Feminists Germaine Greer claims women are fascinated with the victimization of other women


Feminist Germaine Greer

I’m a big fan of author Ann Rule and her true crime stories. Not because I enjoy reading about women being killed but rather I’m interested in the psychology of serial killers and the methods law enforcement use to solve decades-old crimes.

Ms. Greer doesn’t entertain any other aspects of her claim except victimization, a typical narrative for feminists and liberals.

And guess who has a new book to promote…

From Daily Mail: The rise in sexual violence and rape on television is because of female viewers’ fascination with the victimisation of women, according to Germaine Greer.

The feminist author, 79, said crime dramas that receive a backlash for gratuitous portrayals of violence against women are only trying to satisfy audience desires, rather than objectification by men.

‘Female victimisation sells. What should disturb us is that it sells to women,’ Miss Greer writes in Radio Times.

The comments follow criticism of sexual violence in big budget television dramas such as BBC series Luther and The Fall, and ITV thriller Paranoid.

The final series of acclaimed Scandinavian crime drama The Bridge begins on BBC Two later this month, opening with the discovery of a woman’s body buried up to the neck. But producers do not deserve accusations they are exploiting violence toward women as a plot device though, Miss Greer claimed, as women make up between 60 and 80 per cent of crime fiction readers.

‘Who is watching and reading the proliferating imagery of female victimhood? Women, that’s who,’ she said.

‘The endless array of female cadavers laid out on slabs and dragged out of the undergrowth in crime drama on TV is designed to reel in a mainly female audience.’

Miss Greer, who was one of the major voices of the second-wave feminist movement, also suggested that large numbers of female viewers fantasised about sexual assault.

Citing a 2008 study by US academics (no link provided to verify this study) which found 32 per cent of women had imagined being raped by a man and 52 per cent had done the same about some form of forced sex, she said: ‘The fantasy is commoner than these figures suggest. The man who groans and clenches his teeth as he struggles to resist the heroine’s fatal charms has been a staple of chick-lit ever since Jane Eyre.

‘The delusion that rape is the result of overwhelming sexual desire is a female delusion.’ There is some evidence to back up her claims that women are drawn to tales of murder and sexual violence – a 2010 study from the University of Illinois found that women were more likely to review true crime books on Amazon, and crime TV shows draw predominantly female audiences.

Miss Greer sparked controversy with comments critical of the #MeToo movement, and argues in her new book On Rape that there should be more awareness of the distinction between ‘sleaze and assault’. She told Radio Times: ‘Amid the media storm that is the #MeToo campaign, female celebrity after female celebrity has outed herself as a victim of sexual harassment.

‘All have been congratulated for their bravery, even when they took payments for signing non-disclosure agreements and kept shtoom (meaning kept silent) until the statute of limitations was well past. Their likenesses are replicated endlessly.’

She added that male victims ‘refrain from exhibiting themselves,’ because women have no desire to see them.

Last month Miss Greer caused controversy by claiming that Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry would only be short-lived.

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8 responses to “Feminists Germaine Greer claims women are fascinated with the victimization of other women

  1. “And guess who has a new book to promote…”

    Exactly. But there’ll still be swarms of “useful idiot” women buying her book. Liberals really are stupid, aren’t they?

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  2. Well, we know at least one who is…..

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  3. I sure don’t agree with the feminist Miss Greer, the problem is that envy and jealousy are the causes of victimization of women that have advanced in their careers on their own merits and not submiting to those that have the power to “push them”and “used them” in order to achieve what they are not able to do on their own -those are the real victims of their fascination to be and are unable to do on their own.

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  4. Well whether she has another book to promote or not, it seems immaterial to me. If she is correct in her facts that she cited i.e., that many females are watching all this violent material and violent soft porn in general, then I think that is worthy of discussion. After all, who bought the bulk of ” Fifty Shades of Gray” ? Unless I’m missing the point, there is a hypocrisy present when liberal women go out and march with their pussy hats but many of same women are likely consumers of this trash media. Lifetime Network is a purveyor of shows on victimized females, divorce, and every other sordid and melodramatic drama, and their audience is overwhelmingly women.

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    • I have never been able to adequately explain how I see this. To me, it is as if women believe that their condition in life is somehow “wrong”. Further, it seems that no matter what status or situation they’ve lived in, it still isn’t “right”.

      I don’t know what “right” would look like for them. Not all women are man haters but there are a lot of them. There is a tremendous resentment. I suppose, to generalize, they seem to believe that by being women they are deprived somehow.

      I completely believe that God set us up the way we are. I love and respect women very much. I do not agree that they are deprived. In some areas they are treated much better than men. In others, maybe not as well.

      I don’t think this all revolves around sex or men’s attitude to it. The best relationships I’ve ever seen were ones where both party’s needs were met. Women can and do get into trouble by playing games with sex.

      I get the sense that if I asked them, they could not tell me what their idea of “right” would look like. Many I’ve discussed some of this with seem to be just unrealistic and divorced from reality.

      Love is a very real thing. Without getting into that aspect, simply living as man and wife is a challenge. It has ALWAYS been a challenge. What has changed is that women have experimented with ways of avoiding responsibilities necessary to raising families.

      Single parent, or “same-sex” parents are not healthy. One of the primary reasons we have so much black crime is the “baby-daddy” lifestyle. Children are a lifelong commitment. In simple terms, putting one’s self first is a formula for disaster in any relationship.

      Greer and her ilk seem to believe that through history women have been oppressed. I don’t believe that to be true. I do think that, by today’s standards, they haven’t been allowed to put themselves “first”. I don’t see that as a bad thing at all.

      Men have to make decisions as well. It isn’t just the women. Slaving away for a lifetime to support a wife and children is serious business. Unnecessarily burdening that commitment with selfish demands does not improve the situation.

      What made lifelong marriages work for so many years was responsibility. They stayed together because it was their job to do so. The Church defined “marriage” as a Sacrament. It wasn’t just a legal contract. While some of these marriages didn’t appear glamorous, they were admirable.

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      • I agree with you, and to restate what I wrote here a short time ago, the angers and struggles we all have, even those that may appear to be related to our gender, are for us to work out personally, and not collectively. Greer seems to be pointing out? that though women complain of violence, that they are consuming it through the media. Not sure what her point is, but if her assertion is true, I think it indicates that ( some) women seem to be feeding whatever fear, angers resentment etc. on these forms of sexual violence etc in the media. But this would only be consistent with every other device the controllers use to create more chaos, confusion, and draw people further away from genuine answers to their wholeness and God. It is a point of interest that Greer points out that some women are contributing to the market for this detritus, but does not offer further any solutions at all. ( so maybe it is about selling her book) I would not expect more from someone who has personally pushed for collectivist solutions.
        The subject of women’s so called inequality and grievance, at least historically is too much to go on about here, but suffice it to say that women have never had it better in this country. That doesn’t change the fact that we now have a population of young people, half of whom may have felt abandoned by their fathers because of 50% divorce rate, had angry mothers who talked terrible about men because of their personal issues, or perhaps were molested by a step father or Mom’s boyfriend. All sorts of reasons out there for a good many young people to be screwed up these days with the breakdown of families, and by the time these girls get to college with all the brainwashing telling them how bad men are and that the solutions to their problems lay in collective efforts, well,…….there you have it.

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  5. I’m no expert on women, but I would say Ms. Greer has a point. I have seen young women fight, and the animal frankness of their fury in a physical fight is truly frightening to behold.
    I’m afraid she is also right in that women’s victimization sells, at least up to a point. I mean, it’s not like their victimization has no market with the Left, correct? Not that this is a good thing, No. Victimization or “victim’s studies” is but one branch of Cultural Marxism. And we are stuck in this moral morass thanks to (alleged) people such as Greer, Helen Gurley Brown, Susan Sontag (who DID know how to write) and others.

    Once again, this is what we get stuck with once the possibility of procreation is separated from the sexual act. With contraception, abortion and The Pill, women now have the ability to fornicate, and that fornication becomes the currency to get the sexual fulfillment and power—without the “threat” of children they don’t want. In other words, “Free Love” leads to a generation of base and spoiled women—something Greer takes as a positive moral good. So their victimization is a solipsistic “safety cushion” to fall back upon.
    But this is what we get in a society that declares God to be Dead.

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    For your information.


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