Not a coward: Florida school resource officer hailed a hero after responding to school shooting

sheriff james long marion county sheriff's office photo

A man who knows his duty: Sheriff James Long/Marion County Sheriff’s Office photo

Pay attention Broward Cowards: That is how you do your job.

From Fox News: A Florida school resource officer was hailed a hero after immediately jumping into action and arresting a man who was suspected of shooting a student Friday.

Deputy James “Jimmy” Long of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was hailed a hero by his colleagues Friday after he arrested the suspected gunman Sky Bouche just three minutes after he opened fire at Forest high School in Ocala, Fla. Bouche allegedly shot through a classroom door and pellets hit a 17-year-old student in the ankle. The student was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening wound to his ankle.

Bouche, 19, said, “Sorry,” followed by, “It doesn’t matter anyway,” to reporters as he was led from the school in handcuffs by several deputies. Authorities said Bouche was a former student at the school.

“I didn’t shoot anyone,” he said to reporters. He ignored most of the other questions until asked what he’d say to the shooting victim. That’s when he said, “Sorry.”

Other people credited with helping dilute the incident include Kelly McManis-Panasuk, a teacher at the school who spoke with Bouche during the incident as Long and the school’s principal Brent Carson rushed over. Bouche was not injured and “didn’t offer any resistance when arrested,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said.

Woods praised Long’s quick response as well as school personnel.

Long “did not hesitate. He went right in,” Woods said at a news conference. Woods said Long heard a “large, loud banging sound” and immediately responded.

“Marion County does everything to protect their children,” Woods said.

Bouche was held on charges of “terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm, culpable negligence, carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a short-barrelled shotgun, interference in school function and armed trespass on school property,” the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

Authorities said the suspected gunman carried the weapon in a guitar case inside the school. The school along with all other schools in the district were placed on a lockdown following the incident.

The injured student, who was not identified, told officials that he was “glad it was me and not one of my friends.”

Read the rest of the story here.


15 responses to “Not a coward: Florida school resource officer hailed a hero after responding to school shooting

  1. I noticed one of his Charges was Terrorism, I’ll bet it’s Domestic Terrorism, and it will be a Click on the White Homegrown Terrorist List, just sayin.

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  2. I wonder just what kind of sentence a charge of “Terrorism” will bring to this individual? Good man this public servant for his valiant efforts in this situation. It is more than obvious that we need more men/women of this level of commitment in our country.

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  3. The entire Broward failure got deep-sixxed after three things:

    1) the SRO was a COWARD and hid instead of doing his job.

    2) the Sheriff had cut a deal with school.administration to stand down on crime and actively suppress arrests to get more grant money

    3) the BCSO OIC ordered a stand-down / perimeter in direct defiance of ALL school active shooter response protocols. When it was found that she was a protected snowflake, the media completely killed the story.

    The entire multiple failures have been actively buried to support a bogus gun agenda.

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  4. This incident is bizarre, as usual. He offered no resistance and claimed he didn’t do it? Is there video this time, or is that illegally “classified”.

    The suspect should not be labeled a terrorist. That is disgusting and a perfect example of the psychological control they have on the nation. “Terrorist” is a label they attach to ensure all constitutional rights are immediately non-applicable. It’s also quite a catch-all term and could be applied to just about anybody who uses threats of violence to cause fear, including police.

    Police aren’t terrorists. Neither is this guy. Next thing you know, EVERYONE who shoots someone with a gun is a “terrorists” rather than just a criminal. It’s the same concept as telling people “We are all EVIL” rather than just, “we are all sinners.” No. Not all of us are EVIL. There is a major difference on the scale.

    Unlike evil and sin, terrorist has legal unconstitutional legal excuses attached. They can do whatever they want with Sky if they choose to.

    Was he another poor victim of Mk.Ultra or a DEW weapon? My research recently into that was chilling. They’ve advanced far beyond Mk.Ultra and Mockingbird.

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    • Exactly. This is just more “reality manufacturing”. They could just as easily say a volcano swallowed the school. For all I know they may soon.

      This is simply about what side of the “belief divide” you live on.

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  5. We are in big trouble folks, these kids don’t value life…

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