Gun control, Baltimore style: 29 killings in past three weeks

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Heckuva job mayor!

From Baltimore Sun: For a while, there was reason to hope. Twelve days without a killing in February. Declining street violence in March. Optimism around a new police commissioner. After a three-year spike in violent crime, a long and bloody siege that brought Baltimore international attention, the city seemed finally to be heading toward peace.

Then came April. Someone executed a mother and daughter inside their house. Stray gunfire killed a 65-year-old woman on her porch. A wanton shooter wounded a 69-year-old man outside his home.

Baltimore police counted 17 killings last month, but 29 within the past three weeks. For Baltimoreans and for the officials charged with keeping them safe, a familiar dread is returning.

“Of course, the frustration is there,” said Chief T.J. Smith, the police spokesman. “You see the moments of hope, and we haven’t given up hope, certainly. … Then you have these unfortunate moments, these spates of violence.”

Police blame some of the recent bloodshed on a war between two West Baltimore groups. The Western District, the department’s smallest, has seen the largest share of violence this year: 18 people killed, more than double the total in any other district. Nine people were killed there in the past 30 days.

Commanders across the department have deployed additional officers to try to quell the rivalry. “I don’t want to get too specific,” Smith said. “We are aware of who they are.”

Police worry that the killings of Chanette Neal, 43, and Justice Allen, 22, could set off retaliatory violence. Unknown killers kicked in their back door and shot the mother and daughter to death two weeks ago.

Prosecutors had accused their son and brother, Antoine Benjamin, of participating in a murderous West Baltimore drug crew. But they dropped a murder charge against him last week. He still faces a gun charge.

Benjamin’s attorney, Jeremy Eldridge, said his alleged crimes have nothing to do with the killing of his mother and sister.

Pinky Louise Ruffin was killed by stray gunfire last weekend. The 65-year-old grandmother was shot on her porch. Police said the bullets were intended for Marques Patterson. The 22-year-old was also killed in the attack.

In the days after, police dispatched additional officers to try and stem the rising violence.

As mourners gathered in Park Heights for a viewing for the mother and daughter, police deployed a command truck, SWAT officers, patrol cars at both ends of the block, and an officer standing at the front door, as a precaution.

Officers last week went after people with open warrants. They served 26 warrants, Smith said, and arrested and charged one man in a killing in February. “It’s a range of things we’re doing to go after people who are potentially causing some of the problems we’re seeing,” Smith said.

Walter Baynes, 30, was shot to death, and his grandfather, George Evans, 69, was critically wounded last week outside the family’s home in the 1700 block of North Regester St. A man who answered at the front door the next day declined to comment.

Police arrested and charged 17-year-old Eric Gilyard with murder in the shooting. He was jailed without bail, and there was no attorney was listed for him in online court records.

Smith said officers found a loaded gun in Baynes’ pocket. He said Evans was a bystander.

A neighbor said she heard the shots. “They stopped, then came again,” said the woman, who declined to give her name out of fear for her safety. Outside her window, she said, she could see the two men down on the sidewalk in front of their home.

The woman said she’s lived on the block 27 years and the Evans family has lived there as long. She said Evans and his wife had raised Baynes since he was a child.

Larry Weaver, Evans’ nephew, has said his uncle was probably trying to protect his grandson when he was wounded. Weaver said Evans would often sit outside on his stoop. “The whole neighborhood knew him,” Weaver said.

The neighbor said her street in the Broadway East neighborhood had been spared violence that has hit other parts of the city recently.

“I was surprised myself” to hear gunfire outside her door, she said. “It’s west, east, south, north. It’s all areas. You can’t predict when it will happen next.

Read the whole story here.

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36 responses to “Gun control, Baltimore style: 29 killings in past three weeks

  1. All most sounds like they are talking about Memphis. Every night you turn on the TV you get a new body count on the dead and wounded. And now Memphis is trying to break off from the state of TN since they took a quarter of a million away from the city for taking down the confederate statues they were told not to do it. But under the table they dealt and took them down and now they have to face the music and are crying foul. When you erase history your bound to repeat it do they not get this.

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    • I hope the politicians that decided to do that are dealt with harshly. Allowing themselves to be bullied by “revisionists” is insulting. Instead of cowing to them they should proudly stand up and tell them what the War of Northern Aggression was really about.

      If Gettysburg had gone differently (and it was close) the outcome would have been substantially different. What a horrible wast of human life and property. What shameful behavior on the part of the Union.

      Reducing this all to a war about slavery misses most of the reality. Reducing it further to flags is ridiculous. The North’s actions before and after the war should be studied as an example of tyranny.

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      • Well being what it is they did the whole thing underhanded they tried and tried to do it in court but the state was having none of it. One of the monuments was a Grave for Gen. Forest so they had to move the body of him and his wife to a different location. And did it in the dark of night as well the next day they all were missing and relocated to warehouses some were not told to the public at the time. And now the budget from the state came down and they took a quarter mill from the city’s budget for doing it.

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        • What are the odds that they’ll get rid of these slimy cretins in the next election?

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          • Doubtful the base has changed and they will put them back in because they give them what they want more hand out. Hate to say it but Memphis is a lost cause now. And when I grew up you left you keys in the old 50 model Chevy and you never locked the front door all your neighbors were welcome at most any time. Then in 1968 they killed Memphis and it has never been the same and will never come back from that faith full day.

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        • Brian . . . I am sickened to hear that any city would treat the remains of any deceased persons in this manner.

          Yes, many a city is now perpetrating these “Removals” in the dead of night. Just like they are some kind “of vigilante band.” It is so unfortunate that we have individuals who sit on city councils that just think they should be doing whatever in the world they want to do . . . . now as a result the city of Memphis has a quarter of a million short-fall in their budget.

          As far as I am concerned, those who made the choice to remove the monument of General Forest, and his wife and reinter them elsewhere causing the State of Tennessee to withhold the quarter of a million . . . all the individuals who voted in the affirmative to proceed with this action, should be taken to court, since they went against state instructions, and they should have to reimburse the entire short-fall in the budget. It is only when individuals are personally held responsible for their choices, that the people will get a government that is really doing their job. Let these city council members take out lines of credit on their properties, let their bank accounts be drained, until the entire quarter of a million is restored to the City of Memphis.

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          • I suppose the irony is lost on some that Lincoln kept getting dug up too. They finally had to cement him in the ground. One has to wonder what goes through the minds of people who try to make a point with the remains of the dead.

            This is the ultimate example of Communist revisionist history. They don’t want to erect monuments to honor those they admire, they want to prevent others from admiring those they thought worthy to honor. In doing so “The State” becomes “god”. All the citizens are allowed to do is obey.

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          • Well said, Lulu. Of course they have to be put up to this. These minorities and snowflakes don’t dream this up themselves. This is an old commie trick too. Sow division, any “cause” will do.

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          • They are trying to secede from the state and they have lawyers working on it now. What I do not get is the city is broke the crime is almost as bad as Chicago the gangs shoot someone every night and the people who live in Midtown or downtown stay in at night now. The state was quite direct about the monuments, but they just thumbed their noses at the threat and acted like it was not acceptable to their terms. And now they are crying foul on the state but hey what goes round comes round KARMA.

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      • lophatt . . . God Bless you for exposing the lies, and the dishonesty that these “revisionists” are unfortunately able to spread through out our society.

        Although, I am in no way in favor of slavery, I non the less feel the poorer for the removal of these monuments. I believe that Robert E Lee was first in has class at West Point. After the end of the Civil War, he went on to help in military positions that were beneficial to our United States.

        This garbage really burns me, and then we have these weak kneed simpletons in public office who actually believe that removing the vestiges of our history in some manner makes us a better society.

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    • Brian . . . . Thank you for keeping us up with what is going on in Memphis. For many of us (who are old enough) we remember Memphis as being one of the founding cities of Rock N’ Roll. Now it would seem that it is a city of carnage.

      I personally abhor the nonsense of “taking down monuments” because somehow some people think that removing symbols of our history changes it in some manner.

      To show this same stupidity, just look at New York City and their rampage to remove “statues and memorials” that they deem to be offensive. Within the last several weeks a monument that had been erected in Central Park to honor a white doctor, who was really the “father of Gynecology” was removed and taken to the cemetery where he was buried. His great sin was that he had operated on a number of black slave women–without using anesthesia (at that particular time anesthesia was not commonly used.) He did start using it later in his practice.

      Some of the loudest voices against this man were black women who alleged that this man had tortured these black women who were brought to this doctor by their slave masters . . . in each instance the woman suffered from complications of childbirth where there was a “tearing of the skin between the vagina and the rectum.” Many of these woman were left incontinent of bladder, and in some instances bladder and bowel.

      In the year 1850, can you even imagine what a horrific state to find oneself in if you were unfortunate enough to have no control over either your bladder or your bowels! This doctor was trying to perfect surgery to correct this horrible condition; in our day and age the “episiotomy” is used during childbirth in order to avoid such a horrible condition. One of these black women underwent 13 surgeries, before the doctor was successful in restoring her to normal function.

      I am left wondering, how many women in that day and age would not have given ANYTHING to be relieved from the horrendous burden of trying to keep themselves clean while in the state of uncontrollable bladder and bowel functioning.

      There were black women who howled at the City of New York to have this man’s monument removed, because he had, in their thinking, tortured these women. The real torture would have been to leave these women in the state they were in, and to do nothing. I am sure that having surgery without the aid of anesthesia was no picnic, but many a wounded Civil War fighter also underwent medical procedures such as the removal of a leg, or arm without benefit of anesthesia.

      If I were a woman who was suffering with incontinence due to complications of childbirth, and I was trying to keep myself clean and presentable, and be able to go out around other people . . . I daresay, I would either be willing to undergo anything that could help me . . . or, I would wish for my immediate demise. Personally, I rather doubt that I am so different from womwn from 150 years ago, except that I have much better ways of keeping myself clean than what they had available to them at that time.

      This particular doctor, eventually went to Europe, and went on to help thousands of women who suffered from the complications of childbirth, regain lives where they were fully functioning women in society.

      I am astounded by the ignorance and prejudice of today’s minorities, that their knowledge and understand of the past is so stunted, that they cannot see what is right in front of them, and should be apparent . . . this man did not undertake these attempts at surgery just to get his thrills, he was trying to perfect a method of repairing women, who had for millennia suffered with this particular malady.

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  2. Sorry! I just went down a different road. It is outrageous that the City of Baltimore is suffering under these same gang war conditions.

    I personally blame their stupid major. I think that she focuses on things that are not paramount to the well being of the citizens of her city.

    Not so long ago she canned the white Chief of Police, and put in a black man in his stead . . . . . there is little proof, when we look at these pitiful stats on the gun violence in Baltimore that the nonsense of getting rid of the white Chief of Police, and replacing him with a black man did ANYTHING TO IMPROVE THIS CITY. That whole scenario was an exercise in “feel good” politics. I wonder just how good the black families who have had a loved one die from gun fire feels about this “feel good” improvement to their city?

    The citizens of Baltimore need to vote her bony butt out of office!

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    • Baltimore has the same basic problem as London. Their “base” represents the problem. How are they ever going to get rid of them in office? Whitey isn’t going to move there, and I don’t blame them.

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    • Baltimore’s future is like Africa’s future. For two hundred years hard-working people built it up. Now the demographics have changed and it is slipping into ruin.

      We are seeing that in South Africa now. You can go to any former European colony in Africa and see the same thing. Left alone it simply fails. If they are stirred, there is rioting and murder, then it fails.

      I could go on all night about this, but I won’t. It is obvious to anyone willing to look.

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      • lophatt . . . . You have brought up one of the most pitiful scenarios in modern day. The white European settlers who went into Africa and made it productive have been driven off the lands that had been farmed by their families for hundreds of years. These whites are not in “resettlement camps” living in dreadful conditions. Why a priority of allowing them to immigrate to this country is not put in place is a mystery to me.

        Dr David Manning, a black pastor from New York, I believe, has lamented the fact that if you look at Africa in this current time . . . you will NEVER FIND ANY CITIES OR BUILDINGS that were left behind by black tribes, NO NOT ANYWHERE IN AFRICA! There are the remains of what other groups of people built and left behind . . . we find that in Egypt, and many other locations. But, you will not find any remnants of civilization which was built, utilized, and left behind by any black tribes. Now we have this awful, detrimental phenomena of black tribesmen throwing the whites off these productive lands. The blacks did not inhabit these lands until white settlers came in and made the land productive . . . . now out of jealousy, hatred, or whatever–they feel they will be better off without the productivity of the descendants of the original white settlers.

        The huge problem is that the blacks who are now in charge of these fertile lands, either do not know how to farm the land, or they do not wish to farm the land. What happens when starvation sets in? There will no doubt be a loud cry come out of the UN that WE, the rest of the world MUST FEED THESE STARVING MASSES.

        You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. Just as there is good land in these various parts of Africa . . . but if no one takes the initiative to actually farm it . . . there will be no food for either the blacks, or the whites.

        As far as I am concerned, under these circumstances, these people must be forced to farm the land, even if withholding foodstuffs is what prompts them to start farming their land. My heart goes out to the displaced white settler. . . . this situation is stupidity on a grand scale.

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        • I could say a lot about this but I won’t for now. A couple of things to remember are that most people think black Africans occupied South Africa and then Whites took it over. That is not true. NOBODY did anything with it until the whites came.

          There are a few theories for this, I have my own. Suffice it to say that farming is not endemic in the “culture”. I would go further and say that “work” isn’t either.

          The Europeans thought that when they left the Africans would simply run what they built. After all, they had educated them, etc.. It was not to be.

          Left alone the patter is to revert to a lazy lifestyle of substance hunting and gathering. The women do most of the work. Dr. Manning is correct. With the exception of Ethiopia I can’t think of examples of permanent structures.

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          • So men just kinda hunt and fish and lay around and women do all the work? Seems like a pretty idealic life to me.
            No offense intended.


          • lophatt . . . . God Bless you for further fleshing out this horrifically sad story. As you have indicated, there is a lack of true grit among native African tribes, as far as farming these lands that they have taken from the white settlers. You are 100% correct, there were NO BLACK TRIBES IN these areas up until white European settlers came and tamed the land, and made it into a garden which would grow.

            God Bless Dr Manning, a black pastor, who does not withhold the truth from his church members. In all he does, he tries to spur them on to greater heights, to be more productive than past black generations were.

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  3. No problem controlling the guns, that’s easy, the problem here is the uncontrollables.

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  4. I don’t have the endurance to investigate every murder in Baltimore, Chicago, or any other liberal, shit hole metropolis, but wonder if their claims of victims of criminal use of firearms are part of the anti-gun campaign

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  5. Baltimore slaughter brought to you by gun control and Blacks Lives Matter not to our genocidal, parasitic elite Demorats.

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  6. Black Lives Matter
    1. Unless you are a fetus ( 2/3 of black pregnancies end in abortion).
    2. If you are a black man. 85% of murdered black men are killed by other black men.

    This shows BLM is not about black lives. It is about a claim to victimhood, a false narrative.

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  7. Some years ago we went to a park outside Baltimore called Gunpowder Point. It was a river side park with a “beach” for swimming. We were part of about a 5 percent white representation, with all others being black. That was around the year 2000, before Baltimore had the “benefit” of Barack Obama. And yet, without Obama’s provocation, it still felt like a powder keg. So now, after 8+ years of visits from Obama’s operatives, Baltimore is a full on kill zone.

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    • Baltimore and D.C. have ALWAYS felt like that to me. They are very edgy. They feel like everybody wants to fight and are just waiting for an excuse.

      Parts of Philadelphia used to be like that too. I think that’s improved, however. The simple truth is that the more race-obsessed they are, the worse it gets. Then, what do they do? They kill each other. It’s like burning your own neighborhood and stealing from local merchants. This is not intelligence driven.

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    • Used to go there in the 70’s and it was about 60% ethnic. You had to be cautious because there were a lot of them doing the nasty below the waves in public. I just wanted to go for a swim.

      If you trace the public transportation throughout Baltimore County (which surrounds the city) and its’ history, you will see a degradation of the area. With the advent of light rail, Cockeyesville, Timonium, and Hunt Valley have become crime-ridden areas that are no longer safe as they used to be. The poor excuse for a subway system goes from downtown to Owings Mills, which has turned that area into a mess as well.

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  8. When we compare the ghetto’s which are driven by gun violence, with other cities where people work, and things go better. I see a huge correlation between what is going on in Africa where white settlements are uprooted, and the dwindling of the society left behind . . . . and productive areas of this country where a predominance of the people get up and go to work to take care of themselves . . . they do not wait for the first of the month to roll around for their welfare benefits to magically show up on their EBT cards. There has a be, at least in some of these people, a generational desire to be able to live, but to be free from actually having to work for a living. Now, that is not to saw that EACH AND EVERY PERSON from these areas is hampered by this mindset . . . we can clearly see that that is not true. I just wish we could persuade more individuals that working is a blessing.

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  9. Loved the Rev. David Manning reference. He is spot on much of the time.

    Not knowing where everyone lives on this message board, I can let you know I was born in Baltimore City and attended city schools until the 10th grade. In the evening, I watch the local NBC affiliate at 11:00 mostly for the weather forecast which comes on around 11:14. From the top of the hour until the weather, the news goes from one murder to the next. The new police commissioner DeSousa came in with much fanfare, and we had a lull in February – which he naturally took credit for – being paraded around by Mayor Pugh.

    Now April is almost over with a high murder rate, and they are not on the news with an action plan, but always parroting the same tired “get the guns off of the street” bullet point.

    What the area needs is an end to welfare. When working downtown for a few years, my path would take me down Fayette St., which was near where some of “The Wire” was filmed. There was a proliferation of adult-aged men standing on corners or setting on the steps of row homes doing nothing. They were all able bodied and work aged. They were hoods just hanging out. The city has bred third and fourth generation welfare recipients who have NEVER worked (I knew a number of them personally, and they told me such). The mayor has no plan to end this….

    Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor since Theodore McKeldin in 1963 – whom was incidentally also the mayor from 1943-1947. If you want to see what Democratic leadership can do to a city, look no further than Baltimore City.

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    • Thanks for the insider perspective. I remember in the 70’s and 80’s how D.C. and Baltimore were in competition for murder capitol. I also remember the “Billies”. Are they still around? It seems so unusual to have a clan of hill billies in the middle of the ghetto.

      You are most certainly right. The policies that you describe bring ruin everywhere.


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