Middle school student in Nevada sues school district after being punished for wearing pro-2A t-shirt

don't tread on me t-shirt

Hit ‘em where is hurt$.

From USA Today: An eighth-grade student is suing a school district in Nevada after he was told to cover his pro-gun T-shirt because it was in violation of the district’s dress code.

The federal lawsuit, filed Tuesday morning in U.S. District Court in Reno, alleges that the Washoe County School District’s dress code, which prohibits depictions of “anything that promotes weapons,” is a violation of the student’s First Amendment rights.

“This lawsuit challenges, at its core, the school district’s policy which we believe is unconstitutionally overbroad and violates the First Amendment on its face,” said Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition.

The student, who attends Depoali Middle School, is identified in the lawsuit only by his initials, “G.M.,” but a press release from the Firearms Policy Coalition identifies his mother as local police dispatcher Audrey Guardanapo and his father as former law enforcement officer and U.S. Marine veteran Shaun Guardanapo.

The students was disciplined twice for wearing pro-gun clothing, according to the lawsuit.

He was first disciplined on Nov. 20 for wearing a shirt from a local gun store, Sparks Black Rifle. That shirt depicted the store’s logo, which according to the suit uses the silhouettes of a rifle and handgun.

He was again disciplined on March 12 for wearing a shirt promoting the Firearms Policy Coalition. That shirt features the words “Don’t Tread On Me” and a coiled snake. It also includes references to the Second Amendment and other “constitutional themes.”

The second shirt did not depict an image of a firearm. 

The lawsuit was filed by the student through his parents and is backed by the Firearms Policy Foundation and the Firearms Policy Coalition, two non-profit groups aimed at protecting the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.

The shirt did not promote or advocate illegal activity; it contained no violent or offensive imagery; nothing on it was obscene, vulgar or profane. … And yet (the student) was prevented from wearing his shirt based on school officials’ disagreement with the message they believe it conveyed,” the lawsuit states.

Just days before filing the lawsuit, the coalition launched a website and accompanying guide aimed at helping students who identify as pro-gun use speech and their First Amendment rights to counteract this year’s nationally organized student walkouts calling for stricter gun control legislation.

According to the lawsuit, the student’s teacher instructed him to cover the shirt. The student told the teacher that he could express himself through how he dressed, to which the teacher replied that he could have his “Second Amendment rights when he turns eighteen,” according to the lawsuit.

He was then threatened with further discipline if he wore the clothing again.

“At the end of the day, that’s all it takes to constitute a First Amendment violation,” Combs said.

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44 responses to “Middle school student in Nevada sues school district after being punished for wearing pro-2A t-shirt

  1. The gun dealer should offer free “promotional” T shirts, lemonade and cookies to all schoolchildren along with discounts to all parents of those schoolchildren by holding a First and Second amendment party.

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  2. Excellent!

    The principal of Depoali Middle School is Joyce Ancina:

    Address: 425 East 9th Street, Reno, NV 89512
    Phone: 775-348-0200
    Email: jancina@washoeschools.net


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  3. How about “Pro 1A” and “Tread on Marx.”

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  4. Very good article about time if they push we must push back do not let them tell the story one sided. We have to stand up to this or all is lost in a few generations the truth must be told. Thanks for this DCG it needs to be on the front page of every news paper and on local news stations but we know that will never happen. Those who control the money control the media and push their propaganda onto the masses every day on the stupid boob tube.

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    • Brian, I agree, stand up and push back. This makes as much sense as the boys in Ca. Suspended for wearing patriotic shirts, shirts with flags and RWB icons. While Hispanic kids were waving Mexican flags and wearing the colors of Mexico.
      Our traditions are slowly being absorbed and denied. No more pledge of allegiance in the morning or anything patriotic is allowed. How sad for this country.

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  5. Need more, many more like this. Need a “walk in” where all pro-gun students accross the nation go to school, on the same day, wearing these shirts. Need a class action suit, iron fisted, to stop the libtards and leftists from destroying this country, and show them that we the people will not surrender our inalienable rights.

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  6. So now, “Constitutional themes” are deemed “subversive”? The New World Odor is fully in charge now. No “Constitution” for cattle, nosiree Bob. “Your rights are belong to us”.

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    • Those “extremists” had a revolution, you know.

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    • That’s the gadsen flag, Lophatt, its been identified in official police training manuals as “an extremist symbol” and since “extremist” is equated to “terrorist” per the media’s propaganda these days, I’m surprised the kid didn’t get into more trouble. (Perhaps they thought twice given his parents’ association with law enforcement) Although obviously the gadsen has no firearms, this is effectively a statement of intent by the associated teachers and school in general.

      Another good reason to homeschool kids, and have nothing to do with the public penitentiary system… or should we just call it the “re-education camp” system? (Look into the link between schools and prisons, if you haven’t, seems like there is a disturbing amount of mixing going on with that, also indicating how the govt. wants the system to be, one could contend.)

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  7. Be careful what you ask for because it could turn around and bite you.


    • What do you mean?

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      • That’s what he means Lophatt, I gave him enough time, he’s a No Show. These people will lose, they aren’t Based, they’re a hollow shell with nothing to cling to but a fictitious utopia that some other hollow person told them about. They hate Capitalism, while wearing skinny jeans, using a $500 Phone, while drinking a $10 Latte….No worries my friend. The Oath I took when I joined the Military didn’t have an expiration date. I have to go, have a Dr. Appt at the VA at 3p.

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        • Thank you Stovepipe for your service and good luck at the VA putting you on my prayer list brother.

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          • Keep in mind that the reports you hear about the V.A. come from main stream media and we all know we can trust them to get it right. (sarc)
            I worked in a V.A. hospital for 30 years and while there are problems, just like any other institution, the caretakers there are some of the best, most caring anywhere. I’ve visited with thousands of Veterans and 99.9% are happy with the care they receive at the V.A.

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          • Thanks Brian, just got home, haven’t been to a Doctor in 7yrs, I don’t like to undress under fluorescent lights! I just switched my enrollment from the VA in Providence RI to Windham Ct. I live on the Border of RI, so they, even though out of State, they were geographically the closest. The one I enrolled in today is just a Medical Clinic(Annex), it’s closer and it’s brand new and really a nice place with 2 really nice Ladies I met. My Dr is really nice too, we clicked, I think she’s Korean, she’s oriental I know that. I had a Physical and she said I was Text Book on everything. I’m not sure what the numbers mean, but my Blood Pressure was 120/80, she said that my heart and Lungs were perfect too, especially for a cigar smoker. One good thing came out of it, because I live so remote, I got the green light to go to any Civilian Facility of my choice and have them Bill the VA. Thanks again.

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        • Thanks. Good luck with that.

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  8. We do need to bring Suit against these UnAmerican, eric holder Mandated Reporters, but, we need to start holding individuals criminally accountable instead. Every Law Suit brought against a Municipality winds up being paid by the Taxpayers. I’m sure they don’t have Insurance coverage for violating the Constitution, no Insurance Company would ever Underwrite that type of thing, because it shouldn’t even exist, this is all new. They know this, any settlement falls back on us to pay…They’re like ‘Oh well”. In my opinion, they need to be individually Arrested on Complaint, whether video taped or by witness account…call the Cops, period. We have to start getting just as aggressive as them, or we’ll lose, angry Parents are powerful.

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    • Stovepike . . . . You are absolutely on the mark! Excellent comment. I certainly agree, it is time to light fires under those who are “UnAmerican.” I certainly do agree, an army of “Angry Parents” would be awesome.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    If the Constitution is not defense enough, (which it has not been for many issues for a long time) then we are definitely dealing with treason.

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  10. I note that the ACLU is conspicuous by its absence in defending this student’s first amendment right of free speech. I’ll wager that if the student had been an atheist who wanted to tear down a cross or crucifix, the ACLU would have been all over it.

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  11. More left/libtard educrat follies out there:
    “Father Says 8th Grade Teacher Assigned anti-Trump Homework, ‘Bullied’ Son over Fox News,” by Erin Donnelly, Yahoo! Lifestyle, 26 Apr 2018

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  12. I bet if he had on a Che Guavera or Chairman Mao shirt, that would be cool. Or even a Charles Manson shirt. He needs a picture of a parts diagram minus the receiver. The ATF says that is not a complete firearm, so he should be in the clear. Oh, and before I forget, always buy more ammo.

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  13. If it doesn’t lean to the left, it’s not allowed. They are great at demanding rights, but only when it agrees with them.

    Another story is..
    A judge in New York City has ruled that a bar has every right to kick out Trump supporters – because current discrimination laws do not protect against political discrimination.

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  14. That is my hometown public school district of about five decades ago! You go young man! I am ashamed of the Washoe County officials here. I hope this lawsuit succeeds wildly!

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  15. Personally, I find NOTHING offensive in the yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” shirts, flags, posters. Was this not a part of our history? How can it possibly be wrong!!!

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  16. I’ve been trying to leave a reply to Grif at his April 26, 2018 at 8:45 am, linking to the comments about, The ACLU – America’s [hidden jewish] Communist Lawyers Union, which are currently posted at irishsavantdotblogspotdotcom, but my comments and link do not show as even entering into moderation here. Those informational comments are under Savant’s current article, “A modest proposal”:

    “It’s standard practice – for obvious reasons – to identify the affiliations of those being interviewed on the media. ‘Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson’, ‘Far-right activist’ or whatever…. So why then should we not identify the ethnicity of Jews appearing on the media? ‘Jewish journalist’, Jewish Senator’ etc.”

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  17. This is a slam dunk of a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    I hope the parents sue the snot out of the school.

    It’s the only thing that is going to stop this leftist tyranny.

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  18. “Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters. But OK to force Christians to bake cakes for gay couples.”

    Thanks to PeacefulAssassin for the title and the link.


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