For Those Suffering from the Monday Blahs




(h/t: One of my NB buds)

8 responses to “For Those Suffering from the Monday Blahs

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    made my day! Nice!

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  2. In the second video, I was wondering what the dog would do.

    HA HA HA HA! Perfect! 😀

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  3. HaHaHa!!!!! Good ones!!

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  4. Dave . . . .Those certainly chased away the Monday blues. Congratulations! That was really great.

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  5. That first video reminded me of how guys like a few tough Republicans take on the fat lazy Democrats (or those under inquiry) in Congress… Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz… the pitbulls.

    Unfortunately, they’re all gone or leaving before the next term. Haven’t even heard much about Cruz since the election. Graham has been mostly tepid. Labradore made a gaff RE healthcare and has since been quiet. Ryan’s resigned. Corker too. McConnell has been looking out for his own good. McCain and Jeff SnowFlake have been traitors to the GOP. I’m worried about 2018 election results and what happens there after.

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  6. 😂🍸

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  7. Here’s one to add to the mood lift:

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