US will be world’s top oil producer next year

Jumore Global reports, April 24, 2018, that according to a Feb. 27 report released by the International Energy Agency, the U.S. is expected to replace Russia as the world’s top oil producer by 2019. IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said the U.S, will overtake Russia as the biggest crude oil producer “definitely next year,” if not this year. America’s shale oil boom is exerting profound impact on the global oil market.

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. oil output would exceed 11 million barrels per day (bpd) by late 2018.

But it’s not just the oil. US gas industry is also set to embrace the biggest increase of production has ever seen over the next few years. The IEA forecasts that the U.S. is also on its way to become the No. 1 exporter of liquefied natural gas, because of the growing demand from China, India, and Southeast Asia.

4241 - US to Overtake Russia as World’s Top Oil Producer by 2019, and Become a Net Energy Exporter by 2022

As the earlier forecasted by Energy Department, America is set to become a net energy export country by 2022, which will be the first year since 1953 that U.S. energy exports surpass imports.

4242 1024x416 - US to Overtake Russia as World’s Top Oil Producer by 2019, and Become a Net Energy Exporter by 2022

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37 responses to “US will be world’s top oil producer next year

  1. Have I mentioned lately how much I love President Trump?😊

    Pray for him every day, everyone; it is so powerful!

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    • Maryaha . . . . You are right on spot! Here we have for years been in a strangle hold by OPEC. Does anyone remember the horrible situation back in the very early 1970’s, those of you who are old enough will remember this . . . . . we could only purchase gas for our cars every other day (I think that if your license plate ending in an “even” number you could go and purchase gas on even number days; whereas if your license plate ended in an odd number, you were assigned to purchase gas on odd numbered days. For any of you who remember this differently–please jump in and correct me.) There were lines at gas stations that would be in some instances two blocks long. People need to acquaint the younger people in their families of this piece of history.

      Now, under the guidance of President Trump, (I will admit Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but when it comes to business–he is the man we needed in the White House at this point in time.) WE have risen above and broken the shackles of foreign nations. I rather doubt that OPEC ever saw this coming. This just tickles me pink!

      I also pray for President Trump daily. In my lifetime, I have never seen a POTUS who was so beset by hatred and the ill will of others in government. I truly do not know how he stays standing. I certainly do wish that the powers of Heaven bless and sustain him in his position.

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      • There was never a real scarcity of oil, but a deliberate holdback by the Saudi Mafia to raise the price where they wanted it. Now they’ve got it coming back at ’em, and a nicer bunch of rotten goons deserve to be overwhelmed by their long-suffering nation. And I love seeing Putin stick it to ’em, as Russia can earn income even at US$ 50/barrel!

        Sadly these foolish Islamic citizens practise abstention from alcohol & pork while the King & Princes whoop it up at home and in their many, many foreign digs, complete w/blonde whores and fancy boys. I know this isn’t polite but there’s nothing to like about these bastards, who were in 50/50 w/Zionazis to pull off 9-11: Lest We Forget!

        And the Bush oil dynasty let the Saudi Mafia’s private jets leave that day, WHEN ALL OTHER PLANES WERE GROUNDED! As Michael Ruppert remarked at the time, he NEVER heard of police/FBI letting suspects leave the country. Think about it.

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        • Well, I happen to be one of those “weirdos” that don’t believe that oil is crushed dinosaurs and ferns. That is quite a study in itself and too large to do here, but I’m convinced. It is completely sustainable.

          The Russians have worked with this for many years. They are the World’s foremost authority. All the rest is hype to support the artificially inflated price.

          I used to read Ruppert but came to disbelieve him. His theory only holds water if one believes that oil is finite. I don’t.


        • Joseph . . . . Excellent points! I certainly do agree . . . it is awesome to “see Putin stick it to ’em.” Even though it’s been a real loooooong time comin’

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  2. Wonder how OPEC feels now? Can’t use our money to attack and kill us any more you’ll have to start using your own now. So when does the price go down at the pump. ☻♫

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    • Brian . . . . You have just asked the 64 thousand dollar question . . . “So when does the price go down at the pump?” Unfortunately, that just is not going to happen any time soon. Never the less, this is wonderful for our country, that we do not have foreign entities with knives at our throats.

      Dr Eowyn, this is a wonderful article. It should make Americans very hopeful.

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    • OPEC is decreasing their production in response to keep prices up… lower the supply, increase the demand and thus price.

      The thing I fear is a bit worse… what could result to our land when so much oil is removed from under the crust so quickly. The oil creates a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure to hold up parts of the crust and thus our land. Remove it, and you could see more sink holes and erosion. Empty space simply can’t support the great weight of our land above existing oil reserves.

      And that’s not even considering the long-term effects of the fluids and pressures used in fracking, which drills horizontally and diagonally across such reserves, altering the balance of homeostasis in such reserves, further adding to their destabilization.

      On the other hand, scientists have now developed species of algae which can rapidly produce large amounts of much purer, cleaner-burning petroleum, so it’s not like we’re looking at the old “fossil fuels running out” theory the left has been holding over our heads since the ’70s. We just get it from lab vats rather than from under ground.

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      • While I share yr sentiments, bioremediation is an area in which I have some intimate knowledge, and THE problem is that algae needs sunlight to thrive. So unless we bring up all the contaminated ground waters and other fluids, they simply can’t do the deed in the dark.

        I did cutting edge work in 1959-’60, my last year of HS, breeding Chlorella dinoflagellata in closed tanks, to end in an edible very high-protein green flour that could replace meat for people in areas without cattle ranches, Africa, etc. I designed a growing environment of collapsible components [total cost US $2 at the time] which could be air-dropped to famished people. The UN thought it was clever but didn’t follow through. That’s when I began to think something was wrong with the UN.

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        • Likely because those with the most money to make influence those who make the decisions, more than those with the best ideas… Instead of your solution, we now have millions of acres in South America being used to grow cattle to feed folks in McDonald’s. And very few rain forests left to convert CO2 -> O2. And increasing loss of habitat for native animals. Gosh, I sound so ’70s.

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        • Joseph . . . . Your comment about the meat replacement is truly over the top. Let’s just hope that if need be, we are able to overcome any down side of these discoveries. Who knows, since the black Africans are cutting their own throats by kicking the white Europeans off their farms, and allowing the farms to lay dormant , , , , there may just be a huge need tor these high-protein green powdered food replacements! Although, somehow that really does not sound very tasty.


      • cogitoergosumantra . . . . Points well taken! I am as pleased as punch with your last paragraph. I have always known, or at least believed that when the need was to arise Heavenly Father would permit us humans to find something that would sustain us here on this Earth for as long as need be. It seems as though he just never disappoints. All things come along when the time is right.

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  3. I knew there must be a reason why gasoline and natural gas is getting so cheap. Hah, hah, hah! I knew there must be a reason everyone’s income and quality of living has been going up. LOL! LOL!


  4. Excellent news!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    So how are they explaining the steady rise in gasoline prices.

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    • From what I’ve read, worldwide demand for crude is up. Plus summer driving season coming up, a time when costs always go up.

      Here in OK our gas tax is going up to give the teachers a raise, after they went on a two-week walkout.

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      • DCG . . . . I think you are spot on. Just look at both China and India, now that they have huge numbers of people joining the “middle class,” they all want petrol for their cars. Let’s face it, it is an economic law that when demand is high . . . prices rise!

        I was sorry to learn that your state’s teacher’s union won the big prize, and the rest of Ok’s residents get to pay the price. “Teacher’s Unions” are a blight on our society. In so many cases they only work 185 days a year, yes they do have to continue their educations, but the payoff at the end of the rainbow is so high, so far beyond what other groups of people who have similar education’s can expect to gain at their retirement.

        It will be interesting to see just how much retired teacher’s will actually realize once a majority of state’s are bankrupt . . . what with all these unfunded liabilities staring at them. At lease in the State of Oregon, our teacher’s get nearly 100% of their medical, dental, vision, etc paid for them, yet other working people have had to pay percentages toward maintaining lesser medical coverage since the mid 1980’s.

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        • Well, the union didn’t get everything. They wanted a repeal of the capital gains tax break and were trying to hold out for that. Because that’s what the union should be doing…writing tax code. Any how, they didn’t get that one.

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          • DCG . . . . It truly defies logic some of the ideas that the teacher’s unions push for. I guess we can be thankful for small blessings, at least in this case.

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  7. I’ll be glad to see some of the capped wells in my end of Nevada opened for business. I expect there’ll be a pretty huge bottleneck at the Refineries,as they get oil from all over the US. A NEW Refinery somewhere close to Beowawe or Battle Mtn. Nevada would be a good idea,since I-80 and BOTH Eastbound and Westbound railroad tracks are there,and they’d be close enough to pipe from the wells to the refinery.
    Actually,the same might work for Osino,since we now have a Rail Port there,ALSO less than a mile from 80 with its own on/off ramps and a DOT Weigh Station and the railroad’s relatively new switch yard. That would be a little farther from the oilfields,but since we’re currently hauling crude from halfway across the world or piping it down from Alaska,how bad could it be?
    I’m so tired of hearing on the radio that the national average for gasoline is $2.75 while the cheapest I’ve found here is $3.08.
    I could understand it if we were out at the far end of Blowdirt Valley,but as I said,we have both the interstate highway AND the Railroad almost a stones throw from us here.,and I believe the nearest Refineries are less than 300 miles away. (Reno Nv. and SLC,Utah. At least that’s where the Gasoline tankers load from.)

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    • Nevada gets its gasoline from California, doesn’t it? — which explains the high prices.

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      • I think so. When I was a kid the barges used to come up the Sacramento River from San Francisco bay and the railroad cars and tanker trucks would fill up from them.

        We used to laugh at the advertisements for the various brands because the trucks just lined up. It was the luck of the draw. Of course it was $.26/gallon then too.

        Most of the pricing issues are completely artificial. They are fixed by cabals.

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      • To their credit (?) they DO shop for the best price,so sometimes they truck it from Cali,who gets it from Ports on their coast, and sometimes from Utah,who gets it from ??? Ports on the coast of Texas?


    • It’s $3.25 here.

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      • It was re-set today to C$ 1.59/l which is more than C$ 6/gallon. Most people do not know that the Rothschilds competed w/Rockefeller in creating the world’s first petroleum entities, eventually agreeing to a syndicate instead of competition. The Rothschilds started in the Caspian Basin and Baku, so now you know why we are STILL fighting 100 yr old petro wars over pipelines and selling terminals [see Dean Henderson’s excellent histories & analyses of that part of the world, where, as George Washington et al. pointed out long ago, we should never be.].

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    • Gas is $2.37/gal in my OK town right now. I live an hour outside of OKC.

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  8. Helen V. Garvey

    Hi: Mark Taylor, author of The Trump Prophecies, has been saying this for years. I believed him then and now the geologists’ reports show it.

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  9. Thank you Jesus, for hearing from heaven, forgiving our sins, and healing our land!

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  10. It’s $2.88 here in Ct., It jumped .38 Cents in the past 2 weeks. I think Trump is the best President we’ve ever had, other than Military experience, I think he’s right there with George Washington. Imagine where we’d be if he didn’t step up to save us, he didn’t have to, he could have continued living his Billionaire lifestyle with his Family and Grandchildren, he’s taken a lot of heat for us. I hope those nasty Democrats, Globalists, Robber-barons, and the entire Left, burn in Hell. God bless you Sir, and from the bottom of my Red Blooded American heart, thank you. President Trump Tweeted this back on April 20th…
    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    Apr 20
    Looks like OPEC is at it again. With record amounts of Oil all over the place, including the fully loaded ships at sea, Oil prices are artificially Very High! No good and will not be accepted!

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