Wednesday funnies!





Can you imagine coming across this in the ocean?


17 responses to “Wednesday funnies!

  1. do u know if the camels were saved ,eventually? omg,hope they were

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    • Video doesn’t say. But they appear to be fine swimmers. And this apparently isn’t that uncommon to see as there are other videos of camels swimming.

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      • I wondered about that too. This is what I found:

        For two days a week now, the Kharai camels are left to themselves on one of the seven mangrove islands that dot the creek at Mohadi in Kutch district of Gujarat. They swim 10 km, along with their handlers, taking anywhere between two and three hours, to reach the islands, locally called Bet, along the Gulf of Kutch. Once on the islands, the camels start feeding on mangroves.

        The camels swim long distances in the sea to reach its grazing areas —usually more than 3 km at a time even in deep waters. They eat large volumes of saline plant species…. Their grazing routes vary seasonally, and as they are constantly on the move, the Kharai herders do not build any special shelters for them. During the monsoon, the camels are often left on the mangrove islands for three months. With rainwater collected in depressions on the land, they have a drinking water source. An adult camel requires about 20 to 40 litres of water a day. During summer and winter, their stay on the islands last three days at a time.

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    • who said camels are ugly? Think of the poor dromedaries they carry two humps!

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  2. Camels can swim? The videos I’ve seen of the Loch Ness monster usually show him or her to have a humped back. Maybe Nessie is really a camel.😳

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Aren’t camels just posed to be the “ships of the desert”?

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  4. Love the Mayor of London and General Mathis picture. The Mayor of London does not want anyone carrying a knife because they just might inflict harm on the muslim/Islamic men he is allowing to run loose in London and England as a whole.

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  5. That first one with the dogs is priceless the little guy is licking it and the older dog says naw give me a bite lol. So good DCG thank you for this post makes the heart jump start the day. ☻♫

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  6. Yeah-what Brian said.

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  7. Labs are great.

    Mattis is great.

    Life is good ☺

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    • Yes, disgusted—-I’m the mother of a sweet, lazy, nurturing female Lab….(2 other Lab mixes in the past) and great admirer of Mattis. Life IS not only GOOD…but on these terms….very SANE and stable 🙂

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      • Yep. I have a 1 year-old Lab. puppy. She has an adopted sister who we “rescued”. Then I have my Beagle, Molly Ann. Dogs are wonderful. People? Not so much.

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        • Bless you lo—my dogs and cats are all rescues. Ditto to you. When was the last time a dog scammed you, robbed you, or intentionally hurt you or your feelings for their own personal gain? I’m guessing…….NEVER! 🙂

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  8. I like the 7 deadly sins in the form of apps – never thought of it like that.

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