Michael Brown’s mom considering a run for Ferguson city council

lezley mcspadden

No doubt this would create an even tighter bond between city residents and police…

From STL Today: Lezley McSpadden says she is considering a run for a City Council seat in Ferguson, the city where her son Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer.

McSpadden was among four people who took part in a panel discussion about issues raised by Brown’s death on Monday night at Harvard University.

She was prompted to mention her potential candidacy by Benjamin Crump, another panelist who is an attorney for the family. Crump urged McSpadden to discuss what she was considering.

“What I’m contemplating is running for City Council of Ferguson,” she said, drawing applause and a call of “Run, Lezley, Run” from the audience of several dozen.

“There are several people back home that are willing to help me get that going and make sure that I’m treated right,” McSpadden said.

Crump chimed in with encouragement. “What a legacy that would be — elected to the City Council and supervising the same police department that killed Michael Brown,” he said.

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24 responses to “Michael Brown’s mom considering a run for Ferguson city council

  1. I wonder what her true qualifications are? That she an expert at filling out Social Service Applications…and how to turn Food Stamps into cash!!!

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  2. Meanwhile — SURPRISE! — aggravated assaults and robberies are up in Ferguson since Michael Brown. Officer fatigue and stress from months of Ferguson protests may be emboldening criminals and contributing to an uptick in crime, police officials and a criminologist say.


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  3. Ferguson is what you get when you embrace political correctness and the police stand down for fear of being persecuted for arresting a perp. Even the ones they know have a long record before they are able to be punished as adults. If it was up to me I’d close the Ferguson police department and let the populace circle the drain into oblivion. Apparently that’s what they want.

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    • It’s its own little study. The leftists are egging them on and they are destroying their own neighborhoods. It’s Alinsky 101. They never let an opportunity for chaos escape them.

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  4. Next time riots erupt in Ferguson, let the town burn to the ground. The police would be wise to start exploring transfer opportunities.

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    • filia.aurea . . . . I think your comment if exactly correct. If Brown’s mother were able to win a seat with the city counsel . . . what with her criminal record, I rather doubt that any good will come of it. This sounds much more like the gathering of a “perfect storm” where white police officers, and white citizens, will be pitted against angry black citizens who will want their “pound of flesh.” I feel great sorrow for people who do not have the means and wherewithal to leave this area for some place which is safer to live . . . then let the agitators burn the place to the ground.

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  5. So if she gets elected will she run static for the citizens to keep the police from getting over on the minority folks who live there. And you know she will use this notoriety to get elected but can she preform the job if not she shouldn’t run. But we know what will happen.☻♫

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  6. Well, she has all the qualifications for holding public office there, including, but not limited to, race-baiting, armed robbery, intimidation, and photos of herself with Hillary, the beast from the bottomless pit.

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  7. She mismanaged raising her own child! Great qualification for a council woman.

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  8. By all means, “run Lezley (sp?), run!” What’s up with that anyway? I met a black woman once that was named “Clamydia”. She had no idea!

    Anyway, she looks like someone that can change Ferguson into Nairobi in no time. Once the TV’s and the whiskey are gone the riots can begin in earnest.

    As “filia” says, “burn, baby, burn”. They actually erected a statue to a street thug. They are actually having meetings about this at Harvard. Think about that. If you need a better example of the Alinski Effect, this is it.

    Just like they recently “converted” Pollard from a traitorous spy into a “victim” and released him, they have beatified this crude little punk who’s major claim to fame is that he punched out the wrong cop.

    Given another year or two of life he probably would have been shot to death by blacks. There would be no statue or “movement” to mark his passing. Just another punk in an endless line of punks sprouting, stealing and dying on the streets.

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  9. I’m sick and tired of hearing the name Michael Brown. He was a thug who had just knocked over a convenience store. When a police officer confronted him because he “fit the description,” Brown charged at and assaulted the officer. Because Brown was black and the officer white, the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri, who are predominately black, reacted with great restraint–they only destroyed four city blocks and rioted continuously for perhaps a month.

    Less than a week later, there was an almost identical incident in Salt Lake City, Utah that was hardly mentioned in the local press, not to mention nada in the national press. The thug in that incident was Dillon Taylor. Taylor “fit the description” of one of three thugs who were said to have been involved in a similar convenience store caper. Salt Lake City police officer Bron Cruz accosted Taylor on a street not far from the convenience store and ordered to take his hands out of his pockets. Taylor didn’t respond. Cruz became aggressive and drew his service pistol. At the sight of the gun, Taylor yanked his hands out his pockets, where upon Cruz fired twice, one bullet striking Taylor in the center of his chest, and the other striking his stomach.

    Taylor was unarmed. He also happened to be piss drunk. His autopsy registered his blood alcohol level at 1.8, more than twice the legal limit of .08.

    Cruz was exonerated of an wrong doing in connection with the shooting. At the hearing, there were only about a dozen protesters outside the courthouse. There were no riots, no destruction, no mass gathering, and essentially no furor over the shooting. There was another significant difference in the incidents.

    Taylor the thug was white.

    Cruz the cop was black

    There has been a river of crocodile tears shed over Michael Brown. But I have to ask: Who cries for Dillon Taylor?

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    • “There has been a river of crocodile tears shed over Michael Brown. But I have to ask: Who cries for Dillon Taylor?”

      No one, and we know why too. There are hundreds more stories that are identical to the one you mentioned or a variation thereof, but no press for those Whites either, many of whom are genuine victims, not faux victims.

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      • I think its a hoot. She and Slapsy Maxie should start their own party. They could invite “cowboy hat” to join them. Just look at the picture of Hillary, all toothy with squirrel cheeks. That creature would roll in pig poop for a vote.

        I had a front row seat for the Watts riots. I got to watch them torch their own neighborhoods over Rodney King too. I’m here to tell you that investing in fencing is a wise thing to do. As long as we can keep them in there it is worth the expense.

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  10. Wasn’t this woman supposed to be sentenced to 20 years for armed robbery? That’s what I heard at the time of her son’s self-induced death.

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  11. They oughta name the city waste treatment plant after Michael(spit)Brown.
    Let her supervise each piece of s–t and all else that comes into that facility. She would be right at home and that is where her son remains should have been dumped.If elected, what could wrong here?

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    • That’s a thought. How’d you like to own a liquor store or TV outlet in Ferguson? I imagine business is hopping around the first of every month. Insurance rates are probably a little pricey.

      At the first war whoop they should encircle the whole place. Then break out the barbecues and not let anybody out. After a week or two they’ll be trying to eat that memorial.

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  12. In the land of Africans the most cruel, greedy and stupid is king.


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