Strange Google Earth images

Google Earth is a computer program that renders a 3D representation of Earth based on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities, landscapes, and street views from various angles. Users can explore the globe by entering addresses and coordinates.

On April 15, 2008, Google integrated Street View into Google Earth, by using cameras mounted on automobiles to take 360° panoramic street-level photos of select cities and their surroundings.

Sometimes, Google Street View captures unexpected images, including couples making out in cars. Then there are the strange images, from the whimsical to the truly weird. Below is a sample (source: Daily Star).

Google Eartha

This nose-picker thought no one was looking:

Google Earthb

But this man knew otherwise and showed what he thinks of Google Street View:

Google Earth2

Man carrying a sex doll:

Weird men in masks and a wolf’s head:

Google Earth3

A group of zombies wearing bird heads:

A UFO alien!

Google Earth4

A naked man getting out of the trunk of a car:

Google Earth

Nothing to see here: just a wandering tiger in a parking lot.

Google Earth6

A seagull photobombs Google Street View. LOL

Google Earth8


24 responses to “Strange Google Earth images

  1. I came VERY close to mooning the goggle car, but figured that would elicit further intrusion so did not.

    The naked guy in the trunk is detailing his car. He has all the linings out and car nuts sometimes want to clean & polish every nook and cranny. Likely wearing only shorts because it can get hot in a trunk. In my younger and more limber days spent time installing amplifiers and speakers in the trunks of cars.

    Love the seagull. Looks like it swiped a hashbrown or something 🙂

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  2. I can never get that good of a detail on street view maps. I guess this is the pay version.

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    [JFK], unceasing wars only to build global empire, embrace of Mao and Marxism by D. Rockefeller, H. Kissinger, R. Nixon, G.H.W. Bush, leaving gold standard for Rockefeller, QE II, and Rothschild , immense national debt still growing, export of our factories, executive branch creating Unconstitutional conflicts and wars, spying on American citizens, controlling “news” stories (fiction) through managed media, increased supply of street drugs, PNAC developed by people who wanted to bleed out the goodness of America for their own UnAmerican but NWO/Globalist purposes, writing of the “Patriot” Act, creation and carrying out of 911, listening to “You either for us, or you are against us,” uttered by one for tearing down our Constitution and against the United States, electing a subject of QE II (born in British East Africa and follower of Islam, detractor of Christianity and the United States) given American college degrees, a Nobel Peace prize for having a pulse, and our Presidency, and, all the while subjected to chemical, fungal, viral, and bacterial attacks, … How are we still on our feet? God still wants us, we are in the United States of America, established in Plymouth, Massachusetts, as a Christian nation!


  4. Those were great! What about the people with the Bird Heads? I wonder where that was captured? Thanks for Posting, that was interesting, I like looking at candid shots, I’m so acclimated to Staged Events and Media Stock Photos of late, it’s actually refreshing to take a break from all the Psyops!

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  5. There is no doubt about it . . . . Google is about as intrusive as it gets! Who would ever have thought 20 years ago that pictures would be taken of us, and our properties that would show such fine detail! I am not so sure that having pictures that show our lives in such vivid detail are necessarily an improvement.

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    • It’s a two-edged sword. Like you, I would not want my house (if I had one) so vividly available via Google Street View nor Google Earth for anyone to inspect online.

      YET! I have used both Google Earth & Street View to zoom down & around places I have lived (looking for electric meter placements, transformers, powerlines, etc.), & friends & family homes just to see what Google can really show.

      I’m sure an old workmate would be horrified, if she didn’t know already, that her back yard pool can be “visited” via Google Earth. (That high wooden fence she put up around her back yard, with locked gate, is no hindrance to Big Brother in the sky). Fortunately for her, she was not “lounging around the pool” when Google Earth zoomed by, lol!

      Google Street View is/was not allowed on private property, but only what they could grab “from the street.” Not good if you live on the corner of two streets as they will grab both sides of your house that way. However & yet again, I was able to learn via Street View of a “corner house” where I had been extremely ill (different town), that my room was where the electric meter was on the outside wall & on the roof above that room was where a short metal-pole connected the powerline there over to the transformer on the street pole! (The lady who owned that house, her husband had died of a brain tumor in that same house about 4-5 years prior!)

      You cannot “drive into” Apt. Complexes with interior roads & drive-throughs via Street View (which I was hoping to do while still looking for electric meters in other prior places I’ve lived in that other city). You can only “see the tops” of apt. bldgs. & the drive-throughs via Google Earth.

      The idea for Google Street View came from an earlier idea via some guys from MIT who went on vacation to Aspen, Colorado, back in the 1970s (I think it was) & decided to go back with cameras on cars to film the streets. I’m rusty on the details but the info is online somewhere with photos of those guys with big cameras mounted on their older cars.

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      • I saw a satellite view of a nudist retreat. All bodies had been airbrushed out, except in the pool you could see several human-shaped shadows on the bottom XD

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        • That’s an interesting problem. I understand that on public property there is no expectation of privacy. That doesn’t hold for people’s private property that would otherwise not be seen normally. So, back yards, “nudist camps”, etc., don’t lose that expectation just because Google’s in town.

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          • Excellent point! Who did I just see who complained that the government, left unchecked, would make it illegal to be nekkid in your own back yard?

            Doesn’t matter, as it’s not even the government anymore.

            This brings up a legal problem. The Fourth Amendment protects Americans from government searches absent a warrant. But if the government were tipped off by Google, they could pretend that they were merely acting on a tip from a concerned citizen…

            …which, no doubt, is going on all the time as we speak, just like the alphabet agencies have read your every email (and FOTM comment), and if they want to find a way to use any of it in court, they’ll construct some way to pretend they stumbled upon it.

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    • I live in a mobile home and my home is on Gooogle. I have no idea when they videoed it, they did the whole park without asking permission. At least I have a nice looking “Red Neck Trailer Home”.

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      • Hardtimes, I live in a mobile home as well. My wife won’t let me call it a trailer or a trailer park. It is a manufactured home community. haha. Actually, we bought this place brand new shortly after we married, knowing that we would live here forever. So for us, it was not a bad idea. We don’t have 200 thousand dollars tied up in a house that we can’t afford.
        I don’t think the naked guy is getting out of his trunk, he is getting in. I just wonder what he is after.

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  6. Only Neil Diamond could sing:. 🗣”Only in America”. Ha ha ha.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    What you see is what you get.


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  8. Say, buddy, can you spare twenty-one trillion dollars?


  9. Big Brother is ALWAYS watching you…

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  10. Some strange catches. Would love to know the story behind a few of them.

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  11. Heh heh

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  12. LOL – If I ever catch a Google goober near my abode with a camera, I’m gonna moon them, too. 🙂

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