America goes to the toilet: Poop toys are now the rage

As America devolves into a Third World country, the country literally is going to the toilet.

The streets of liberal cities, especially San Francisco, are mine-fields of feces and urine. To accommodate the homeless, Denver, CO even decriminalized public defecation. Scientists warn us about fecal contamination of newly purchased clothing. “Celebrities” openly advocate rimming — the licking of another’s anus, while “gay” men sound the alarm about an outbreak of intestinal parasites from ingesting feces during rimming.

So it’s only fitting that our children are being prepared, accustomed and programmed for living with filth via poop toys.

The AP reports (via WSMV), April 20, 2018, that Mattel, a company best known for its clean-cut Barbie dolls, is set to release a game called Flushin’ Frenzy that sends a brown plastic poop flying into the air.

Mattel's poop toy Flushin' Frenzy

Mattel’s rival, Hasbro, whose water-squirting game Toilet Trouble was a hit last year, released Don’t Step In It, a game where players are blindfolded and have to avoid stepping in poop that’s molded out of a clay-like substance.

Hasbro's Don't Step In It board game

Juli Lennett, the toy analyst at market research company The NPD Group, says “Yeah, poop is a theme. Kids think it’s funny.”

At the New York Toy Fair this weekend, toy makers showed off poop-shaped action figures and squishy toys, including:

  • Hog Wild’s Sticky the Poo, a squishy poop with eyes which clings to walls and ceilings when thrown. There is even a rainbow version called Sticky Unicorn Poo.
  • Flush Force, by toy maker Spin Master, sells 150 nickel-sized mutant critters that kids can collect.
  • Poopeez makes tiny squishy POS (pieces of shit) with character names such as Pooji, Skid Mark and Dumpling.

Ashley Mady

Ashley Mady, who created Poopeez and works for toy company Basic Fun, says Poopeez are aimed at boys aged 7-years-old and up. She thinks the appeal will spread because “We really believe poop is for everyone.”

H/t FOTM‘s Stovepipe

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41 responses to “America goes to the toilet: Poop toys are now the rage

  1. America was already in the toilet….

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    • True George, glad you wrote we were already in the toilet, that’s because there was so much sh…..left over we are now trying to CLEAN IT FOR GOOD.

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  2. Truly, truly disgusting!!! How low can people go!? Somebody flush these poopy people and send them to the sewer where they belong!!!!

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  3. Interesting pic of that board game . Those kids have a slightly darker skin tone than the supposed father . More programming ” diversity ” ?
    Although the boy’s head to dad’s right has the same shape of supposed dad !
    As to the pic of the woman who thought this p.o.s. up ….my bet , she’s Jewish . Just another way to make fools out of the goyim .

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  4. Illegals, illegals and more illegals are the excrement that have been and IS ALLOWED entry into our beloved and beautiful country -a sure way for their countries of origin to rid off their feces. Poverty and bad governments don’t provide and teach clean facilities, and so the spread of parasites, bacteria and epidemics, endemic to that population is spread as they enter our country. The creation of play toilets and board games is a DIRTY FILTHY GAME for children, games are to broaden children’ skills and mind, the answer is GET RID OF THE ILLEGALS and build minds and not destroy. Hands down to Hasbro and Mattel for promoting FILTH. YUK.

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  5. Hadenoughalready

    And we said the 60’s was warped????
    Someone, PLEASE bring them back.

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  6. Thanks Doc, didn’t really need the Hat Tip on this one! 😉

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    From the “swamp”, to the “sewer”.

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  8. Just more crap from the lefties.

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  9. They used to be purposely crude South Park satire… now it’s real:

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  10. If this continues, some day all survivors will be able to go to any other country and eat the food and drink the water with immunity to any illness. We are being led to enjoying our dinners after playing with objects of excretions of other people’s dinners.

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  11. The creator of the poop toys looks like a graduate of Hillel day schools.

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  12. And do we know which people (who also control the media) are obsessed with poop?

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  13. The South Park creators came up with Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo a couple of decades ago, but that was more just to come up with something really outrageous on an already outrageous show, and he was only a once-a-year at best character.

    But even last summer, the fecalmania probably kicked off with the Emoji Movie that came out. Almost everyday for a few months, I would drive by a billboard that featured the Poop emoji.

    And with Alma’s remarks about the illegals, I suppose this crap’s not going away anytime soon. Bad enough that in the warehouse where I work, there are signs in Spanish telling the hispanics not to dump their “used” toliet paper on the floor. And others are just too lazy to even flush. I’d probably get fired if I suggested that as part of a new employee orientation, they’d have to watch how to properly use the facilities.

    There’s a reason why President Trump wants to keep those who come from shithole countries, out of America, and it’s not necessarily terrorism.

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    • Jackie Puppet . . . . Frankly, I find it to be horribly gross that we have well educated, health conscious American workers who must content with other employees who have had little or no “hygiene education.” who come here as immigrants (legal or illegal.)

      There should be classes on hygiene mandated for anyone who gets public assistance, which would include illegal immigrants. It is an atrocity that we have individuals coming across our border’s and bringing with them diseases that had previously been eradicated in this country. Upon entry to our country (as was done decades previously) there should be health screenings, and if you carry any infectious diseases–you get sent back to your own country.

      I was at my local Fred Meyer (think Kroger) store about a year ago when two Hispanic woman were looking at the pre-roasted whole chickens. These come packaged in a plastic closable pouch. These two women, who can only be called incredibly ignorant–opened the package so that could get a better look at the cooked chicken. Then they put it back on the shelf–evidently the looks of this cooked chicken did not pass their superior taste in pre-cooked chicken. How many other people would want to purchase this cooked food after someone had opened the package, and breathed on the contents? I personally would not want this food if it were to be offered to me for free!

      Frankly, it sickens me that you or any other citizen of this land has to be employed at a warehouse where other’s who are obviously so stupid, or lazy that they would throw soiled toilet tissue on the floor . . . or who would not flush the toilet after themselves. I feel a little sick to my stomach after contemplating that!

      Is it any wonder that American citizen’s DO NOT WANT TO ASSOCIATE with people who are this ignorant of appropriate sanitary habits?

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  14. There is only one group-obsessed scatology that I know.

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  15. One can watch any popular sit-com on T.V and see continual references and jokes in every combination of “punch lines” It is actually common place. At our house we see who can say “there it is” when we hear a poo joke or skit, or hear a reference to any kind of homo sex, rape.. etc. or any of the many perverted things one can find anymore. On commercials too, one sees soy boys and dumb and dumpy white men.It is a disgusting place. America where are you now??

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    • Carly . . . . It is obvious from your comment that you come from a family where people tend to be better educated, and have risen above the crassness of such joviality.

      In my birth family, it just was not acceptable to talk or joke in such a low-brow manner. Consequently, I find that when I am in company of those who do find this manner of speaking or joking to be acceptable . . . . that it is just the same as hearing nails being scrapped on a chalk board!

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  16. Gross sense of humor.

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  17. How much more of this crap (yes, pun intended) will American people tolerate before we all wake up and say NO to the libtards who produce it? I am beginning to believe that America has been placed in the toaster and someone has pushed the cook button. America has to push the “cancel” lever before it’s too late, or we will wind up like the Brits and the rest of euro-pink socialist-communist societies. I just pray that it is not already too late.

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  18. What in the hell is wrong with these people???

    We have to wake up to the fact that we are being conditioned—not only to a lower standard of living, but to the institutionalization of mental illness. This has been going on ever since the normalization of pornography. We are being conditioned to accept deviance as the norm. Well, the only thing we can do at this point is to remember that every dollar spent is a vote.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      With a little insight, we can see “the days of Noah” coming to fruition and fully understand why the Almighty was dismayed, angered, to the point of, literally, flushing this world down the toilet.While we can’t “control” evil, we CAN contain it by electing, compelling those in power to prosecute evil at the lowest to the highest levels. None are innocent and none are of lesser importance.
      And, above all, pray. Pray that the Almighty cut these days short.
      Like it or not we ARE seeing Scripture come to fruition. Believe your eyes and ears. It IS happening; just look around you.
      Around the globe, things are happening right on queue. To those who are “awake” and see, it’s fascinating. And for those who are unaware of what’s to come, frightening.
      Keep the faith, my friends!

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    • Steven . . . . Very well put.

      The one thing that I notice among the members of the FOTM family, with a few exceptions (which I see others do not note as “liked by) is that predominately, the people are high class, educated individuals. You can tell this by their ability to write, and the fact that they do not embrace low class humor. This mindset does not necessarily signify that everyone is college educated, or better . . . . it is just indicative of people being intelligent, thinking individuals, who were well brought up by up-right, moral standards.

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  19. I try to make myself believe that somehow society will step back from the brink of insanity, that the swing toward madness will somehow swing back towards the center and things will somehow become somewhat normal again. But this disgusting story confirms my worst fears. The descent into hell is accelerating.

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  21. kids are also hving poop themed birthday parties. I saw several crap toys on Targets shelves last Christmas.

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  22. This is depressing.

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  23. I am not sure I have the energy or mindset to even comment on something as vile as this. What the heck is wrong with these people? There is nothing funny or entertaining about this crap….sarc.

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  24. They’re just preparing for their move to San Franshitsco.

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  25. YES YES YES, thank you for this, it has been driving me crazy.
    When I see rainbow poo everywhere (Pretty poop???) I just cringe, and in a typical hour on any “kids” cable show its poop and boogers, they are all the rage. Is our imagination so spent that this is all we have left?
    Greeting cards are awful too, farting is a blast, especially on your birthday apparently. Okay, rant over, thank you for “listening”.

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