Another anti-gun initiative: Oregon AG submits draft ballot title for petition that would ban assault weapons

ellen rosenblum

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum: Working hard against the Second Amendment

Oregon working double-time to make sure there are several initiatives on the November ballot to ban “assault weapons.”

From KATU: Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a draft ballot title earlier this month for an initiative petition that would ban assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

The draft ballot title (Initiative Petition 2018-43), which was filed April 24, would ban those weapons and magazines except for military/law enforcement purposes. Rosenblum aims to have the initiative placed on the November ballot.

“Assault weapons include certain semiautomatic rifles or pistols with a detachable magazine; pistol or rifles with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; certain semiautomatic shotguns. Large capacity magazine is ammunition feeding device with capacity of more than 10 rounds,” the ballot says.

If passed, the law would take effect Jan. 1, 2019. Residents who already own those weapons could keep them, pending a criminal background check. The public has until May 8 to comment on the draft.

The draft ballot is posted on the Office of the Secretary of State web site, located here.

Here’s the full (vague) petition summary:

“Measure criminalizes possession or transfer of “assault weapons” (defined)/”large capacity magazines” (defined) except for military/law enforcement purposes, or persons authorized by State Police after criminal background check. Otherwise possession or transfer is a Class B felony. Within 120 days, persons lawfully owning such weapons or magazines must remove from Oregon, lawfully sell, surrender to law enforcement, render inoperable, or register items with State Police. Applies to inherited items. Bars moving covered items into Oregon. Assault weapons include certain semiautomatic rifles or pistols with a detachable magazine; pistol or rifles with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition; certain semiautomatic shotguns. Large capacity magazine is ammunition feeding device with capacity of more than ten rounds. Effective January 1, 2019. Other provisions.”

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30 responses to “Another anti-gun initiative: Oregon AG submits draft ballot title for petition that would ban assault weapons

  1. She’s another of many dipshit liberals running/ruining the lives of lawful residents.
    It’s this type of horseshit that makes it so easy to despise liberals.

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    • Silhouette . . . . You have called it correctly . . . . truly this is “horseshit!” Heaven knows, Oregon has plenty of it.

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      • Auntie Lulu…this is the 2nd time this week you used a swear word, calm down, you’re losing it! (LOL) If there’s anything that can make Auntie’s a liberal!!! 🙂

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  2. slowly but easily,the weapons will b banned!! i see the same path as i could see during 8 catastrophic years of obama-bs-.garbage-masonic-chit-traitor presidency,in which you the american ppl,just watched how your rights were taken away!!!! WHERE ARE YOU ,PATRIOTS??ISNT THIS A REASON TO MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOILING??? …sad,so sad,sit &watch while the devil working ,one man cant do all the work,i see nothing,zero,nada from the ppl to help him out,so dont be surprised if you are going to live in a banana republic for the rest of your lives!!! and that will b only the beginning of much,much pains…proof me im wrong

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    • palcau ioan . . . . Unfortunately, the Progressives have had a strangle hold on the entire left coast, including Oregon, for several decades.

      I am glad that I am 71 years old, and hopefully I will not have too many more years to have to endure this crap.

      Oregon is a beautiful state, but good Heavens, I rather doubt that the way things are, that we will be able to throw off the yolk of these oppressive masters any time soon. Our schools pump out class after class of little Progressives who carry on this absurd mind set.

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      • Auntie,whishing you many ,many more!then the only thing left is the second (REAL) american revolution,but during the centuries ppl had changed so much,with every generation the sin grew up more powerful,but its not only that,the big pb here its WE THE PEOPLE,we had put hopes n dreams n votes on who? they have a -let me say so-name:TRAITORS!! but wen u close ur eyes n got a blindness ,does nothing against them,the final result is this:the annihilation n total collapse n total control of all of us!! they ppouring them ideaology in our own kids without us saying or doing anyting n thats for hmmm lets say decades only …all this is a lie,what have we been taught is a biiig yuuge mf LIE!!!! they doing well,the progressive/libtad show goes on ,untill sum1 will blow off that tv screan!!…too much 2b said,God Bless you,Auntie!

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  3. and since life means only business for soo many of you,screw you,Trump!!my business going well,made a fortune still doing a if Trump goes down one day?!? mybusiness are ok,family is happy,i dont give a flying chit if ma fking rites are taken away from me,coz ill b damn if i care,ill b damn if i realised it!!! (isnt this way many of you think n live their fking miserably lives?!?)


  4. No doubt about it, Oregon is always on the cutting edge. (The cutting edge of insanity.)

    If I am not mistaken, please correct me if I am wrong, the name
    “Rosenblum” I believe is Jewish. Are those who are of the Jewish persuasion afraid that the goyim may wish to rise up at some point in time? Hence, they need to put restrictive laws in place, to keep us goyim in “our place.”

    I can tell you, it gets rather tedious to continuously be inundated with law after law that restricts the freedom of otherwise peaceful people. Even though this may not apply particularly to me, it just gets to be way over the top between all the edicts that the City of Portland issues, and then the edicts that our counties lay out, and now the State also wants to trounce on us.

    For goodness sakes, we have not had that many cases of gun carnage in our state. Yes we did have a goof ball shooter out at Clackamas Town Center Mall, who thankfully was taken down by a good citizen who had a concealed carry permit.

    This same carnage could just as well be perpetrated by evil doers carrying machetes. Frankly, I become mentally weary by the on-going efforts of those who wish to control us, via their efforts to pass law, after law, after law.

    It is little wonder that those who live in Oregon, stager under the sheer weight of massive taxes to pay for all the dillweeds in office, who have personal crusades to “save us from ourselves.” I rather think that the majority of these same folks desire to “make names for themselves,” in order that they clime the ladder of success, and improve their earning potential by seeking higher office. . . . by coming up through the ranks, to eventually lead the state as a whole. Who knows, the next stop would be to seek office on a Federal level.

    DCG . . . . Bless you for continually bringing us excellent articles. I just wish that “Oregon” would keep a lower profile, so that we did not pop up quite so often on the radar.

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  5. i apologise to all for my above language,its ok if i get a ban,i understand…do you know that in this bs,masonic evil entity aka EUROPEAN UNION,you only have the rights to remain in silence??coz for sooo many fking years,the ppl put their heads on the chit holes,and now its impossible to say something against them or u are an ,,extremist,,?i have spoken w so many about this but they dead brainwashed ppl!!! n hurts me soooo fking harddddd to see my chit human race accepting all this bs…i hoped that USA n its ppl will b different ,will stand up against this bs evil masonic chit nwo,coz no nation enjoyed the freedom that you endorsed ,but i am damn wrong…coz evil its sooo perfide,sooo fking intelligent that no man escape from his arms,im just sad,to see happening all these things,we are the witnesses of a grand evil art!!! …peace,God Bless you all


  6. As usual:

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  7. Ok, assault rifles are for assaults, right? I don’t plan to assault anybody, I am a law abiding citizen woman that has what it takes to defend herself from assault and if it comes to that, trust me, what’s in front of me won’t be able to tell the story. Yes, I am all FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND WHEN NEEDED THE ASSAULT RIFLE IS ALL WE NEED TO DEFEND THE SECOND AMENDMENT, SO BE IT!

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    I would think these fools would have realized by now that all these proposed bans accomplish is firearms buying frenzies. It is my only hope that the true U.S. citizens will be as prepared and determined to use them as they are to have them. The arrogance of these big government power mongers needs to be confronted and buried.

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  9. “Never again!” say the likes of Rosenblum … with a tone of regret

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    • You have to be curious as to what this AG’s thought process is on her ancestors having a way to defend themselves instead of a near annilation? Would she have been happy for them to turn in their arms?
      Does she have a body guard? Does she live behind a secure wall? Is she afraid of what will happen if and when liberals continue with their complete takeover of America? She should be very afraid because those that deny the right to defense will be the first targets.

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  10. Another day, another gun grabbing Jew.

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  11. We all better realize that they’re going after the exact and only mainstream weapon we need to fend them off, without the AR we’re toast, and they know it.

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  12. A YouTuber called ‘HighImpactFlix has a website with lots of t-shirts that we might all wear with pride: Witty and to the point!

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    • I’ve followed Brian at HighImpactFlix since he got started, he’s a good guy and very intelligent…a strong 2nd Amendment Patriot. He just recently did a good video on liberal cities. I don’t watch human dramas or sitcoms, I don’t adore celebrities or actors, people like Brian, Dr Eowyn, Wolfgang Halbig, Fetzer, Etc., those are my true American heroes whom I have the utmost respect for. If and/or when it ever pops off, these are the people I’d stand shoulder to shoulder with on the front lines.

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  13. Vague descriptors and subjective numbers…her and similar ilk need a nice, relaxing cruise into the Sun

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  14. Consider the name . . . Oy! Just remember this, boys and girls. Gun control is goy control. 60-plus million dead in Russia and the neo-Bolsheviks are coming after your guns, America. History does rhyme, doesn’t it?

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