This is the left: Abortion joke at White House Correspondents’ dinner! Funny stuff, y’all!

The host of Saturday’s “Nerd Prom” was Michelle Wolf, some “comedian” best known as a writer for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Michelle had some fine jokes at the event, many of which centered on Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who was in attendance). People were not pleased with those jokes, unless you are a progressive who enjoys making fun of conservative women.

The one joke many (including the left-leaning press) aren’t talking about: The one about Mike Pence and abortion, because, we all know how devastatingly funny abortion can be.

If you can’t stand to stomach the video and her voice, here’s the text of the joke (in reference to VP Pence’s pro-life stance):

He thinks abortion is murder, which, first of all, don’t knock it ‘til you try it — and when you do try it, really knock it. You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there. And yeah, sure, you can groan all you want. I know a lot of you are very anti-abortion. You know, unless it’s the one you got for your secret mistress.

Hey Michelle, there’s a reason why Vice President Pence might consider abortion “murder.” Maybe you should do some research into the biology of fetal development.

Here’s some research for you: About a baby’s development at 15 weeks, from InfoBaby:

“This stage is very special, because many important organs of the fetal starts to develop. Central nervous system is developing, in the future it will have to control the whole body. The process of the development of the cerebral cortex and the division of nerve cells lasts one month. Therefore, you have to treat yourself very gently and carefully during the pregnancy.

The taste buds are already formed; the fetus now can clearly distinguish the taste of the mother’s food. If the fetus is male, at this term he starts to produce testosterone (male hormone).

At fifteen weeks the baby’s cardio-vascular system is developing rapidly, you can even see the vessels. The transparent skin of the fetus acquires reddish or pinkish color. The pigment of the hair color starts to appear. The heart is able to pump 20 liters of blood per day.

The intestines start to function well receiving the bile secreted by the liver, then feces are produced. The kidneys function well, and the fetus often exerts the urine in the amniotic fluids.

At the fifteenth week, lungs are developing through swallowing and spitting water. All the muscles of the baby are also developing actively. The glottis is now open as the voice cords are already formed.

The baby’s bones are growing and starting to get harder. The baby begins to move, turns and bump, opens and closes her fists, which contributes to the active development of joints and muscles. The hair begins to grow and thicken, the eye brows and eye lashes are forming and become visible.”

You “journalists” must be so proud of yourselves!


33 responses to “This is the left: Abortion joke at White House Correspondents’ dinner! Funny stuff, y’all!

  1. They absolutely are proud, very proud. They think they are hilarious! You know that your career as a comedian is right on track when Kathy Griffin is praising your performance.

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  2. Has anyone checked to see if these entities are run with lithium batteries? They can be nothing but soulless to behave in such a despicable way and think they’re in any way humorous.

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  3. There’s a world of difference between good natured insults and vile, humorless garbage. Someone like Don Rickles could pull it off. And he always said “God bless” at the end. I’ll wager that this no talent pig doesn’t even believe in God. So she feels free to make abortion jokes. You go girl, all the way down to the pit of Hell.

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  4. The left seem to be a death cult. They sicken me.

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  5. Remember and vote in November.

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  6. I had never heard of Wolfe until,this weekend. I guess we don’t run in the same circles.
    I fInd it interesting that liberals think abortions destroy nothing but a few cells, but on the other hand, they rush to use those aborted fetuses to makes themselves millions. So,which is it?
    Once again, we witness the hypocrisy of the left.
    In this day and age, there is really only very rare occasions when an abortion is even needed, i.e, when the fetuses has died and the mother can’t pass it. There is enough birth control for both sexes and prevention to erase this horrible action all but gone from the earth.

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  7. After reviewing the evidence, albeit reluctantly I’ve come to the conclusion that many on the Left are not mentally ill. They are demon possessed.

    P.S. Not to belabor the point, note that this Michelle Wolf is a member of the Tribe.

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  8. We saw a snip of this today on Fox. Even the organizers realized they had blown it.

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  10. This womyn has some explaining to do…she doesn’t realize the Internet is forever:

    “‘I can’t believe Trump is pro-life. I’m pretty positive Eric is an abortion.’ Michelle Wolf deleted thousands of offensive tweets including a post in which she called Serena Williams a man”

    Read more:

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  11. sixlittlerabbits

    Michelle Wolf’s performance was vile and unfunny. It is not acceptable to go for the jugular vein and call it “comedy.” Hope this ends her career.

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  12. The Wolf always attacks the lamb. That Wolf went for the kill, Miss Huckabee took the insults, was poised, practiced self control and showed the press corps the caliber a woman must have to be the press secretary to
    the president of the United States, Donald Trump. In spite of her young years Miss Huckabee has a brilliant future, SHE IS NOT A COMEDIAN but a woman with lots of courage, the pride and joy of governor Huckabee. Miss Huskabee is the envy of DC.

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    • Other than abortion being just wrong, so what? Libatards & minoraties are aborting themselves out of exsistence. Let ’em go.

      And Sarah Hukabee has more class in her little finger than this griss, that I never even heard of, has in her whole body. I doubt HER name will be in any history books.

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    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  14. I’ve always thought you can tell the caliber of a person by his friends and by his enemies. Those women who were mocked by this vile creature can stand tall and be proud of their values. For those that celebrate this creature, I wonder how long it takes you to get clean.

    I notice there is no boycott of the sponsors of the Daily Show.

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  15. I realize we all know this at a certain level, but maybe we need to think again about what a concerted effort this is to sow hatred. These movements and activities are not really “political” as much as they are exercises in identifying “the enemy”.

    They are stoking the snowflakes. Every outrageous act is followed by another even more outrageous than the last. It works with many. They want hatred and anger. Without faith these cretins have nothing to guide them away from this.

    They are a total embarrassment. Who would want anything to do with them?

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  16. I think we have seen the last of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

    There is nothing even remotely funny about murdering unborn children.

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    • They’ll probably hire someone “safe” for a few years, then go back to their old ways; much like Hollywood all of a sudden treated veterans with respect for a few years soon after 9/11, then eventually went back to its self-serving narcissistic ways.

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    • DITTO, Dave—-my first thought was, “Well, this is the last WHCD.” AND, I am especially thankful that President Trump has not attended EITHER of these dinners as they occurred so far in his short residency in the White House…..I think, too, that his absence has pushed the far-left cretins into an ever-wilding feeding frenzy of which they don’t even have a CLUE about how it “plays” to the American populace. They are “playing” to themselves!! But, the overall American Public, no matter what their politics, are so MUCH not watching these ridiculous people on TV anymore…not at award ceremonies…and not at this stupid excuse of a salute to “journalism” on the political pages. This debauched “comedian Wolfewoman” was actually “playing” to the likes of Kathy Griffith, Ms ISIS-influenced-beheader (WHAT…she couldn’t even come up with something more original that what ISIS has been filming/displaying on the internet for a decade???????) .I don’t know if she one-upped Kathy….but, this is the way these people operate, think, live deep down in their gnarly, shameless, id-centered innards. They are way down at the base of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs as living human-beings—-everything connected to the lowest base of sex, food, shelter (“shelter” also meaning/including protection from “people who are NOT like me” so they raise their shrunken or decapitated, gory heads, make up fake dossiers, call people names, tie people up with thousands of dollars’ worth of legal bills, destroy their careers and families….ANYTHING to scare off “the others.” ) Pretty much, they employ skunk piss to solve all their battles.

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  17. Kevin J Lankford

    Feel sorry for the man she suckers in to marriage…..or may be she don’t like men any more than she likes children.

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  18. The Wolf is done as is Kathy Griffin, ugly on the outside cover and rotten from the inside out.

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  19. Well. They finally found a “lady” WORSE than Amy Schumer or Lena Dunham, and she can actually articulate. Nothing like a gold-plated ANCHOR for society to wrap around its neck once it dives into the middle of the sea!
    Looks like Donald Trump was conspicuous by his absence!

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  20. Wolf has at least got the jew connections. The search engines do too good a job at keeping her mother and brothers left unidentified, and all references made to them are left very vague and untraceable.

    Wolf may claim to be “white”, but she’s likely a jewess. She has the classic features of a mongrel jewess, which is made up of mixtures of all races, especially the yellows and the Negroids. I know there are several jewesses with that very same name and they must use middle initials to distinguish themselves [try Michelle K. Wolf, for another jewess instance]. Big Lip Michelle is a Crypto like many jews are, who try to hide their identities and try to use their racial ambiguities as weapons against the unsuspecting White race (and against other races, too, if it promotes jewry’s interests to do so), with the full knowledge of the higher-level jews who promote them.

    This jewish article below, by another jewess named Singer, seems very inclined to identify Wolf as being a jewess, also.

    ““Tel Aviv! Shalom, motherf*****s!” Chris Rock shouted last week, looking out over the crowd of 10,000 who had gathered in Tel Aviv’s Menorah Mivtachim Arena to watch the comedian’s first ever show in Israel.

    Rock also brought a Jewish comedians along with him — the venerable “Roast Master” Jeff Ross, who did a surprisingly funny bit on potential Jewish porn titles (“Get That Thing Out Of My Face!”) and “Daily Show” anchor Michelle Wolf, who likened Tel Aviv to “Miami’s much older sister.”

    Besides the Israel-loving Chris Rock, who hired Wolf to write for his Oscars ceremony, the jews have other “entities” and organizations to help push the abortion murders of America’s unborn and unrepresented citizens. It’s the babies bodies who are denied their rights – and no “mother” should be allowed to choose death for them.

    “What are they hiding?’ Planned Parenthood fighting this law speaks HORRIFIC volumes”

    So does the fact that the jewish “Civil Liberties Union” fights for their “right” to kill more kids while hiding away in darkened recesses.

    A “federal lawsuit filed Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on Planned Parenthood’s behalf contends the reporting rules and a provision requiring annual inspections of abortion clinics are unconstitutional.

    They’re happy to accept taxpayer funding but would rather skip any inspections?”

    Comment: “Just as the infanticide advocates hate ultrasounds showing a child in the womb, they definitely dont want an up close inspection of their slaughter houses.”

    It was a commonly held knowledge when I was growing up in the fifties and sixties that the ACLU was a communist organization. It has since that time been able to hide it’s beginnings and orientation and has been able to have propaganda marketed onto the public to support it and the subversive nature of the policies they represent. It does not fool those who have known about it for a long time. ACLU has never changed. It has merely been able to cultivate a false public image.

    Like so many other of the jewish-communist front organizations, it is not really of the orientation which it describes, and ACLU has never been “American” and the only “civil liberties” it truly espouses is that of communist revolutionaries to bypass established mores and laws. The rest is merely window dressing.


  21. Correction, the brain develops. Throughout the pregnancy, and on through the teens and early adulthood. This us why any alcohol can damage the brain so readily in pregnancy, and also the first 5 years. 100 years ago, parents routinely fave whiskey to a baby to quiet their coluc or teething. There was a book published by a physician we found that warned against the practice because of brain damage. So they even knew it back then.

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