Utopia! Bernie Sanders pushes plan for feds to guarantee every American a job

government solve all problems

It’s called “communism,” Bernie. And it DOESN’T WORK, no matter how much you demorats believe you can get it right.

From Fox News: Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is preparing to unveil a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job offering $15 per hour and health care benefits to any American worker “who wants or needs one,” The Washington Post reported Monday.

It is not clear when Sanders will announce the plan and a Sanders spokesperson told the Post that it was still being crafted.

It was not clear how Sanders’ plan would be paid for. Republicans have long opposed a federal jobs guarantee, saying such a plan would be too expensive and impractical.

The Post reported that an early draft of Sanders’ plan calls for the government to fund hundreds of projects in categories such as infrastructure, education and the environment. Americans would be entitled to receive a job with one of those projects or receive job training to do so.

Sanders, who ran a surprisingly strong campaign for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and is rumored to be running again in 2020, joins two other rumored presidential contenders who have supported a jobs guarantee or offered guarantee plans of their own.

Last week, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. tweeted support for a jobs guarantee, saying it would help “regular Americans who are unemployed and willing to work to better their local community.”

On Friday, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. announced the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act, which would call for the Department of Labor to select up to 15 areas to institute a job guarantee. According to Vox, which first reported on Booker’s plan, those jobs would pay the higher of $15 per hour or the prevailing wage and offer paid family leave and health benefits.

“The federal jobs guarantee is an idea that demands to be taken seriously,” Booker said in a statement. “Creating an employment guarantee would give all Americans a shot at a day’s work and, by introducing competition into the labor market, raise wages and improve benefits for all workers.”


49 responses to “Utopia! Bernie Sanders pushes plan for feds to guarantee every American a job

  1. Um, Bernie, it’s been done…

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    • My first thoughts exactly, anonymous—-a lot of “isms” on Earth through the years have “been there, done that, and not only failed—but, literally crashed and burned big time—-Communism, Nazism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Facism….droning on and on….and yet, the Bernie’s of our time (well….maybe not OUR TIME, but HIS ancient time)….still think any/ all/ some/one of them is going to work. For all it’s flaws….Capitalism has worked best b/c it supports the best interests of individuals, low or high-born, and let loose…..most often even defeats even The Swamp…b/c, even The Swamp wants to be “in the loop” of Capitalism b/c it, above all, serves EVEN their best interests and the future of their offspring….Good Lord…why else would they exempt themselves from economic limitations of their legislations (prime example—-Obamacare) while putting the economic yoke around the necks of us “lowlies?” They want to reserve the power of their earnings to do GOOD for themselves in a free market…..but legistlate the working lowly to sacrifice/by law this same desire “for the good of all?”

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Bernie is Jewish and has never held a “real” job – he has always been a “radical politician.”

    It is time to move on from this radical communist. Can you show me one country that has succeeded as a communist country.

    As we found out that Bernie lives the high life; but, expects his followers to lead meager lives – a true communist. Check out how many McMansions he owns.

    Also, his wife and with his influence as a Senator are under investigation for fraud.



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  3. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… It’s called “communism,” Bernie. And it DOESN’T WORK, no matter how much you demorats believe you can get it right.

    Communism CAN work beautifully. The principles and mechanics of it simply have not yet been correctly applied.

    Ha!-Ha! I’m kidding. That’s just something that the retards say. And I’m not really retarded. …Only a little retarded.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  4. “It was not clear how Sanders’ plan would be paid for.”

    I propose that millionaire Bernie Sanders be the first to chip in by selling his 3 houses, including that $600k lake-side house he bought 5 days after the close of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in which he endorsed rival Hillary Clinton despite the publishing of a WikiLeaks email revealing the DNC colluded with Hillary to cheat him of the Demonrat Party’s nomination.


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  5. I hope not, but if that old commie jew runs, we’ll have a valid contender to defeat. These Marxist college kids will be running to the polls in droves. (Spell Checker suggested I capitalize Marxist)

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  6. I am fine with this…
    Just as soon as all government subsidized benefits are eliminated.

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    • Rufus . . . . You just hit on an excellent idea . . . Yea, “Just as soon as all government subsidized benefits ae eliminated,” then you bettcha, let’s proceed with this idea.

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  7. Gotta love this guy, he just never quits LOL

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  8. Not much of a thinker, I’d say, (and wasn’t his election HQ in virginia, when he was running, based out of a freemason lodge, or was that just a rumor?) obviously the solution to the problem isn’t to raise minimum wage, you make the wages people get worth more by whacking these usury using & pushing institutions back down to size or eliminating them. But then I notice that bernie is pushing the same stuff his other “weather underground” fellows are, like the “15 bucks” thing (why 15 anyway? is that what they calculated would be the quickest way to crash the economy or bankrupt all the working poor, one wonders?) Lets just hope this talk is like his election campaign, and falls just as flat.

    How about some nice tariffs on “israel” for every soda stream they decide to market, while we’re speaking of money? And no more “gifts”, neither money or weaponry, at that… and on the subject, how about axing all federal funding for planned parenthood, since its pretty obvious they’re a propaganda mill, aimed are corrupting youth and profiting from the results of that corruption.

    I personally would also withdraw the military from every country they’re currently deployed in, and make it illegal to send them more than 500 miles beyond the borders of the U.S. in any direction, and I’d axe all funding to black projects, langley, any funding going towards bio, nuclear, and chemical weapons development, and finally put to trial the federal reserve bank corp for crimes against humanity, and engaging in usury, as well as any related crimes that came to light on investigation & making it illegal to data-mine & engage in information brokering on any person in the U.S. whether foreign or domestic, as it is a breach of a person’s right to be secure in their persons and effects, I’d say. (This would exclude typical law enforcement duties, like catching child molesters.)

    But then this is why I’d never be president. haha

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  9. Something I think Bernie’s banking on maybe makes some sense.

    Millennial’s Think There’s a Gentler Version of ‘Socialism’
    Perhaps the most important reason millennial’s are less concerned about socialism is that they associate socialism with Scandinavia, not the Soviet Union. Modern “socialism” today appears to be a gentler, kinder version. For instance, countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway offer a far more generous social safety net with much higher taxes.

    These countries actually are not socialist, but “socialistic.” To accommodate their massive social welfare spending, these countries opened their economies to free-market forces in the 1990s, sold off state-owned companies, eased restrictions on business start-ups, reduced barriers to trade and business regulation, and introduced more competition into health care and public services.

    In fact, today these countries outrank the United States on business freedom, investment freedom, and property rights, according to the Heritage Economic Freedom Index. So, if anything, the lesson from Scandinavian countries is that market reforms, not socialist ones, explain their prosperity.

    Unlike the USSR, this modern version of this quasi-socialism has also learned to defer its costs, effectively consuming the future to make things materially more comfortable for those in the present. Like the United States, European welfare states have racked up huge debts and unfunded liabilities. However, their populaces don’t feel that immediately, because citizens haven’t yet had to pay all the taxes that must come with it.

    The consequences of slower economic growth, lower productivity, and relatively lower standards of living are opaque unless you have something to compare it to

    American Kids Don’t Know Enough, Either
    Unfortunately, American schools teach very little about basic economic concepts such as the idea of trade-offs or the drivers of economic growth and effects of growth and stagnation on ordinary people. Young people—along with more than enough of their elders—too often naively believe canards such as that “taxing the rich” can solve our country’s economic ills.

    Every Kid Gets a Trophy
    The concept of socialism stems from the idea that everyone, regardless of his or her achievements and efforts, should be rewarded equally or at least rewarded according to his or her needs—“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” as Karl Marx popularized.

    The fact that millennial’s disproportionately think that all kids deserve a trophy regardless of achievement probably at least partly explains their disproportionate support for Sanders. While millennial’s could forever be a “everybody gets a trophy” generation, as young people take on more responsibilities—buy a house, get married, have kids, get a promotion, start paying noticeable taxes, and work long hours—they may start to think their hard work and sacrifices should be rewarded more.

    The Lesson of the Twentieth Century
    Previous generations debated and history ultimately revealed that free market capitalism does more good for people than Soviet socialism. However, the Scandinavian model raises a new question for our generation: is this form of Democratic soft socialism sustainable? Will this iteration of socialistic dabbling work despite socialism’s many historical failures?

    This is a major question of our time, and although young people are famous for believing this about things like drinking and driving or unplanned pregnancy, it’s likewise highly unlikely regarding socialism that “this time, things will be different.”

    The generational divide is real, and while millennial’s are correct about many things, this is one area in which they should listen to their elders.

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    • This argument has been proven false so many times I don’t have the time to address them all. Socialism is communism light. There are moral and ethical considerations besides the fact that it simply can’t work. Ask Bernie about this:

      The commies pushed Socialism as a way to get their foot in the door, much as you describe. The real reason behind this is the fact that our Jewish owners want to destroy Christianity and Western Culture. They really don’t care what they have to do or what they call it in order to accomplish their goal.

      So-called “immigration” is a classic example. It has NOTHING to do with anything other than using people as a weapon. Communism does not acknowledge God. Free-market economics without God doesn’t work either. Western culture is God centered, as it should be. God is the reason it has been as successful as it has been and the precise reason why God’s enemies wish to destroy it.

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    • Brian . . . . Bravo! Your comments were stellar. Thank you.

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  10. Bernie oh Bernie, decrepit you are not but money hungry and wishing you could keep the proletariat under your talons, COMMUNISM DOESNT WORK, never has and never will, is a dead doctrine deceiving bastards like you want to keep it alive -people don’t like oppression, is your wife your oppressor? Don’t think so Bernie, you both are one and the same, give it up, look at Nicaragua right now, the people want to get rid of the communist ruling dictatorship because they want Freedom, park your ass in your mansion and enjoy the rest of your life reading Marx and Engel.

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  11. What about mothers? In this plan, would we be forced to be separated from our kids for blocks of time throughout the day? Unacceptable.

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    • Why you would be thrilled to tootle off to your job, hand-winding generators at the Worker’s Palace every day. All of this paid for by friendly aliens from the planet Urdu. Urduans were raised in the shadow of Uranus, where sulfurous fumes wash over its surface from Uranus. This has given the natives a profound dislike for real estate.

      Of course the Urduans have promised Bernie a new house once the plan has been implemented. They’ve also agreed to supply Mrs. Bernie with a new college to bankrupt.

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  12. If the government wants it then it’s a good chance it won’t work. That bunch of morons can’t figure out how to deal with a two bit dictator of a Podunk nation. Between Sanders and Booker there might be just enough brain power to operate a yoyo.

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  13. “….After graduating with a political science degree, Sanders moved to Vermont, where he headed the American People’s History Society, an organ for Marxist propaganda. There, he produced a glowing documentary on the life of socialist revolutionary Eugene Debs, who was jailed for espionage during the Red Scare and hailed by the Bolsheviks as “America’s greatest Marxist.”

    What a guy that Bernie!

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  14. Booker said in a statement. “Creating an employment guarantee would give all Americans a shot at a day’s work and, by introducing competition into the labor market, raise wages and improve benefits for all workers.”

    Come on Booger you don’t really believe that BS you know it will raise taxes for the productive people. You are just another tool of the “European style socialists” And Bernie well I don’t need to say a word about Ol Bernie we all know who his master is

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  15. This is precious coming from a guy that hasn’t done an honest day’s work in his life. He sold out his base and expects them to take the bait again. Look at his followers, Gillibrand and Booker, two laughable jokers.
    Sanders loves and cherishes Communism. It is where he spent his honeymoon, he dodged serving his country and has an arrest record. Not exactly Presidential material, but then again, neither was Clinton.

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  16. Feel that Commie Love:

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  17. Bernie, Gillibrand & Booker all forget their voter base won’t go for this, simply because they don’t want to work!

    It’s much more fun to dress in black, put on masks, and attack Christians, conservatives, and anybody else who doesn’t agree with them.

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  18. Everyone who is qualified, whether by education, experience, or otherwise to perform a job, should be able to find a job… somewhere. Whether it’s in government, education, industry, research, entertainment, law enforcement, the military, or cleaning toilets is up to the local need and the individual’s qualifications (and what they’re willing & able to work toward accomplishing).

    Furthermore, those who are able to provide a minimum of $15 per hour of value in product or service, training or otherwise to their employer, should be entitled to $15 per hour wages (at most). But it’s also not guaranteed…

    So I guess I’d have to add a qualified agreement with the idiot… in so far as those ideas agree with what capitalism has already shown to work. But I’m afraid nothing in Bernie’s mind agrees with reality.

    In reality, even being worth $15 an hour doesn’t guarantee you a job even cleaning toilets for $4 an hour plus tips. Life isn’t always fair. But it’s still better here than in any other nation on Earth. Certainly better than communism.

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