Smart animals!

We humans like to flatter ourselves as being superior to non-human creatures.

But the intelligence displayed by God’s creatures in this video is impressive, especially the black donkey (beginning at the 2:20 mark).

Note: The “rat” taking a soapy shower at the 0:44 mark is a South American pacarana. (Gizmodo)

H/t Kelleigh


15 responses to “Smart animals!

  1. Amazing!!! Great video!

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  2. Agreed, amazing.

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  3. Doc you really know how to start the day with a smile and a laugh thank you so much for what you do.

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  4. Such a great video I have to watch at least twice! Thank you.

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  5. amazing,how great is our God!

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    So true.


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  8. they know how to survive without help while we are helpless. I love all these lovable lit’l creatures of God. Bring more, please.

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  9. Dr Eowyn . . . Thank you for that inspirational, funny, entertaining, educational and down right wonderful video.

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  10. Very Smart Animals..!! = Can evolving Humans be far behind..??

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  11. Happiest thing i have seen all week

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  12. The dog getting out of the metal wire cage reminded me of my dog when he was a pup, and he really hated to be caged.

    I got an XL cage, and he learned to get it open while I was out of the house, so I put a small lock on it, and that could’ve been a tragic mistake on my part upon hindsight – even the lock didn’t keep him in.

    I realized that he could’ve choked himself to death if he got his head out, but got no further. Eventually, he just busted the cage through brute strength. Even the molding on the door to the room didn’t stand a chance – he ripped off one of them! I couldn’t yell at him – instead, I marvelled at his strength & resolve to be with me.

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    • Thanks Jackie….I had a “normally very loving/complacent/compliant ” cat who could not be caged, even to go to the vet for shots. He tore apart a regulation “airline” shipping cage in about 3 minutes in the backseat of my car on the way to the vets’ for shots. So, I turned around and went into a local grocery that always had pet supplies atop the frozen food, down the center isle….and got another carrier……but, this cat nearly got this one apart before we arrived for shots……and thence, on to wrapping into a “hotdog blanket” to become disabled long enough to get to the “vet’s” and take care of business . (This cat died this past summer, at 23-1/2 years old, regardless of shots —which we did not force upon him after this incident I just described…….)

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