California DA candidate slammed for suggesting cop killers don’t deserve death penalty

lawrence strauss

From Fox News: A candidate for a district attorney seat in California is taking heat for saying cop killers don’t deserve the death penalty because “it’s part of the risk [police officers] take.”

Attorney Lawrence Strauss — who made the comments at an April 24 forum for the June Contra Costa County District Attorney election — was criticized by local police union presidents, one of whom said Strauss’ comments were “archaic” and “extremely inappropriate,” The Mercury News reported.

Law enforcement officers are hired to ensure the public’s safety and enforce the constitution and laws of the state. We are not pawns for a brutal dictator,” said Contra Costa County Sheriff Sgt. Sean Welch, president of the agency’s officer union. “Strauss’ performance last night should have made it clear to anyone voting in the primary election that he should not even be on the ballot for district attorney.”

During the forum, Strauss, who noted that he trained cops to act with caution on duty as a prosecutor in Hawaii, said people who kill single officers shouldn’t be death-penalty eligible.

“I feel sorry for the officer. It’s part of the risk they take as being an officer of the law,” Strauss said during the forum, adding when an officer is murdered it affects not only his family, but “a nationwide network of police officers.”

The attorney who has operated a private practice for 23 years cited the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing as an example of a death penalty case he would support, according to the paper.

Officer Ben Therriault, president of the Richmond Police Officer’s Association, called Strauss “tone-deaf” about public safety: “The men and women in our profession don’t sign up to be hurt or killed or receive less justice than our fellow citizens we protect.”

According to his response to a candidate questionnaire, The News reported, Strauss’ priorities are ending “wealth-based disparities” and excessive sentences as well as invalidating the war on drugs; he also stands for increasing transparency and accountability, and promoting policies “that aid undocumented communities.”

Two days after the forum, Strauss put out a two-page written statement thanking police officers for their service, and noted that people who kill single officers should receive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

“The death penalty is always a controversial subject. There is no right or wrong position. Most of the industrialized world has abolished the death penalty. The United States is the leader in seeking the death penalty. It takes decades to execute an individual and at great expense to the taxpayers,” Strauss said in the statement. “I believe that the death penalty should only be sought in mass murders, serial killers, and multiple victims. There is no redemption for these psychopathic criminals.”


11 responses to “California DA candidate slammed for suggesting cop killers don’t deserve death penalty

  1. I think his statements would look great on a whole bunch of targeted campaign Ads. from his opposition.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . You are right on the money with that comment. It is incredulous that someone would even make this kind of comment, much less it having come from someone for the office of DA. I would hope that enough of the voters would have the intelligence to vote for his opponent.

      Why would anyone, anywhere think that just because a person works in a job that may be hazardous due to having to deal with individuals of the criminal persuasion . . . that the individual who is being tried for their murder would not be subject to the strictest punishment under the law?

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    I must concede that I can to some extent relate to his point. Police officers have chosen their career. Perhaps not with the expectation of death just around any corner, but there is no true reason their actions and motives are not just as subject to scrutiny as any other citizen. Proven cold blooded murder should carry the same penalty regardless of the occupation of the victim (of course that means legitimate occupation).

    I think that if people truly understood our Constitution and and intent of our second amendment which was explicitly to insure that as legal citizens, each and every one of us had the means to protect our selves with out the need of militarized government forces. That is exactly what our law enforcement has become, a circumvention of the despised standing army our founders where dead set against.

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    • I agree. When I started to have a better understanding of how flipped everything was, it was in re to a young lifeguard who went missing near where I was living in MA at that time. LE said there were THREE known level 3 sex offenders, who had been released, that they knew were going to re offend. (!!!!) Meanwhile, ppl were getting the death penalty for killing a LE, who as you noted, know and knew the risks, and took them willingly. CHILDREN who have been raped, sometimes at gunpoint, or worse, then murdered, didn’t sign on for that, and to see such monsters TOLERATED, sometimes even getting only 6 yrs!! I can say, I feel the same way.

      Our system is so flawed. I used to have the figures, just from public cases of kids, raped and murdered by repeat level 3 sex offenders, from across the nation, beginning w this lifeguard, then the Shasta groen case, Jessica lundsford, etc. But they too seem to have fallen to the backburner, leaving us w what we have now, only agenda news.

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  3. Too many of those bastards around to twist the laws but, if a “cop” kills a criminal, look out, the mad crowd will be difficult to contain.

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  4. If I were a cop in his area I would write down his address and if a call came in with his address just stop on the way get a doughnut then, stop next at the store to get some milk. Then by the time I get there the threat will be gone and as a police officer my worries of being shot at his house would be minimized and we will not have to give the perp a death sentence that just might make him happy. So much for the victim at his house probable will be him.

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  6. DCG . . . . I had an ex-stepbrother who was a police officer here in Portland, OR. He was such a wonderful person, very policy, relatively soft spoken. I must confess, I always worried that the day might come when he did not arrive home from his shift. Police officers just do not make enough money to make up for the current negative attitude that so many people now express towards them.

    Excellent article!

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  7. My only objections to capital punishment are that not every killer receives it, and to those killers who do receive it, they live in prison for another 30 years first.
    Let’s be clear: There’s ALWAYS a death penalty. Problem is, only the VICTIM is guaranteed to get it.

    This being said, what makes a law enforcement officer’s life worth more than your life or mine? Don’t get me wrong: I am all in favor of capital punishment for those who kill police officers, PROVIDED every other killer gets the same punishment, also. Police officers are everyday people, your friend or neighbor. They perform necessary work that I, myself, certainly cannot. But a police officer, just like any other civil servant, is an AGENT OF THE STATE.
    So does the Law establish a TIERED system of justice? Should the Law grant preference to agents of the state OVER AND ABOVE civilians? This would violate the Constitutional command of “Equal Justice to all persons under Law.”
    Strauss is an educated fool, a solipsistic brute. He shouldn’t be on any ballot at all. And yet he is no different from any politician over here in New York. (Certainly we had one Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who delighted in virtue-signalling whenever he wrestled with his conscience in public! And now we are saddled with Son of Cuomo!) Yes, law enforcement officers face certain risks endemic to the nature of their work, but we must refute his false opinion that “the death penalty is a difficult subject.” NO, it is NOT difficult at all: The principle of justice for homicide or murder is QUITE SIMPLE. It is the public tolerance or lack thereof for its application that turn the matter into a farce (or, rather, a debacle).

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