Texas boy hit & killed by truck after leaving school during #NationalSchoolWalkout

janthan benko killed during school walkout

Tragic. And Preventable.

Remember, Daivd Hogg started this #NationalSchoolWalkout movement. Because of the NRA.

From Daily Mail: An 11-year-old boy was killed after he participated in a school walkout to protest gun violence and was hit by a car. 

Police say Jonathan Benko was with other students from Parkland Middle School in El Paso, Texas, when they left the designated walkout area Friday morning. The students attempted to cross a busy highway when Benko, who was at the back of the pack, got struck by a Ford F150 truck.

Benko sustained critical injuries from the hit and was taken to the University Medical Center Emergency Department in El Paso where he died.

Ysleta Independent School District Superintendent Xavier De La Torre said Benko was one among 12 to 15 students who used the National School Walkout as an opportunity to leave the middle school to go to the park, the El Paso Times reported.

The school district sent parents a voicemail after the accident to inform them that it was a student from Parkland Middle School.  ‘It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the death of a Parkland Middle School student who left campus this morning and was struck by a vehicle on Loop 375,’ the voicemail said.

A memorial fund for the family has been set up by the University Medical Center Foundation after Benko died.

The student’s mother, Ashley, reportedly works as a registered nurse at the UMC’s Emergency Department and his uncle, Michael Benko, works as a respiratory therapist.

‘All of us at UMC are heartbroken by the loss of a child belonging to one of our Associates, especially a child as young as Jonathan,’ said Jacob Cintron, UMC President & CEO.

‘As a father, I can only imagine how hard this must be for Ashley and her family. She is also one of our family at UMC. Our support, thoughts and prayers are with her and her family throughout this difficult time.’


32 responses to “Texas boy hit & killed by truck after leaving school during #NationalSchoolWalkout

  1. Ysleta Independent School District Superintendent Xavier De La Torre needs sued into the stone age and criminally charged with negligence.

    Schools are in loco parentis, and sending kids out for their pet protests is gross negligence.

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    • Education in El Paso needs a wakeup call… when Ysleta and Socorro joined El Paso proper, the Ed union wouldn’t let their school systems be consolidated (redundancies– i.e., administrator jobs, etc.– would’ve been eliminated) to keep the gravy train going. Educrats there…

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  2. If I were the parents, I would sue the school — and David Hogg.

    By the way, does anyone else think it’s spooky that the Texas school is named Parkland Middle School?

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  3. He wouldn’t only have a heavy heart, he’d have a sore rear end when I finished kicking it for being negligent.

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  4. Hadenoughalready

    I’ll be waiting patiently for the uproar denouncing this asinine use of kids’ educational time.
    And of all things, to be paraded as political pawns for the self-centered, liberal teachers and administrators is even further beyond disgusting.
    Certainly, there should be a heavy price to pay for this unnecessary and tragic loss of life.
    I’m beyond pissed!

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  5. This’ll never hit the national news. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

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  6. Well, the solution is obvious:


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  7. I wonder if all the Parents signed a Waiver or Permission slip for ‘The Field Trip’ away from school? That’s normal protocol nowadays.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      That’s a VERY GOOD QUESTION, Stovepipe. “Field trips” require permission slips from parents/guardians plus a full disclosure as to their destination, transportation, and the number of staff members to chaperone them.
      I, too, wonder if this protocol was followed…

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    • Apparently the walkout consisted of walking out to a football field: “Ysleta Independent School District Superintendent Xavier De La Torre said about 250 students walked out of class to the football fields Friday.”

      How does walking to a football field make a statement?

      The superintendent also said the “walkout” wasn’t endorsed by the school: “I think what’s being irresponsibly promoted is the idea that this district and Parkland Middle School endorsed or promoted a walkout. Nothing could be further from the truth,” De La Torre said.”

      The teachers who allowed their kids to “walkout” to a football field should be fired. Alas, that will not happen: “The superintendent said he’s communicated with law enforcement and that no teachers, staff or other school personnel will face consequences.”

      LAWSUIT coming their way…


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  8. Ban schools immediately!!!!! Or at least boycott them into non-existence. I would say ban trucks, but the truck belonged there. Schools telling kids it’s okay to skip school, banned, and the adults who set it up, fired, never work with kids again.

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  9. Child abuse. How could a kid that age possibly understand, let alone agree with, the political activism in which he was forced to participate? They deprived him of his education, then deprived him and his parents of his very LIFE.

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    • This is why they are too young to vote. Their choosing to use children to get their owner’s work done is criminal. They should face charges for this. These shameless communists have no scruples or worries about the consequences of their actions.

      Today its eliminating Constitutional rights. Tomorrow it will be child/adult sex. Who knows? They have a sick, twisted, evil agenda and they are willing to use the children to get what they’re after.

      They should be deeply ashamed. But I know they aren’t. They are soulless, self-serving little Satanists. Those eight years of Obongo-nation really sealed the deal.

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    so, there may be an actual victim associated with the ‘parkland’ crisis drill scam?

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  11. My deepest sympathies for the grieving parents and my prayers for a child taken so soon, may God have mercy.

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  12. Was that protest “automatic” or “semi-automatic”? How many protests are allowed? We need “Protest Control”.

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  13. I’m not expecting to hear/see some form of apology/condolences from David Hogg-wash anytime soon

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  14. I don’t know what Texas state law states, but in New York State, all educational personnel such as teachers, aides and administrators are legally responsible for the well-being of all students under their charge for the duration of the school day. This is why the Board of Education, at least when I was a student and while I taught under it, was very strict on this one point: No teacher could sue for being injured by a child, but a child’s parents could sue the school board if something happened under its time limit.

    THIS is why the national school walkout was a bad idea.
    THIS is why Hogg—and whoever put him up to it—are morally, if not legally, responsible for Becko’s death (as well as possibly the motorist who struck him, but that is a SECOND legal matter), and this is why I hope Hogg, the administrators of Becko’s school and all the persons who organized and orchestrated this walkout get sued and prosecuted into OBLIVION.
    But you see, Education is America’s OTHER “sacred cow” (abortion being the first), and this is why schools WILL CONTINUE to be INVISIBLE INCUBATORS of subversion and crime!
    Don’t believe me? I WITNESSED IT.

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  15. SAD….and, an inexcusable use/abuse/loss of a young child’s life in order for his elders to support a political view that he could not possibly weigh or evaluate on his own. One thing I started to teach my own kids a little before/at this child’s age is that “accidents happen” many times when you are not where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing. I can’t tell you how many times I reminded my boys of that or had to admonish them of that after something untoward happened to them—for which they made choices that contributed to their fate. The place for an 11-year-old student during school hours is IN SCHOOL, with the gates closed, locked, and only opened at the end of the school day for students to egress for home. I agree with stovepipe: this will end up a “deep pocket” lawsuit unless every child who participated, including this poor child, had a signed release from his/her parent/guardian to “walk out” of class during school hours.

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  16. If you can pull your children out of these warehouses, do so.

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  17. The school district is 100% responsible for this death. Property taxes will probably rise after the payout to the family.This was beyond stupid.Liberalism is deadly.

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  18. Collateral damage from the daily attack of the satan loving left who are about power and control this child was a statistic to them. Prayer’s for the family’s affected by this. How much more before the fabric of what society we have left breaks.

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