Gun control, Chiraq style: IG report says Chicago Police not reporting mentally ill gun owners


How about politicians and law enforcement actually ENFORCE current laws instead of demanding more “gun control” laws?

From MyFoxChicago: Chicago’s inspector general says police are failing on a requirement to tell the state when people are mentally unfit to carry a gun.

Inspector General Joe Ferguson said in a report released Wednesday that the state Firearm Owners Identification Card Act requires the Chicago Police Department to notify Illinois State Police within 24 hours of determining a person poses “a clear and present danger.” The ISP can revoke a permit to carry if the holder has been admitted to a mental health facility within five years.

The report says Chicago police reported only one of 37 incidents over 3 1/2 years when officers confiscated a gun from a person whom they had taken to a mental health facility.

Ferguson recommended Chicago police undergo more training on reporting requirements. Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the department has adopted the recommendations.

More from the report:

The subset of 37 incidents identified by OIG does not represent the universe of all possible situations (nor can OIG calculate the total number of situations) in which CPD members interacted with an individual posing a clear and present danger. However, given the Act’s sweeping definition of “clear and present danger” (including physical and/or verbal behavior, whether suicidal or directed at another, and with no requirement that a weapon of any kind be involved) and complete lack of exceptions to law enforcement “clear and present danger” reporting requirements, OIG holds that the number of “clear and present danger” situations likely far exceeds the two reported incidents.

As a result of CPD’s noncompliance with the Act, individuals who should not be entitled to possess a firearm under federal or state law continue to exercise that legal right due to CPD’s inaction. Furthermore, without CPD reports of clear and present danger to ISP following the recovery and subsequent inventorying of a firearm, CPD may be returning firearms to individuals whose FOID Cards ISP would otherwise have revoked. In a time of tragically high gun violence in Chicago, and as part of a comprehensive crime strategy, full compliance with the Act’s reporting requirement provides CPD a key mechanism by which to prevent unnecessary gun violence and keep firearms away from those who are not legally entitled to their possession. Given the nature of its officers’ duties, specifically their interaction and engagement with individuals in active crisis and/or hostile situations, CPD holds the unique and essential position in the scheme of preventative gun violence as the assessor of clear and present danger and prompt for investigations by ISP into whether an individual should be entitled to possess a firearm. Anything less than full compliance with the Act’s law enforcement reporting requirement creates cracks through which individuals, likely to harm themselves or others with firearms, may fall.

Read the whole report here.


21 responses to “Gun control, Chiraq style: IG report says Chicago Police not reporting mentally ill gun owners

  1. I am sure Chicago was getting some federal gold to turn a bling eye to crime and the criminals. This is EXACTLY why the shooting in Parkland happened.

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    • That’s an interesting point. You’re right about them discovering Sheriff Israel’s deal with the schools not to report crime. I’m not sure it is “why” it happened. I think it was a drill and it was planned.

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      • lophatt . . . . I’m with you on that thought. Ain’t it just a trip, time and time again, these “tragedies” were planned drill’s, and somehow everything just went to Hell. After a while, one doe get suspicious!

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  2. What scares me the most is who deems these people unfit to carry or if they have a permit who says they must be revoked unless a person admits them selves to the hospital, how are they going to know? And are they going to be targeting gun owners, given the police there do not what the population to be able to carry. This would be a way to confiscate fire arms under this guide line and this type of bill would allow them to use the law to legally take them from people.

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    • That is why it must be left alone. Risk is a price we pay for freedom. With or without freedom its a scary world out there. I’m perfectly OK with taking that risk.

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      • Brian-Lophatt, I agree with you both, and it’s one of my pet peeves. I’ve been screaming this for years, believe it or not, sandy hook was more about mental health legislation than guns, and no one’s talking about it. If a person is going through a divorce, or just lost a job, and is just depressed, he gets a psych med of some sort…DING! What back door way to disarm the populous, especially with doctors being mandated reporters and digital records. They know what they’re doing, this is just another underhanded ploy. Most won’t agree with me I’m sure, but an armed society is a polite society, so there’s retarded people on meds running around with guns, as long as you have one too, it’s a level field. I say get rid of the meds, not the weapons. So what? You’re depressed, it’s a human condition, it will pass without a pill. If you are depressed, it just means you’re sad. They labeled a human condition just to give it a one size fits all pharmaceutical, it’s a market.

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        • Stovepipe . . . . You really hit the bull’s eye with your comment about Big Pharma wanting to medicate all of us, and then on the other hand, the gun grabbers use this as proof that you are not mentally healthy enough to have a gun.

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          • …And then they get ALL of us to rally behind getting the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill…It’s brilliant!!! Here’s another twist, a lot of these serotonin uptake inhibitors actually make you mentally ill, even if you were just sad prior to taking them…then..there’s that time frame that exists where you become even more mentally ill when your stepping off these goof balls. Almost everyone is on some type of pharmaceutical and just not thinking straight, and they don’t even realize it. This one is going to bite us in the a$$ big time, it’s already started, the kids that were brought up on these Prozac, Ritalin type drugs don’t value human life, it’s all they know, from K through 12…not only medicated, but over medicated.

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      • lophatt . . . . It’s getting rather easy for me to agree with you. Anymore, I really don’t have to even read your comments in order to already know that I agree with you.

        The worst thing our nation could ever do is start picking off some individuals and taking their guns away. Case in point, you probably remember the military veteran who was getting up in years. He had given over the duty of paying the family bills to his wife . . . . ALL OF A SUDDEN, the VA claimed that he was mentally incompetent to have a gun in his possession, since he felt unable to continue pouring over the bills, and issuing checks, etc. The police showed up at the house and removed his gun(s). This kind of action on the part of the VA is pure unadulterated poppycock! Yet, it is going on in every state of the union.

        Although I do not normally have a larcenous heart . . . this is very good reason not to discuss your personal beliefs or abilities with your family doctor, or people from government agencies. Just assume the attitude that they can MTOB!!

        Stories such as this are a far cry from the 20-30 persons who called various government agencies to report Cruz as a real probable danger to society.

        As far as I am concerned, Freedom is so sweet, I would rather risk shortening my life here on Earth by the possibility of one unknown mental case using a gun against me, than have the “Mental Health Enforcement Goons” go around stealing people’s guns, who pose no Earthly danger to anyone. We will all become elderly, and perhaps we too will decide that we no longer want the responsibility to pay our families bills–that is certainly no reason to sick the “Mental Health Enforcement Crew” on either you or I under those circumstances.

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        • Thank you Lulu, that means a lot to me. Life would not be worth living without freedom. You are very correct to not discuss personal business with officials. When I see the doctor now they ask a series of questions about “depression”, etc.. The doctor is required to report it if you answer a certain way. This is what its for.

          These creeps are going to disarm us if it’s the last thing they do.

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    • According to Wiki, FOID cards revoked if been admitted to mental hospital within last five years or adjudicated as unfit by a court. More: “…if a qualified medical examiner, law enforcement official, or school administrator determines that a gun owner’s mental state makes them “a clear and present danger” to themselves or to others, they must report this to the Illinois State Police (ISP) within 24 hours. The ISP may then revoke the person’s Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, making them ineligible to legally possess firearms.”

      Slippery slope indeed when some one else can determine another’s mental fitness.

      Whatever the case, I wanted to demonstrate that LE isn’t even following current laws (as happens everywhere) yet scream for more gun control laws. Shocker, not.

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      • Absolutely. This applies to many things. It’s a lot like real crime. The cops involved don’t really care WHO they bring charges against. They just want to “clear” the case. The DA doesn’t are either. They just want a “good” record of being “tough on crime”.

        Allowing these guys free rein on our liberties is always a mistake. There should be nothing more difficult than taking away a person’s rights. The same applies to their property.

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  3. Chicago PD may have to report some of their own officers……


    • True George . . . . You deserve a gold metal today for bringing up that subject! I am quite sure that under the rules and guide lines that are being used to disqualify rank and file members of society from being considered stable enough to own a gun . . . you can bet your bottom dollar, there are a log of police officers who are in the same boat.


  4. Sorry but anyone that choses to live in Chicago is mentally ill. No one in Chicago should have a gun, knife or a set of keys. Forget set. One key may be too dangerous. As for law enforcement, since when has anyone enforced law in Chicago. Oh yeah parking officers will ticket your car. They have to get legal revenue somewhere.

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  5. The moment Rahm Emanuel is no longer the mayor, a new phase will begin between the government of Chicago and the citizenry, unite the community and the police and help those neglected areas so much controlled by crime, drugs and guns and acknowledge the black community respect between them and the authorities. The black peoples are tired of crime and neglect.

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  7. While I understand that the laws of this great country were written for the “reasonable and prudent man”, there is nothing in the Constitution that denies idiots, morons nor psychotics the right to bear arms. I assume that the idea was that the folks who refused to comply with the concepts of civil society simply would not last long…..

    I was going to go on and on, but I thought best to end it here……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  8. I am not sure what to think of this site. But here is an article on the feds plan to nationalize the police. Seems somewhat the game plan. If anyone has any thoughts on tnn please let me know.

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