatitis C treatments peaked at $12.5 billion in 2015, but have been falling ever since. Goldman estimates the U.S. sales for these treatments will be less than $4 billion this year, according to a table in the report.

Richte also points out the unprofitability of curing infectious diseases such as hepatitis C because it decreases the number of “carriers” — those infected with Hep C — who can transmit the virus to infect others:

“GILD is a case in point, where the success of its hepatitis C franchise has gradually exhausted the available pool of treatable patients. In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients, thus the incident pool also declines … Where an incident pool remains stable (eg, in cancer) the potential for a cure poses less risk to the sustainability of a franchise.”

The report suggests three potential solutions to deliver the big bucks for biotech firms:

“Solution 1: Address large markets: Hemophilia is a $9-10bn WW market (hemophilia A, B), growing at ~6-7% annually.”

“Solution 2: Address disorders with high incidence: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) affects the cells (neurons) in the spinal cord, impacting the ability to walk, eat, or breathe.”

“Solution 3: Constant innovation and portfolio expansion: There are hundreds of inherited retinal diseases (genetics forms of blindness) … Pace of innovation will also play a role as future programs can offset the declining revenue trajectory of prior assets.”

@PaxNostrum tweets:

I was involved in pharmaceutical litigation against big drug companies. This, or something similar, has been said thousands of times under oath by Pharma reps and their counsel. Money is made on treatment, not cures. They would bury cures & promote treatment in a NY second.

@Fruityboots tweets:

everybody with an infectious disease let’s cough on some napkins and mail em to Goldman Sachs

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69

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65 responses to “Goldman Sachs: No ‘sustainable’ profit in curing diseases

  1. Greed is a vile, despicable human trait.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Nothing any half-way intelligent individual who has spent time standing in seemingly endless lines to have their multiple prescriptions refilled time and time again has not already realized.

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  3. This is the face of big pharma, watch his face people, this is a demon…

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  4. Richard Oliver

    Why do you expect from filthy greedy jews…..

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    • Salveen Jaswal Richter is not Jewish. She’s (Asian) Indian.

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      • Not a Jew, but an example of the servitor class of Asians” written about by Darrell Hamamoto in his book “Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America” who have been brought in to ” manage” us by the Jewish bankers. So not too far off the mark. Just listening to the first 10 minutes of the following interview with Hamamoto should help one to understand that these highly educated Asians have been brought in with a purpose to the power structure. Senator Pan is another that comes to mind as one who has sold his soul to the NWO. He has no love for this country, our people, or our freedom, but his only goal is his own gain by implementing totalitarian legislation for his masters.

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        • Thanks for that education re the Asians & JWO!! That fills in a piece of the puzzle for sure. A keeper!


        • Very well done. That is SO true! After all, there aren’t enough of them to work their dark plan without help. Unfortunately, there are always soulless opportunists waiting in the wings to jump right in.

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          • Thanks. Yes it makes sense that in the modern world, only Europeans have historically had any history of rights of the commoner as set forth in the Magna Carta or any sort of representational government. It is no surprise the ” elites” have chosen Asians who all come from countries that are sh–holes so to speak, where wealth, and position are everything and the concept of individual liberty and freedom is barely a concept. They get a good education and see this as the ticket to the top of the heap, and their masters in return get an executive class that are intelligent enough to run things but, lack the love of individuality and freedom so as to be no threat to bucking the system and make trouble.

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            • Yes, exactly. The “hive mind” is powerful in those places. They have no history of it being otherwise. That is one of the hidden dangers in celebrity worship. Putting people “above you” in social or political standing helps create and maintain the hive mentality.

              Americans have traditionally had even more individuality than Europeans. I noticed that a lot in Britain in the sixties and seventies. People were happy, but they stayed in their “class”. Americans know what “class” is, but resent it. It is considered bad form to “put on aires”.

              I used to watch the Filipinos I used to work around. Two could be best friends but if one was promoted, he became “superior” instantly. His “friend” would kowtow to him.


              • “The ‘hive mind’ is powerful in those places.”

                Just as true a description about the Left, many of whom are “white”.


                • I’m sure most have heard the Japanese proverb, ” The nail that stands up gets hammered down”?

                  So in looking to make sure I got the wording on that correct I looked it up and came across an entry on Quora by an Asian person explaining it. Here is what he says, and I think it validates the point both Lophatt and I were trying to make, which is that culturally. there is just an opposite mindset as here in the West.

                  “My answer to that is different world views. In the loosely defined “western world”, the focus is on individuality and individual liberty where it is seen as a good thing to be an individual or “the nail that sticks out”
                  In Japan and many other “Eastern world”, the source of self identity comes from the collective and the group. You are because you are part of something greater.
                  The nail is a metaphor for such thing. A structure is sound precisely because all the nails do what it is supposed to do – support the structure. When the nail sticks out, it risks not only itself but the integrity of the entire structure. One can argue with this process, change can never happen but that is not the case as the structure itself can still be transformed albeit slowly.
                  Doesn’t mean individualism is bad or shouldn’t be valued. Again, different world views.”

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            • Christianity is KEY. Without it there is no “Western” civilization.

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  5. That kid looks like a sarcastic demon and is definitely a piece of human garbage, I cant type what I really think of him.. I would get in trouble.One can only pray for divine justice at the end of time.

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  6. Telling people you don’t adhere to (aka worship at the alter of), western med, is as dangerous today, as talking about Christ, and or God. People WILL FLIP out, and I feel it’s because of the same reason those who say they know God, yet cannot tolerate hearing a different view on that road to God, it’s bc their own foundation isn’t solid. Why? Bc they’re merely following and doing as they are told, which is never a good thing.

    Anyway, the husband was diagnosed in ’13 w ALS. First and last time he dealt w western med. If he used western med, guaranteed, he would already have passed. Instead, his symptoms haven’t progressed as he’s gone w only cbd, mindfulness. No pity party for him. He just gets on w it.

    None of us are getting out of here alive. It’s really a matter of making a peace w that, and living as well as can be while here! That includes, watching what goes into your ship (gmo, synthetic = black oil based = illogical), and learning how to express yourself, feelings, etc.

    Just my opinion.

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  7. Stephen T. McCarthy

    There is no one in the Tinfoil Hat Community (I mean that in the good way) whom I trust and respect more than G. Edward Griffin. And his book on this topic, ‘WORLD WITHOUT CANCER’, is truly a “MUST-read”. [This comment is being written by a guy who has already taken his B-17 for the day.]

    Fact: For a great many years, many folks working in areas of medical science and research have been aware of a natural cancer prevention / treatment dietary supplement. The problem is that it’s too inexpensive and can’t be patented by Big Pharma. (And not surprisingly, the Rockefeller family has had a hand in the cover-up of this great, God-given cancer cure / prevention.) Griffin’s book covers it all in tremendous detail and with his unique ability to take loads of complex and sometimes scientifically-dry information and format it in an easy-reading, fascinating way.

    I could say the same thing for Griffin’s book, ‘THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’. That is the FIRST book I would give to an intellectually honest person who is open-minded enough to be “Red-Pilled”. That’s #1 on my “American Patriot’s Bookshelf”.

    At one time, many years ago, I wrote and published at Amazon.scum what became the most popular review for G. Edward Griffin’s ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. The truth is, I was beginning to reach and Red-Pill too many people at the Amazon site so they had to make up some excuse to ban me. Which they did. Today, you won’t find a trace of my writings at Amazon. They shoved me right down the “memory hole”. And THAT’S one reason I know I was effective and they felt threatened by my writings.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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    • Stephen, you are right about the B17, it works. I remember it because there was a song in the 70s by Olivia Newton John about it.😁 🎶🎶Please Mr., Please, don’t play B17, it was our song, it was his song…🎶🎶😁

      But on a serious note, my older brother had to have part of one kidney removed because of cancer. He has been eating apricot seeds for the B17, and all of his blood tests have been good. It works! Also, I love G. Edward Griffin too, excellent info and I love his books.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Ha! MARY, I recall that song! A blast from the past. (A past I wouldn’t at all mind going back to. Simpler and more sane times.)

        Great news about your Brother!
        I’ve been eating the apricot seeds for awhile, too. I didn’t even realize until just recently that the same company I order the seeds from (‘Apricot Power’) also makes 100 mg capsules of B-17.

        I haven’t done a cost analysis yet of the seeds vs. the capsules, but eyeballing them, they look fairly comparable. And it’s so convenient to swallow the equivalent of 5 seeds worth of B-17 in a single capsule that I’m thinking I will begin using BOTH — one in the morning and the other form in the evening.

        I don’t think I would ever go exclusively to the capsule form as I still believe in getting things in their raw state and letting this magnificent body that God designed for me do what He designed it to do.

        Uhm… “this magnificent body” in terms of complexity and function ONLY. It ain’t much to look at. :o)

        Julie Newmar as Catwoman… now THAT was a “magnificent body”!! (I should probably shut up now. Ha!)

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’


  8. “Solution 3”, about retinal disease sure hits home. I’ve had uveitis since 1994, and it has taken much of my vision in these 24 years. I have been using steroidal eye drops and having steroids injected into my eyes all this time, but there’s no cure. I even had a relatively new treatment back in December and January, where a tiny capsule of steroids was injected in my eyes for a constant emission of the medication, but it really hasn’t helped my vision.

    The strange thing I’ve really noticed since 1994, is that nobody around here had ever heard of uveitis then, including all but a couple of doctors here in the Dallas area. There was very little about it on the internet then. I would be sent to retina specialists, but they had no idea what it was. I’ve been going to the same specialist since 1995. Today, I see it all over the place. Retinal specialists all know about it and there’s tons of information about it online. But there’s still no cure. What happened that caused this eye disease to spread? It’s not contagious, so what gives?

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  9. The last time I went to the pharmacy for prescriptions the pharmacist was troubled that I was not keeping up with my dosages. I was not taking all the drugs as much as prescribed. I guess I was suppose to buy drugs instead of food. That was six years ago.
    I quit all those drugs. I quit “professional” healthcare. These vampire corporations can not get a patent on herbs. I venture to say no reader here has had a doctor tell them to eat garlic when they have an infection. Garlic is a powerful antibiotic. I told a doctor I ate a lot of garlic. He said studies show garlic does not lower cholesterol. Cholesterol my eye. He would write a script for antibiotics quick as you can click a pen. Garlic is proven to be a powerful antibiotic.
    Cholesterol is a problem because chlorine in our water adheres to our artery walls; because the chlorine molecules scar our artery walls. I have been been drinking purified water or distilled water over ten years now. I will leave it to the reader to investigate the side effects of flouride (a poison labeled as such on toothpaste tubes).
    You do not have to be a guinea pig. Please see this book: Herbal Antibiotics Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria by Stephan Harrod Buhner. You can download the US Army Ranger manual for free. It has much good information concerning how to treat wounds. Emergency rooms are great when you suffer injuries but there is nothing like being informed.
    A teaspoon of Cinnamon a day is 30% effective against cholesterol. This is comparable to statin drugs which degrade your muscle strength. I bet your doctor never told you. Information is power. Arm yourself.
    Again pharmaceutical companies can not patent herbs. There is no money in it for them to inform you. You must inform youself. In Genisis it says God gave us all the seed bearing plants. We must take advantage of what He gave us. It is good to know.
    Hosea 4:6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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    • Right on, Philip! “Sock it to ’em.”

      I was “fired” (as a patient) by a doctor over 20 years ago for not taking the dosages of an Rx he expected. Good riddance. I’m w/you > Avoid the allopaths as much as possible. Druggery is their game, 99% not even needed.

      Rockefeller Standard Oil birthed the Chemical industry.

      The Chemical industry birthed Big Pharma.

      The English Bible translated the Greek Pharmakea (Pharmacy) as Sorcery in Revelation.

      That’s all I needed to know.

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    • Philip . . . . Wonderful comments. I have been drinking “distilled water” for probably 4-5 years now. I started because of something I read regarding those who take thyroid medication, which I do, having a problem drinking water from public sources, which might contain fluoride, or the agents they kill off various bacteria etc. in the water. According to this article, when drinking waters from public sources, there may well be interference with the absorption of the thyroid. It would certainly be a waste to take the thyroid, and then have it be of no benefit to oneself.


    • They can’t patent herbs but they can make them difficult to obtain unfortunately. I am sure they have a 3 pronged plan for that as well.

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  10. I hope he enjoys all his billions of dollars here on earth because without a doubt he’s going straight to hell. I leave it to the Lord to deal with him. There’s no drug to diminish the pain of the justice he’s going to feel.

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  11. Due to its ubiquitous nature, greed is a convenient motivational pitfall that can be used to hide the true motivation behind a major crime (conspiracy)–in this case, the damage caused by the pharmaceutical industry. That a report by Goldman Sachs seems to point to greed as the motivation not only re-enforces the disinformation that money is the root of this evil, it may also serve to discourage investment in newer medical technologies in favor of the continued investment in therapies that do far more damage than good.

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your informatio.


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  13. Excellent expose’ re Goldman Sachs & their Big Pharma report! Nothing like the Devil exposing his intentions in broad daylight. Let the reader be aware!

    And a big boohoo for their failing “franchises”!

    Richter forgot to add to her report..

    Solution 4: To maintain an abundance of the “infected” in order to continue our vast income generation, we shall “…Exhaust Humanity by way of … Inoculation of Diseases…” (Hat Tip to our overlords in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Chapter 10, Paragraph 19.)

    __& LOL @ the fruityboots tweet. 🙂

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  14. I have always assumed this. Why would they want “cures” when they could have chronic treatment? Making a commodity of medicine is a problem. I know that many here scream about “socialized medicine”, but I don’t think any “necessity” should be unregulated and subject to the whims of the greedy.

    In fact, that is WHY we have government. One of their jobs is to break up monopolies and price fixing. It is repulsive enough when they do this with “nice to have” items that we can live without. It is intolerable when they do this with life or death matters.

    It is inexcusable.

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    • lophatt . . . . God Bless you for pointing out the obvious. I have wondered for some time why our government seems to asleep on the job, so to speak, when it comes to “braking up monopolies and price fixing.”

      When you look at so many of the huge companies . . . case in point would be Amazon. Not only are they shutting out little businesses, but now they have their own delivery system–and to be sure, those who deliver for Amazon do not make the same money that those who work for the Post Office, Federal Express, UPS, or any of the other large delivery systems. Yet, Amazon gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. In so many areas–they pay no taxes. I feel they are a growing blight on the landscape.

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  15. Richter is a traitor to humanity, and I’ll bet she doesn’t even know it.
    Two things are going on here. First, it’s British eugenics gone wild: With gene editing and other DNA-changing “therapies,” we will NOT get well. We will not get better “stock.” We will get DEAD PEOPLE. These so-called “therapies” are to our chromosomes as GMO food is real food: THIS IS DNA POLLUTION!
    Second, Richter has figured out an angle to make money off of the suffering of others. True, the medical racket has been doing this for decades, but the last thing we need is for Goldman-Sachs to work any angles on anything. Here is what is going on: We already have debt-based currency (and its designed usury) to put up with; But here Goldman-Sachs is figuring out—has already figured out—a way to leverage that to their advantage. In the case of donated organs, this would be a felony. It should be a felony here, too.

    We need a Culture of Renaissance, a rebirth of freedom and culture. The Anti-Christ system we are stuck in is a closed system: Closed in the sense that life is reduced to the level of a mere commodity. But man is a NOETIC “animal” (for lack of a better word for our scope here), and this system throws the individual back upon the mercy of the profit engine—someone else’s profits. It’s a zero-sum game: One party has to lose so the other can win, and not the other way around.
    Any corporation should only be allowed to get only so big. Because with corporations such as Goldman, what we have is, essentially, communism under a different appearance: The individual is at the mercy of a collective, and that collective is run by—surprise!—a small coterie of privileged billionaires. It promotes a caste system of the privileged few ruling over the unfortunate many. Renaissance and real liberty wither under such a system; It is the same system that both Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama supported and went to bat for and made millions from. It is INHERENTLY CORRUPT. It is NOT the operation of a free and fair market. It is crony capitalism, an oligarchy.
    But Mrs. Richter needs to pay for that fancy Manhattan penthouse, don’t you know. Meanwhile, maybe TWO of my Uber passengers a week might give me a tip.
    Again: The object of this game, ultimately, is HUMAN EXTINCTION.

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    • Richter et al believe that they belong to a class of people that will be exempt from the rules / agenda the rest have to follow. It’s as you say all part of eugenics, which one of the first to postulate was Thomas Malthus, but he was followed by the likes of Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, and others.Now the Georgia Guidestones clearly outline the agenda of the puppet masters.

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      • The Bush clan were VERY big on eugenics as well. It lost Poppy’s dad a Senate seat. They HATED Catholics for their stand on the value of life.

        I keep saying that we must remember that these creatures are not Christian. For them, life is about getting all you can get, and soon. They don’t believe in an after life. If they do its some fast-food version of reincarnation or something.

        So, for openers it must be understood that they care not one whit what we think about anything. They do not “fear God”, the are their own gods. They think we’re superstitious idiots. Won’t they be surprised?

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        • actually any who’ve researched soon find out that the likes of the Bushes are Luciferians – poppy as you call him, was involved in JFK’s assassination, and he wasn’t CIA for altruistic reasons. They’re all Skull and Bones, as well as Freemasons, and they are also one of the lesser bloodlines in the “Illuminati”. Did you know both Goldmans’ and Sachs’ are of the Rothschild bloodline? That Abe Liincoln was a Rothschild bastard?


          • I wouldn’t argue with that. I didn’t say he wasn’t. “Poppy” is what he calls himself and most of his relatives know him by that. His mother called him that.

            I would never equate CIA and altruism. The “Illuminati and Freemasons” are bush league (pun intended). They are dyed in the wool New World Odor officials. The only thing higher up the chain than them are the Rothschilds and the Jews.


  16. We knew this if course. But the answer is in Joel Wallach’s Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, 2018 Somebody Needs To Go to Jail and Dead Athletes Don’t Lie, also free on YouTube. He also has books, Epigenetics, immortality and Rare Earth’s Forbidden Cures, and Let’s Play Doctor. He recommends doing all your own exams and nutrient program. He’s unique from other natural doctors that I depend on and love because there are certain nutrients they warn against and he says take more of, like calcium.

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  17. Looks like they don’t understand what being a doctor and medicine is about, being a doctor is about doing what you can to heal people because we live in a world that is damaged, it isn’t about some fakery in the form of coin and paper. Stands to reason that money is an idol, and a weapon, and this should demonstrate how stupid and foolish it really is, one of the most idiotic weapons mankind ever devised against itself, even surpassing nuclear bombs… at least they only explode once.

    As an aside, “gene therapy” etc. while tempting for medicine, with lots of fancy promises and all, is likely going to be abused by this same bunch… imagine them making a pathogen to trigger conditions, rather than cure them… genocide would become much easier. As long as corrupt and rotten individuals are in positions of authority, it’d probably be inadvisable to pursue these things.

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  18. traildustfotm

    This makes Goldman Sachs a perfect illustration of the verse,
    “The love of money is the root of all evil…”
    – 1 Timothy 6:10a

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  19. Finally, medical care we can afford:

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  21. This is not news, as you state, to those who’ve done their research over the years, and soon learned that there are REAL CONSPIRACIES or if you prefer a different world COLLUSION
    Big Pharma follows the mantra of medicine these days (obviously because future doctors are not trained in much except extensive knowledge of pharma)., of MANAGED TREATMENT and the longer they can manage to treat the symptoms not the root cause the more money they will make. Big Pharma “owns” the FDA – Health Canada for us Canucks. The government regulatory agencies, in turn, control via regulation, the AMA / CMA.
    This behooves the people to do research to find alternative medicine approaches to curing that which they’re suffering with. As I recall, of the top Illuminati families, the Rockefellers own the Pharma and Energy sectors (pretty much)

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  23. Big Pharma made it plain, years ago, that their business model was to have everyone (everyone) taking at least 1 prescription drug.
    We are nothing more than units of energy to these blood suckers.

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  24. Re: Conspiracy theories. If one is Christian, or a student of history, it might be worth noting that Jesus was executed on a cross as a result of a conspiracy, no theory involved. Rather big event. There are conspiracies.

    Re Disease: Research Dr. Edward Klenner. Here is a link to his peer reviewed article from almost 70 years ago where he cured 60 cases of “incurable” (remember the “iron lung”) poliomyelitis in a row with IV vitamin C.
    This research occurred around the time of the March of Dimes and the efforts towards polio vaccination. It was also presented at a symposium of the American Medical Association. Fell like a stone in a pond. Research also liposomal vitamin C. One might also talk about vitamin D, magnesium, colloidal silver, iodine etc., but the published articles by Klenner are well worth being familiar with.

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    • “Jesus was executed on a cross as a result of a conspiracy, no theory involved.”



      • Dr. E we are experiencing a conspiracy now by the government established religion called secular humanism. American children are brainwashed to believe we evolved from spontaneous generation. Humans are evolving into their own gods. Try Googling; ” Secular Humanist Manifesto”. It is a lesson about athiest who are taking over our world.

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