Sanctuary California: Two previously-arrested, deported sex offenders re-arrested in Cali

illegal aliens godinez and cervantes

Illegal aliens Godinez and Cervants tried to benefit from sanctuary California’s policies…again

How much longer will the citizens of California allow this blatant crime and illegal activity to continue, harming their citizens?

Absolute madness…

From KESQ (Palm Springs, CA):  Indio Border Patrol agents arrest two sex offenders attempting to illegally enter the country.

The first man was arrested Tuesday at around 10 am near Ocotillo. Juan Manuel Arteaga-Godinez, 43, is suspected of making an illegal entry into the U.S. Arteaga-Godinez was transported to the Highway 86 checkpoint for identification and processing.

Record checks revealed Arteaga had been previously arrested and convicted for crimes involving sexual misconduct twice in San Diego County.

The first conviction was in 2006 for sexual battery and indecent exposure, and the second conviction occurred in 2011 for molesting a victim under 18 years of age. Arteaga is being held in federal custody pending prosecution of felony and immigration charges.

The second incident occurred Wednesday night around 10:35 p.m., when agents encountered a man near Calexico and determined he was illegally present in the United States.

The man, identified as Walter Inzunza-Cervantes, 34, was arrested and taken to the El Centro station for processing. Record checks revealed Inzunza was convicted in 2011 in Indio of Felony Sexual Battery, and sentenced to 123 days in jail.

Inzunza is being held in custody pending his prosecution for Re-Entry After Removal.

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15 responses to “Sanctuary California: Two previously-arrested, deported sex offenders re-arrested in Cali

  1. Hadenoughalready

    We should use “the Chinese method”, then bill their families for the bullets.

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  2. Our society has reached a tipping point not sure how long before the family’s fathers start taking the law into their own hands. The government should be sued for any one who is hurt by illegals. After a few major law suits then you just might get there attention. But hey they are not worried the state is broke so what you going to get if you win. I would venture to think that some dad is going to go off the reservation and do some major damage one day.

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    • I think the best thing would be to sue the individuals whose signatures are on the “Sanctuary” paperwork-it’s THEY who enabled this….Besides-they have more resources to claim than the State Government. With the fat paychecks they get,I’m sure they either have a pretty huge nut stashed away or they have LOTS of cool stuff they’d have learn to live without.

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  3. DCG . . . . Excellent article! When you look at this from a strictly financial aspect . . . it takes your breath away. Here the American taxpayer is having to pony up monies to deal with the same criminal individuals time and time again! What sense does that make?

    Build The Wall and NOW.

    Since Mexico is not interested in stemming the tide of these criminal thugs, we need to light a fire under their government . . . withhold ANY AND ALL US FUNDING from this country until they get serious about this problem. Also, US participation in the continuance of NAFTA should be predicated on major compliance with helping the US to clean up this nasty situation.

    I believe that one thing the average US citizen should be doing, and I am very big into this . . . . DO NOT PURCHASE GOODS THAT WERE MANUFACTURED, OR ASSEMBLED IN MEXICO (and China for that matter.)

    I was looking at an online catalog for glassware (such as drinking glasses) unfortunately several of the items that I liked were from Mexico (two others were from China.) For this reason, I did not go ahead and place an order. Yes, I realize, my personal resistance is probably like taking a cup of water out of the ocean–and then expecting there to be a huge change in the water level. However, if enough people were to practice this, perhaps it might just matter.

    Mexico cut themselves a sweet deal with NAFTA, one that in no way helped the average US citizen. “We the People” are subsidizing the criminal Mexican government, and It is time that this be turned around. Individuals on a personal level need to boycott goods from this offending country.

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  4. I thinking all pedophiles should be executed, but that’s just me…..

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  5. Well, what would anyone expect? They have declared war on the rest of the country. They have declared themselves a “rogue state”. Just look at the latest from them:

    I’d like to see them try to tell me I can’t keep my kids from participating in this. Those who are waiting for the announcement of the NWO, are late to the party.

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  6. Just out, an Illegal shoots 2 Cops and a Security Guard at a Home Depot in Dallas, he skipped his Sentencing Hearing for a prior Offense…Go figure. Interesting News Video at Link.

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  7. In other news, check this out:

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    • Somehow I envisioned Hogg’s main squeeze as something with four legs. Kasky’s dad is the one with the child trafficking and Silsby connection. Turns out he’s a Satanic swisher as well.

      Please David, don’t listen to a thing they tell you about safe sex. It’s all conservative hoggwash.

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  8. Isn’t that a lovable twosome…….! Who is a she and who is a he, what the hell doesn’t really matter they are both queers,

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  9. Quick, it’s time to get these guys scholarships to Indiana “U”.

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