Public defecation, urination & drug use: San Francisco drug users shooting up in BART station

San Fran has become a regular sh*t hole.

From Fox News: Dozens of drug users — some slumped over and others shooting up — are becoming near-permanent fixtures at some San Francisco rail stations, with a shocking video this week showing rush hour commuters hurrying past the addicts to reach the trains.

The video, taken at the Civic Center BART and Muni stations, also appeared to show a group of unconscious men and women — and vomit — on both sides of the hallway.

“Every day. Every morning. 5:30 to 6 o’clock. You can see there’s dozens of them. Needles everywhere. Crack. Heroin,” Shannon Gafford, who shot the video, told CBS San Francisco.

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell vowed to make sure something gets done. “The situation in our BART stations is simply unacceptable,” he told the station. “Borders on disastrous.”

San Francisco BART officials expressed concerns after the video surfaced.

BART Director Bevan Dufty, who is responsive for the Civic Center Station, told CBS San Francisco the video was “very sobering” and it discourages commuters.

“We’re losing some riders, and I know it’s because of these circumstances,” Dufty said. “And so we’re going to work very hard to see a change.”

An increased police presence would be needed to combat the open drug use, BART police Lt. Gil Lopez told the station, adding there aren’t enough officers to combat homelessness and drugs.

“I know that riders want to see a more visible presence that is a deterrent, and I want people to know this is a priority to us as BART, and me as the director responsible for this station,” Dufty said.

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31 responses to “Public defecation, urination & drug use: San Francisco drug users shooting up in BART station

  1. San Francisco was doomed the moment the doormat was set for queers, lesbians and anybody that was different and needed the “freedom” to be themselves and accepted by all, it was the attraction of a different setup from the normal which gave way to the drugs, the homeless, the illegals, crime and all vices of today’s society. It’s been left unattended for so long I doubt very much the golden sun will ever shine and Tony Bennett’s city by the bay and it’s morning fog is now a putrid cloud cover.

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    • Alma . . . .I must agree with your comments on the cause of SF slipping into a (let’s call it what it is) SHITHOLE. Here you have young people who have decided to “drop out” and become worthless human garbage. Even animals do not live like that.

      Unfortunately, in SF, and all up and down the left coast, the Do-Gooders, and Bleeding Heart Liberals want everyone else to pony up the funds to keep these folks off the streets . . . give them food, give them shelter, give them medical help, give them psychological help. Absolutely, to HELL with all the folks who made correct decisions in their lives–force them to pay and pay and pay for all those who made horrible decisions for their life’s course.

      I think the old time “poor farms” should be brought back. If you are a vagrant, who is defecating, urinating and using drugs out in open, you should be sentenced to go to the poor farm. You would be expected to work to produce the food that feeds everyone on the farm.

      As a supposed enlightened society, we are rather stupid about how we just think that the good folks should always in every situation be responsible for those who have made horrible choices.

      How many little kids are there that would make the choice . . . when I grow up, I want to go live on the poor farm? I rather think not so very many.

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  2. Well, nothing’s changed then, since I moved away from the 16th and mission neighborhood nearly 20 years ago. So much for, progress.

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  3. The powers that be are proud of their adherence to allow freedom of drugs, illegals and sex but they refuse to acknowledge the resulting decay.

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    • Silhouette . . . . You are right on target! Those who have brought in all this “liberty for those who go against the norm” have indeed wrecked havoc on society!

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  4. “Idle hands are the devil’s playthings,” and there are drugs brought in to provide a profitable source for the importers at the expense of all of society. Those who led the opium wars against China are still with us, and we are now the enemy. Bring back our exported factories and deny importation of harmful drugs. Part of what is needed for MAGA.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . You just expressed exactly what we need to do in order to “Make America Great Again.” As far as I am concerned, there should be “shame attached to illegal activity.” Why is it that some people NEVER EVEN TRY ILLICIT DRUGS, and others just want to do what they want to do, and the rest of use should be prepared to pull them out of the pit then they get stuck. I have never tried any kind of street drug, including marijuana, and yet I was of the age when “flower power” was all the rage.

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      • The psychology of projection comes in two ways: one, from good people like yourself not given to evil and not seeing it in others who are evil; and then, the wicked seeing only wickedness in others. That makes it easy for good people to be deceived, to faithfully follow the lies of the betrayors, then to get burned. When the pains of the fire are felt by the decent and the causes identified, the evil should leave town.

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  5. All the illegals, junkies, deviants are competing amongst themselves for the same sliver of pie.

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    • Jackie . . . . What you say is true . . . but tell me who is providing the “sliver of pie” they are competing for. I should imagine that it is all of us who walked the straight and narrow.

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  6. Sadly, SF has been paying the homeless to move south. I’ve lived in the same house in coastal Orange County for 20 years (I’m a “Greater LA native”, having lived in the area my entire life, save the three years we lived in Seattle); my neighborhood is as middle class as can be…it prides itself for its “All-American, small-town values” (according to a recent neighborhood FB group), and, unbelievably, it’s still predominantly conservative. We’re an enclave of sorts, being that we’re neither rich nor snooty (like much of Orange County). While there’s plenty of ethnic diversity, I think there’s still a Caucasian majority. In any case, the neighborhood has remained stable over its 50+ year lifespan…until about 18 months ago.

    We’ve always had our local crazies: “Hobo Joe”, “Crazy Cat Man”, and “Funky Joe” have been around as long as I can remember. I think they all grew up in the area, but hit the streets either when their folks got fed up with them or when their parents died. In any case, we homeowners made sure they had enough to eat, blankets, and the name and address of nearby shelters. In return, they mostly kept to themselves and stayed out of the housing tracts.

    Now (and practically overnight) we have entire ENCAMPMENTS of homeless. Diseases like hepatitis and TB are again rearing their ugly heads. Most of the homeless are mentally ill (as in running around naked and/or screaming at invisible enemies) or drug addicts. Ther ehas been an astonishing increase in petty crime: cars burgled at night, garages ransacked, bikes stolen, wallets stolen out of purses at the market. We find human waste where there shouldn’t be any. Used syringes. Broken bottles. It’s quickly turning into a third-world country.

    It costs a LOT of money to live here. Our crummy 1900 sq ft House was recently appraised at $750,000…SEVEN TIMES our annual income. Sorry, call me a classist, but we don’t want the unwashed masses here! If the homeless are going to live off the taxpayers, why not send them to Barstow or Mojave? Most of us have to pay out the nose to live here!

    I know that many of us live paycheck to paycheck, but most of us also have bothered to build a social network of family and friends who’d be willing to help catch us if we fall. The homeless people I see are bridge-burners, whether by choice or by circumstance, I can’t say, so I won’t judge, but I don’t want them living next door to me. My son predicts that prostitution is soon to follow, and I bet he’s right (OC’s “skid row”, at Beach Blvd., between Trask and Lincoln, is again lined with $5-blowjob streetwalkers, as it was in the early ‘90s. And that’s barely a stone’s throw away from us (3 miles, maybe?).

    What the hell is going on???

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    • I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Northern California. My mother moved to San Diego and I divided my time. I have lots of friends and relatives in LA.

      Seriously, in Sacramento and to a large extent, San Francisco, until Ronnie Ray Gun there wasn’t much of a homeless problem. We had a few “winos” sleeping in parks and the cops would roust them out in the morning. The “crazies” who babble to themselves were rounded up and sent for mental evaluation at the state-funded mental health facilities.

      After Ray Gun, that all ended. The psychos roamed the streets at will. I remember one guy on Market that used to wear robes and carried a Bible in one hand and a deer antler in the other. He would walk up to people on the street and shake the antler at them. “Dry bones……, dry bones, that’s what we’re all gonna be……, dry bones”. While I can’t exactly argue with that, I often wondered what he did in the evening. Did he go home, hang up his robes, put away his Bible and antlers?

      Anyway, they are destroying it just like they plan to destroy the rest of this country and every other country. It’s what they do. It’s who they are.

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  7. A Democrat-ruled city is one where the inmates have taken over the asylum.

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  8. Unfortunately, many Republicans are in on the deal also. The GHWB NWO coup attempt by a few in his social category to make themselves more powerful as everyone else becomes much fewer in number by and greater in misery. About twenty-five years ago he told the UN that Americans would henceforth pledge their allegiance to that organization.

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  9. SF Degeneration: From Hippiedom to Homodom to Slumdom in 50 years.

    I doubt the SF authorities have the backbone to do anything. What would their libtard associates say!

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Just part of being a liberal – trying to continue Obama’s third world country – get everyone hopped up on drugs, bring in uneducated people from around the world, and they take everyone down the ladder with them by out voting us.


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  11. I say apply the 3 Strike Law,2 Strikes sounds better, 1 Documented Warning, then the 2nd pinch should be mandatory Community Service cleaning up after their own kind, why should Taxpayers foot the Bill? If they’re forced to clean the streets, maybe they’ll think twice before doing it again, or just leave the City. I’m also 100% for a Work/Welfare Program, with Drug Screening at time of Application. It might not be Illegal to be homeless, but almost everything attached to, and surrounding it, is illegal activity, right down to Littering…not to mention public defecation, open air drug use, etc. It’s Romanistic, Gladiatorial, the Demons are sitting up in their ivory bleachers cheering the whole thing on…while simultaneously bankrolling the whole societal demise.

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  12. Democrat-run cities always wind up like this for this reason: The Democratic Party is a RACKETEERING ORGANIZATION. I mean this literally, in every sense of the word. The Mafia, for example, has its own rackets. They don’t care where anyone defecates, or uses their drugs, just so long as you don’t do it near THEM. Ditto the Democratic (and, Yes, the Republican) Party.
    What we are seeing in San Francisco, analogously similar to what we have seen in Detroit—and Baltimore—is the parasite losing control of its own business model: It has begun to kill its HOST. At this point, all Frisco can do it to treat the symptoms, by spending more money (better than nothing, I guess). But until it changes its paradigm, its business model, and elects its own Rudy Giuliani, nothing can change. New York City ran this gauntlet of misery and doom for 20 years, from Lindsay to Dinkins. It took the mental cripple of Dinkins—along with his Crown Heights Pogrom—to make people mad enough to draft Rudy Giuliani to right the ship. Rudy Giuliani was the right nasty man for the nasty job, and he came right in the nick of time!

    BOTH political parties should be prosecuted into EXTINCTION under the RICO Statutes!!!

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  13. Five years ago, I w/group of teachers on the last leg of our Federal “Teaching American History Grant” to San Francisco….to use State History Archives for research, visit Angel Island, etc…was at an Asian History site near “Chinatown” & in an open park outside the building, w/docent/ guide, when we encountered a 90-lb middle-school-aged skate-boarding reprobate who was assaulting/ harrassing a man who appeared to be homeless, or at least poor and living on the edge.We were a group of about 25 &, since this “action” crossed brazenly through the square-footage where we, & our docent were concentrated/ studying, we surrounded this little (shit) kid/ backed him down. But–no one would believe the disrespect, the ferocity w/which this 90-lb 11-yr-old (BTW–during normal SCHOOL ATTENDANCE hours…..) fought back/got “all up in our faces.” He would not bend, would not back off, would not cease, and—of course—-cussed us out richly. Since we were literally encircling him b/c he had so stupidly driven his prey into our circle b/f he realized it….he finally went away, Does anyone feel wonderful now that this kid is driving a car now…..and in a year or maybe 2–tops—he will vote?

    Parting shot—-from this event, we were taken by the docent to the “first street” in Chinatown. It is, today, a very narrow, dead-ended, alley. It was saturated in urine and feces. We should have had oxygen supplies to visit this place….AND disenfectant body washes…..

    I had quite enough of San Francisco. I’ll never ever go back again. EVER.

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  14. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    San Francisco is going to “work on it”? Really!? At what point do the commuters tell the city to get off their a$$ and get to it? And they, San Francisco, are wtching their reputation go down the tubes. If the videos weren’t aired I betcha there would be no reaction. Another destination city takes it in the teeth. Who would want to go there? Let alone live there and endure that? Way to go Cali!

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    • No kidding! So, do these BART security people not walk through the stench every day? They are waiting for, what?, a demand? Needles and junkies and muggers unite! What an ugly specimen they have become.

      This is what they want for all of us. Really its hard to fathom how the residents don’t relate their condition to these idiots.

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      • BART is hiring attendants at $15/hour to deter folk from using the elevators as restrooms & shooting up drugs. The attendants will push buttons and answer questions. But their job won’t include cleanup, of course. Probably will need a union job for that…

        “While BART and Muni officials hope the attendants will deter people who use the elevators as toilets or to take drugs, or who vandalize them. But Tim Chan, BART’s acting manager for station planning, said the attendants aren’t there to act as law enforcement, or to clean the elevators.

        As of 4 a.m. Monday through October, the elevators in each station will be staffed with attendants to provide some sense of security and, the transit agencies hope, deter people who use the elevators as restrooms. Pushing the elevators’ buttons will be part of the attendants’ job.

        They have been trained in how to de-escalate confrontations, and have two-way radios and panic buttons if that strategy doesn’t work. They also will serve as unofficial ambassadors for BART, giving directions and answering questions, Chan said.”

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  15. incredible

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  16. Dr. Eowyn — I have not received any FOTM e-mail since 9 February. I have tried to get back on the list three times without success. Can you help restore me to the FOTM community? Thank you. — Trudan

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