Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Hillary’s willingness to kill babies is the most satanic’

WeAreChange independent journalist Luke Rudkowski asks HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson: “Which actions by Hillary Clinton do you think are the most satanic?”

Without a moment of hesitation, Dr. Carson replies: “Her willingness to kill babies, innocent babies.”

I wonder what Dr. Carson knows . . . .

H/t @mymaria777

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34 responses to “Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Hillary’s willingness to kill babies is the most satanic’

  1. I believe both of these men are honest. Each has issues, but I admire them for their sincerity. Here’s to more truthful reporting like this.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    To the title: He’s absolutely correct.
    Hillary IS the most satanic. But she wouldn’t have any power without the leftists backing her up. The “progressive left” needs to GO before we’re all cursed.

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  3. Ever notice how satan keeps these evil ones alive for a long time…think about Soros and David Rockefeller. Hillary looks old, wrinkles all over her…hard and evil living.

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  4. Dr. Carson has consistently described Hillary this way. He is so direct about it that I am inclined to expect he knows a lot.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    More than one good answer to that question.

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  6. He wants mandatory vaccination… you know, with vaccines made from aborted fetal cells. He sits on the board of vaccinogen. Made a living removing tumors caused by vaccines. He’s no angel

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    • I don’t think any of us are suggesting that we think he has the answers. Just as “Jurist” said, he’s honest. That doesn’t mean I agree with him. It’s OK not to agree.

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  7. I am really amazed that Rudkowski would ask the question, and I am pleasantly surprised by Dr. Carson’s candor, and this is what it means: Moral candor means more than intellectual acuity. Upon our particular judgment, Christ will not ask us what we know or how intelligent we are: He will ask us how much we have loved, or how much we have reformed or repented, etc. Every picture of Jesus has Him pointing to His HEART—He never points to His Head!

    And Dr. Carson recognizes an ugly reality about 21st Century post-modern life: There are individuals out there who aren’t content to merely “worship” the Devil, No: They will KILL for him, too. Not to Worry: Hillary’s Day of Reckoning shall come. Ditto Bill’s.

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  8. When it comes to Killary Rotten Clinton everything and anything revolves about killings, whether killing babies, getting rid of women and disappearing men that are an obstacle, the killing machine goes into action -diabolical isn’t she?

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  9. There IS a great big pile of dead people attributed to the Clintons, and this doesn’t include the literally MILLIONS of babies they are responsible for killing. Most likely many personally, in their satanic rituals. The pope as well has been reported to have personally had sex with and then dismembered babies in satanic rituals in Canada of all places. Many have reported that thousands of dead babies have been dug up in native Indian Canadian schools built for those indigenous peoples. And many have reported that they SAW these things take place, and somehow, escaped those schools. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of their testimony two years ago. There are also newspaper articles from Canada that tell the same story.

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