Florida high school assignment: Analyze child’s blood type with two possible baby daddies


This is not surprising. Nor will this be the last time something like this happens.

From NY Post: Omar Austin had to do a double take when he spotted a sexually explicit question on his teenage daughter’s homework assignment this week.

“This needs to be seen. [What the hell] is going on in our schools???” the Florida father asked as he read the question aloud in a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

The mulitiple choice question reportedly read, Ursula was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her after having sex. To get revenge, she had sex with his best friend the next day. Ursula had a beautiful baby girl nine months later. Ursula has type O blood, her ex-boyfriend has AB blood and his best friend is type A blood. If her baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend what could the possible blood type(s) of her baby NOT be.

As of Friday evening, the video has been viewed more than 500 times and sparked a handful of comments from concerned residents.

“Someone actually gets paid to make the test. I’m assuming someone checks the wording of the question? What happened to common sense!” one Facebook user wrote.

“Wow… just wow!” another exclaimed.

Austin told First Coast News in Florida he immediately contacted the principal at Westside High School in Jacksonville to flag the inappropriate question that was on his eleventh-grade daughter’s practice test for her upcoming anatomy exam.

“This was a district-generated worksheet that her teacher just printed offline and it was given to the students,” Austin explained to the local news station. “I want it to be acknowledged. I want it to be reviewed. And I want it to be changed.”

Duval County Public Schools said in a statement obtained by First Coast News that it agreed the question was “highly inappropriate” and confirmed it was not part of a district assessment.

“Immediately upon being made aware of this matter, school and district leaders began conducting a review of the situation. Appropriate and corrective action will be taken,” the district stated. “We encourage parents to contact their school leaders directly if they ever have any concerns about their child’s school and instructional experience so that we can immediately work to problem-solve.”

Austin called the “biased” question “sad and a disgrace to our educational system.” He said he hopes the school will be more careful in the future and thoroughly read every assignment they pass out to high schoolers. “I think that we can do better,” he added.

The school district said they don’t believe the inappropriate worksheet was passed out to any other schools but they are still investigating.

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21 responses to “Florida high school assignment: Analyze child’s blood type with two possible baby daddies

  1. Our public schools have degenerated to the level of a Jerry Springer-Maury Povich show.

    Home school your kids!!!

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  2. Round up every responsible Party, from the Publisher to the Administration, to the Teacher that passed out the Test, and bring them up on Charges of Child Abuse.

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  3. When Hil-liary Clinton, back in the ’90s said ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, I remember cringing and thinking that what she meant by ‘village’ was her socialist/communist idea – the village/state/indoctrination centers, translated further to mean ‘we, the government, own your children’. It was deeply unsettling then and yet . . . we’re there!

    What I have to say to all of those cooperating in the stealing of our children, the stealing of our country, the stealing of our future is this:

    Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin! Vengeance belongs to God, and you can be sure He will repay!

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    • …and then we have Cloward & Piven, that’s a whole different tactic to create “a village”, everyone on welfare and subservient to the government.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      “Baby daddy”? Sounds like the literacy of some one of a more ‘tribal’ (as spear in hand, and bone in nose)mentality, than even ‘village idiot’.

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      • Yep. I was going to ask “is ‘Baby Daddy’ a legal status or a ‘term of endearment?”. Our schools are moronic. I am so very thankful that mine actually tried to inspire the students to better themselves.

        “Baby Daddy” indeed! How about “Mack Daddy”, that’s a synonym for Obongo.

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  4. Perversion is on the menu in schools. These so called teachers are marching for higher salaries. Kids are spending more time marching in the streets than in class, and being indoctrinated in politics and sex. No to the raises!

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  5. Answer: B (it’s standard blood type paternity testing, but used as an excuse to push a progressive social agenda of being trashy)

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  6. Michael J. Garrison

    Folks, are we so biblically illiterate that we can’t see what this has reference to??
    This same thing happened in the Bible. A woman goes out and has sex with an evil one, and then comes home to do the same with her husband.
    The only difference is that in the Bible, the woman had TWINS, one from her evil sex-partner, and one from her husband.
    The off-spring of the evil-one slew the off-spring of the husband. Otherwise known as Cain and Able.
    The kicker with this story is that ONLY ONE baby is born, yet TWO MATES are given.

    This means that one baby is missing, gone,…and i get the feeling that the surviving child is named Cain.
    All the “Able’s” are about to be “Cain’d.”


  7. I assume the students have memorized the multiplication tables to 12, know the names, locations of all our states and capitals, know our Constitution and Amendments, our Declaration of Independence and how we made them and can properly write essays. Studies in basic economics (not Marxism) would be helpful.

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  8. Well, anyone who’s actually read the “Communist Manifesto” or “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the schools are what they are.

    They are forming a generation that will accept the garbage that this one is rejecting. Put another way, they are not attempting to make people smarter.

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    The response from the Duval County Public Schools pretty much says it all. They have no idea what the teachers are putting out! And that they encourage parents to let them know if they spot something amiss with the students’ experience. Management speak for we don’t monitor what the teachers are doing. You tell us. Pretty sad that they have no clue as to what is going on in the classrooms.

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  11. This one was caught how many more wasn’t?

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  12. A serious line has been crossed here.

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  13. I don’t refer to them as goobermint skrewels fer nuthin’.

    And I will never understand why parents continue to pack supposedly the most precious things in their lives off to the goobermint to be indoctrinated by goobermint agents.

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