Finland will end its “basic income” experiment by year’s end

universal basic income

Pay attention and learn a lesson, Bernie.

From Fox News: The Finnish government reportedly announced Tuesday that it will end the country’s universal basic income program by year’s end — and appears to be taking on new measures to cut benefits to those who do not actively seek employment.

Finland was considered the first European country to pay a monthly check of $685 to its unemployed between ages 25 and 58. It was considered a pilot program — serving 2,000 randomly selected jobless people — that its founders hoped to expand.

“It’s a pity that it will end like this,” Olli Kangas, who oversees the Finnish government agency that focuses on social welfare and helped design the program, told the New York Times.

“The government has chosen to try a totally different path,” Kangas said. “Basic income is unconditional. Now, they are pursuing conditionality.”

David Whitley summed up Finland’s decision in the Orlando Sentinel.

“Proponents said the program wasn’t comprehensive enough to gauge its merits,” Whitley wrote. “Critics say it would have required a 30 percent tax increase on an already over-taxed population to be viable.”

But some cities, including San Francisco, continue to look into the basic income theory, the Times wrote. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 said that basic income should be explored “to make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

That was essentially Finland’s theory when announcing the pilot program.

The initial move was met with skepticism from citizens who questioned whether an unemployed young person would be motivated to find a job if they were making a steady income, albeit small.

“There is a fear that with basic income they would just stay at home and play computer games,” Heikki Hiilamo, a professor at the University of Helsinki, told the paper.


10 responses to “Finland will end its “basic income” experiment by year’s end

  1. If that was a pilot program, I would not want to be on that airplane. Margaret Thatcher, the strongest leader from Great Britain since Churchill, said it best. “The only with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

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  2. Here’s our new, latest Bill in Ct..It’s unsustainable on it’s face, but ripe for abuse…

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  3. Left/libtards still think the concept is exciting though…

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  4. Ever since France who created the worlds first unemployment program after the French Revolution. They found that so much people signed that it was going to break the treasury. The suddenly closed down the program……nothing has changed in contemporary times. Give out money to unemployed people. They will never look for any type of employment and the amount of recipients will continue to grow and grow and grow…..


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  6. How very quaint that the very person, Olli Kangas, who came up with this plan for Finland, and who has administered it . . . thinks it is a shame that it is ending.

    How many young people when given the chance to sleep late, play all night, don’t worry about showing up for a pesky job, and receive a nice stipend to live on, is actually going to turn that down and find a job? In today’s world, not many.

    It is an improvement to throw these lazy bones off of this assistance, and insist that they join the real world, and work for a living.

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  7. Well Duh Huh. When you pay people to be poor you end up with a lot of poor people. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    How do you keep fraud out of gumment programs? Don’t have gumment programs.

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  8. does this mean the U.S. will cut its assistance programs? I don’t know.


  9. Who in their right mind would ever think this could be a successful program? Just another social experiment that wasn’t thought through.
    Just like when you put out bird feeders, you end up with birds that stop eating the insects that do so much harm.
    There is nothing motivational about this program at all.
    Now we have towns in Ca. Thinking about giving people $500 a month, yeah that should work well.
    As much as the Scandanavian countries like to think their liberal and social living works, they are finding it isn’t true. Just when we were being drawn into the Obamacare debacle, Sweden had begin tossing around the idea of making their medical programs and care more like the US.

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  10. Is Finland Ending Universal Basic Income? Conflicting Reports Cause Confusion


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