Not an uncommon occurrence: Knife attacker kills nine children in China

knife attack

Where there is an evil will, there is a way.

From Yahoo: A knife-wielding man with a grudge killed nine middle school children and injured at least 10 others as they returned home in northern China on Friday, authorities said, in one of the deadliest such rampages in the country in recent years.

The 28-year-old suspect was detained and the injured children were receiving hospital treatment, the Mizhi County public security bureau in Shaanxi province said on its official social media account.

Seven girls and two boys were killed, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing local police. The ages of the children were not given, but middle schoolers are usually between 12 and 15 years old in China.

The incident took place at around 6:10 pm local time, the department said.

A man surnamed Zhao from Zhaojiashan village in Mizhi County was arrested, the public security bureau said.

The suspect confessed that he had been “bullied” when he attended the same Number Three Middle School when he was a child, “hated” his classmates and decided to use a “dagger” to kill people on Friday, the bureau said.

A video posted by The Paper, a daily, on video-sharing website shows two or three bodies lying on the ground in a narrow lane. A person is heard shouting “hurry, call the police!” Police are seen running and later frogmarching a man down the street.

AFP could not immediately verify the authenticity of the video.

Knife attacks are not uncommon in the country.

In February, a knife-wielding man with a personal grudge killed a woman and injured 12 others in a busy Beijing shopping mall — a rare act of violence in the heavily policed capital.

In the southern city of Shenzhen, a man armed with a kitchen knife killed two people and wounded nine others in a supermarket last July.

Attacks have also targeted schoolchildren in the past, forcing authorities to increase security around schools.

In January 2017, a man armed with a kitchen knife stabbed and wounded 11 children at a kindergarten in China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The previous February a knife-wielding assailant wounded 10 children in Haikou, in the southern island province of Hainan, before committing suicide. The man had entered the school in the afternoon, claiming that he was there to pick up his son.

The attacks have led to calls for more research into the root causes of such acts.

Violent crime has been on the rise in China in recent decades as the nation’s economy has boomed and the gap between rich and poor has widened rapidly.

Studies have also described a rise in the prevalence of mental disorders, some of them linked to stress as the pace of life becomes faster and support systems wither.

In June last year, a bomb blast that killed eight people and injured dozens outside a kindergarten in Fengxian, eastern China, was blamed on a 22-year-old introvert with health problems who had written the words “death” and “destroy” on the walls of his apartment. Material to make a homemade explosive device was found in the home.


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  1. AND our MSM here in America would lead us to believe that America is the only country in the world that is having a crime problem all because we have the right to bear arms per the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution of these United States of America. May the Lord have mercy and please come quickly.

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    • Cabin 1954 . . . . God Bless you for stating the obvious. It is ridiculous that MSM continuously dumps the lie on our heads . . . the United States of America is the only country on the globe who has evil, miscreant killers within her boarders!

      Thank Heavens, our Founding Father’s were prompted to enshrine the Second Amendment in Our Constitution.

      I think we can all agree with . . . “May the Lord have mercy and please come quickly.”

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      • Nicely said, Lulu. Indeed. We should remember that a great many people still get their “news” from TV. All that is are lies. We know how awful it is worldwide. Some of us know why.

        Even with that said, you’d think they would know that there has to be a reason why they are so keen to disarm us. Maybe they believe they want to “protect” us. That’s a laugh.

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  2. “Crime” has never been in short supply. It is only low when those in a given society feel happy with that society and wish it to function properly. Whenever there are problems in a society the blame begins.

    Sometimes a society can get so distraught that people begin to “snap”. Whatever objects are at their disposal will be used. We have made it very clear here that we do not buy into the rhetoric that ‘guns cause crime”. This has nothing to do with “crime”, per se, and everything to do with parasite safety.

    In any society it is imperative that people are able to defend themselves. If they don’t have that ability they are nothing but prisoners. The premise that follows from “guns cause crime” is “officials will protect you”. This is an obvious failure even by THEIR lights. No they won’t, and frankly, that isn’t their job.

    Laws won’t protect you either, for that matter. The cops are there to enforce the law. The laws are sold on the idea that, somehow, THEY will protect you. That is ludicrous, in itself and has been demonstrated as such many, many times.

    So, cops or no cops, laws or no laws, it is still possible to be assaulted by an adversary for any reason. Being prepared to repel that attack is both a duty and a responsibility of being an adult. The analyzing and scapegoating come later. When under attack the last thing you do is throw away your weapons.

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    • lophatt . . . . Congratulations! You have covered the entire gamete of points surrounding “Crime.” Wiser words were never written than . . . “When under attack the last thing you do is throw away your weapons.”

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  3. Isn’t it peculiar that the man perpetrating this horrendous occurrence supposedly did so because he was “bullied as a child at that very exact same school.” Tell me, where is the logic in that? I at least understand if he had hunted down the adult perpetrator’s who had bullied him. Even thought that would still be a very evil act; but why would you kill and maim young people who had nothing to do with how you were treated as a youth? Let’s hope that the Chinese justice system acts swiftly to send this man to the next world for his Eternal Judgement.

    I personally do not subscribe to the idea that those with “mental problems” should be treated endlessly, and then if they recover from their mental afflictions–then you proceed to seek justice for their acts. Many may think this is extremely harsh. However, I have not read anywhere in the Bible where “mental or emotional problems” should be taken into consideration when Justice is meted out.

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    • I would think that “mental problems” in Biblical times would be more likely to be seen as possession. For all I know, they may have been right. I certainly do not see my ancestors as stupid or unduly superstitious.

      I have said that in order to keep my obligations with my faith I see “judgement” as The Lord’s. It is normal to want “revenge” but it is our duty to try to overcome that desire. In due time we all are called to account for our actions and criminals are not an exception.

      For us in society we have to separate people who threaten us. In some instances, and I think those are all non-violent crimes, incarceration could serve as a deterrent. For the violent I’m not so sure. They are much more likely to reoffend and it is much riskier to determine them safe for reentry into society.

      I understand the emotions involved in these cases. For me it is important that I carry my own cross. Others must carry their own. Even if we provide help to criminals to help rehabilitate them, it is still THEIR responsibility, not ours to have a successful outcome.

      It is more than obvious to me that we are not perfect in our administration of what we call “justice”. That’s understandable. It doesn’t belong to us. It’s the Lord’s. He’s perfect, not us.

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      • lophatt . . . . I respect you for the righteous and God-fearing individual that you are. It is in this vain that I want to make clear what my feelings are regarding “the death penalty.

        One of the very most grievous sins anyone could commit, is that they shed innocent blood. When I say that I am in favor of “capital punishment” it is my feeling that while Jesus Christ, Our Savior not only bled from every pore in the Garden of Gethsemane, so great was the weight of all the world’s sins which he was willingly taking upon himself . . . . it is by “personal atonement” that we can lay claim to that great gift of the Savior’s Atonement for us.

        Personal atonement would go along with and be a part of our personal repentance for our sins. I must say because the Savior’s blood was shed not only in Gethsemane, but also partially the time of his crucifixion, I prefer that a person who is put to death for the sin of having shed innocent blood, do so in a manner where some part of their blood is also shed–such as by firing squad. In my mind this is symbolic of the Lord’s sacrifice. When those who are guilty of shedding innocent blood, forfeit their own life, which is the greatest sacrifice THEY CAN MAKE towards restitution for the life they took. Then, if there be in the Eternal realm’s on high a Judgement that they should be saved from Eternal Punishment–then that decree is in the hands of The Lord.

        My personal feelings about capitol punishment have very little to do with feelings of “vengeance,” and have everything to do with helping another individual who has sinned to such a degree that they are perhaps in store of receiving unending Eternal punishment. I would hope and pray that those who have committed the sin of shedding innocent blood, might in some manner make restitution before the Lord, to whatever degree they are able, and in accordance with that repentance–they may be eligible for a lesser Judgement throughout Eternity.

        Among us who are onlookers to those who have committed the sin of shedding innocent blood–it is awful to contemplate that these individuals may have to endure “No hope of a glorious resurrection.” Of course the final Judgement as to the state of a criminal’s resurrection lies squarely upon He Who Atoned for Us All.

        I just hope for those who have tried to make restitution for shedding innocent blood that their efforts of restitution may be successful, to whatever degree.So that they are able to avoid remaining in the depths of Hell through out Eternity. Even if it is that they must serve in Hell initially, but perhaps at some appropriate time they gain even some degree of resurrection. . . some degree of what all of us seek in the Eternal Mansions on high. Unfortunately, things are not always black and white. Perhaps there is provision for those areas in between.

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        • After contemplating the above, I though of people such as the Clintons. When we think about ALL THE DEATHS, suspicious, and untimely that are left at the doorsteps of the Clinton Killing Machine, I have no problem with capital punishment as a solution. Some people, who are so removed from God, that they would take the lives of the eternal children of God the Father, without though of consequence. I think the only place where they possibly should be throughout Eternity is Hell . . . but even then, I leave this Judgement to the Lord. I have a very hard time imagining that anyone who habitually shed innocent blood, for personal gain, or to avoid detection of wrong doing, would ever even desire to attempt to make personal atonement for all the lives they have taken. The same with Pol Pot, Mao, and so many others.

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    • The same thoughts went through my head Auntie- killing kids that had nothing to do with your problems? I am guessing an extreme case of projection where the perp is literally trapped as an adolescent psychologically and emotionally himself. He hasn’t matured beyond whenever the original trauma took place. Don’t think I am excusing him at all- just trying to explain the twisted mind.
      The thing here is that the whole world is getting darker each day, but China has already been there for quite some time. Can you imagine the level of fear these people live with? Factory workers commit suicide daily by throwing themselves off of buildings. Young girls are sent away from home to work in these factories and are only able to see their families once a month or so. Women are as nothing, only male children are valued.They have taken away all religion, hence all solace and meaning from these people. I have never been a great admirer of Chinese culture for many reasons, but when Coudenhove Kalergi wrote in his book “Practical Idealism” that the Chinese were the Jews equals in the East, he must have had a reason for stating such. The Chinese do not value animals as creatures of God the way we do here in the West, and they hardly value other human life. They are one of the most unsanitary cultures as well. Money and security and having a male child seem to drive them.
      In the following articles it gives a glimpse into what had been set up in China under Mao- we are talking a Hell on Earth. humans beings were not made for this- we were made for love. But if you think about the lack of compassion already extant in this culture, and then you add the the soul crushing ideology of Communism, brought to China by Jews on top, it is no wonder we see such an utterly sick and twisted country.
      I apologize for posting the following, but as with some of the grim things Dr. Eowyn posts, people need to be aware of what we are dealing with. The following quote and the links will go along way in explaining how China has become such a demon infested country. If they were ever to get out of this, I am convinced only the love of Christ and his teachings could begin to heal the people as is now happening in Russia.

      “In the Nine Commentaries we can read the following horrific stories showing how the CCP wanted to turn Chinese people into wicked monsters without human nature:
      “….. former U.S. President Hoover commented that the book exposed the naked terror of communist movements….Teachers led the children to the square from school. The purpose for the gathering was to watch the killing of 13 patriotic young men… The soldier went behind the first victim, quickly raised a big sharp knife and struck downwards, and the first head fell to the ground. Blood sprayed out like a fountain as the head rolled on the ground. The children’s hysterical singing turned into chaotic screaming and crying. The teacher kept the beat, trying to keep the songs going; her bell was heard ringing over and over in the chaos… After that, many communist soldiers came over, cut the victims’ chests open and took out their hearts for a feast. All the brutality was done in front of the children. The children went all pale due to the terror, and some started throwing up…. The children became used to the bloody scenes and numb to the killing; some even started to enjoy the excitement.”
      “De Jaegher wrote that a CCP member in Shanxi province invented a terrible torture for people considered enemies of the CCP. He bought huge vats where he boiled people to death. Once there was a father being boiled in front of his son and his skin was peeled off after being bathed in acid and vinegar. The CCP wanted the son to see his father die in excruciating pain while listening to his father´s agonizing screams.”
      “The way to kill babies was the most brutal: the killer stepped on one leg of a baby and pulled the other leg, tearing the baby in half.” (Investigation of Daxing Massacre by Yu Luowen)

      Even cannibalism was abundant during this period. Writer Zheng Yi, author of the book Scarlet Memorial described the cannibalism….
      Zheng Yi writes:
      “For example when cutting open a living person, the killers only needed to cut a cross on the victim’s belly, step on his body (if the victim was tied to a tree, the killers would bump his lower abdomen with the knee) and the heart and other organs would just fall out. The head killer was entitled to the heart, liver and genitals while others would take what was left. These grand yet dreadful scenes were adorned with flying flags and slogans…
      The third stage was crazed. Cannibalism became a massive widespread movement. In Wuxuan County, like wild dogs eating corpses during an epidemic, people were madly eating other people… The hurricane of “class struggle” blew away any sense of sin and human nature from people’s minds. Cannibalism spread like an epidemic and people enjoyed cannibalistic feasts. Any part of the human body was edible, including the heart, meat, liver, kidneys, elbows, feet, and tendons… During the peak of this movement, even the cafeteria of the highest government organization, Wuxuan County Revolutionary Committee, offered human dishes.”

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      • Lana . . . . Thank you for providing the above comments. Although, it is heinous to contemplate, never the less, we in the West need to know what is actually going on in countries to the East.

        It is very easy to come to the conclusion that the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be taught to these peoples before the coming of Our Savior to reign personally on the Earth at the beginning of the end of time.

        When we read of such evil and depravity in these far away lands, it brings into sharper focus, the great blessing that each of us has by virtue of having been born in, or immigrated to the United States of America. We truly are among the most blessed people ever to live on this Earth.

        God Bless America, may our freedom be preserved throughout time until the Savior returns!

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  4. It’s Psych Meds…It’s Psych Meds…It’s Psych Meds!!!! We always had people, we always had guns, knives…there’s only one thing we didn’t have. We have to ban all Psychotropic Pharmaceuticals. No one is thinking straight. They think they’re watching a movie with them in it!! It’s sorcery!

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    • Amen, Stovepipe!

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    • I think they play a part. I am not prepared to ascribe ALL of these to them, however. They may also play a part in a larger mind-control effort related to their patsies.

      Like that Aurora shooter “James Holmes”, he looks like someone stoned on Devil’s Dust (Scopolamine) . That is a known chemical in the CIA’s (and by extension Mossad’s) toolbox. It’s like the ultimate rape date drug. The victim has no resistance and can’t remember a thing.

      I think it’s important to look at this but it may be a mistake to put all those eggs in one basket. I have lost count of the number of cases where the FBI has been found to have bred “terrorists” for their own use.

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      • I agree, but only on these controlled situations we’re all spoon fed, I can see it in a mere still photo, they got that Cruz kid so goof balled up he doesn’t know what day it is. I’m talking about the countless everyday occurrences in mainstream life, the societal breakdown, I know decadence plays a part, sort of like Rome..But all the robbery’s, the disrespect, littering, Domestic shootings, stabbings, Divorce, no honor, no Base, running from police with no respect for authority or rule of law. Lophatt, I’m going to bear my soul on a public thread, and I’ll probably regret it. 11 yrs ago, the VA had me on three different medications, I had Chronic Lyme Disease, my life was folding in around me, I couldn’t work, blew through all my savings, I was depressed because I was losing everything I worked for, scared. They, instead of treating a highly political disease, or even acknowledging the weaponized syphilis put into a hard shell tick that bit me…put me into mental health and medicated the crap out of me. I spent 2yrs stuck in bed researching this disease, talked with other sufferers on Lyme Threads, and found out that they do the same thing to everyone, Lyme Disease is treated exactly like Agent Orange or Gulf War Syndrome, they tell you that you’re delusional, medicate you till you’re insane, then officially declare you insane. I will tell you right now that it was worse than the Lyme, I was either laughing or crying, an emotional roller coaster that I had absolutely no control over. I will admit right now, that I was capable of suicide, homicide, and or both. I’d conger up thoughts in my head and and act on them. I was paranoid, thinking someone was going to kick in my door at any given moment, I heard voices, my name being called 3 times out in the woods by my barn, I felt someone touch my shoulder twice when no one was there. It took me months to get off those things, it was actually worse than when I was taking them, I couldn’t even drive, I couldn’t make any snap decisions in traffic or just be in public, I also lost all my friends, they couldn’t be around me, they were scared and I still don’t blame them. Everything is normal now, I took my health into my own hands, I take high end Nutraceuticals, Supplements, 12-17 per day depending on what day. The other day was big for me, I made an Appt at the VA after a 7yr absence, had all my records switched from Providence (the belly of the beast)to Ct. I barked the truth at the machine, and not only their professional egotism, but them being Fed’s, crushed me like an Ant. I’ll send Dr. E a paper I wrote on the History of Lyme Disease, maybe she can get it to you. In brief, His name was Eric Traub, a Nazi Scientist from the Third Reich, imported here after the War as part of Operation(Project)Paperclip, they put him on Plum Island 10 miles away, we even built a Lab for him that exactly matched the Specs of the one he had in the Black Forest. The rest is history…with a lot of collateral damage. Just like Agent Orange or Gulf War syndrome, the Government is responsible, and won’t own up to it,$$$ Just look at a US map of LD Cases, it comes right from my back door, the epicenter, it’s named after Lyme, Ct….I know I digressed, but in short, I’ve experienced those horrible psych meds, that’s how I know no one’s thinking straight that’s on them.

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        • Sorry you had to go through that. Not to take away from your experience but I once had to get a federal pest control license to administer federal pest control contracts. It was pretty intense. It involve classes at Purdue and six weeks of intensive training with entomologists.

          Lyme disease came up. At the time it was not “accepted” as a disease. Although it was not “accepted”, they knew all about it. I thought that rather strange at the time.

          Anyway, yes I’m sure the drugs can and do mess with a person’s mind. My own mother went insane so I’m somewhat familiar with psychiatrists and their use of drugs. I have also know a few psychotic individuals who’s behaviors are controlled through their use.

          Lastly, I am the parent of an adult daughter with severe Autism. At the moment she is not on any psychotropic meds, but she has been in the past.

          I read from time to time accounts from individuals who claim to hear voices or be controlled by others electronically. I am always at a loss as to what to say to those. I certainly do not deny them, nor do I think they are lying.

          On the other hand, insane people aren’t lying either. To me what makes this type of thing so insidious is the fact that it is hard to absolutely prove one way or another.

          In terms of “control”, it would seem that a drug (or other method) would need to produce reliable results. If someone’s behavior is erratic, that would not be a good (useful) outcome for the controller.

          On the other hand, if someone is simply trying to create chaos, drugs are surely a great way to do that. The brain, and even the nature of reality, is so little understood. It is frightening what they are willing to do when they do not understand what they are working with.

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          • Hey Lophatt, I have to run out, be back in an hour and I’ll reply. Just for the record, I think the same as you do as far as ‘people hearing voices’, and sometimes telling them what to do…I’ve always been pessimistic when it comes to that stuff. My exact situation was standing outside my barn, almost in the same spot, twice, I heard my name, plain as day…no voices in my head, this was exterior, and no one was there…it still haunts me to think about it. It’s never happened again, thank God. I’ll be back, I’m sorry to hear about your child, my friend has a Son that has real problems with the texture of things, and certain sounds. I say 2nd round of shots at 18monts is the culprit, Thimerisol….a Neurotoxin extraordinaire.

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        • Stovepipe . . . . God Bless you for sharing the tumultuous events of your life. Please know that you are a most valued member of the FOTM family. Hopefully, the rest of your life will be better than the things that you have endured in previous years.

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          • Auntie Lulu,

            In recognition of your unfailingly gracious responses to, encouragement and acknowledgments of other commenters, you are hereby conferred with a Certificate of Merit as Fellowship of the Minds’ honorary Ambassador.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . I also agree with you, and I would add to that–the constant depiction of evil on TV and movies have definitely added to the fact that “No one is thinking straight.” I think people have started blending when they see on TV and movies, as truly being a part and parcel of their real lives.

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      • Auntie Lulu, I agree, I was also going to add the violent video games that never existed in my lifetime, I never played one, but it must in some way desensitize the user. This is for you too Lophatt, I agree with you also, I’m no expert on any of this stuff, and I agree that it’s a huge aggregate of evil. I’m glad I got to live and experience a world where trust was much more prevalent, when we didn’t get survailled or live in a Police State. I honestly long for the past, I’ve witnessed first hand, the destruction at warp speed of this beautiful place that God created.

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        • Yes, to you and Lullu, it is rather poignant that it is so beautiful but so likely to come to an inglorious end. We have been blessed to have lived in better times. I worry for my kids and grandkids.

          I saw most of this coming, but I didn’t expect it to come this fast. I think that all we can do is hold our faith close and try to enjoy what we can. These awful things are not of our doing.

          On a positive note, even after I’m gone I don’t expect their new “vision” will last long.

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          • “I didn’t expect it to come this fast”

            Ditto 😦


            • I don’t mean to be rude but if you think it came fast, you haven’t been paying attention. I have been reading about the end and waiting since the late 80’s. The libertarians have been warning. The John Birchers have been warning since the 60’s. And no one paid attention. Or they called them names. None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen woke me up. Libertarians pointed out the economic collapse that would come from the abandonment of real gold backing of our money. I am afraid Americans have been asleep. Suddenly the pot is boiling and us frogs can’t jump out.


          • lophatt . . . . There is no doubt that those of us who lived through the 1950’s and early 1960’s truly lived during a most sweet and wonderful period of time in the history of our country. I also grieve for the breakdown of our society, and our government/ Who could have possibly thought that things would devolve so quickly into the chaos and evil that assails us today?

            I think we can all agree with you . . . “even after I’m gone. I don’t expect their new ‘vision’ will last long,” since there will come a time when Jesus Christ returns to the Earth . . . all this evil and depravity will be done away with under his rule and reign, and we can be thankful for that.

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  5. The European way of life develop the kind of behavior that China is experience. Just wait when they have LGBTQ issues…..

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  6. As Ye sow, so shall Ye reap: Thanks to the internet and sites like FOTM, Alex Jones, Lyndon Larouche and a number of others, it has only been within the past few years that I learned that the CIA basically betrayed Chang Kishek and handed China over to the Communists, led by the monstrous Mao. (Dr. Henry Makow has maintained that in Mao, China was handed over to Chinese Jews called the Hakkahs). Thus, Communist or “Red” China was baptized in blood and confirmed in massacre!

    The people of China have been held hostage to GODLESS COMMUNISM ever since, and MURDER & MASSACRE have been its currency! A few years ago—about 2009—the Chinese Government admitted it found additional documentation that the real Mao death toll has higher than previously thought, upping it to “over 84 million.” I have also read that the real Mao death toll may be as high as 240 MILLION. I would not be surprised.

    This is what we get with GODLESS COMMUNISM. And we must thank Almighty God that this has not happened here—yet. (Or one could argue it already has, thanks to contraception and abortion and The Pill!) And it has been PRECISELY the Chinese business model of being “Murder, Incorporated” that has been—on the record—as being PRAISED by such moral monsters as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzynski and George H.W. Bush as being the ideal model for humanity. YES, ideal if one seeks to eliminate 90% of the masses of humanity through famine and massacre!

    Not to worry about this madman: The mobile execution van will come for him soon enough. And that’s because he made the mistake of not becoming one of the Rothschild elite and played the game their way!
    WHEN O WHEN will God Release China from this Bridle of Horror??? WHEN O WHEN will God Release the rest of Humanity from this business model??? (Once the Anti-Christ has wreaked his horror upon all of Humanity, I really fear).

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  7. Steven . . . . When in college I roomed with several girls from Formosa, which has now been gobbled up by China. If the death tolls are anywhere near even the lower of the numbers you cite, it is just carnage on a tremendous scale. When you look at all the murders that can be attributed to various Communist regimes . . . the numbers are so high, when contemplating this, it causes one to nearly be unable to breath.

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  8. Here’s the Lyme Disease Letter that got me thrown off FB, I Posted it, I could see it but no one else could, everyone was asking where it was because I Posted that I would be writing it at 10pm. So we set up a plan the next day, I opened 5 Tabs with 5 of my friends FB Pages open. I Posted this letter again and I personally watched it appear for1 second and disappear instantly on their Pages, but I could see it on my Page. The next day I got thrown off of FB for violating community guidelines with no other explanation, the next thing I got from FB was an email stating “Your Page has been set up for deletion”. I was only on for 3 weeks, I’m not a social networker, a few friends talked me into it, the Stazi would have loved FaceBook! Here’s the 1st letter of a tentative 3 Parts, I never got to do the others….

    Circa 1945, Post WWII, the US was in a race with Russia to obtain Nazi technology of all types..Hence, Operation Paperclip. A US Government Project created to Import Nazi Scientists. We treated them like rock royalty, some went to Universities, Military, Govt Laboratories, even Political Offices. Halfway through the operation, the John Birch Society stepped up and publicly intervened due to the fact that we were Importing 100’s of Nazi War Criminals. An assessment was done by a Govt created Panel Commissioned for oversight, the Program was continued and ultimately we were inundated with 1,500 Nazi’s and their Families…all given US Citizenship and Immunity from all War Crimes, we gave them top tier housing and sent their children to Private Schools, we even provided them with Transportation and Security. One such Nazi, Erich Traub, who worked for directly with The Third Reich, he reported directly to Himmler, his claim to fame was the art of putting Syphilis into a Hard Shell Tick as a Vector, only 2 types of Ticks can be used, The Lone Star Tick, and The Black Legged deer Tick, (the Lone Star was always exclusive to Texas, now mysteriously it’s in New England), we didn’t treat him like a rock star because he knew how to grow Daises. He was given land near Bethesda Md, by Dupont, he was under Investigation twice for un American activities, he had built underground bunkers, extensive weapons, food, etc. On the trips he took to Plumb Island, he was on a Private Ferry, we gave him and his Wife a skyline Penthouse in Manhattan NY…and we built his Laboratory on Plum Island exactly to his specifications to replicate his existing lab in Europe, one in the Black Forest, and an Annex on The Baltic Sea. Europe is experiencing the wrath of the same Disease, it’s just not called Lyme. It’s such a Pandemic there that the Village Pharmacies can’t keep enough Medicine in stock. The CDC last year reported a major error in calculating the Documented Cases, they admitted they under reported, and that it was 10 Times the amount reported. It is now admitted by The CDC that 400,000 new cases of Lyme Disease are reported each year in the US….for Decades they under reported by design, they claimed 40,000 a year. In 1994 the CDC removed 30 Bars from the Western Blot Test, just to make it harder for people to get Lyme officially on paper, there’s only 5 Bars now, I’m 5 out of 5. To be officially reported to the CDC you have to Have a Bulls Eye Rash and a Positive Elisa or Western blot Test. The Tests are inadequate by design, also the tests only go to one of two National Testing Laboratories who’s Shareholders are the Who’s Who of the Establishment…Senator’s Wives…Etc. In July of 2011/15 Sen Blumenthal introduced HR6100/6200 to end a travesty…kind of. What happens is, if a Doctor shows compassion for a Lyme sufferer, and gives proper treatment, a strong regiment of Intervenes Antibiotics, at $17,000+ a month, The Insurance Co’s would raise a Red Flag and contact the CDC, the CDC would contact the Local State Medical Board and the Doctor would be harassed, scrutinized, ridiculed, have their Medical License Suspended, and if the Dr. didn’t play ball, their Medical License to Practice Medicine was Revoked. The Bills Passed and went into Law in Ct., but all of the Doctors are still scared from decades of a Chilling Effect, Lyme Literate Doctors are far and few apart. Connecticut is the Epicenter of this debilitating infliction and we have the least amount of any type of Funding or support. They put Billions into the Rockefeller Patented Zika Virus, constantly drumming up donations for Cancer Research, but not a Dime into Lyme, as a matter of fact they still deny the existence of Chronic Late Stage Lyme, the game is rigged folks, plain and simple. It’s a Pandemic and no one speaks about it because it’s Syphilis, it’s not Politically Correct. In my youth I was naive, I thought how could they be so careless to do outdoor testing, I thought the birds maybe carried Infected Ticks to the Mainland, or Deer would swim back and forth from Mason Island. But now, considering the evil I’ve seen, I think it was unleashed by design. Call it Eugenics, or a Nazi Conspiracy, either way, we are collateral damage. Our Govt. has a fascination with Syphilis, look up the The Tuskegee Project where they infected 600 impoverished Black men and it spread to family members and sexual partners, thousands. President Carter and Obama recently gave Guatemala a formal apology for infecting Prisoners, Soldiers, and Mental Patients with Syphilis, it was called the ‘Guatemala Syphilis Experiment’. In Huntsville Texas in 1995 they purposely infected a housing unit at the State Prison via Aerosol Micoplasm, the Prisoners were unaware of the Testing, and passed it to the Guards, the Guard’s Family members, and into the community. They also did Declassified Tracking Studies, one was in the Subway System in NYC to see if the Rat’s would Host, it failed. The others were by Air over Minnesota and Wisconsin, I’ll attach a map, you’ll see where those 2 States are hit hard I’m sick of typing, tomorrow I will Post Part 2…Please Share.

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    • I forgot, here’s an Interesting Article..

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      • I can believe some of this, other part seem questionable. It is hard to imagine Russian cooperation with Nazis. I can believe Rockefeller involvement in eugenics.

        Plum Island was not confined to tick studies. They also did hoof and mouth disease, a plan to drop infected bats during the war, and a host of other screwball ideas.

        While I know that it is always “sexy” to include “Nazis”, I’m not so sure they were any different from anyone else when it comes to warfare or a perverse interest in harmful science.

        Let us not forget that WE imported the Paperclip bunch, and many more. We didn’t do that for “humanitarian” motives. I find all of this sort of experimentation repulsive.

        There is no way to contain some of these vectors. Unfortunately, these types of experiments are more widespread than many realize. I really don’t know how someone that is involved with stuff like this sleeps at night.

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    • That’s interesting stuff. I took my pest control classes in the late ’70’s and they were just then starting to acknowledge it as a disease syndrome. Understand that we were talking about it as the ticks were considered disease vectors.

      I had not heard any reference to “Syphilis” in our discussions. We did talk about experiments at Plum Island and the likelihood that those were the source of the disease. At the time not many doctors were willing to recognize the symptoms as belonging to a disease.

      It seemed that the entomologists accepted it as a tick-borne disease.

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      • It’s a Syphilis Spirochete, the Government calls them “Cousins”. Plum Island is closed now, they’re trying to sell it and are having problems doing so. Homeland Security took over the Island and won’t let anyone close, they intercepted a guy I know, they came out and just rode abreast next to him until he veered off. Here’s the kicker, obama put 12 Billion into a new Bio Terror Lab in Manhattan Kansas, right in the heart of our crops and most of our Beef, this one is very concerning because of it’s location alone. They’re Govt. Facilities, they screw up, Plum Island got caught using duct tape on spent door seals, etc.


  9. David Hogg blames Trump and the NRA…

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    • Anonymous . . . . That really takes the cake. There are so many more individuals, and entities that deserve our disdain. Unfortunately, Mr Hogg is young, and just does not know what evil really looks like! Perhaps, some day he will. One can only hope.

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  10. I would be in a constant state of fear and trepidation if I had participated in any of these modalities which are meant to kill and or maim other human beings.

    It is little wonder, as a child we did not have things like “chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and other previously unheard of diseases.” There is little doubt in my mind that much of what ails today’s generations has been engineered to plague us. Just look at the “chemtrails.” Thee is just a plethora of weird biological stuff going on in today’s world.

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  11. I remember during the Olympics held there, a deranged man knifed to death a tourist there for the Olympics in a very public tourist attraction. Knives have been a weapon of choice of them for hundreds of years. It is a cold society and we have all seen the videos of them running over little toddlers and driving on, of causing auto accidents and driving on. Killing their girl babies in hopes the next one will be a son.
    Wanting a son in hopes he will marry up and his wife can be the family slave so to speak.
    Selling contaminated food and dog products that can kill without any concern except for the almighty dollar.
    After living among them for years, I still fail to fully comprehend the mindset.

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