Donor surprised: Clinton non-profit won’t let him cancel $10.48/month contribution

hillary clinton nasty woman

Hillary is also taking $2 million from the cash-strapped DNC. Someone’s gotta pay the Clinton Crime Foundation’s expenses.

From Fox News: A Seattle man who recently sought to end his monthly donation to a Hillary Clinton nonprofit group ran into a small roadblock: There was no way to cancel his contribution, according to a report.

Corey Koscielniak, 29, wanted to stop his $10.48 recurring tithe to Onward Together, the politican action organization Clinton formed after her 2016 election defeat, because the group disclosed little information on how it spent the money, he told the Seattle Times.

“Onward Together (OT) accepts payment information, but provides no ability to alter or cancel donations once the initial donation is received,” Koscielniak wrote in his complaint to the Washington state Attorney General’s Office.

Political groups have employed aggressive tactics in the past when asking for contributions, many times using email blasts to persuade would-be donors.

According to the Seattle PI, one such email sent to a potential Clinton backer 11 months after the 2016 presidential election read:

“Heather — It’s an old joke by now that I took a few long walks in the woods after Election Day. But I did, and I came out ready to fight for our vision of a fairer, more inclusive country by supporting the incredible groups and leaders who are encouraging people to organize and run for office.

“I hope you’re ready, too. Because I’d like for you to become a Founding Donor to Onward Together by starting a monthly donation of just $10.”

Koscielniak, who began contributing in May 2017, has spent weeks on a mission to keep that $10 and change in his bank account, the Seattle Times reported.

Hillary Clinton founded Onward Together in 2017 to help progressive groups with fundraising, training and introductions to advisors and donors, its website said. The Seattle Times noted that the organization was what’s known as a 501(c)(4) in the federal tax code, making it a tax-exempt social-welfare group with no requirements to reveal its donors.

Nick Merrill, communications director for Clinton, told the paper that the organization gave upwards of $1 million to “various groups” and it plans to exceed that in 2018.

Koscielniak, with help from state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, was able to use a newly implemented cancel button on the group’s website. But when the next month came, another $10.48 was withdrawn from his account, the Seattle Times said.

Merrill told the paper that Koscielniak’s situation has since been “rectified” and they “will make sure this doesn’t happen again, with anybody, in the future.”

Koscielniak wouldn’t find out if his donation was canceled until next month’s bank statement, the paper reported.

While he didn’t take issue with Clinton personally, he told the paper that “what surprised me is, the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for other people and not be part of this larger industrial complex.”


33 responses to “Donor surprised: Clinton non-profit won’t let him cancel $10.48/month contribution

  1. “While he didn’t take issue with Clinton personally, he told the paper that ‘what surprised me is, the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for other people and not be part of this larger industrial complex.'”

    Hey, Corey Koscielniak, look up the meaning of “useful idiot”!

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . Amen and amen! Truly, this individual fits the description of “useful idiot.”

      If it were me, and even one more “donation” had been transferred out of, I would imagine my bank account, whether it be a checking account or a savings account . . . . I would immediate go to my bank. I would not only close that account, but I would change banks. I would love to see this gangster organization attempt to make automatic draws on a closed account, at a bank where I no longer had ANY MONIES on deposit!

      It is little wonder, sorry if I am sounding rude towards this individual, but obviously this particular person just does not stand up for themselves . . . their first thought is “GO TO THE GOVERNMENT, THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, to seek help from being preyed on by this rogue organization. Thee is no doubt about the fact that Liberals/Progressives will “look to the government to solve their problems.”

      As far as I am concerned, if an organization indulges in stealing from my bank account . . . . I cut them off at the knees; by virtue of closing that particular account, and moving my monies elsewhere. Truly, is this not the swiftest way of dealing with someone who has their hand in your pocket?

      I would however, perhaps contact the State Attorney General, in perusing the return of any and all monies that were illegally taken from my account after the date I had informed this rogue organization that I no longer wished to donate to them. But, I would never look to government to solve this problem initially.

      Although, what I am going to write here, may seem rude, or extremely prejudicial to some of the FOTM family, I will never the less write this . It is because of this very mindset of liberals, to always look to the government “to solve their problems,” rather than address them by their own ingenuity. When I interact with other people socially–I never would align myself with a Liberal/Progressive/Communist due to the fact that they do not possess the personal mindset or ability, or even the basic skill to function as a autonomous individual. One, who has the intelligence, creativity and will to care for themselves. Their first thought is Oh! my gosh, what government agency do I go to, to seek redress in this particular situation? I would never seek to align myself, or put my life or estate under the influence of someone who is so lacking in personal character development that they do not see in themselves the ability to solve their own life’s problems.

      Unfortunately, our nation has churned out entire groups of people who are basically worthless when it comes to taking care of themselves. What a pitiful blight on this great nation! Going back to the birth of our nation, we began as risk takers, the brightest, most ingenious, talented, intelligent peoples to ever be assembled on the face of the earth . . . . now look at the pitiful dullards that inhabit our cities and states! It is a shameful situation.

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      • Auntie Lulu . . . I agree wholeheartedly with your entire thoughtful comments. In fact, as I was reading the post, my first thought was – “close your account!”. Maybe a leftist will read with fresh eyes and an open mind what you have so eloquently enumerated.

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      • And Amen and Amen to your comment Auntie!

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      • Well, if you’re dumb enough to buy into Clinton and the DNC in the first place and actually send them money, you’re probably too dumb to have a bank account in the first place.

        If one of those Ethiopian princes gets this guy’s phone number he’s toast. They’ll pluck him like a chicken.

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  2. Sucker! Look out Corey, Clinton will steal everything you now, and will ever, own.

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  3. After everything Clinton has said and done since the election and he still has no problem with her deserves to lose his $10.48 every month.
    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetically sad.

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  4. He should have contacted his bank. Mine would have stopped the payments.

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    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Just call the bank and place a stop payment on it.

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      • Maryaha . . . . Amen to that! The problem is, anyone with the liberal mindset, just is unable to conceive that they have the skill to deal with this situation, outside the bounds of contacting a governmental agency to intercede on their behalf. What a pathetic, barren life this person must live.

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  5. And they say that the NRA is bad…Go figure. Here’s some stats on the obama foundation donors, I’ll betchya can’t unsubscribe from that either, these are the latest from a year ago…

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    • Stovepipe . . . . Thank you for providing the above website. It is unimaginable that people would donate to such a site in such huge amounts. No doubt, these folks are among those who wish to have a seat at the New World Order conference desk.

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    • I read that the foundation presents a list of its donors. Hopefully, they will be willing to remove one’s name after the donor wakes up and sees what has happened. The removal may require another domination.

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  6. Think of what would happen to everyone if they were to get all the power they want. “I’m down a quart,” would be about your blood, not the oil in your car.

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  7. so, becoming a clinton cartel foundation donor is akin to getting herpes….once you get it, you can’t get rid of it… 🙂 ROFL

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  8. Who in his/her right mind would become a monthly donor to “a non-profit group” and yet for Killary Rotten Clinton? You have got to be a complete asinine and you can’t see no further from your nose, you got taken good. She has your money and NO REFUNDS until the matter is over. WHAT A CLOWN!

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    • Alma . . . . Great comment! You are right on track with your synopsis of both those who wish to align themselves with this rogue organization, and their goals for America!

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  9. Hopefully, lessons will be learned and the experience will be shared by the donors.

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  10. sixlittlerabbits

    This is why I make no automatic payments from either my checking account or credit card. Hope he stops these payments.

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    • Exactly!! I also made that rule for myself some years ago after seeing other stories of never-ending “automatic deductions” from people’s bank accounts & the hassles they went through. I don’t even care if it is a “legitimate” monthly bill (who also never give up hoping to entice you with the “ease” & “convenience” of “automatic payments”).

      The first half of my life I trusted Everything (about the World, its “Institutions” & ways).

      The second half of my life I trust Nothing about it.

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      • The only automatic payment I have is my auto insurance, because they are so quick to drop if a payment happens to be late. Everything else is by check or money order.

        I want some semblance of control in my financial affairs.

        I’ve tried to convince my daughter of this until I was blue in the face, to no avail. Her generation is so used to cashless/debit cards/pay via smartphone. My daughter has her own checking account, but doesn’t have any checks (she uses her debit card almost exclusively).

        They have no concept of currency, and when SHTF, I know somebody who’ll come over to Daddy in a panic for cash.

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  12. It’s not a subscription. It’s a libtard usage tax. And once the left passes a tax, it remains a tax and never goes away. It only gets bigger, because you have to help the people that can’t help themselves. That’d be you ’cause we’re too busy helping ourselves.

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  13. Unfortunately, changing banks could require a lot of paperwork to change any direct deposit arrangements set up (paychecks, Social Security or pension checks, etc.), fees to open a new account, fees to have checks printed for the new bank account, etc.–and there’s sometimes a lot of time involved in such rearrangements. Never authorize or otherwise allow anyone to deduct payments automatically from your checking account in the first place (or to make recurring automatic monthly charges to a credit card).

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  14. What a dumbmass.

    But then, this goober is a Clinton supporter, and is probably too stoopid to dress himself.

    Stopping automatic payments is easy, and you don’t have to change banks to do it.

    LOL – No wonder idiot people vote for democrats.

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  15. What?? You cant just hit Hills’ old RESET button???

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