Armed father defends himself & family from four robbers

otis lenoie fort worth police dept photo

Otis Lenoie & company messed with the wrong man/Fort Worth Police Dept. photo

Score one for the Second Amendment.

From Sacramento Bee: Roberto Rodriguez, of Richardson, Texas, wanted an affordable iPhone for his 11-year-old daughter, so he turned to Facebook Marketplace.

He had no idea before the exchange was over, though, he’d have to shoot two people.

While Rodriguez was at an Easter party with his family on April 1, he thought he’d found the right deal —$175 for an iPhone 7 — so he and his wife Fernanda took their three kids to the east Fort Worth apartment complex the seller directed him toward.

“I was about to go alone,” Roberto told the Star-Telegram. “I should have gone alone.”

They arrived around 8 p.m. at the Asher Apartments, between Randol Mill Road and Interstate 30, where an 18-year-old named Otis Lenoie was waiting for him in the parking lot, Rodriguez said. When he got out of his SUV, Lenoie and three other men attacked him — punching, kicking and dragging him to the rear of his vehicle while Fernanda and the kids watched, horrified.

Roberto began to crawl back toward the car, where he kept “a cheap little Hi-Point .380” in the door, he said.

“I’m pretty sure their plan was to rob me completely,” Roberto said. “Like steal my SUV and my wallet. I had $1,800 in my wallet because earlier I wanted to buy a money order to pay rent but didn’t get a chance.”

He got hold of his gun and fired 5-7 rounds as he wrestled with his attackers, wounding two of them while another ran from the scene. He also shot a hole in the door of his car.

During the scrum Fernanda grabbed a 12-inch screwdriver from the vehicle and attacked one of them as well.

“My 11-year-old was screaming. She was shaking for hours after that,” Roberto said. “She thought we were going to die.”

A MedStar spokesman confirmed that two adult males with gunshot wounds were taken to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital after the shooting.

Lenoie was arrested in connection with the attack on April 11. He remained in jail Monday with bond set at $25,000, according to Officer Jimmy Pollozani, a Fort Worth Police Department spokesman.

Fort Worth police have issued three additional arrest warrants in the case. According to the police report, 19-year-old Kueston Howard also sustained a gunshot wound in the incident.

Both Rodriguez’s gun and the screwdriver used by his wife were taken as evidence. Rodriguez told the Star-Telegram he bought another gun, and keeps it in the same spot as the one he used to thwart his attackers: right in the car door.

“I’m so thankful for the Second Amendment,” Rodriguez said. “But people also need to watch out on these exchanges from Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It’s not always safe.”

Many local police stations are designated safe exchange locations for people meeting to buy and sell such items.


19 responses to “Armed father defends himself & family from four robbers

  1. Shucks! the Sacramento Bee headline should have read “four robbers dead during assault. Armed husband and wife defended themselves from attackers”. Well now, those “little angels” would have gone to hell and no charges filed against the couple….. and hundreds taking to the streets to protest. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Second Amendment forever!

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  2. Thank Heavens this man fought for his life, and it all turned out well. Obviously, Mr Lenoie, judging from his hair cut, must feel he is an Einstein . . . I guess this encounter proved that just ain’t so!

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  3. This is news that the pro-gun control MSM are loath to report because it’s consistent with the suppressed CDC research data of 2.46 million DEFENSIVE gun use a year.

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  4. Waiting minutes for police, when seconds count.

    Perfect example of a person fighting for thier life and why we should have a choice for the right to protect ourselves.

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  5. Those crooks are an example of how DUMB AS DIRT people can be! I’m glad they were shot & caught!

    As for the victim, I wouldn’t tell the world where he keeps his gun in his vehicle! but glad the family survived intact.

    Good to know that if you must buy/sell something in person via web ads, that some PDs offer their stations as “safe places” to do so.

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  6. My wife has bought and sold things like clothing on Craigslist. It works very well, and she has a few regulars that she has both bought and sold to. However, I no longer allow her to go to meet anyone alone. And I always carry my firearm with me. I always am out of the car when the exchange is made, on alert, just in case. Never had any problem, and don’t expect to. But the way of the world is such that I will not allow anything to happen on my watch unchecked. It is just not wise to go unaware into any situation like that. The few dollars saved are not worth your life.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Confounds me why they insist on taking a persons firearm in the event of a justified shooting. The make, model, caliber, and serial number, along with the police report should contain all the information needed for any court hearing. Any actual physical testing can be done with out undue inconvenience of long term denial of personal property, that may very well be needed at any time.

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    • They like stuff like that. A lot of them are punks. I am pleased to see his “Hi-Point” was Otis’ “Lo-Point”. I’d insist on getting it back even if it is a cheap gun. That’s pretty bad when a law-abiding citizen has to carry the equivalent of a “Saturday Night Special” to avoid losing expensive hardware to over-zealous cops.

      Lucky for him it worked.

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  8. The moral of this story: The first stop looking to get expensive things cheap from illegitimate sources. Lucky he had the gun and lucky that some power tripping Cop didn’t arrest him also


  9. Too bad Lenoie couldn’t get a Darwin Award! That’s all right, we can wait! (Do they ever learn???)

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Another band of thug wanna-bes gets a dose of “didn’t count on that happening”. Two shot and others captured. Nice. Sadly it was generated by an ad on the web and the results are why they have safe areas for exchanges.Well done for the self defense and a lesson learned for the exchange gone wrong.

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  11. Gun on car door? He could be dead. This is why you carry on your person. Still, a positive outcome for the good guy and his family.

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  12. By the way, look up how to use a pen as a weapon, just for extra in case your gun is nowhere near

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