Second Broward County Sheriff’s deputy dead, at 53

On April 9, 2018, I re-blogged Dr. James Tracy’s post on the sudden and untimely death, at age 42, of Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons, who had questioned the Parkland school shooting’s gun control agenda.

Now comes another Broward County sheriff’s deputy death — that of 53-year-old Marshall Peterson on April 24, 2018.

Yesterday, the Broward Sheriff tweeted this:

The reaction to the tweet is one of skepticism:

“I don’t see this on the news. Why not?”

“What’s really going on in Broward County? We need answers!”

“How strange? Did the Clintons move to Broward County? #ROFL these murder coincidences usually follow them around.”

“2nd deputy to die in his home. PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE THE F UP”

“Musta been pro-2A.”

“What did he know?”

“Are these all the cops that know the truth about recent shootings?”

I scoured the web but was unable to find more information on Peterson’s death:

  • No obituary, probably because the death occurred only yesterday.
  • No Facebook account
  • No Twitter account
  • The only likely “Marshall Peterson” on LinkedIn has a bare-bones profile identifying him only as “Law Enforcement at Private, Miami, Florida”.

TruthFinder says he’s single; lives with his 79-year-old mother in a 3-bed 3-bath home in Hollywood/Pembroke Pines, Florida, which is owned by the mother.

Please help me find more information on Deputy Marshall Peterson. I’ll update this post when I have more information.

H/t FOTM‘s Maryaha

Update (April 28, 2018)

Deputy Peterson’s obituary makes no mention of the cause of death (h/t JoAnn):

Marshall Lawrence Peterson, age 53 of Pembroke Pines was a loving son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend.

Born in Savannah, GA June 29th, 1964 but raised in Pembroke Pines, FL. He graduated from Chaminade High School, received an AA Degree from Broward Community College. He was a recipient of the Gold Medallion Award from Broward Community College Criminal Justice Academy.

He went to work for Broward Sheriff’s Office on December 18th, 1989 until he passed on April 24th, 2018.

He was an active member of the Renegade Corvette Club where he enjoyed displaying his 2010 Corvette Z16 Grand Sport.

He is survived by his loving mother, Carol, sister Patti, brother-in-law Tim, niece Amanda and nephew Timmy.

Gathering of family and friends will take place on Sunday, April 29, 2018, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM with Tribute of a Lifetime Service at 2:30 PM at Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care, Hollywood Boulevard Chapel.

Two Broward County deputies dead within a month — both in the prime of their lives, from non-job related, unspecified causes. Hmm . . . .


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  1. Whoa…what is it with the deaths? They didn’t go along with the schemes and plans? And what did he die of?

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    • “And what did he die of?”

      Broward Sheriff didn’t say, other than that he died in his residence. Nor can I find cause of death on the net.

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    • Don’t you think they’ll conclude “Natural Causes,” and get him in the ground as quickly as possible? Don’t expect an autopsy either, of course. Who knows, though? Maybe it was natural causes. The first officer’s death still seems suspicious, though, so I may be more inclined to suspect this one as well.

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      • WarOfTruth . . . . I am with you. Here we have once again a man, who from his picture, looks like he is in vibrant health. I am sick and tired of these “Natural Cause” untimely deaths. Both of these deaths need to be rigorously investigated. The sad time here is, since he is single, unless he has siblings who would be willing to push for the truth–I suppose this will just be another death that is swept under the rug.

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    • Exactly, what is up. We saw a rash of this same thing after Sandy Hook also. Like I have asked before, just how many coincidences will we see in a lifetime?

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  2. Very strange indeed, just the fact that there’s no fanfare is suspect. He’s a LEO, should be more coverage, American Flag Ceremony, at least 100’s if not thousands of fellow LEO’s at a Memorial Svc. Even if death was not in the line of Duty, it’s a Brotherhood. We should stay on this one, because now there’s a pattern forming.

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  3. If we had a DOJ or FBI that was doing its job, instead of granting Broward $1MILLION FOR INCOMPETENCE and covering up Rotten Clinton’s crimes, there would be a large team on the ground investigating these deaths. Mr. Sessions DO YOUR JOB!!!!!

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  4. Rumplestiltskin

    We can’t help but question the reality of what they say, because it appears we have a Ninja Assassin among us doing the bidding of the deep state / shadow government, making sure that the truth does not see the light of day.

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  5. Another Broward County deputy just found dead in his home for some reason… where are all those Democrat “associates” who’re around when “funny” things happen?

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  6. To all law enforcement personnel: Please wake up! What makes you think you’re immune to the schemes of the evil ones? Do you not realize you also have a number? You will not be allowed to outlive your usefulness. Once they brainwash you into turning on ‘we the people’, you’ll be next! Look a little deeper. Think outside the box. Wake up! We aren’t your enemy. Those you work for are your enemy.

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    • Linda Sorci . . . . God Bless you for this most excellent comment. We the People are not the enemy here.

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      • Auntie Lulu . . God Bless you as well. Have you noticed that since September 11, 2001, in many if not most of the law enforcement agencies with marked cars, the phrase “Protect And Serve” has disappeared? I find that more than a little curious.


  7. Another good video from Miss Crenshaw who has been looking into Parkland and made some excellent videos !

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  8. If you deputies know the truth, you need to go public.Protect yourself,get on Alex Jones,Tucker Carlson,and as many talk shows,local and national,as you can and out these commies. If they even think you might out them, even though you don’t plan to, you will die anyway.

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    • Captn.Jack . . . . You are absolutely correct. The only way for other officers to keep from becoming a death statistic is to go public . . . spread what you know as far and wide as possible. Once it is out in the public, then it makes less sense to off you. I agree these officers need to protect themselves.

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    For your information.


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  10. Michael J. Garrison

    Expect more of these assassinations, as the “good-one’s” try to take the trash out of their departments.
    Those that are evil far out-number the good ones.
    ALL of the Masonic Lodges (and all other Lodges) of Russia are in full-panic-mode, as well they should be.
    If I did what they do….I’d be terrified, too.


    • What do the Masons have to do with this?

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      • If there were assassinations taking place and given the history of Freemasonry–especially as it relates to other secret societies–there would be plenty reason to suspect that Masons could be involved but I certainly wouldn’t assume that they were just considering the corruption of the entire power structure at this point. A secret society isn’t necessarily required to do evil things when society itself is filled with corrupt people already and where there’s corruption, there’s likely to be motivation for heinous crimes.

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        • Hate to tell you this but Freemasonry is no secret society. I see lodges all over the place, publicly marked. They don’t look very secret to me. No baby sacrifices or devil worship. the only conspiracy is that everyone should work together and get along. I’ve read a bunch on masonic stuff from both sides of aisle and I just don’t see stuff that proves FM is anything but a civic service organization. Give me some juicy stuff please.


          • sixlittlerabbits

            Read “Behind the Lodge Door: Church, State and Freemasonry In America” by Paul A. Fisher.

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          • Also, check out, “New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies” by William T. Still. Fortunately, this excellent book is now available online as a PDF for free download here:

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            • I just realized that this author is the Bill “Still reporting” of YouTube fame.


            • Well, you can attribute this to “secret societies” although I think that misses the mark. It is often a safe way to avoid the obvious, like calling them “Zionists”. Neither is inaccurate, just short of the source.

              Secret societies are useful for conspiring and working one’s connections. They have actually become rather dated and ineffective as it is accepted now to just do these things right out there in public.

              There is indeed a “plan”. Although the secret societies represent the employees, not the planners. None of these groups, of and by themselves developed and implemented these goals.

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              • “Well, you can attribute this to ‘secret societies’ although I think that misses the mark. It is often a safe way to avoid the obvious, like calling them ‘Zionists’. Neither is inaccurate, just short of the source.”

                I’m not actually attributing this to secret societies. I’m defending Michael against OneAdam12 in pointing out that this could conceivably involve Masons. I’m not saying that I think that’s actually what happened. That’s why I wrote, “…reason to suspect that Masons could be involved…” and “A secret society isn’t necessarily required…”. Clearly, I don’t believe that the Illuminati is required to do a hit job on a Sheriff’s deputy.

                Still’s book provides some useful knowledge about the Masons which happens to be the subject of the comment that I had initially responded to. I figured that this knowledge might be useful to anyone who finds it difficult to believe that the lowly Masons have ever been involved in anything evil and in fact, I was challenged to provide the proof, and so I did.

                “Secret societies are useful for conspiring and working one’s connections. They have actually become rather dated and ineffective as it is accepted now to just do these things right out there in public.”

                Apparently they weren’t so dated or ineffective with regards to 9-11 or the BP disaster. Plus, you seem to forget that the CIA preferentially hires from among the ranks of secret societies (especially Skull and Bones). Clearly, there must be some reason why they do this. And just because some things are done “right out there in public” doesn’t mean that secret societies are obsolete. Historically, secret societies like Skull and Bones have been utilized in covert activities done around the world. Who knows what the hell they might be up to right now in Mongolia or Ecuador? If secret societies were truly “dated and ineffective”, they probably wouldn’t exist.

                “There is indeed a ‘plan’. Although the secret societies represent the employees, not the planners. None of these groups, of and by themselves developed and implemented these goals.”

                Certainly, the secret societies aren’t the one’s calling the shots today. Just because Still chose wording for the title of his book that implies that the plan was theirs, I’m sure he knows that, today, the Illuminati aren’t necessarily calling their own shots. For one thing, he actually discusses the relationship between the Rothschild family and the Illuminati in his book.

                On the other hand, could it be that secret societies pre-date the powerful Rothschild family? Perhaps Still’s title is more accurate than it seems and the Rothschild’s being in control of secret societies such as the Illuminati is a relatively modern development. Perhaps the Rothschilds co-opted this “plan” of the secret societies–at least, to some extent. This is what I believe actually happened. This “ancient plan” of secret societies might better be called simply “ancient knowledge” because secret societies–and I’m using this term loosely here–are likely the only organizations in existence today that are in full possession of this knowledge about our past. I believe that the Rothschilds and their many co-conspirators co-opted certain secret societies in order to take advantage of this ancient knowledge and this is essentially the basis for the entire conspiracy under which we’ve lived our entire lives.


                • Ok, thank you. I understand your position, I think. I agree with most of it with some exceptions. That’s OK, I don’t expect (or require) everyone to agree with me. I leave that to what is loosely referred to these days as “The Left”.

                  I believe the “global” vision for world domination starts with the Jews. There are earlier examples of avarice, but none as wide-ranging are earlier than they.

                  Secret societies have been around in one form or another for a very long time. Most of the time they were mainly to discuss political matter that were forbidden the general population. The secrecy element makes them attractive for those with an interest in plotting illegal activities.

                  The Freemasons claim ancient origins. I am EXTREMELY skeptical of this. They like to trace their roots back to the ancient mystery religions and thus add some mystical elements to their affiliations.

                  Masons are more likely the offshoot of trade guilds in the Middle Ages. Without getting into the particulars of why and how those worked, it is enough to say that they presented conditions that were favorable for those who wished to conspire.

                  Just as Weishaupt used Freemasonry for his Illuminism, Illuminism was not invented by Freemasonry. Later, when Renaissance ideologies became popular, these organizations were used for plotting against monarchies, the Church, etc..

                  Personally, I see these as theological issues. Most don’t like to discuss them in that way so I confine myself to various groups who, ultimately represent the players. There is really but one basic choice, no matter who one ascribes the problems to.

                  When I first started seriously looking at the world this way I too focussed on secret societies. After a while I came to see them as functionaries, not originators. They are not as useful for conspiracists as they once were.

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          • May I be Anonymous on This One?

            For @ YouKnowWho who wants “jucier” info re Masons:

            MASONS & COPS & DOCTORS

            (I may have told this story before @ FOTM? If so, sorry for repeat info.)

            After learning the Masonic connection to the NWO in the earlier 2000’s, two opportunities were “put in my path” to provide info to some Masons (which I considered to be “God-designed opportunities”).

            1_I had an object I wanted to unload. A 1-time-only prior business contact/lady stopped by for another reason. I asked her, “Do you know anyone who would want this (object)?” She said she’d ask around & let me know. Days later she calls, says no one she asked was interested, except her husband might be interested. I said, “Great, send him over.” Eventually he comes over & while we’re just standing around & he’s thinking, out of the blue he starts talking re the MASONS (I was stunned!! but decided to Play Dumb & let him talk!)

            He said he was irked because he got stopped by a cop who gave him a ticket; said the cop must have been a newbie AND “NOT PART OF THE BROTHERHOOD”, as otherwise he would have recognized the “CODE” this guy gave him, as “Cop MASONS do not give other MASONS tickets!” He then proceeded to complain that “75 PERCENT!! of the local _____ PD were MASONS yet he just HAD to be stopped by ONE who was not!”

            I was like, “Hmm, well, that’s too bad” (hoping he would tell more. I should have asked Qs but was still somewhat in shock).

            He continued yakking that he was the son or grandson (cant remember now, over a dozen years ago) of a former sheriff & he had ALL the contracts w/the county for a specific job (I’m being non-specific on purpose).

            Eventually he did come take away the item & I noticed that time that he had a MASONIC LICENSE PLATE!! (First time I’d ever seen one of those creepy things!) Then I printed out a big packet of Masons+NWO Info, etc. & sent it/mail to the wife because I knew her business address (could never find their home address anywhere). The wife claimed to be a Christian. I did not get the sense that the husband was. Hopefully she, at least, read the info & told him, but I never heard from either of them again, so it was in God’s hands after that. I determined to handle things better next time.

            True, it’s a long way from traffic tickets to False Flags & possible murders, but the main point is the 75 PERCENT FIGURE! If that’s even an “average” for PDs, that’s a lot!

            2_This next true stiry is not re cops but doctors. This one was even more “spectacular” the way it unfolded: These doctors, sad to say, were Catholic doctors (not a put down as I hear Masons are in all denominations, Episcopal, Southern Baptist Convention, etc.) who admitted they were MASONS when I flat out asked them (I had said prayer on way to appt. for the Lord to “make opportunity” for me to find out for sure, & boy did He ever, fastest prayer ever answered!)

            I was already suspicious as I’d previously asked if they were familiar w/NWO? Head-Honcho Dr.’s reply: “Ohhhhh Yesssss, We are VERY WELL AWARE of the NWO.” (Me: Hmmm, OK, but it was the WAY he said it.)

            Next visit months later was the prayer & the “miracle.” > Nurse lead me to an exam room I’d never been in before. She’s blocking my view while she does BP, Pulse, Temp, etc. She leaves room, so now I can see STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, a framed MASONIC CARTOON on the wall! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I went over to it, grabbed a pen & notepad on counter & wrote down what it said.

            Lower-level Dr. finally comes in, sits, flipping through file, head down. He usually wore a gold cross but I don’t see it so I ask, “Where’s your cross today?” He didn’t even look up but pointed to his neck/collar & said, “Oh it’s in there.” I said, “OK, good.” Then I asked point blank, “Are you a Mason?” Now he looks up, BEAMING with pride! “Why YES! HOW did you KNOW?” I pointed to the cartoon on the wall & said, “THAT!” He said in a sinking voice, “OHhhhhhh.”

            (The cartoon was re Masons doing “MIDNIGHT RAIDS”! > Exact words in cartoon! which I’d already learned/read in other prior forums of a guy who said his family was harassed by Masons who go out on “MIDNIGHT RAIDS” > same EXACT words! BTW, I was about the ONLY person at that forum who had believed the guy. We did comments back & forth about Masons for awhile as he was always warning about them. Everybody else was like, “Eh, you guys are crazy conspiracy nuts,” etc.)

            After Lower-Level Dr. said, “OH!” I hit him w/ “20-Qs” such as: “Do you know what you’re involved in? Have you ever researched the Masons, the NWO, the Illuminati, etc. etc.?” He said he didn’t have time for that, pointing down to his files. I kept on, “You need to make time! You really should look into it. You don’t realize what you’re involved in!” etc. etc. (This opp I couldn’t STOP talking vs. like w/prior traffic-ticket guy, lol.) I wore myself out w/Qs. He blew them all off, “Yeah yeah yeah,” etc. Then we did quick 5-min. “medical” & he gets up to leave but turns his head back around & announced as he went out the door, “DON’T HOLD IT AGAINST US!”

            (Me: Hmmm. WHAT did he mean by THAT?!)

            Eventually I called my old boss, by then in another State, as he used to send clients to those Drs. & others. I asked, “Do you remember Dr. So-&-So?” He says, “Sure, why?” I said, “Well, they know all about the NWO & are Masons.” Boss had NO CLUE so I had to give a quick NWO-Edu on the spot > “…Sort of like martial law, a Police State, One World Govt., Communism, take away all guns…” (that got his attention as he had a Fed Firearms License) & he perked up INSTANTLY & began almost hollering over the phone:


            I was like, whoa, “OK, OK, don’t worry, don’t worry!” (though he was emphatically “expressing himself,” I was glad he finally “got it”!)

            Of course I KNEW I would go back because it’s “my job” (as a Christian) to help wake them up & I needed to take info to the Lesser-Dr. at least, which I did over the next 1-2 years, every 4-6 months I’d take a packet or envelope of info, some from the old “Ex-Masons for Jesus” site, etc.

            Funny thing, though, they did not put me with prior Lesser-Dr. nor Head-Honcho-Dr. after that but w/some super nerdy little Dr.-guy I’d never seen before. The first time w/him I did ask, “Are you a Mason, too?” He said No; he had been asked to join but had not yet. I said, “Well, don’t!”

            So I left the packets with either him or the desk girl, always with Lesser-Dr.’s name on all the sealed-envelopes. The girls were always nice, “OK, no problem, we’ll put it on his desk.” It was only the very LAST one that the girl asked, “What’s this?” I said, “Oh, just some info about something we talked about.” She then said, “OK.”

            That very last envelope I ever left for Lesser-Dr. was my hardest-hitting w/quotes from Masonic literature, Manly P. Hall books, Albert Pike books, Rabbis, etc., saying Masonry was Jewish, that upper level Masons purposely dupe the lower peons, that the Illuminati uses the Lodges as kindergartens (fools), that the ultimate goal of Masonry was for them to have “the Seething Powers of Lucifer in their hands,” etc. etc. I figured if that didn’t put the “fear of God” into him, nothing would.

            I waited a FULL YEAR before ever going back, knowing this would be my LAST visit ever. Nurse puts me in waiting room. I ask her, “How’s Lesser-Dr.?” She says, “Oh, he up & moved up North!” I said, “Really? WHEN did he do THAT?” She said, “Ohhh, ABOUT A YEAR AGO.” I said, “Hmm, interesting!” as that would have been the same time-frame I left the LAST envelope re Masons & LUCIFER! Maybe it worked & scared the dickens out of Lesser-Dr. & he high-tailed it out of there! 😀

            One can only hope as I’ll never know for sure until we get to the “Third Heaven” if either “project” did any good. Hope so!

            BTW, at that very LAST OV, little nerdy Dr. kept staring with squinty eyes & giving me the DIRTIEST LOOKS ever! I almost asked him, “WHAT is YOUR problem?” but figured why bother. My “job” was done & I wasn’t going back.

            For those brave enough (or dumb enough, lol), ask all dentists, doctors, lawyers, professionals, cops, etc., if they are Masons. You never know where they will be found. Have packets ready to educate them > the whole purpose. Be prepared, though > the Devil will not be pleased if you stick your nose in his territory. “Full Armor of God” required!

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          • Yes, there are lodges “all over the place”. But are Masonic rituals open to the public? Aren’t Masons sworn to secrecy? Doesn’t that make them a secret society?


        • Sorry to hear about such a young (50+ is young) Officer Peterson being found dead at home!

          True re entire system being corrupt but Masons do take oaths to lie, so there’s that to consider.

          Notice the second quote especially, re their 7th Masonic degree & up, they agree to lie even re “murder & treason”:

          MASONS & LYING:

          “You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate [falsify], don’t tell the whole truth in his case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation strictly, you’ll be free from sin.”
          –Source: “Masonic Handbook” by Edmond Ronayne, pg. 183.

          “All Masons above the third, or Master’s degree, are sworn to keep inviolate the secrets of a brother, murder and treason excepted, up to the seventh, or Royal Arch degree. In the oath of this degree the candidate, as we shall see, swears to keep all the secrets of companion of this degree, murder and treason NOT excepted.”
          –Source: “The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry” by Charles Finney, an Ex-Mason.

          Richard said (August 21, 2015):
          I decided to look into alternatives to internet and phone communication. Turns out that the only long distance radio communication available is HAM radio. I found it requires an government issued operators license, and there are three grades, each with additional privileges. As soon as I googled to find where to get training and take the test, I discovered it’s all handled through Masonic lodges.

          I think it explains why HAM radio has almost gone extinct as a hobby. Who wants to make your neighborhood Lodge aware of your SHTF plans? I looked into it further and found an article in Mason’s Quartery, titled “Specialist Lodges. Universal Masonry via Radio: Amateur radio has a strong link with Freemasonry”:

          “The idea of a Lodge for radio amateurs first took root in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, but it was not until 1962 that the project was resurrected.”

          It makes sense doesn’t it? If the plug is pulled on internet and cell phones, they’ve got the Blue Lodge boys set up as gatekeepers of radio communications too.
          –Reader Comment from here:

          It DOES make sense!

          I’ve read in the past that Ham Radio Operators are more susceptible than the Average Joe to get cancer from being around those radio frequencies. I wonder how that’s working out for the “boys in blue” > of the Blue Lodges.

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      • Nothing.

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  11. Playing devil’s advocate here… Why is this unexpected in a Sheriff’s office that has almost 6,000 employees, roughly half of which are deputies? Was this deputy somehow more closely related to the shooting or to the other deputy that died?

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    • 2 deputies dead, both not elderly, within a month — not from on-the-job violence, but in their homes. What’s the statistical probability of that?

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    • I have to admit to being of an age when the concept of ANY county having 6,000 employees for police is mind boggling. On one level I know its true, on an other it is as ridiculous as having two suns come up.

      I don’t have an answer other than to say that the default position is not “belief”. Especially not now. It is further aggravated by no cause of death.

      Public frauds always have the potential of exposure. To be perfectly honest, I no longer believe ANYTHING they say. I have to be convinced. That is not MY fault. It is theirs.

      The lying bastards work for the New World Odor, not for us. It isn’t uncommon for someone with even a limited amount of “authority” or inside information to die suddenly. I think the odds are much better that foul play was involved than not.

      In the most low-key, unemotional way possible I must say that I do not trust them, at all. I have absolutely no doubt that they are capable of anything.

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      • I’m just not inclined to call it foul play given the number of deputies. I need more evidence to be convinced is all. That doesn’t mean that I’m not placing my bet on the losing color and I won’t lose my shirt but given what I know at the moment (which may be far less than what you and the others know on the matter) it’s just how I’d bet. And I don’t blame you at all for not being willing to trust these people. Indeed, they’ve pretty much lost the right to be trusted.

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        • My comment about the number was just that, about the number. It is pretty hard to argue that we do not live in a police state with numbers like these. Nonetheless, that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

          You are, of course, free to your opinion. If you must be convinced, I understand that. I have come to a point where I must be convinced they are telling the truth. In this particular instance they are not even defining a reason.

          I find that suspicious. My point is that they have become unworthy of my trust on anything. Death is a pretty serious matter. It seems to me that we have now reached a point where killing no longer requires explanation.

          A good example would be Seth Rich. “Whoops, looks like he’s dead”. End of story. I suppose you could say “well, that’s what they do”, and you’d be correct. The problem is, they portray themselves as “trustworthy news sources”. In fact, they insist that you take them seriously.

          The more ridiculous they become the more difficult it is to regard them as anything less than liars. So when we have a young (approximately 50) retired officer who suddenly goes tits up, it isn’t hard to understand why people would ask questions. Since they failed to provide any information on his cause of death, it is an open question.

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    • You are wrong. Re-read my post. It says Jason Fitzsimons was dead at 42, and Marshall Peterson was dead at 53.

      From my post:

      “…the sudden and untimely death, at age 42, of Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Fitzsimons, who had questioned the Parkland school shooting’s gun control agenda. Now comes an announcement of another Broward County deputy death — that of 53-year-old Marshall Peterson.”


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  13. It is not normal to not state the cause of death, at least in general terms. “He died after a prolonged illness” or “he was recently diagnosed with….”. Here, nothing.

    The article from the other thread last night had interesting comments. This is what we’ve moved to with the institution of the NWO. Information is rationed at their discretion.

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  14. Smells like Arkancide

    The only good thing about these untimely deaths is the utter desperation of the perpetrators that is exposed. They were sloppy – just as they were in Sandy Hook and San Bernadino and Orlando, etc. – and the public is growing wiser.

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  15. If we did not have the level of corruption in the FBI that we have had for years now, we would have some more answers to these questions.
    Dr. Henry Makow has posted on his Twitter feed that police carried out the Parkland shooting; he had posted a short video on the matter, twice.

    In what may appear to be unrelated, at least two Nevada massacre survivors (in different parts of the concert there) insisted they saw two different shooters, in helicopters, firing upon the crowd. No release of any ballistics or forensics studies there. Main point: I read elsewhere on the internet that the Mossad was involved in that massacre.

    So my point is, this is the second suspicious death related to Broward County, manned by a dubious Sheriff, and we have the corrupt FBI to rely on for our information, and a President who has to expend his energies on draining a swamp with an Attorney General who appears to be asleep at the wheel. And we have already been hamstrung by a so-called ally who has leveraged our support all the up and down the line. So we have at least two dead ends to deal with here, both of which are thoroughly walled off.

    We are THISCLOSE to losing this Republic. If, God Forbid, it happens, we won’t know about it until after the deal is done. If I had President Trump’s ear, I would urge him to rally the military to his side, declare a limited martial law—secretly, at first—and sweep in to make the arrests and fly all those arrested to Gitmo immediately. Whatever his options are, he must move QUICKLY: This slow-motion coup he is up against is not going to stop as long as its operators are free, and it could go on for the next six and a half years if he doesn’t.

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  17. Hmmm . . . (halfway through this 8 minute video is an interview by Tucker Carlson regarding a vote of no confidence of Broward County Sheriff Israel)

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  18. “Broward Deputies Union Has “No Confidence” In Sheriff Scott Israel”

    “FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The no-confidence vote against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel did not go his way.

    One union representing about 1300 deputies and sergeants had 628 members cast a vote.”

    534 voted No Confidence

    “Deputies and sergeants cast their ballots to say ‘Sheriff, we no longer have confidence in your leadership’,” announced union BSO Deputies Association President Jeff Bell.”

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  19. One of the very best articles I’ve seen to date, which place some of the flag elements into place which require more and deeper investigation. Despite the section name given below, the article is about Parkland:

    “A Jewish Factor at Sandy Hook Elementary School

    The Shomrim,…, was the foundation for the creation of the Shin Beit internal security group in Israel. The Shin Beit organization structure was re-imported back from Israel into the USA by then Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) as the design for his post-911 creation called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which was tested in his backyard at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

    What Americans have never comprehended is that Israeli expansionism is not just “over there” in the eastern Mediterranean, but that it begins at home in America with the accumulation of Jewish wealth in the markets and increasing control over real estate, to the ruin of long-established Christian communities.”

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  20. Everyone commenting about secret societies (and I agree there are secret societies plotting our takeover), we would do well not to forget the granddaddy and his children – Satan and the Jesuits, including the current Pope Francis, a Jesuit. For anyone unfamiliar with the Jesuit Oath, sometimes referred to as the Extreme Oath, please read it.


  21. No surprise here. The school shooting has been a cruel hoax from the beginning.

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  22. Believe this is him.

    Marshall Lawrence Peterson
    June 29, 1964 – April 24, 2018
    Pembroke Pines, Florida

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  24. Those who question the DEEP STATE have only 2 choices, comply or die.


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