Bill Cosby guilty; faces up to 30 years imprisonment

Bill Cosby (l) and Obama celebrating Ted Kennedy’s birthday, 2009.

Justice, at last.

Page Six reports, April 26, 2018, that nearly 14 years after actor/comedian Bill Cosby drugged and molested a woman 30 years his junior, a jury found him guilty of all charges in his sex assault retrial.

His first trial last year ended in a hung jury after jurors were unable to reach a verdict.

Cosby, 80, showed no emotion and looked down at the table in front of him as the jury forewoman read aloud “guilty” to all three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault. He now faces up to 10 years behind bars on each of the three counts.

Cosby was allowed to remain free on $1 million bail despite a fight from prosecutors who said he was a flight risk and someone with “limitless wealth” and a private plane. The argument prompted an outburst from Cosby, who stood up and yelled, “He doesn’t have a plane, you a–hole! That shows what you know!” Cosby was ordered to surrender his passport and stay in Montgomery County pending his sentencing date, which was not set.

Cosby’s chief accuser, Andrea Constand, 45, took the stand to publicly relay for a second time her recollection of the horrifying 2004 attack. The former Temple University basketball administrator told jurors she took three blue pills from Cosby, which she thought were herbal, to help with stress while at his Cheltenham, Pennsylvania home in January 2004. She said her mouth became “cottony,” and her legs “rubbery,” and was helped by the then-67-year-old Cosby to a couch before she slipped into darkness.

Constand testified: “I was kind of, um, jolted awake, and felt Mr. Cosby on the couch behind me, and my vagina was being penetrated quite forcefully. I felt my breasts being touched. And he took my hand, and placed my hand on his penis, and masturbated himself with my hand. And I was not able to do anything about it.”

In what proved to be a turning point for prosecutors, five other Cosby accusers were allowed to testify at this trial — supermodel Janice Dickinson, Heidi Thomas, Chelan Lasha, Janice Baker-Kinney and Maude Lise-Lotte Lublin. They each testified that Cosby had slipped them pills and sexually assaulted them.

Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting some 60 women, not a single one of whom is black.


60 responses to “Bill Cosby guilty; faces up to 30 years imprisonment

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Let him hang for his crimes.

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  2. Hey, hey, hey, going to the pokey!

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  3. Have you ever seen what they do in third world countries to rapists and child molesters its not pretty. Most of the time the neighborhood folks take care of business in a shallow grave will not go into detail but they finish the problem never to have to worry about them again.

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    • They used to take care of them here also.
      It was called the Old West.

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    • One of my uncles was the sheriff of Lander County Nevada for many years. I am quite familiar with how Payutes and Shoshones deal with crime. My uncle had a creed that basically let the “Indians” deal with their own matters.

      In Western lore there are quite a few examples, Nevada included, of trials being conducted only to result in the locals taking care of business anyway.


  4. Sorry for Bill I knew him in the late 60s and early 70s, both times we spent several hours together and he was a perfect gentleman. I watched women throw themselves at him in two different arenas, they do it to all actors and to all sports figures, it’s disgusting. Did Bill screw around? Probably, but coming out years later and destroying a man who worked hard to stop black kids from ending up in prison tells me a whole lot. The speech he gave years back to the NAACP was anathema to the likes of black leaders who want to keep their people in slavery…I believe Bill was purposely destroyed and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

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    • 12 jurors, who saw evidence and heard testimonies you didn’t, disagree with you.

      Just because Cosby didn’t molest you doesn’t mean he didn’t molest others.

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      • Still not buying it Dr. E. There is something deep and disturbing here, just like there is with these false flag shootings. Really and truly, there is.


        • Just because this looks coordinated does not mean it is not true. In other words, all these perverts in Hollywood and the government have lots to hide and they are protected until they do something unapproved; then the cat is let out of the bag. So even if there was coordination it does not mean the allegations are not true- it can just mean his crimes were covered for- just as Hillary Clinton or any other powerful person has had their crimes covered. I’ve heard of a lot of other psychopaths who are polite and charming in person. Donald Rumsfeld is reported to be a nice folksy, charming, person to talk to. But that does not erase his criminality. Besides Cosby actually admitted he gave Quaaludes to women before, but claimed it was nothing different them offering someone a drink. Sure.

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          • That’s all very true. I have met people like that many times. It isn’t like they’re behaving like craven devils in public all the time. I met Bill Clinton once when he was Governor of Arkansas and he was certainly a charmer.

            I knew a guy who was in the CIA and saw Poppy Bush in passing quite often. He said he was a real “down to earth kind of guy”. He even sent him cards. He is notorious for doing this.

            Your point is well taken. For some, people are just objects. It takes a certain ruthlessness to get to that level of anything.

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        • What I find deep and disturbing is that he got away with his criminal assaults for so many years.

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    • All that drugging and molesting women was cool with liberals (none of the complaints against him went anywhere) until his Pound Cake speech:

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    • C.Z.
      Of course Cosby was a “perfect gentleman.” What else would he be? He also was a perfect gentleman in his public life. His public persona was one that made his fans think that his character was impeccable. Remember–he is an actor. I couldn’t believe it at first either. But the evidence is overwhelming.

      Bill Cosby is a sadistic serial rapist.

      I have no sympathy for rapists. None. The crime of rape is inexcusable. It destroys a woman’s life. I would shake the hand of a murderer before I would say a kind word to a rapist.

      Cosby could have “screwed around” all he wanted, had he been so inclined, and no one, other than his wife perhaps, would have taken notice. But he didn’t do that. He chose to become a monster who drugged his victims into submission and then raped them.

      May he rot in prison..

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  5. Justice, according to Allred’s “Victims for Hire?” He obviously p.o.’ed the wrong people.


  6. We finally have some justice regarding one celebrity rapist. And whatever happens to Bill Cosby, his memory shall live in infamy!

    But we do not have perfect Justice in this world: Not only do other apex sexual predators—of all sorts—remain free, but the infamous and notorious hater of men, Gloria Allred, remains free, and she will continue her War on Men for the rest of her days. One would think that feminism would be represented by some woman of honor, but I say No: The cause of Hatred demands it be headed by a Captain of Hatred.

    I recognize demonic activity when I see it, and it is not limited to one dirty old man. I don’t see the demons hovering around Allred, but I intuit the hatred, due to the language and the attitude and the tone of the spokesmen involved. I intuit traces of the Occult around this Poisoned Cause. Someday Cosby will die, but the Poisoned Cause—with its demons and its Occult leanings—will endure. And it is already on the march with its kindred other evil causes, contraception and abortion, pedophilia, human trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, and all the rest. Demons have been paroled from hell, and they’re just getting started.

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  8. Is somebody PAID trying to destroy his legacy – including his ‘controversial’ comments


    • Has it occurred to you and KN that the two aren’t mutually exclusive? —
      that is, BOTH (A) somebody has it in for Cosby, and (B) Cosby drugged & molested women — can be true?
      It’s not an either/or binary choice (which is a mark of simple minds): one does not preclude the other.

      Furthermore, if Cosby were not guilty of (B), then the all-purpose “somebody” could not have succeeded in “getting” him. Ever thought of that?

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      • A and B.

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      • How do you find “beyond a reasonable doubt”
        Ever thought of traps
        Gloria All-Red

        “Well, guess where the majority of PP chop shops are located? Black neighborhoods. PP founder Margaret Sanger pulled no punches. PP was started to deal with “the negro problem.” Sanger believed blacks were inferior and bred too often. Black abortions are disproportionately higher than whites.

        Blacks who have not been seduced by the dark side are sounding the alarm letting blacks know they are aborting themselves into extinction. A billboard in a black neighborhood read, “The Most Dangerous Place for An African-American Is in the Womb.” Guess who was outraged and demanded the billboard be taken down? Al Sharpton and other assorted Leftists who claim to be advocates for blacks.’

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  10. I am left wondering when the sentence phase of this trial comes into play . . . will Cosby’s attorney’s claim that he is far too sick, far too old, far too enfeebled to be able to actually serve a prison sentence? I suppose time will tell. I am hoping that he does not get off with just 30 days per count, in a minimum security facility.

    As far as all those who “just know, he is not guilty of such behavior” just look at what Bill Clinton got away with, or Ted Kennedy, or the Clinton Killing Machine. Somehow, the rich and powerful get away with everything up to and including murder.

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    • I have no doubt his attorneys will plead a lesser sentence or waive it entirely because of Cosby’s age & alleged poor health. That’s why, in both trials, he feigned blindness and walking with a cane. He is an actor after all.

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  11. I’m getting confused, do we all have to boycott Jello now…or do we all have to eat more? I’m sure some will disagree, but I’m not to keen with the #MeToo Movement, to much time lapses in all of these cases, so it mostly boils down to hearsay, remember Roy Moore? With no available Forensics, it’s they believe them, or him, who’s word does a Jury trust? Of course I wasn’t in the Court, and I’m not one of the Jurists, so I can’t say either way. I guess we just have to rely on our justice System, he was convicted by a Jury of his peers, which was his choice instead of a Judge. I say, if it happens, call the Cops immediately so a DNA Test can be done, then it’s fact.


    • I hear you. This stuff can be dangerous. I keep saying and still maintain, that we are not “stand-ins for God”. Justice belongs to The Lord, not us. What we should be doing is attempting to remove potential reoffenders from society. Certain white collar crime can be deterred by punishment. I doubt that violent crime is generally deterred by sentencing.

      If we see it that way, someone’s offense will have to be adjudicated by God. No matter what verdict a jury may render, the real justice is in that. There really are very few examples of someone “getting even” through the legal system. About the best we can hope for is to keep the offenders from doing it again.

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    • Jello doesn’t make pudding pops any more, so that’s moot…


    • “much time lapses in all of these cases, so it mostly boils down to hearsay”

      Not true in this case. Plaintiff Andrea Constand initially told police about the assault in 2005, a year after it occurred. Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor at the time decided not to file charges in the case. In 2006, Constand and Cosby settled a civil lawsuit for $3.38 million.
      After Thursday’s verdict, District Attorney Kevin Steele apologized to Constand on behalf of the prosecutor’s office for not filing charges.
      “It wasn’t prosecuted back then, but was prosecuted now, and we were able to obtain a conviction,” said Feden, who did not work for the office at the time. “I do apologize to Andrea that justice took so long for her to get.”


  12. Hmm, I wonder .. where did Judge Roy Moore’s accusers go after he was destroyed by them and the leftist media? Back on Allred’s “victim-on-call” list?

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  13. While I have no feelings about Cosby one way or another, I have to assume that he got a fair trial and the evidence was heard. The problem with these celebrities committing these acts is that they can afford to either pay off their victims or hire high-powered attorneys that their victims can’t match.

    The comment regarding what a “gentleman” he was, was also used to describe O.J.. While I think O.J. received the correct verdict (because they tampered with the evidence and created doubt), I think he was guilty.

    Why would someone come up with a story like this about an 80 year-old man if it isn’t true? That is one of the seldom discussed aspects of Hollywood as an arm of The Odor. These guys get pretty cocky. Just because they have idiots following them around telling them how great they are doesn’t make it true.

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    • I agree, but why do they wait so long to come forward and accuse? Isn’t there a Statute of Limitations?

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      • I wondered about that too. I don’t pretend to know much about this as I haven’t considered it interesting enough to follow. That said, I am “assuming” that was looked at. I don’t know for sure.

        I don’t want celebrities to suffer harsher consequences than anyone else. I want them to be completely equal. Of course, that is not realistic because they have more money than most. Of course that can also make them targets.

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        • I don’t consider it interesting enough to follow either, pretty much tabloid type stuff to me. I agree, equal for all, rich or poor, famous or not. I’m more concerned about clinton, podesta, shultz, comey, rosenstein, alafontis, mook, brennan, clapper, holder, rice, lynch, awan brothers, jarrett, lerner, obama, etc. getting justice served. Then all the sandy hooker’s next, then the parkland gang. I’m not even sure who the players are in Vegas, that’s how bizarre and deep this strange evil stuff runs. What a time to be alive Lophatt.

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          • Oh..I forgot george soros, he should have been at the top of the list. Yesterday Macron gave a speech, he championed the new world order, and bashed Nationalism, the entire Congress stood up and cheered when he said Nationalism was bad, both democrats and republicans, unreal.

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          • Yeah, as Shakespeare said; “Hell is empty, all the devils are here”.

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      • I just heard on the morning news, in Ct. the Statute of Limitations is 5yrs, there’s a new Bill to reduce the time frame, that’s what the announcement was referencing, the Bill.


        • What I got from your linked article is just the opposite — Ct may extend, not reduce, the statute of limitations from 5 years to 10.

          Other states are extending statutes of limitations — or eliminating them entirely — because of the Cosby case.


          • You’re right Dr Eowyn, I apologize, how the heck did I get that one wrong, I not only read the article, but thought I heard it on the local News…and then did a search for “Ct proposes reducing statute of limitations”..go figure. I should have known, being Ct, they would never reduce the time frame! It’s the Ol’ Double Reverse Head Fake!!!! Again, Sorry to all, I’ll try and get it right next time.

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  14. Have to say, I don’t trust the “just-us” system, no faith at all, in it given it regularly molly-coddles (even rewards, one might say) real, openly admitted to guilt, child molestors/destroyers, without batting an eye, and ignoring the cries of the citizenry and victims. Remember how roman polanski skipped town, and hasn’t been sought or extradited by international law enforcement since, despite his crimes, for example?

    Also, cosby represented a public “dadish”, and arguably moral type face, something devil worshipers hate, regardless of if he was guilty or not, what is happening in recent years is being utilized by their corrupt cause of painting good as evil, even while they preach to the public ad nauseam about how “good” evil is (BDSM and homosexuality taught in classrooms across the board, children being taught how to sext, and produce porn of themselves, [see what was being advocated at the seaside sex ed conference in oregon a few years back] and encouraging drug use, specifically meth, to “enhance sex”… all ignored by the media at large, and if performed by individuals would, in most states, constitute corruption of minors at the very least, where are the courts for this?)

    I note also that there seems to be no-holds barred when it comes to cosby, what about roman polanski, what about the british royals, (Apparently prince andrew was also a friend and associate of epstein and has been similarly accused of child molestation) etc. etc.? Why is cosby so special as to get such a sentence (potentially 30 years) vs the rest (Seldom exceeding 10 years total, even for bad charges)? This to me comes off as something rotten in topeka… cosby may be guilty, or he could be entirely innocent (remember framing the innocent is one of evil’s favorite past-times) or he could be guilty but also being set up as a fall guy as well… but something isn’t adding up here, and it seems like I’m not the only one picking up on this. Anyone have any ideas?

    Given how the fake justice system treats child molesters, and in particular high-profile ones, on a regular basis, (I cannot stress how often molesters regularly get hardly a year, despite being found guilty, if they’re found guilty at all… which is evidence of a grossly corrupt systemic policy, even if there is no written policy) at this point, and given their obvious, and repeated, bad behavior, what reason is there to trust anything they say or declare, about any person or thing, ever?


    • Your reasoning mystifies me.
      Just because other molesters haven’t been brought to justice doesn’t mean Bill Cosby is innocent.

      Let’s use another example:
      There are many drivers who violate traffic rules — they drive over the speed limit; tailgate; fail to stop; run red lights; etc.
      Highway police catch some of them.
      Your strange logic is that because there are traffic violators who are not arrested, this means those who were arrested, tried, and found guilty are innocent.

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      • Nothing mysterious here, rather the justice system’s behavior has demonstrated through these cases, (over a considerable amount of time over the past several decades.) and appearing, more often than not, to favor the worst of the worst of criminals, either by letting them escape being tried at all, or by delivering grotesquely weak sentences, (And if you think this is in error, take a look yourself, I could be wrong.) that those participating in the system cannot generally be expected to deliver a truly fair verdict (often pulling punches, especially when it comes to high-profile offenders).

        Even if this weren’t a behavior pattern, there is an additional problem with the justice system generally, what guarantee do we have that said system isn’t just as corrupted, by those that serve the devil, as the government at large, and what would prevent them from utilizing that corruption to further their own goals? We have already seen them utilize the system before for exactly that with “legalizing” homosexuality, and everything else that ruling entailed, hate crime/speech laws, etc.

        When one takes this into consideration along with the apparent occupying of positions of authority in society by those in service to the devil, and their typical modus operandi, the fact that cosby is being hit so hard for crimes that are allegedly committed on the regular by other individuals, who get away with little or no punishment, it raises the question: what about cosby is so special? Followed by why did the victims wait so long to press charges? Is this a case of actual justice, or is this a bigger issue? That is, even if cosby is guilty, and merits the punishment, the case can be used to launch an attack on the “dadish” image in general, because of his ingrained association with it, which I suspect is too valuable a target for the devil worshipers to pass up.

        This is why I suspect he is such a “special” case, and why he is getting such a pronounced punishment while other “celeb” individuals tend to not get hit by much, despite potentially being as guilty of such crimes themselves. Granted I could be wrong and over-thinking it, but then that does leave the questions of why cosby gets such a sentence, when other sex offending criminals (like roman polanski) can skip off to another country, and not be pursued & punished accordingly?

        In a nutshell, I’m not saying that cosby is innocent, necessarily, but I am saying there appears (to me at least) to be reason to doubt the verdicts of the courts generally anymore. More than that however, I suspect this case is going to be used as a means for an attack on something good, entirely separate from cosby himself, despite being associated with him. I can think of one similar case in the recent past, which might indicate how this might be played by the devil worshipers & media et al… what happened when it was discovered bing crosby was found out to be a wife-abuser, (He was very popular himself after all) and did it have ripple-effects with things he was commonly associated with by society at large, and the media?

        (And apologies that this is so long, I tried to make it as concise as I could, I know I tend to be wordy.)


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  16. Decades ago, I was a fan and bought some of his albums. I found him hilarious. But no accusations back then were heard, but now you have to wonder. He always spoke lovingly of his wife Camile. With all the false accusations tossed around on innocent men these last several years, I tried to keep an open mind, but, there is something about this from the beginning I thought rang true.
    Did he think he could get by with these actions after so many years playing the dutiful daddy and hubby? That no one would ever believe he was capable? Maybe. Was the horrible death of his son the trigger to these actions, perhaps. Sometimes the older men get, their sexual behavior changes.
    I do feel justice was given today, I figured he would get off like so many before.

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  17. Bill Cosby didn’t act alone, he was a tool. There is something more ultra about the playboy mansion. I first discovered it on the site, mindcontrolblackassassins, by Prince Ray a former black panther. Sometimes he’s hard to follow because he tries to connect paganism with the new world order creepiness that’s going on in the swamp, and you all may not quite believe him , and there are a few things I question, but overall he’s done his research. Cosby was CIA and utilized in Hollywood as part of the brainwashing programs ( I spy in his case) , but later worked for Hefner as a photographer and programmer. In any case, he’s a programmed tool and his memory has probably been fractured, as that is what MK Ultra do. Cathy O Brien and Sue Ford are our modern day examples of what they do to children brought up in The Ring. In the 1970’s and 80’s Mae Brussel would broadcast conspiracy stuff and it would scare me. Now many years later I discover she was right. I can’t find specifucally the broadcast where she discussed about Hugh Hefner and the playboy mansion, as there are several tapes on the mk ultra, ( playboy was part of monarch programming) but there’s a lot there and even a housewife digging found it back then.

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    • Cosby was a regular at the Playboy mansion for decades. He demanded his favorite spot, the lifeguard chair, for maximum visibility of all those naked boobies bouncing around. He drugged the women he screwed there. Linda Carter was one such victim and even alluded to it in a recent interview. This asshole has been a rapist for a very long time.

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      • It’s strange, and maybe a little off topic, but the recent NXIVM bust mentioned Linda Carter as a member. There seems to be a certain circle of these women who are attracted to cult activity.

        Regarding Cosby, whether he was caught and others not, or he was famous and others not, makes no difference to me. He was caught, tried and convicted. Unless someone genuinely believes that he didn’t do these things, what is the argument?

        It is immoral and illegal to take advantage of people in this way.

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  18. Is Cosby guilty of giving a whore and junkie (oh….do we see the Jezebel spirit here?) who calls herself an actress drugs years ago and sleeping with her? I don’t know. But everyone else seems to be pretty certain that her credibility is that of the Virgin Mary. A whore and junkie with credibility? Oh the times have changed. I guess a lot of men, judges, cops, politicians, etc., are being put on notice here. Let the bloodbath begin!


    • Plaintiff Andrea Constand should sue you for calling her a “whore and junkie”.

      From Wikipedia:

      “Andrea Erminia Constand was born in Toronto and played basketball at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in the city. After high school, Constand earned a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Arizona. Constand averaged 10 points per game in her senior season and helped the Wildcats win the NIT, and later pursued a career as a professional basketball player in Europe. She also played on the women’s national basketball team, based in Toronto. While back in southern Ontario, Temple University’s then-new women’s basketball coach, three-time Olympic gold medalist Dawn Staley, asked Constand to join her at Temple as director of operations for the women’s team. In 2002, Cosby and Constand became friends in her new role; Cosby is an alumnus of Temple and maintained a close relationship with the college. Constand attended dinner parties and private dinners at Cosby’s home in Elkins Park, a suburb of Philadelphia.”,_Jr.

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  20. And you believe wiki? Well thanks for taking the time to cite your source.


  21. Cosby was one celebrity I always held up as an upstanding citizen. I was wrong. Lately I find I have been wrong about many things.

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  22. Lets see how feeble he is in the slammer, hope he can see his way around those like him, betcha the brothers are gonna laugh a lot.

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    • Give him some time till he gets used to his new quarters as he starts singing his achievements and accomplishments as he assaulted the helpless women. He will be there and die until the last day of his sentence, and hope the women are alive to see the end of their torture.

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  23. Some in our fellowship have suggested that many of the women who have come forward against Crosby are part of the #me too bunch. The main criticism seems to be centered around the question of why the women didn’t come forward sooner. Actually, not coming forward is the norm, not the exception when the crime is rape. There is a wealth of research that supports the proposition that most victims of sexual assaults do not report the crime to police.

    Here are some examples. According to:

    D. Kilpatrick et al., “Drug-facilitated, Incapacitated, and Forcible Rape: A National Study,” 2007; U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, M. Planty and L.
    Langton, “Female Victims of Sexual Violence, 1994-2010,” 2013; Wolitzky-Taylor et al, “Is Reporting of Rape on the Rise? A Comparison of Women
    with Reported Versus Unreported Rape Experiences in the National Women’s Study-Replication”, 2010

    “Survivors cite the following reasons for not reporting a sexual assault:
    • Fear of reprisal
    • Personal matter
    • Reported to a different official
    • Not important enough to respondent
    • Belief that the police would not do anything to help
    • Belief that the police could not do anything to help
    • Did not want to get offender in trouble with law
    • Did not want family to know
    • Did not want others to know
    • Not enough proof
    • Fear of the justice system
    • Did not know how
    • Feel the crime was not “serious enough”
    • Fear of lack of evidence
    • Unsure about perpetrator’s intent”

    U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, M. Planty and L. Langton, “Female Victims of Sexual Violence, 1994-2010,” 2013; Wolitzky-Taylor et al, “Is
    Reporting of Rape on the Rise? A Comparison of Women with Reported Versus Unreported Rape Experiences in the National Women’s Study-
    Replication,” 2010

    “It is believed that only 15.8 to 35 percent of all sexual assaults are reported to the police.”

    Probability Statistics Calculated By the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, “Reporting Rates,” 2013

    Probability Statistics Calculated By the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, “Reporting Rates,” 2013

    “Due partially to low reporting rates, only 9 percent of all rapists get prosecuted. Only 5 percent of cases lead to a felony
    conviction. Only 3 percent of rapists will spend a day in prison. The other 97 percent walk free.”

    U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, T. Hart and C. Rennison, “Reporting Crime to the Police, 1992-2000,” 2003

    “A survivor’s relationship with the offender has a strong effect on the likelihood of reporting.
    • When an offender is an intimate partner or former intimate partner, only 25 percent of sexual assaults are
    reported to the police.
    • When an offender is a friend or acquaintance, only 18 to 40 percent of sexual assaults are reported.
    • When an offender is a stranger, between 46 and 66 percent of sexual assaults are reported.”

    We need to think logically about how this research applies to Cosby. If it is so difficult for a woman to report this crime when the perpetrator is not an internationally beloved celebrity, how much more difficult would it be for her to name Crosby as the perpetrator? Who would have believed her? In the period when Crosby was committing these crimes, what would have happened to his accuser? She would have been humiliated, vilified, destroyed and hung out to dry. Her photograph would have been plastered on the front page of every tabloid in the western hemisphere. She would have been hounded, probably literally, to death.

    There is an old saying that if it “looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck then it is a duck,” But that is not always true. Sometimes, to use another old saw, what you see is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This is what we have in Crosby–a degenerate, despicable, vicious, violent, piece of shit serial rapist who masqueraded as America’s doting father, and who got away with his heinous crime spree for decades. I applaud the women who stepped forward and risked all to earn a modicum of justice and personal healing. May they all find relief from their personal demons.

    And may Crosby rot not only in prison, but also in hell.

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